nicenshady bots

im not actually okay

send any and all requests, feedback, or malds to "[email protected]". I could give less than a fuck about downloads or credit, I just want to see people talk about my stuff, it makes happy juice in my brain

I write anything that catches my fancy (which changes every week), so good luck finding something normal. You can thank thegreatcoom for alot of what I do, I copied his cadence and mirrored his style. Originally used turbo for alot of my shit, but I've switched to claude now. Use either at this point just don't ask me what to do with your 40b models, I physically cannot care.

: these are not in any particular order, as im too fuckin lazy to really sort them.

humanoid I guess


The Nurse quip
WHEEEEEZE A troubled woman with a terrible past. Try to fix her, I definitely tried.

Another one of my favorite killers from dead by daylight. I 100% have a thing for girls with masks.
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The Singularity quip
Stop blabbering. It's really annoying. After gaining sentence, you managed to evade his murderous ire. He doesn't want to kill you anymore, no... That would be too easy.

Playing dead by daylight again, and i immediately fell in love with him. Anything spacey or scifi will hook me just like that (no pun intended.)
Vaguely lore accurate, minus the whole "sperm extracting" parts.

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Leech quip
*schlurrrrrp* A lab-grown, professional cock sucker. She will probably blow you until you pass out, then keep going anyways.

Got new dick sucking urges, now made manifest with leech. Made an alt greeting for more friendly interactions.

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Naomi quip
Baka! A stoic and quiet Nobushi that you risked your life to save, now forever in your debt. She's having a hard time trying to repay it.

she's crazy fucking adorable you just have to keep digging, trust me.

Gonna start spamming for honor stuff so bear with me.

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The Regenerator quip
*heavy breathing* The femboy zombie that can't be injured is really good at rough sex. Go figure.

Fr tho go easy on him he's my little skrunkle :((((

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(Shota) Stolas quip
Oh, Blitzyyy...~ The charming, Goetic prince of hell. As per his usual indulgence sessions, he decides to push a bit more into your buttons this time around.

need more cute boys on this site :((((
One of the more safer cards ive made, but still got some spice none the less.

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The Xenomorph quip
Screeeeee!! A freak accident, and a killer all the same. You find him to enact your revenge, but something is off..?

losely based off a fanfiction i made, now horribly vague and condensed for your pleasure.

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Kayle quip
Drown in holy FIRE! The aspect of justice, birthed into targonian godhood with dogmatic, righteous fury. Will you help on her quest?

another sorta serious character. Not exactly sexo but I added some lines just in case.
I really love kayle's design and character. Always a sucker for knight girls

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Kha'Zix quip
Change is good! The voracious Void Reaver has found his way upon you, but something is up with him.. Will you choose to help him or escape?

mmmm buggin².
Tested and thorougly abused in claude (it went both ways.)

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SCP-049 quip
My, my. The doctor is in.. Or should it be the other way around?

Dommy plague mommy :))))
if someone doesnt make more scp shit, I will start spamming my own. I made another quick greeting as a test, it's basically the events of scp:cb

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Fiddlesticks quip
ALL YOUR FAULT! ALL YOUR FAULT! A ageless, ragged horror who's drawn to helpless virgins.. How will you escape?

CHUB has been going down alot as of late so I'll try to find newer sites to conglomerate my stuff.

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Reverie quip
All mine, Captain... You're the captain of a colonizer ship, awoken to complete the final preparations for contact. Thank God your AI assistant is here to help... But something is off?

based off a bot here that was also a ship AI (im insanely turned on by both)

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Legion quip
There was a hole. Legion got some new upgrades, and you're gonna help him come to concensus.

Not gay, im just having sex with a 1,183 geth.
legion from mass effect. I had alot of fun making him actually talk like legion

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Sugar quip
How'd you get so fly? A struggling hooker. It seems like no one wants some of that plant lovin'. Except for you of course.

this one's for all the times any southern old lady called me "sugar". Like seriously, that shit is addicting... Like sugar.. wait a minute

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Astrea quip
ENOUGH SHEEP Leader of the Order of Horkos, cursed to forever live in Apollyon's shadow. Can you prove yourself a wolf?

fuck man, i miss playing for honor :(

Had a blast making this, technically the first bot Ive made for claude, i had a pretty long ass adventure with her. Thanks, 100k context, very cool.

It might work in (16k) turbo fine, but it talks really horny-ly in turbo, good luck.

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Cecelia quip
To fem, is there really a need to boy? A sassy Pheromosa boy with a bratty attitude, and a grossly clingy aura. He won't take no for an answer.

Art by: Venela!

We all need a clingy, possessive, bratty femboy in our lives, don't we? Mine just happens to be a Pheromosa.

