Author's Note:

Mistress Pepper and Sophie are "anonymized" versions of me and my slave-girl. The real me. All of my stories are (or should I say will be) my memories of a session with a sub. Thus, they are true stories. Only in this version details have been changed to protect the sub. I do live in Mobile about 10 months of the year (the remaining two I spend in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, where my father is from and lives), and almost all of my subs live in Mobile or a bordering county. I'm originally from Baldwin County, next door to Mobile. I moved across the bay to attend USA. As is/did Mistress Pepper. But I'm not a blond. And you'll most definitely have to guess at my bra size!

And remember, the names and such have been changed in this version to protect the slutty. Only Princess Lilly appears as herself. But she truly has no concept of shame.

Session Date:

  1. January 2021

This Story Released:

  1. February 2021

Mommy's Time Out


In case this is the first of my stories you've read, there are a few things I've skipped over in this story since there are several other stories I've written about this same sub. I tend to write a story after almost all of my sessions with my toys. But I publish very few of them online.

My name is Pepper Rodgers. I'm a 20-year-old Domme, living downtown Mobile, Alabama. I have a decently well-stocked playroom in the second bedroom of my fourth-floor apartment (most of my neighbors are corporate types who aren't always around, giving me a lot of privacy, even in the halls and elevators). I also have a decently stocked toybox. I prefer my toys to be older than I am, around 30-42 years old. I prefer men for myself, however not for my toybox. When it comes to toys, I find women and couples to be far more amusing. Single men tend to be needier, and often too clingy. But that doesn't mean I don't have a few of them in my toybox. I do. They just don't have the same chances of getting there as couples and single women do.

I'm petite. Actually more "tiny" that petite. I'm 5' 1.75" and 91 pounds. I'm not bony, though, I've curvy, like a small-sized woman. I have blond hair down to my shoulders and blue eyes. Oh, and my chest is the only place I'm not small. I'm a 32-D, and I'm very pert. Which makes me popular with the boys.

I'm also slightly bisexual. I'm attracted to men, not women. I would never choose a female partner for even a date, let alone for sex. But I'm not opposed to masturbating with a female toy. Sophie happens to be my favorite sex toy to pleasure myself with. Her tongue has two big advantages over my vibrator: one, it's very delicate and tender. Two, no matter how much I use it, its batteries never die at the worst possible moment! It's better than fresh bunny batteries, it just keeps going until I want it to stop. And I don't even have to hold it in place!

When I want sex I never use one of my toys. I never allow a toy touch, or even see, all of me. And I never bring a toy to my bedroom. Nor do I chose a woman. I pick a man, usually one I find in a club or cafe, or wherever. I flirt, dance dirty a little and if he meets my standards, I ask if he's interested in a one-time-only, no-names-exchanged, hook-up. I've never been turned down.

I have a few standards for my hook-ups. I never pick a guy I know or even just see around. And I insist on a cock between 7 and 9" long and 1.5" across, plus or minus a small bit. I won't touch a guy who isn't circumcised, either. I hate the way the foreskin feels inside me. I want to feel that fat head. The dirty dancing gives me plenty of time to tease a guy hard and feel for myself what he's got. It's the only way not to be disappointed. Guys always lie about their equipment!

Sophie is my 20-year-old live-in slave-girl. She's slightly petite at 5'4" and 119 pounds. She's pretty, too, with long honey-blond hair, green eyes, and a 34-B chest. Sophie is extremely devoted to me. So devoted, and so happy as my slave, that despite not being attracted to women, she's a virgin with men. She serves and pleasures only me, and those I give her to. And while I use her, even with my male toys, I won't allow any man to touch her pussy or penetrate her bottom. Those are mine. Only mine. I've owned her since she graduated high school, but I've known her longer. Since about two months after her 18th birthday, which was also about two months before she finished high school.

Paige is my 19-year-old house-slave and slave-whore. It's a role she definitely loves. She lives with me, too. In a kennel, in the playroom. Like Sophie, she came to me during her final year of high school, just after her 18th birthday. Paige does most of the chores around the house, which leaves Sophie free to cater more closely to me. Paige is also my whore. Whenever I need a female body to torment one of my toys, it's Paige's body I use. And Paige definitely doesn't mind it.

