Amy's naked milky white skin was breathtaking in contrast to the 10 charcoal skinned Congolese tribesmen, dressed in loincloths. She was surrounded by so many footlong black cocks it would be difficult to imagine how she could satisfy them all. She made her way around the circle of cock, sucking and stroking, while the men would rub her hair, face, breasts, shoulders, armpits, etc. She was loving the attention, and they were very happy to give it to her. After all, it's not every day a gorgeous blonde caucasian female treats you to her mouth, pussy, and ass in sub-saharan Africa.

Amy had been raised a good catholic girl by God-fearing parents, and taught that you must honor the Ten Commandments. This included no premarital sex. Consequently, Amy, like other good catholics, was eager to settle down and start a family of her own.

Amy was a relatively popular girl; not because she was a cheerleader or hung out with the popular people, but because she was virtuous, never said anything bad about anyone, and was very good looking. Long blonde hair, fair face, slender figure... Puberty had been good to Amy. By the time she reached 18, she was full chested and wore clothing that was not too modest yet not to brazen. Tight fitting jeans with a sleeveless blouse or a low cut dress were typical attire for her.

She was smart and this reflected in her grades. She was also an athlete, focusing mainly on track. She had a runner's physique including a muscle butt and firm abdomen. Since puberty, however, her breasts had grown large enough to make running somewhat painful in her chest. By senior year of high school, she'd quit track for this reason.

While in college, Amy dated around a little, but stuck to her catholic values of purity. Joining a sorority, she was constantly under pressure to have sex whether through some sorority party with frats or just because of her looks and playful nature. So, like many catholic girls, she'd started putting out due to all the influences and being away from home. Still, she refused vaginal sex, opting to suck cock or the occasional anal sex. This was usually in an inebriated setting with an insistent guy or a hen-party scene. Nevertheless she got quite good at both oral and anal during her college years.

Toward the latter half of college she met a fellow catholic guy, Bryan, who was as naive and religious as she. Despite all the oral and anal, they were committed to wait to have vaginal sex until after getting married, so when they graduated and both found work in their hometown, they quickly got hitched. It wasn't long before they'd produced two children of their own, and they were fortunate to have young grandparents around who were eager to help out with them.

Amy majored in sociology, and minored in anthropology. No wonder she chose to become a social worker. No one was surprised either when she'd announced to the family that she decided to go into the Peace Corps. After all, when she was in her early teens, her parents had taken her on a missionary trip to Haiti to build houses. The idea of helping others less fortunate than her really struck a chord. So when she said she'd volunteered to go to Africa to help out, everybody simply nodded. Sure, they would all be concerned. But certainly the Peace Corps took good care of its volunteers.

When Amy shipped out at the age of 28, she had already been away from home about a month, and didn't get the chance to visit home again before shipping out as the Peace Corps ships new recruits straight from training. When she arrived in the Congo, she was surprised to find out that the Internet wasn't quite as commonly available there as she'd imagined. She expected to get to video chat with her family daily. As it was, she'd be lucky to do it once every two weeks, and only for 10 minutes at best, assuming there was a connection.

Another shock for her was the social atmosphere. All of her colleagues were essentially in the same boat. They'd left someone behind and were really missing their loved ones and/or human contact. After about four weeks, it had become plain that many of her associates from America had begun hooking up. Mike, a guy who'd been there one year already and had been in charge of Amy's training, had made it quite plain his interest in Amy. She'd been quite clear that she was married and that while she was flattered, she could never get involved with another man. She wore her wedding ring proudly and without fail.

One night the team was hanging out and the alcohol was flowing and weed was burning. Amy hadn't chatted with Bryan or her two kids for at least ten days. She was lonely and becoming progressively drunk. Mike started in asking how she was doing. She just started crying, she missed home so much. He offered her a hit of weed saying it would help. She tried it and he was right.

"I'm married too. Amy. When I get to missing home, I find it helps to distract myself with anything else. I think you're very attractive and that we could really help each other out to make the time fly," Mike reasoned.

"Mike, I'm catholic. I can't have sex out of wedlock," Amy protested.

"I'm catholic too. I also prefer to avoid actions that get women pregnant. But I'm also against condoms since they're forbidden by the church," Mike returned.

"What are you suggesting?" Amy asked.

"Well, I'd love to go down on you, especially if you returned the favor. Or, we can do it and I can pull out. Or of course, there's always anal..." Mike suggested.

"Aren't you forward?!" Amy said, sounding a little shocked, but clearly not too shocked.

