This always made me smile, the way my strange little mind works; it always made me think of oiling and massaging a fattening little suckling pig in preparation for the Beast’s feast. This made me laugh at myself and I stretched out on the bed running my hands down my silky body. I reached over and turned the radio up, and as Sean Mullins sang "what a beautiful wreck you are" I smiled and moaned, slipping the first two fingers of each hand into my slickery warmth to wet them. Pulling and tugging at my lips, I squirmed on the bed, just letting the tips of my thumbs run over my clit as I played.

I rolled my head and arched, opened my eyes….and screamed. Master stood there in my bedroom doorway watching me, arms crossed, sexy arrogant smirk on his face. I stared, frozen, as he said to the man standing next to him.

"Filthy whore always has her hands in it."

He walked over and grabbed one ankle pulling me to the edge of the bed, running his hand up my leg. I opened my mouth and gasped, lifting and spreading my legs prettily. He shook his head and grunted a short laugh as he pushed his fingers inside me. He turned and nodded to his friend who walked slowly over. I watched him through half closed eyes recognizing him suddenly; we had met once before, briefly. Master grasped my leg and pulled, lifting my ass slightly off the bed. His friend grabbed the other leg with one hand and hesitantly touched my glistening thigh with the other. As he slipped a finger inside me I groaned and wiggled. The feel and sight of them both fingering me was incredible and I arched and came with a shuddering sigh.

Master yanked on my leg and stepped back, I yelped at the sudden loss of their fingers as I slid off the bed landing on my knees in front of them. It was all happening so fast, and I gasped and panted, trying to catch my breath as they both began unfastening their belts and jeans. My breasts were heaving as I watched them each push their pants down to their thighs and I licked my lips at the two hard cocks bouncing in front of me. My Beast of a Master grasped my hair and yanked my head back. He held me there, my neck stretched, mouth and eyes wide open at the force of his hold. I started to get uncomfortable and embarrassed. His friend reached down and pinched at one of my nipples and Master leaned forward, rubbing the head of his cock over my chin and bottom lip. I heard a gurgling and realized I had been making the stupid squeals I hated so and spit had pooled in my throat at the harsh angle which made the horrifying noise.

He barked out a laugh and pulled my head forward to bury himself in my wet throat. He thrust into me, pulling me against him and his friend’s cock jabbed at my cheek with every movement. Master twisted my head and there was a loud popping noise as the head of his cock pulled from my lips. His friend immediately thrust into my mouth as the Beast rammed my face against him. I sucked at one and then the other, moaning and trembling in lust and excitement. Wanting it all, I reached up and grasped each of them at the base and leaned forward. Opening my mouth wide I thrust my tongue out and rubbed it against the underside of both heads then wrapped my lips around them. Rocking and slurping at them, sucking on both dicks at once, squeezing lightly at their shafts. My orgasm was intense.

Again I squealed as Master pushed me back and then down so my face was pressed to the floor. I heard them removing their clothes and then He pulled me up to my knees again and dragged me after him as he lay up on the bed. I straddled him and leaned down to suck at his beautiful nipples as I wiggled and squirmed until his cock was deep inside me. I felt his friend get onto the bed and shivered at his warm skin pressing against my back. Master pulled my head up to his shoulder and held me tight as his friend pushed his cock at my already full pussy. I whimpered and squirmed as my cunt stretched and pulled at him and he slid into me. It was amazing and almost painful until he started moving. I let out a long moan at the thought and the feeling of their cocks rubbing against each other inside me. I had never felt anything so erotic and I squirmed between them as they each thrust at me.

I was so full and squeezed tightly around them and buried my scream into Master’s shoulder as his cock bounced against the magical spot that had me squirting and digging my nails into the tops of his arms. The friend tightened and moaned in sharp bursts then leaned into me biting the back of my shoulder and exploded. My body trembled and shook as he filled me with spurt after spurt of flowing lava. The Beast’s hands tightened into fists in my hair as he thrust once and then again. When I felt the first gushing rush of his hot cum hit me deeply I cried out and almost melted between them. His friend lay heavily on me for a second and then backed away. I whimpered in denial as his softening cock slipped from me, then clutched my muscles around Master and moaned at the hot slickness that ran freely from me and slid thickly down his thigh.

He held me for a little bit, kissing me and petting me, then gently rolled me off him. Before he could move I quickly and greedily got to my knees and lapped at his creamy cock, balls and inner thighs. As I cleaned my Master I heard his friend washing himself in the bathroom. He patted my head and I knew I had to stop, that he had to leave, and with one last kiss to the tip of his beautiful cock I slid off the bed to my knees and sat back on my heels as he got up to dress. I leaned my head against the side of the bed and watched him lovingly, when he finished he pulled me to my feet and I walked him to the door. We were alone in the apartment, his friend was gone and Master cupped my face and kissed me sweetly then told me what a good little whore I had been and was gone.

Locking and leaning against the door, I sighed and laughed, then wrapped my arms around myself and walked slowly back to my room. Sinking down onto my knees in front of the full length mirror and looked at myself. I felt full and voluptuous, my mouth was swollen and my breasts were full and high from lust, my nipples tight and hard. My stomach still fluttered and I spread my legs wider and gasped at the thick glistening lips bulging obscenely between my legs. I took a deep breath and smelled the scent of both men wafting from my skin. In a rush of piggish gluttony I cupped my fingers and scooped a thick mix of all of us from myself and brought it to my lips. My face flamed as I watched myself and I turned away. After another shower I lay in my bed smiling, wearing Master’s t-shirt and seeing his proud smile behind my closed lids. I couldn’t wait until morning, to hear his voice again and I snuggled deeper into the cool sheets. Sleep came quickly amidst the swirling memory of the night.

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