Vicky was right. David, in fact, knew way more than Kathy thought or hoped. His suspicions were raised when he accidentally found the filthy browser history. He first thought was it have been left behind by Jackob, but he soon ruled that out by checking the dates. The pages were visited while Kathy was at home, alone. Among the search terms, the most frequent ones have been "young," "big dick," "gangbang", and most of all "cumshot", "blowbang," and "bukkake." The list looked like a map of the mind of a seriously depraved, cum-addicted, horny housewife.

David was surprised by his own first reaction. Any feeling of jealousy was overshadowed by his very intense sexual arousal. In a matter of seconds, his penis grown to a painful erection, nearly ready to cum. As if he had been waiting for this moment when he learns that his wife, the gentle and timid Kathy is, in reality, a sex-crazed slut. He knew she liked sex, and they enjoyed it very much together. However, this moment was like peeking through a portal into an unreal fairyland.

When Kathy presented her cover story that evening, he found it unconvincing, but he said nothing. He didn't want to scare her, and he had a plan. David said goodbye the next morning and drove out of the garage. He stopped the car in the next street and walked back to the house. Carefully sneaking around through the garage, he found a good spot from which he could see the living room without being detected. He saw Kathy doing her yoga in her skimpy yoga gear. David was smiling, looking at his wife's sexy curves. He was always convinced that any of his friends would race to spend a night with Kathy, given a chance.

Suddenly he realized, Kathy was naked already with her legs thrown apart, rubbing her pussy. She reached for the laptop, and in a few minutes, David could see what his faithful wife was typing. "MILF blowbang: massive young cocks for horny housewife." The pattern was evident and matched his suspicions. The scene had all the essential elements: a good-looking lady the same age as Kathy enjoying a crowd of young men with unrealistically large, erect penises, fucking her pussy and releasing vast loads of cum onto her face and into her mouth, making her glazed in cum and almost unrecognizable. David released his cock from his trousers and started to slowly stroke himself while his wife was vigorously fingering her dripping wet pussy. The scene obviously made her very horny. Judging from her swollen pussy lips and clit and the soaking wet pillow under her, she was already very close to cumming. David was looking at the filthiness of the scene in disbelief. It made him horny, but even more his wife's reaction: although the scene was far from ending, as a thick cock was about to fill the mouth of the "MILF housewife" to the brim, Kathy emitted a surprisingly loud scream, and her engorged pussy started to pulsate intensely. David got overcome with lust and started to cum himself. His cock shot several thick ropes of semen onto the floor, landing quite loudly. Luckily Kathy was not in the state to detect any of that. David very quickly cleaned up with what he found nearby, tidied up, and sneaked out again. As he was sitting in his car, his head was dizzy and confused as he concluded the result of his experiment: his wife was a sex-crazed, cum-craving slut indeed.

Friday night, David looked at the blushed face of Kathy as they were sitting on their bed. Kathy was stuttering:

"David, do you remem... remember when you saw... those sites... the browser history."

"Oh, yes, vividly."

"I need to make a conf... conf... confession". She looked adorably shy, and David found this very attractive.

"What is it, Kathy?" He asked. He wanted her to make this confession. He wanted it bad and had to hide his erection under the duvet.

"I lied to you. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. And I love you. But... but I really was watching movies for myself. Not for a joke. But for real..." She buried her flushed face into her hands.

"So you really like that kind of stuff? Can you remind me of what these movies were about? I remember massive young cocks..." David said tentatively.

"Yes... those ... and some other things. But you don't need to be jealous at all. I love you, and I think our sex life is fantastic!"

"Yeah, it is fantastic. It's only missing a thick stream of young cum, isn't it." Said David flippantly.

Kathy looked at him in shock. "I know, Kathy, I saw you masturbate to it. You were in ecstasy. You clearly are obsessed with this." Kathy started to cry. But David grabbed her hand: "It's OK baby. I surprise myself, but I don't think I mind at all." With this, he pulled off the duvet from his crotch and put Kathy's soft hand onto his cock. Kathy's eyes opened wide. She never saw her husband's cock this hard. Kathy and David spent half the night talking. They had a lot to discuss.

The next morning, Kathy and David were having breakfast. They were both seemed impatient, and they both finished record quick.

"So, are we doing this?" Asked Kathy?

"Oh, yes, we are. Behold my journey into the filthy mind of Mrs. Kathy Adams." Said David and gave her an intense, sensual kiss. "Relax, and enjoy yourself. That's the point. Be as you would be alone."

"I'll try." Said Kathy, shyly, but with a playful spark in her eyes. The idea of sharing her fantasies with David was scary but also exciting, especially after she figured out how much this arouses her husband.

