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Chip Key: Nickname: value, favor, color

Clouds: 1, Touching, White

Canaries: 2, Kissing, Yellow

Lipstick: 5, Oral, Red

Skies: 10, Sex, Blue

Grass: 25, Anal, Green

Doubles/Oranges: 50, Double, Orange

Fucked: 100, Forefit, Black


Vicky woke up to a series of sensations that were familiar, but not for familiar reasons.

She was in a large bed, but it wasn't hers and it wasn't in her dorm or at her house. Another person was naked in bed with her, but the soft curves under her hand and against her leg told her it wasn't her usual type of bedmate. As she opened her eyes, she saw discolored spots on the comforter of the bed, but none of them were from semen. And she had the wonderful tense burn that followed a lot of muscle exertion, but she knew it wasn't from any soccer game.

Vicky smiled. She'd really let herself go last night. She and Cyn had sixty-nined until Cyn's thighs started to cramp, then they'd switched and kept going until their pussies were literally going numb. The whole room reeked of girl sex even now.

Vicky opened her eyes and saw Cyn looking at her with a smaller smile, but Vicky could detect a hint of worry in the look too. She wasn't ready to talk yet, but she could guess why Cyn was nervous. She slid over and cupped one of Cyn's breasts while pressing herself against her side, settling her head against Cyn's chest. They lay like that for a while, Vicky gently fondling her friend's chest.

"You're really obsessed with my tits," Cyn eventually said with a teasing tone.

"They're great tits, Cyn," Vicky said, "Even if I hadn't wanted this I'd have gone hunting for your white chips just so I could spend a few minutes playing with these things."

"Yours aren't exactly A-cups," Cyn said.

"No, but I feel like I'm constantly begging them to stick around," Vicky said, briefly cupping her own mammary. "The more I work out and tone the smaller they get."

Cyn brought her hand up and settled it on top of Vicky's, then pulled her friend up. They shared a tender but tongue-less kiss. "This was a lot of fun," Cyn said.

"Yes it was," Vicky agreed, "Thank you so much for showing me what this was like."

"Maybe...we could do it again sometime?" Cyn suggested.

Vicky pulled back a bit and looked at Cyn more intently. "I really should stick to the purist pattern from now on, Cyn. I needed this; I needed to know what it was like. I don't think I could have asked for a better partner; you're gorgeous and you're my friend and you certainly know your way around a pussy."

"Well there's more than just this," Cyn said, "Like I said, we couldn't do anything anal, and we didn't have any toys. Robin and I...we aren't opposed to having someone else around."

Vicky studied Cyn's face for a bit, until her friend started to look nervous. Vicky sighed a bit. "Cyn, why do you want me in your bed? Are you and Robin having issues?"

"No!" Cyn insisted immediately, "But you...I thought you enjoyed it."

"I did. But look, to me this proved that I can have fun with girls at the spa. And I'll admit if we find ourselves in the same bedroom and we're naked, I wouldn't mind fooling around with you. But I really prefer having sex with guys. I know you still like to have a cock every now and then but you really prefer women; I'm the opposite. And..." Vicky paused.

"What?" Cyn prompted after a moment. Vicky still looked hesitant and Cyn said, "Vicky come on! We just started really being friends, and now you're here at the spa and...I thought maybe I could hang out with you like I do with Syl sometimes..."

Vicky sat up and pulled Cyn to sit as well. She hadn't realized how emotional her friend was, or she wouldn't have done this. "Cyn," she said, "I can explain, but you have to promise you won't tell anyone."

"Okay," Cyn said, sounding confused.

"I can read people really, really well. As in, 'fake being a psychic' well. I don't do it because it freaks people out."

"Okay..." Cyn said again, no less confused.

"I know you dominate Robin a lot of the time when you're fucking. I also know you do it even more to Syl."

Cyn blanched. "Did Syl tell you that?"

"No. It's obvious to me because of how Syl behaves around you. She's painfully deferential. Robin is less so, but she lets you take the lead. I know you like being dominant, and it's tied to you getting off. You started slipping last night. You were practically barking orders at me by the end. I knew that going in, and it doesn't really bother me, but that's the problem."