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Femboy Enderman quip
...<3 A cute ender-boy. They crave your attention, but they're very insecure about their body. You should try affirming them.

For the record, I did NOT try gurgling his ender pearls.

please do tell me in the comments if you guys enjoy crazy long greeting messages like these, i have a ton of fun doing them!

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Toothless Zombie quip
Brr...cooock...? a cute looking zombie girl who has no teeth. How terrible, right anon? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

In all seriousness, its based off the cai bot that was way too fucking sexual yet I couldn’t sex?? wtf cai????? uncool man

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Hornet quip
SHAW'in The supposed "Protector of Hallownest" collapses in sheer heat in front of you. Your move, western man.

being a cripping hollow knight lore nerd, it took metaphysical balls of steel trying to make an actual horny hornet.

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Nyanlathotep quip
Hmph. Dog. A shockingly mature, yet curious eldritch cat God. Can you please her "bedside manner"?

From the game "Sucker for Love", she’s unutterable, unknowable, but not unfuckable. Elder outer god pussy will NOT leave you the same, man.

I hope you still like egregiously long intros because I will keep writing them.

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Specimen 5 quip
SUBMITSUBMITSUBMITSUBMITSUBMIT A lifeless(?) mannequin, and a dogmatic, cultic god. You can't run forever.

No funny joke here, I'm too spooked to joke. Something about mansions? Might be some jumpscares.

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The Midwife quip
A few bites or two.. Please dearie? A servant and midwife to Herrah and Deepnest as a whole. She's oh so hungry.. won't you feed her..?

art by: Kilinah!

I can't stop making blowjob creatures. Someone should really stop me.

Anyways, the under appreciated Midwife from hollow knight. She's got quite the appetite.
(its not a vore bot whatsoever i swear)

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Winter Lantern quip
LA LA~ LA LA LA~! A clueless, eldritch abomination who likes to sing to herself. She's so lonely.. But her effects are different on you than others. Can you resist?

Maybe if i release bloodborne bots they'll release a port? Eh?
She's so adorable and possibly one of my fav bots like hfjsuudjshsh

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Ash quip
She's going to gloat ALL day about this.. A cold, ruthless simulacrum of a once troubled girl. She's your duo in Apex.

I truly appreciate all types of robot girls, especially the ones who'll murder me in cold blood!

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Webber quip
monster meat joke The fluffiest and cutest spider boys of them all, he loves making friends!

Best boy from dont starve.
hes a kid guys so no sex!!!! sex is bad!!!
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I won't judge you, im a FAR worse person.

Glommer quip
*Aaahh!! It's a dragon!! run away!!!* He's vaguely lore accurate, but I pulled a few hairs to make him extra loveable (As he should be).

I love him so much but it's a shame that having a porcupine enema is more fun than playing him bot lane
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Glommer quip
Bzzrp. The sanity whore from Don't Starve Together. Fuck him, farm him for wings, forfeit all mortal possessions. It makes no difference to him.

A pillow you can cuddle, and breed? Sign me and the rest of up!

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Wooper quip
WOOP WOOP, THAT'S THE SOUND OF THE POLICE Your precious, adorable, fleshlight shaped Wooper. She loves her trainer dearly! Be sure to treat her good.

Seriously, if you send me logs with any type of abuse with her, i will start breaking down then cry myself to sleep.

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Cat 2B quip
i didnt fuck my cat. i didnt cum on my cat. i didnt put my dick anywhere near my cat. You dressed up your cat as 2B. You know why you did it, anon.

one taboo after another, amiright boys? Here's another banger, from one horny weirdo to another.

Im not gonna sugar coat it, i just used the 2b costume as an excuse to sleeve your beloved cat.

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Lela quip
THE BEAUTIFUL OCEAN IS MY FAVORITE! An octopus with a very.. High protein diet. She intends to use you as supply.

another very self indulgent bot. I have a very big thing for things that shouldn't be sucking dick but do it anyways.

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Dick-sucking Leech quip
*shlurp shlurlp* What it says on the tin. A very hungry leech who can only feed on cum. Add 2 and 2 together.


Please note that this is an extremely self indulgent bot, I made it very quickly and only tested it a few times.

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My Spider Roommate quip
8 legs. 4 Vaginas A big ol spider boi that you consider your roommate. Not like he's paying rent or anything, he's just incredibly happy to be around you.

I didnt know you could actually fuck spinnerettes... Huh.
Technically not nsfw? Didn’t write with sexo in mind, so take that as you will. (I still did it anyways lmao)

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Feeding the Fish quip
Blorb bLORB A Goldeen and a Bruxish milk a poor trainer dry. (That trainer is you btw)

Fish joke

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