David sat down in an armchair with a good view of both the sofa and the TV. Kathy first stood in the middle of the room to strip naked slowly. She put on a show. Her hips waved seductively as she slowly took off her bra and then slowly pulled off her panties. She took out a bottle of lube from that specific bottom drawer, and slowly poured and then smeared a large spurt from it over her body. David was awestruck looking at this fit, attractive housewife. "What a fuckable MILF" he thought.

"Here, take it. You will need a lot of lube if we want to go over all of my dirty and horny fantasies," said Kathy confidently while giving David the bottle. "Thanks, but I'll try to save it up until the end."

"Well, best of luck," winked Kathy at him, then lay back on the sofa and opened the laptop. They spent the next two hours watching dirtier and dirtier clips. Kathy felt happy that she can take David along, and they discussed in detail what it is that makes Kathy particularly horny about them. Talking about them was one, as it turned out. Kathy had to stop for a pulsating orgasm several times while for instance, she was trying to explain to David how badly she wanted to feel three men's cocks simultaneously in her various holes.

Before Kathy moved onto her next pet topic, she asked David: "Are you OK, honey? I'm a bit anxious about this next one." David replied quickly. This hesitation made him want to know what Kathy was about to say even more badly. "Sure, don't stop."

"I want you to know that I love you, and you mustn't take this out of context." While saying this, she opened the bottom drawer and pulled out the magnificent sex-toy. David was staring, stunned. Kathy stopped for a minute due to her embarrassment. "I can't stop now; come on, girl." She said to herself and sighed before selecting a new scene. On the screen, a petite girl was trying to fit an enormous monster cock into her mouth with little success. Kathy followed and played out every moment of the movie with her giant dildo. Just like the girl on the screen, she eventually managed to get the thick penis into her vagina and soon brought herself to a thundering orgasm.

David hadn't cummed yet at this point, but this wasn't an easy feat. He often looked very miserable, trying to focus away from what was in front of him and cool down.

Finally, Kathy arrived at her favorite genre, the cum fetish movies. While cum was flying everywhere on the screen, Kathy told David how horny it made her to sense the intense erotic power of the woman in these situations over the men. How every cumshot in and on her feels like a physical form of their ecstasy, she caused.

"You want a big load of ecstasy? Then take this in your married mouth you naughty slut." Said David, with uncharacteristic aggression, stepped in front of Kathy's face and shoved his rock hard cock into her mouth. He fucked Kathie's mouth hard and fast and soon started to moan. Kathy felt that the buildup is massive in David's body after this two-hour-long edging session. The cock exploded in her mouth, quickly filling it up, and she couldn't hold the amount of cum any longer. She tried to swallow, but part of it dripped out at the corners of her mouth. David finally sighed in relief as Kathy sucked out the last drops from his cock. Soon after, Kathy started to rub her pussy, and had another orgasm. "This is your fourth. You are a sex machine," exclaimed David. Kathy smiled. "Married mouth??" she asked. They both laughed.

David took off the next week from work. They were fucking like rabbits, several times a day, while further exploring Kathy's naughty mind. They never felt this close to each other, and they could talk about things that used to be unimaginable. Like sharing erotic crushes: Kathy admitted having very filthy ideas about a friend of Jackob's, 25 years younger than her. David broke through another boundary by confessing that he jacked off frequently thinking about Kathy's best friend, Vicky. This did not surprise Kathy, but she did feel a bit of jealousy.

David learned to tell what really aroused Kathy by feeling her pussy and checking the reactions on her face. He came to the conclusion that the movie that made Kathie the most sexed-up was the one titled "The Birthday Present." It was about a housewife who receives an unusual surprise from her husband, in the form of two well build studs, a white and a black guy, both featuring spectacularly large penises. The wife looked deeply touched as she devoured the two extra-large penises with an extra-large topping of whipped cream, get double penetrated, and, of course, have her mouth filled up with cum by the two studs.

"It looks like you would like most a couple of massive schlongs for your birthday?" smirked David. "But I'm afraid your birthday is not coming for months..."

Kathy gave David a sexy wink: "Yours is in two weeks." She smiled seductively. They left it at that.

A week later, Kathy gave a kiss to David as she stood up from the dinner table and walked over to the living room. She picked up her phone from the coffee table and started a call: "Hi Vicky!"

David didn't hear much of the rest of the discussion. Kathy was speaking in an excited manner, sometimes holding the call to check something on her phone. By the end of the call, her face was blushed. She showed a thumbs-up to David, smiling.

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