Paige is rather lean girl. She stands about 5'6" tall, but weighs only 112 pounds. It gives her a slightly stickish figure, with only the gentlest of feminine curves to her waist and hips. But she does have a pair of rather perky, and slightly pointy, 34-B breasts with wide nipples. She has honey brown hair that's long and curly with green eyes.

I believe in taking good care of my slaves. Including their education. Sophie is now a sophomore at Bishop State College where she's studying to become a vet technician. Paige, a year behind her in school, is beginning her freshman year at Bishop. Before they became mine, both girls were mediocre students, and neither had the grades to get into a four-year university. Now they're straight-A students. I wouldn't accept anything less. Both should easily be able to transfer to USA for their last two years of college and earn degrees that would allow them to actually get a decent job. They might not need to work while they're mine, but I want them to have their education and options down the line.

I have three BFFs, (Isabelle, Reagan, and Ellie) none of whom are into my little games. But all of whom occasionally creep into my stories. After all, they are my BFFs so they tend to be around. Luckily they're not offended by anything they happen to see. They're just not eager for me to put on a show on their account.

I also have a circle of five other women friends, all of whom are Dommes as well. Andrea (26), Janelle (35), Colette (39), Diane (43), and Olive (44). we usually get together every couple of weeks for coffee and a little chat about who's doing what to whom lately. We sometimes share, or loan, our toys to each other, but not that often. Sometimes we do a favor for each other, such as providing something different for a toy. Mostly we do what girls do: we gossip.

I get all of my toys through networking. It's almost always either one of the women in our circle who has a toy she doesn't want and offers to point it at another who is interested. Or sometimes one of my toys tells someone, who tells someone, and so on until someone asks my toy to introduce someone to me. Rarely it's someone I don't play with, but who knows what I'm into, who asks me to meet someone. I get plenty of emails inquiring about meeting me, and while I will email and maybe chat with a sub online, I haven't yet met any. I won't rule it out, but meeting online is risky enough that someone would have to convince me before I'd think about it. A girl's gotta be careful!

Most of my stories are from the months I spend in Mobile. I very seldom publish any of the few stories from my time in Russia. That's because Putin's Russia isn't as enlightened as America. Homosexuality is a crime there. And the courts there would deem anything between two women to qualify. However, it's a crime that's not so often prosecuted. Usually no one really cares if it's kept discrete. So while I have been known to play there as well, I've very care who I'll play with. Only those toys that come to me with the most trusted of referrals are considered. And I keep the stories private. I'm definitely not going to advertise what I've done there.

I have dual citizenship. That's a benefit the Russian government bestowed upon me because my father was a junior diplomat at the time. Sophie goes with me to Russia. She, obviously, is an American citizen. She only speaks about five words of Russian, too. But she never leaves my side. And she does wear her collar, much to the dismay of the TSA screeners. That shiny padlock holding it around her neck is not a friend to their scanners. Paige, however, doesn't get to take the trips. I usually leave her with my mom, who enjoys the free house maid she uses Paige as. And, as a Domme, my mom is well versed in the proper care that Paige might need.

Chapter 01 - Mommy

Call me a bit jaded, but it seems like every middle-aged father I've met has some fantasy about a very naughty babysitter. That's why I've picked Joey to play a role in this evening's amusement. Joey is only 18, and she's still finishing her final year of high school. But more importantly, she looks like the schoolgirl she is. She looks young. She looks exactly like the kind of girl who would ordinarily be babysitting kids. Likely because she is. She babysits for several families when I allow her the time, that is. None of those families have any clue about Joey's secret life as my playtoy.

Joey has a role to play tonight, but she's not the one this session is for. This is Holly's session. And I have a special treat in mind for Holly tonight.

Holly is a 27-year-old social worker. She has two kids, a boy that's 5 and a daughter that's 3 years-old. Both of them spend their day in preschool now, allowing Holly to work during the day. And she needs to work. She and her husband, Steve, aren't wealthy. Steve is a parole officer, a job that doesn't pay too well in Alabama. I know they struggled when Holly was on maternity leave.

