I have been writing stories for my husband, so I thought I would step outside my comfort zone and share.... Hope you like it.....

Today was the day that I have been looking forward to for a month. The day one of my biggest fantasies was going to come true. The day I get to have three BBC while my husband watches. Watches as they use me as they see fit. Let's back up and let me tell you a little back ground on us.

My husband and I have been married ten years now, I have always thought our sex life was good, not that it wasn't, but when he started to ask me about my fantasies it was so much better. I had never talked to anyone about what I would like to do. It took my husband sometime to get me to open up and admit to what I wanted; I still have a hard time. I told him how I wanted to be with someone older than me, I at the time was 41 years old, and wanted to be with someone younger. Those two are stories for another day. With much prying and asking he got it out of me on how much I wanted to be used by a black man, or several.

Every time he brought it up about me being with a black man, I instantly became wet, which in turn made him instantly hard. Sex, when we role played about him being a black man and using me was some amazing and fun sex, different than when we didn't role play. After about a year of role playing this fantasy, we decided to visit an adult site and posted a profile of wanting to be used by a black man. As we suspected the messages came flooding in, wanting to jump right into bed. This isn't how we wanted to do things, I needed to feel comfortable and get along with the person first.

After several months of searching for the right person, I found him. Messages were sent back and forth through the site at first then I gave them my cell number to message me off the site. At this point my husband couldn't see any of the messaged unless I shared them with him. I shared some of the messages that, we will call him Mike, and I sent back and forth. I kept some things to myself for later, one of the things I asked Mike, was if he had any friends that would like to be a part of using me, while my husband watches. His friends were Terrance and Craig; we started another chat to get the plan setup. We exchanged pictures back and forth, Mike had an average size cock, and Terrance was larger and thicker. Craig all I can say was holy hell, I was starting to have second thoughts that I would be able to handle his cocks.

Several months went by of the four of us talking back and forth and role playing with my husband, picturing that I was having sex with any and all three black cocks. I made the arrangements with the guys for a time and place to meet up. My husband had no clue what I was doing, all he knew was that we were getting away for the weekend for some much needed alone time. I wanted him to be taken by complete surprise on the whole plan. This was so hard for me not to tell him but I didn't want to ruin the surprise.

The day was here, we were getting ready and I had bought a little black dress that just barely covered my ass. I didn't put any panties on under my dress and didn't let my husband know that either. We drove to the hotel. We were taking our suitcase out of the car when a breeze came by and the back of my dress flew up and my husband face was priceless when he saw my bare ass, along with the biggest smile I have seen. I did also notice a bulge in his pants forming. We got all checked in and settled into our room. We had brought some drinks down in a cooler and started to unwind, I had walked out to take a look at the view from our balcony. I made a point to give my husband a nice view of my ass, as I looked over the railing. I turned around to face him and stood just right so that people below if they looked up could see up my dress and if the wind blew they would get a good view too.

We started talking about what the plans were for the night, I told my John that we would just stay in the hotel and relax and get some rest for tomorrow's plans, little did he know. I told John that I wanted to get out of the dress, and went to change and came back in a new sexy nighty that I picked out for the night. We lie on the bed and relax, just as we were starting to get into fooling around, there was a knock at the door. John said it had to be coming from the next room since we didn't order anything and we knew no one there. I told John that I wanted to give whoever was at the door something to think about, knowing who was really on the other side of that door.

By the look on Mike's, Terrance's and Craig's face they like the outfit just as much as John did. I come back into view of John with the three guys following behind me. I told him that this was his surprise, again the look on his face I wish I could have taken a picture. I told him that I have been planning this evening for some time and that he was to sit back and relax while they used me. By the way his pants seemed to be getting tighter he was ok with this.

I made the introductions and got the guys a drink. As they all started talking, I set up the video camera , set the chair just right angel for John to view the action that was about to take place. I grabbed another drink to calm my nerves down. I sat on the bed near the guys and they wasted no time felling my thighs, tits and wet pussy. Mike grabbed the bottom of my nighty and pulled it over my head, the other guys were undressing as well. I happened to take notice to their cocks, without realizing it I made a sound; they were larger in person then on the pictures. Terrance started working on my neck, which drives me absolutely crazy, as Mike and Craig were working on my tits and pussy.

Stay tuned for part two.....

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