I keep dreaming about a beautiful woman walking with me on the beach and in the woods. The woman in my dreams makes me feel amazing and bold. When you touch me your touch is soft and soothing and very gentle. When I wake I look for you every where I go. I find myself riding around looking for you. You have taken over my mind and I must find you. I look for you in every city park and in every restaurant in the city. About to give up on the search I sit down on a park bench and put my hands over my face thinking I will never find you.

As I sit on the park bench with my face buried in my hands you sit down beside me. You ask if I am ok and as I take my hands down and see you I am speechless. I have searched the city for you and here you are. I get my thoughts together and tell you that I have had dreams about you. You blush and tell me that you have dreamed about me also. We discuss our dreams and they are the same in every detail. You invite me to your house to continue talking about our dreams.

We get to your house and go inside. You show me to the living room and we sit on the couch to continue our discussion. As we talk about our dreams you ask if we ever had sex in my dreams and I tell you that we did not but your touch would send feeling through me that was better than any sex I had ever had. You place your hand on mine as you tell me you had the same feelings. When your hand touched mine the feeling was the same as in the dreams. Immediately I became excited and you began to move around as we both become covered with goose bumps. We lean into each other and kiss passionately. The passion in our kiss was amazing as it sent our desires sky high. Still holding my hand you stand and pull me up to follow you. Leading the way you take us to your bedroom and we embrace as we kiss again.

You start unbuttoning my shirt as I start on yours. We slowly remove each others clothes then climb onto the bed. Kissing softly we gently slide our hands over each others body. You had such soft and smooth skin my excitement soars. You climb on top of me and place your pussy in my face as you lean down and kiss the tip of my erection. I slide my tongue over the lips of your pussy as your slide my erection into your mouth. Gently I brush my tongue over your clit then slide it down between your lips. Placing my hands on your butt I hold you as I slide my tongue over your clit. Gently I rub your clit with my tongue as you slide my erection in and out of your mouth. Feeling your clit swell I put my lips around it and suck it gently. You suck my erection harder as it slides in and out and I suck your clit harder. We both start to tremble from the excitement and you start moving your hips around as I push up against you. We begin to shake and we erupt in a beautiful orgasm.

You turn around and lie down beside me as we hold each other and kiss tenderly. I softly massage your breasts and lightly pinch your nipples as I kiss your neck softly. Slowly I kiss down to your breasts as I slide my hand down you stomach to your pussy. Gently I kiss your nipples as I slide my fingers over your pussy. Gently I rub your clit with my fingers then slide them inside you. Slowly I slide my fingers in and out of you as I rub your clit with my hand. Gently I bite your nipples as I move my fingers in and out of your pussy faster. Rubbing your clit harder with my hand my fingers move in and out of you faster. As I move my fingers in and out faster you begin to tremble as your orgasm rocks your body.

As you are still trembling I move over top of you and place my erection at your opening. Slowly pushing inside you the warmth and softness of your pussy send my desires sky rocketing. Slowly I slide in and out of you as we kiss passionately. You wrap your legs around me and hold me tight as I slide in and out. Holding me tight with your legs I lift you up and sit with you in my lap. You rock your hips as your clit rubs against me. You leg go of me and move to your hands and knees. I get behind you and slide my erection in you from behind. You reach back and rub your clit as I slide in and out of your warm pussy. I grab your hair and pull you back against me as I push harder into you. We start shaking and explode in a magical orgasm with fireworks bursting in our minds. We collapse on the bed and passionately as a wonderful relationship begins.

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