"Why? If you like it-"

"I would fuck up your relationship with Robin," Vicky said, "I remember the issue you had with her in February. I wasn't totally sure about the reasons even when you tried to explain it because you were tiptoeing around what your real relationship was like. You're still figuring it out now, aren't you?" she asked. When Cyn nodded, she continued, "I was able to get you off so well last night because I could read your responses to what I did. And if I really tried, I could probably be the best sub you'd ever had. I'd know what you wanted before you told me. I'd show Robin up in every way. And we're already friends. Maybe you'd fall in love with me, maybe I would a little bit with you, but I just told you; I'm not into girls like you and Robin are. Robin would get jealous and angry. Neither of us wants that."

Cyn had tears running down her face now and Vicky moved forward to pull her into a hug.

"It seems like everyone is telling me I'm trying to fuck up my relationship lately," Cyn said.

"Cyn, you started a long-term relationship, with all the problems figuring that out comes with, and then you decided to pile on that it's your first lesbian relationship, and throw in your habit of going to what's essentially a sex club on a regular basis, with your girlfriend. That would be a minefield for a married straight couple that's loved each other for a decade."

Cyn sighed and Vicky squeezed her tighter. "You don't need another girl in your life or in your bed. You need to set things straight with the ones you have. Next semester if you end up with my chips, maybe you show me some of the stuff we didn't get to tonight."

"What if Vincent wins them all?" Cyn asked. She sounded upset but Vicky saw a slight smirk.

"Well that gives you a reason to play better, doesn't it?" she teased.

Vicky stumbled into her dorm room with a contented attitude. She'd ridden back to campus with Cyn and they'd had a less charged chat, agreeing they needed to spend more time together as friends, with their clothes on. And Vicky did admit to her that while she had no interest in making it a regular thing, if Robin and Cyn really wanted to involve her in some sort of sexual shenanigans, she wouldn't dismiss it out of hand. Cyn had given her the best oral sex of her life so far.

It was only as she started unpacking her overnight bag that she remembered the envelope from Vincent. She'd put it in her bag when she changed into the outfit she'd worn to meet Cyn. It was just past noon now, so she opened it. Inside was a card with a European crest on it. She didn't know the Latin, but based on who'd left her the card she assumed it was the McCabe crest. She smiled in anticipation until she opened the card and actually read what was inside.

In calligraphy no less skillfull than the address on the outside, it read:

Next Friday


Your consent, or 75

Vicky's heart was pounding in her chest again, and the blissfully relaxed mood she'd arrived with was long gone. She'd wondered what Vincent would want in exchange for getting the chips to Cyn, and now she knew.

When she polled her brain for the latest update on the internal meetings, it was an out of office message.

Cyn sat on the queen bed she and Robin usually shared, dressed in fuzzy pajamas. Robin was there with her also in full pajamas, though Robin's were burgundy silk ones that slipped and folded against her body in a distracting manner. She knew she was putting her girlfriend out a bit; Robin's usual pattern on Sundays was to come home with her from the spa, nap for a good couple of hours in the afternoon, and then start some sort of sexual romp with her afterward. Sometimes Syl was pulled in as well. Robin had explained that most of the time at the spa whatever favors she traded only got her worked up; she was a fan of extended marathon-like sex and while not everyone at the spa was a purist, most of the favors were traded at night when people were tired, or between games when there was a natural time limit, so she always came back horny.

"I think that's what got me into you," she'd said at the time, "I'd come home from the spa on Sundays and you'd be in our dorm room looking like raw sex."

Cyn was trying to downplay that this evening. She'd begged Robin to go out with her to eat after her nap, and they'd had a wonderful time at a café in the city, but she'd dropped the "we need to talk" bomb on Robin when they got back. Cyn had suggested changing into bedclothes before starting (no lingerie) so they could be comfortable.

"What's wrong baby?" Robin asked, stroking Cyn's arms, currently wrapped around her knees.

Cyn suddenly felt the buildup of emotions from the past week crash into her and tears stung her eyes. She squeezed them shut to try to hide them, but Robin was still by her side hugging her in an instant, pulling her head to her bosom and stroking her hair. Cyn let herself cry, clinging to Robin like a lifeline. When she calmed down, she told Robin everything that had happened for the past week; the almost fight with Syl about her spa activities, and her favor with Vicky and the invitation she'd made.