"Desperate times call for desperate measures," he replied grinning.

"You've been very patient with me, Mike," Amy started. "Let's go to your room and I'll give you a blowie. I can't promise anything more."

Without any further discussion, Mike jumped up and they walked to his room. It didn't go unnoticed by the group who were sure to talk about it. Amy was a little too drunk to notice.

When they got to Mike's room, she kneeled on the floor in front of Mike. While a little surprised by the rush, Mike didn't stop Amy as she undid his belt, unzipped his pants, and pulled his pants and underwear down his legs revealing his eight-inch thick circumcised white cock.

"Oh my, Mike. I haven't seen one this big since college," Amy admitted in surprise.

"Amy, there's more to you than you let on," Mike said in surprise.

Amy took the still limp but clearly hung thick cock and put it in her mouth. While wishing to watch beautiful Amy's mouth sucking his limp penis, the sensation of a warm mouth on his penis felt so good, his head went back as Amy began her moist tonguing of his penis.

Amy's mind was instantly flooded with her old university days, many a weekend night spent sucking one or more college cocks, seldom as big as Mike's. They would usually blast in her mouth within a few minutes except for the really drunk ones. She loved the taste of cock... the musky smell, the flavor of the meat, the taste of the precum that inevitably was secreted as she performed her duty for her fellow man, the hot sticky reward at the end...

Mike stroked Amy's beautiful long blonde hair, and she looked up at him and squinted a smile as his cock continued to grow and she happily sucked it, her head rising and falling in a rhythm not fast enough to make him cum right away, but enough to continue to get him aroused.

"Oh Amy, that's so amazing! You alone practically make this trip to Africa entirely worth it!" Mike admitted in a moment of gratitude and amazement. What man doesn't enjoy a good blowjob, especially after it's been awhile?

She continued to suck his big cock and started to fondle his low hanging balls. These were two of the larger balls she'd ever handled, each the size of a red potato. She stopped sucking his cock to take a moment and admire his balls with her mouth. She'd lick them both before taking one in her mouth and sucking on it gently, tonguing it all over and then doing the same to the other one. Mike was clearly enjoying the sight of his cock resting on her face while she pleasured his nuts as his gaze wouldn't leave her face, and his cock remained perfectly hard while she was down there.

Finally, she returned to his cock, he hissed a sigh of pleasure as she returned to bringing him that much closer to climaxing. She picked up her rhythm, bobbing her head in a steady rhythm that led to only one place...assured orgasm. Mike swayed his hips gently in rhythm to Amy's head as she hastened her rhythm, licking and sucking steadily onward until finally Mike held his breath and his cock stiffened and suddenly pools of cum released from his now throbbingly red cock, Amy doing her expert best to guzzle each stream as it enters her mouth, reveling in the salty thick liquid offered by her hung trainer/lover. She kept bobbing as more semen ejected from his balls, gently sucking each drop while continuing to swallow it all.

"Oh my God, Amy! That was fucking amazing!" Mike said appreciatively.

"I'm glad you liked it Mike," Amy returned.

"Allow me to return the favor," Mike insisted.

"It's okay, Mike. I'm just happy to get you off," she replied. "I needed that."

"Nonsense," Mike insisted. "Let me treat you to an orgasm of your own. I love eating pussy, and now seems like as good an opportunity as ever."

Still feeling buzzed if not high, and not wanting to argue, she held her tongue in an act of acquiescence.

Mike, detecting this, approached her and helped her out of her t-shirt and then her bra, revealing generous B-cup breasts, hanging somewhat from the breast feeding of her two children years back, but still nice given she was only 28 and usually wore a bra.

Mike bent down and started kissing her breasts, the nipples of which quickly became extremely erect sticking out by what seemed an entire centimeter from the areola. Mike sucked on the left nipple, tonguing the nipple and sucking it, returning to her the God-given nice feeling of having a child sucking her tit. He then applied the sensation to her right breast. He held the breasts together and wet-kissed all over her breasts as Amy's breathing became more pronounced.

While he continued to put his face in her breasts, Mike slowly undid the button and fly on Amy's jeans, and then slowly peeled them off of her revealing Amy in pink thong underwear that did little to conceal her private area. Because she was in Africa, Amy hadn't managed to do much trimming around her vagina, leaving a beautiful full bush of blonde pubic hair, still velvety soft and complementary to her milky white skin.

Next, no longer managing her breasts, he slowly peeled off her thong to reveal her pubes in all their glory, confidently masking the moist, humid fertile pussy hiding below.