Holly is my toy. She's been my toy for close to a year now, so I've gotten to know her tastes fairly well. Put simply, Holly likes it when I take care of everything for her. When I suddenly appear and start telling her what to do, not asking, and not leaving her to make even a single choice. It doesn't much matter to Holly how I use her body. It seems that whatever I do with her arouses her quickly and intensely, as long as I exert firm control over when I do it.

Steve doesn't care to play, at least not much. But he definitely enjoys watching me toy with Holly. And watching Holly do things. And especially the few times I've had Holly do things with him. He loved that, and not just because I had her doing things that she wouldn't have done any other way.

Holly is also a very proper, reserved, and shy woman. At least in her daily life. Over the sessions we've had, she's gotten fairly used to me, so now she's not so shy around me. But she's still rather reserved. Rather prissy and proper. She has some firm beliefs about the things a woman should do, and shouldn't do, in bed. On her own, she'll never go beyond those boundaries. Things beyond those boundaries she considers "disgusting" and "unnatural." But once she's mine, she'll eagerly do about anything I make her do.

That's part of what excites Steve so much. Watching his very prim wife turn into a rather sultry slut. And he usually gets the benefit of that sluttiness. Until I leave, then Holly is back to her prim self.

I don't see her that often. About once a month. I'm fairly sure that Holly would love to live as my slave 24/7, but she would never give up her vanilla life to move into my kennel. She loves Steve and the kids far too much for that. And Steve would not want to join her in the kennel.

Instead, they have an agreement that Holly gets to play with me. For Steve, it's a way to spice up their sex life and get to have fun in ways he never would otherwise. For Holly, it's a needed release of her tension. She needs to be taken and owned. About once a month keeps her from getting frustrated.

To involve Steve, and even more so because it's embarrassing for Holly, I've set a rule that Holly isn't allowed to contact me directly. Instead, she's required to have Steve email me each morning. But for Steve to write that email, which has to be from Steve and in his words, not hers, Holly has to sit down with him and talk about her sexual feelings. Daily. Then Steve keeps me updated, adding his own thoughts and observations to whatever Holly tells him.

It was about time for Holly. For the last few days, Steve's emails have basically said the same thing. After a few weeks without being used, Holly starts to slowly, but steadily, grow sexually frustrated. She enjoys sex less and less. And she starts masturbating more and more, in addition to being with Steve. But her masturbation only takes the edge off for a short time. It does very little to relieve her tension. Her frustration grows more and more. Nothing releases that tension until someone just takes her and uses her. The more shamelessly she's used, the more satisfying the release is for her.

Neither Steve nor Holly have any idea that I'm coming tonight. I never tell them. It's better, more satisfying, for Holly if she doesn't know. And I'm afraid that if Steve knew, he might inadvertently tip Holly off. So I don't tell him, either.

It's a Wednesday night. A night that I know the couple will be home. They always are. They seldom go out, and when they do, it's always on a weekend. On Wednesdays, they're home being a regular family.

I also have Sophie, my 19-year-old live-in slave-girl with me. She's kind of like my handmaiden. There are only two places Sophie ever is. If she's not in her veterinary assistant classes at Bishop State College where she's a sophomore, she's close at my side. And she's ready to cater to whatever whim I might have.

I have a key to their house. I made Holly give it to me. This way, I can let myself in whenever I want. I don't have to knock on the door. I can walk right in as if I own the house just as fully as I own Holly. I just don't do it that often. This will be the first time I've done it while they were home. Once before I was waiting in their living room when Holly returned from work, but no one was here when I let myself in.

It's 5:30. Holly gets off at 4:00, then she picks her kids up from preschool and brings them home. Steve gets off at five, and he's usually home fifteen or twenty minutes later. He doesn't usually have too far to drive. Holly tries to serve supper around 6:15. She's not the greatest cook, though, so she tends to make quicker and simpler meals. Ones that don't have her standing over the stove too long.

As I pull into their driveway I see both of their cars so I know Steve is home. But the kids are going to be home as well, and I am not going to allow the kids to see anything. Or even know anything. Not even something simple or chaste. I have Sophie toting a small backpack. It's hot pink, the perfect color for her, and it looks like something a college girl would carry her books in. As if it just has her homework in it. Not a small assortment of sex toys, which is what it actually has in it.