Cyn looked up at Robin fearfully when she finished, half expecting her girlfriend to tear into her in a rage, but to her surprise when she looked up she got a deep, sweet kiss from her lover, who giggled afterward.

"What?" Cyn asked, confused.

"You're so good at that dom thing I forget I'm older than you."

"By one year," Cyn countered, "Don't pretend you're some font of wisdom and experience."

"I am in this case," Robin said, "Look, half the reason the spa exists is because of a stereotype; everyone goes to college to have wild sex with a bunch of people. The spa just means the people at the tip top don't have to worry about lawsuits and pregnancies and misunderstood intentions. If you've got some part of you in another person's holes at the spa, it's because they won your chips, plain and simple. Sure they might have other motivations, but if you're reading into that it's on you. Now ask me the question."

"What question?" Cyn asked.

"The one you've wanted to ask me for the past year. The shadowy thing in the corner every time we fuck, and the reason there's a chill at the tables whenever a certain two people are at it. Now is when we talk about it."

Cyn pretended to think for a bit, but she knew exactly what Robin meant. She was just scared of the answer. "Do you miss Vincent?" she finally asked.

"No," Robin said almost immediately.

Cyn looked up into Robin's eyes as if she could tell whether she was lying. "Really?"

"Cyn, you have a skewed view of how this is supposed to work, and part of that is my fault," Robin said, "Everyone you were with at the spa you developed some kind of relationship with. I was the first really sexual favor you had there, and now we're lovers. You traded a favor with Syl, and now she's your sub. You cashed in a favor with Steve and now you make it a point to give him attention because very few other people will. Also you're obsessed with his cock."

"I've fucked him three times in the last year, come on!" Cyn protested.

"Sure," Robin replied sarcastically, "I still say you went dyke because you fucked that thing and he ruined you for every other cock at school. But anyway, that's not the way it's supposed to work. I fucked Vincent. Several times. But not as much as some people, including you, think I did. Vincent's a purist and he plays in the high stakes game. Do you really think he could afford to drop 100 or more chips every weekend to fuck me?"

"He did spend a lot of time with you," Cyn said.

Robin looked a bit guilty. "That was a smokescreen. When I walked off with Vincent a lot of people assumed we were going to fuck, so other people with chips, particularly Kathy," she added with a shudder, "didn't approach me. Most of the time he just dropped me off at a bedroom then went off by himself. Last year I talked to him about you a lot. We're friends, and not really close ones at that."

"Not counting that he fucked you," Cyn said.

"Yes, that's the point; we don't count that because it happened at the spa. He didn't overwhelm me with his money, charisma, family...body...hair-"

"You can stop anytime," Cyn drawled.

"Anyway, he didn't charm me into bed after some fake dates, and I didn't seduce him after 'accidentally' running into him a lot. He wanted to fuck me, he got my chips, we fucked. It wasn't horrible and he's better at poker than me so we did it a few more times over the years. I can't claim that it's any healthier than the traditional way, emotionally speaking, but it definitely cuts down on a lot of the bullshit. I almost wish you weren't the banker; Syl and I would have the whole spa run a train on you for the rest of the term."

"What would that prove?"

"That you can trade favors with someone without strings. Syl told me about her session with Ammad. I know you're thinking he's there to seduce and hurt someone or something. There's a ninety percent chance he's there to get some pussy, and that's the sum total of what he wants. Maybe he wants to experiment with some man love. Maybe he wants to chum up with Vincent, bitch about what having a royal pedigree does for your social life or something, but he's not an evil mastermind infiltrating the stronghold. In fact...yeah, we'll do that."

"Do what? Robin, what are you doing?" she asked as Robin started shifting herself off the bed.

"I'm going to get the double dildo, and I'm going to bed with Syl."

"What! Why?"

"Because she's horny and needs a fuck, and so do I. And because she's going to be servicing me all week," Robin said with a mischievous grin.

"What the fuck!?" Cyn said.

"I need you good and horny for next Friday," Robin said, "Oh and you won't be seeing the collars either."

"Robin-" Cyn said, starting to get angry, but then Robin came back and gave her another deep kiss.

"Cynthia," Robin said quietly. Her using Cyn's full name was an unspoken code that meant she was serious. "Don't Mistress on me. Trust me, and trust Syl. I love you, but we need to get you past this mental block you have. I think I know how. But you have to trust me, just for this week."