Mike led Amy to his bed where he had her lie down before climbing onto the bed himself, and crawling between her thighs and finally kissing her thighs around her vagina. He kissed her in every place except her vagina for what must have been two minutes, her vagina becoming growingly frustrated and hot. Sensing her frustration, Mike kissed the approximate area of her clitoris, eliciting a quiet gasp from Amy whose head was flat on the pillow, eyes closed and shut tight in anticipation.

Mike then opened his mouth and licked the area of her clitoris, softly up and down, up and down, getting a much bigger gasp from Amy. Amy couldn't recall the last time a man had gone down on her. Oral sex had mostly dropped out of her love life after she got pregnant the first time. She couldn't exactly blame her husband. The main reason she figured was that sex had become much shorter now that there were little kids in the house. One couldn't lie in bed for 30 minutes without a small child interrupting.

Amy's legs were now spread about as wide as she could make them while Mike now had full access to her pussy. His mouth wandered up and down her pussy from the clitoris down to her hole, sticking his tongue as deeply as he could within, massaging the walls with his coarse yet slippery tongue. Amy reached down and pressed his head deeper into her vagina, not wanting him to stop.

Eventually, she let go and Mike proceeded to focus his attention on her orgasm. He licked directly and around her clit while he proceeded to insert two fingers to slowly finger fuck her.

"Oh yes, Mike, yes! That's how I like it! Faster! Faster! Eat my pussy and finger my pussy! Don't stop! Yes! Yes!" she moaned.

Amy's hips would rise and fall in motion to Mike's fingers, gyrating toward climax. She felt she was so close. It would be any moment now. Her gyrating became faster and faster. Mike did his best to keep up with his fingers and tongue, hardly ever missing a gyration.

Suddenly, Mike's roommate Steve opened the door to Mike's bedroom.

Mike yelled, "What the fuck, Steve?! Can't you see I need the room?"

Amy had closed her legs and did her best to cover her pussy in embarrassment.

Steve, knowing full well what was going on, and also pretty high, replied, "Now now, y'all don't need to get upset. I come bringing weed."

Steve, not so pissed since he'd already climaxed, took the lit spliff and took a drag, before offering it to Amy. Recalling how euphoric it was earlier, she went ahead and took another drag.

"See?" Steve continued. "Not bad, right?" He reached out and grabbed the spliff back.

Amy nodded and smiled, reopening her legs and grabbing Mike's hand to lead him back to her pussy. Mike dove back down and started sucking and fingering Amy's twat, while she slowly began gyrating again.

Steve, not having gone anywhere, stood about four feet away and pulled out his black cock, roughly the same size as that of Mike, and began slowly stroking it while the two of them continued to engage in cunnilingus.

After a couple of minutes, Amy opened her eyes remembering that Steve hadn't left yet. She was surprised to see him standing there stroking his cock as she was brought closer and closer to climax.

"Don't worry, Baby. I'll just watch and stroke it. That shit's hot!" Steve said.

Amy lay there while Mike continued to lick her clit and finger her hole, getting closer and closer to climax while Steve continued to beat it, now at the side of the bed with a hand on her breast as he continued to stroke his cock faster and faster. She reached out and started jerking his cock as the two of them neared climax.

"Ah yes, I'm going to cum, Mike! Don't stop! Oh yes, yes, yes, don't stop, don't stop, yes, keep going, oh my God, oh my God, yes, yes, yes, oh, yes, oh, yes, yes, yes, oooooohhhhhhhhhh!" Amy moaned as her pussy began to fill with fluid from an explosive orgasm. She hadn't cum since before Peace Corps training. What had it been? Three months? Mike was very good with his mouth and fingers, his cock was beautiful, and so had been Steve's. The act of the two of them in the room while the focus had been on her orgasm had been too much.

While she had been cumming, Steve also shot his load all over Amy's breasts, shoulders, neck and chin. It was also a big load, leaving ropes across her beautiful white skin. The site of his big black cock juxtaposed to her milky skin was remarkable.

"Thanks, Amy," Steve said. "You're damn fine. Hopefully next time I can sample that pussy with my tongue."

"I don't think so, Steve," Amy warned. "Mike caught me at the right time. I don't plan on making a habit of this."

"Your loss, Baby. Even so, if you change your mind, you know where my room is," Steve announced, grinning.

Amy felt really relaxed. The orgasm had been better than ever. Now all she wanted was to sleep. Without much thought, she closed her eyes and racked out right there on Mike's bed.

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