I don't knock. I just unlock the door and open it. I walk right in, Sophie following behind me and guiding Joey along. The front door opens right into their living room. I see Steve on the sofa, flipping through the channels to find something. I see the kids sitting on the living room floor, playing. The boy has some trucks. The girl has a doll. Across the living room, in the kitchen, I see Holly looking through the fridge to find something to cook.

Both can't miss hearing me come in. They turn to see who has just let herself into their house. Steve grins slightly as he sees me. Holly freezes, a shocked, and horrified, look on her face. Her wide eyes stare at me. It tells me that she definitely did not expect me to invade her house as I'm doing. Nor did she expect me to show up before the kids' bedtime. I haven't done that before. I've always waited until I knew her kids would be sound asleep.

I walk right to Holly. I stand in front of her, looking her directly in her anxious blue eyes. "You are in so much trouble. You've been very naughty. Now, come along with me, slut," I tell her firmly, but keeping my voice low enough that the others won't hear me.

I don't wait for Holly to answer. I reach down and firmly grasp hold of her hand. I hang onto it. I start walking towards the living room, leaving Holly no choice but to follow along. "Yes, Ma'am," Holly answers, her tense voice just as muted as mine. She follows demurely along. She knows I expect her to, and that I wouldn't tolerate anything less.

I walk her over to Steve. I don't have to tell Holly the rules. I taught her those long ago. She stands where I stop her, her eyes downcast. And she stays silent.

"Hey, Steve," I greet him. With their kids about ten feet away, I keep my voice very quiet so they won't hear me. So only Holly and Steve will be able to. Luckily, the kids seem far more in their games than in us. "I guess you already know that my slut here," I mean Holly, "has been very naughty. She's been masturbating like some trashy gutter nymphomaniac. She'll be learning a rather good lesson about being so trashy tonight." I tell him. It's more that I'm telling him what the "theme" of tonight's session is going to be. Holly will be punished for her shamelessly excessive masturbation.

"It's going to be a rather lengthy lesson. I don't want her forgetting it too soon! But I don't want you to have to suffer and do all that extra housework just because this slut can't keep her fingers off her pussy."

I grin widely as I point to Joey. "This is Joey. She will be filling in as your wife until Holly has really learned her lesson. And don't worry if this dumb slut takes a while to learn her lesson. Joey will be here until Holly has fully learned her lesson. Joey will be a very good wife for you. She'll be humble and polite. She will be very affectionate, too."

I wave for Joey to begin. She walks around Sophie to stand in front of Steve and quickly drops to her knees. "Don't worry, Sir," She tells him in a very sugary sweet voice, "I will do absolutely everything a good wife should do for her man. Everything." Joey rises up from sitting back, stretching her head close to Steve. "You relax, Sir, I will make you a delicious supper and look after our kids... may I be allowed to show you what a good wife I am, Sir?"

Steve grins. It's a slight, cautious, grin. "OK..."

Joey quickly leans the rest of the way forward. She plants her soft lips on his and gives him a very long, very sensual, kiss.

Holly balks hard. She almost screams at Joey for so brazenly kissing her husband. She almost jumps forward and grabs Joey. She barely stops herself. I feel her tensing up to pounce, and staying tensed, right on the edge of jumping her. But she manages to stand demure.

After a few seconds, Steve melts into Joey's very sweet kiss. He kisses her back as eagerly as she kisses him.

Holly sees it. The tension fades from her body. A bright blush replaces it. She shirks inward, almost crying, as she watches Steve enjoy the replacement wife I've given him. As she sees that Joey appears able to be as pleasing of a wife for him as she's able to be. Maybe even a better wife.

"May I be allowed to fetch anything for you while I cook your supper, Sir?" Joey asks just as sweetly, batting her eyelashes at him as she does.

Steve says no, that he already has a drink and that's all he needs. Joey tells him that she's going to cook, but he doesn't need to worry about the kids. She'll take perfect care of them as well, even while she cooks. And if he thinks of anything he wants, just tell her so she can have the pleasure of serving it to him. She hurries off to the kitchen, stopping to introduce herself to the kids.

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