"Fine," Cyn said, "Am I sleeping alone for the week then?"

"Oh hell no," Robin quipped, "I don't think I can sleep without those magnificent tits touching me. But no sex. Trust me. We'll make it worth it."

Cyn sat with her arms crossed in the middle of the back seat of Syl's car, briefly marveling that even Mercedes couldn't really do anything to make the rear middle seat of a sedan a truly comfortable place to ride. Maybe that's why Ferrari and Lamborghini never bothered with them. The discomfort fit with her mood, though; she hadn't given a sexual order or had an orgasm that wasn't self-induced all week.

They arrived at the spa house early; Cyn usually got there well before time to coordinate with the dealer, verify the catering orders, and organize the bank, so she generally came alone, but this time both Syl and Robin had insisted they drive her. She had only agreed because Robin reiterated "trust me."

When they stopped, both her girlfriend and her sub turned to look back at her. "Ammad or Vincent?" Syl asked.

"What?" Cyn said.

"You're going to fuck either Ammad or Vincent this weekend," Robin explained.

"I'm the banker-"

"And I'm going to win enough chips to trade in so you can have sex with one of them," Syl explained, "You'll have to wait for Saturday to make sure though."

"I don't-"

"Cyn-" Robin interrupted, "Look. I was telling you. You should be seeing this as a gift. Syl told you Ammad was a great fuck. Vincent...fuck, you hate him a little bit but even you admit you'd still bend over for him. You shouldn't have any hesitation about wanting to jump into bed with either of them, but you've got all these hangups. So get rid of them; they aren't real. Pick one of them to fuck."

"And I suppose if I don't then you both keep fucking in Syl's room and leave me for another week?"

"No," Syl said immediately, "This is a promise; on Sunday afternoon you'll come home and Robin and I will both be in the living room, kneeling, collars on. You know Pet will accept whatever punishment...and I mean whatever punishment. Maybe you should talk with Robin first; I don't think you've done a lot of discipline with her."

"I'm," Robin stammered, sounding nervous, "I'm willing to try a few things. We've got safe words for a reason, right?"

"Okay," Syl said, "but we're there regardless of what you choose. I just...I really think things will be better for you with us and at the spa if you accept what we're trying to do here."

Cyn really wanted to scream at them, but she'd also been thinking about what Robin had said last week, and what they were saying now, and she realized her girlfriend was right. She was approaching this all wrong. Maybe it was time to rethink things.

"I've still got a legitimate issue with Vincent, and it's nothing to do with you," Cyn said to Robin. Then she took a deep breath and said, "Ammad."

Syl and Robin both relaxed a bit. "Thank God," Syl said, "It would have been probably sixty forty against me getting and holding on to Vincent's chips. I'd probably end up giving you a night with him while I'm on my knees getting assfucked by Noelle in another room.

"I'll try to stack some of the antes," Cyn said, "Now both of you kiss me."

They did, one at a time. She gave Robin a deep, intense kiss befitting heavy emotions between lovers. In contrast, she shoved her tongue into Syl's mouth and held her head there while she practically tried to choke the girl with it. Everyone was flushed and excited afterward.

"You are going to regret this on Sunday," Cyn promised.

"We can't wait," Robin said with a teasing look.

Depending on which women's magazine and/or pop psychology source you decided to read, women's orgasms were anywhere from 30 -- 70% mental, and there were always those women who claimed they had mentally trained themselves to cum on command with no physical stimulation.

Vicky's current experience led her to believe it was more toward the high end of that scale. In an effort to take her mind off of the nighttime events and to help spread her mythos a bit, Vicky had cashed in a pile of red chips she won off of Lucy during the intro game, again confusing her partner by insisting to go down on them rather than receive oral attention. Lucy wore fuzzy cotton shorts and a nice tank top to the spa, but had no underwear to speak of, so as soon as the both of them got into a room the small Asian woman was naked in just a few seconds, perched on a plush chair with her knees hooked around the armrests. Less than a minute after Vicky started her ministrations, Lucy's tight lean body was shuddering in orgasm and juice leaked down Vicky's chin. She'd learned a lot from Cyn but she knew she wasn't that good at eating a woman out, so Vicky assumed Lucy was either hypersensitive or had psyched herself up enough to orgasm quickly.

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