Allow me to introduce; Dawn. Around the first troubles of this year her bored mind flicked conventional dating apps. My trojan horse of a profile hinted at non-vanilla adventures.

Several months, dicks and cunts later with many of her nascent fantasies realised I am proud to call her a reasonably well trained sub. And the reason for this story? Nothing other than a training trip to the bathroom last night and demonstration of a enema bulb. As one of her nastiest experiences, and an avid reader of Literotica, I encouraged her to recall it for the pleasure of the same people who read the stories she so enjoys. And when she woke up out of subspace and refused, she had to stay in her room until it was ready.

I present her first story, and first publication, raw and constrained by the clock hitting 8:15pm. No reason for the time other than we have things to do and can't be hanging around writing smut all night. If you like it and want to hear more about her training then we would be delighted for your feedback!

M & D


As he pushed me up against the shower wall, I begged for him to stop. It was at this point I received my punishment for disobedience, writing this account of my latest training adventure...

Master had told me that I would receive some training with water play. He said he wanted to see how well I could hold an enema in my arse, while squatting over a bucket with a butt plug in. After months of waiting, he decided tonight was the night.

I've been owned by my Master for 8 months now. I am new to the scene. A girl who was bored and unsatisfied with a vanilla monogamist lifestyle. After finding me, it has been my Master's goal to make all my fantasies come true, whilst training me to be the perfect little desperate slut we both know I can be.

I was very nervous. I like being good at the tasks I am given but knew this was an impossible task with the plug he'd chosen to be used. It was pink, thin and had a love heart at the base. It didn't have much groove for my hole to hang on to and I struggle to keep it in normally (without an arse full of water). After a couple of lubed trial runs Master took pity on me and switched to the slightly larger and more bulbous jiggle plug. Lucky girl.

It was now time to begin. Already dripping wet, Master leaned me over the side of the bath he filled up the pump with warm water. Shaking, I waited with my eyes firmly shut until I could feel him walk over to me and reach for my arse. He whispered in my ear, telling me not to move, that all was going to be ok and that I was a good girl. I relaxed ever so slightly to this and noticing me do so, he started to ease the tube into my hole. The next few minutes were a blur not really knowing what was happening and noticing my cunt get wetter and wetter at the anticipation. As I was pumped with water, I started to feel fuller until it started to cramp inside me. Master stopped and stood me there for a moment, then pointed towards the bucket and said "you know what to do". Squatting over the bucket, I managed to keep hold of the plug whilst Master pulled out his cock and I greedily sucked it as best I could. After a couple of minutes, Master was kind and took my hand and walked me over to the loo, to remove the plug and release. He told me what a good girl I was and that we'll go again once I'm ready.

Back over the bath and déjà vu. Not so easy this time, the plug came exploding out with a gush into the bucket. I felt humiliated and used. Master left me to clean up my mess and told me to come see him when I was done. Horrified, I did as he said, cleaned the bucket and the plug and wandered over to see what was next. He immediately got up off the bed and marched me back to the bathroom.

As I was filled up a 3rd time, I started to cramp sooner. The pain made me consider what was happening to me and what a dirty girl I was. With conflicted feelings of stress, humiliation and excitement, I took my treatment and eventually I was over the bucket again. This time within minutes I knew something was different. I begged for Master to leave me. He did no such thing and stayed with me until the plug and water sprayed everywhere. I continued to beg him to leave, but he wouldn't...

... Having cleaned up and mildly recovered, I went to find him again hoping we were done. This time, I was marched into the shower so that Master could take me up the arse. It was to say thank you for the special training that I was so lucky to receive. Feeling disgusting, humiliated and subby, I tried to stop him and say no. This was my mistake and I now realise how ungrateful and badly behaved I was.

I'm sorry Master. I look forward to our next training adventure.

Pub: 22 Dec 2020 10:27 UTC
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