Candy and I were laying in bed. We were both tired from our romp. The tv was on but neither of us were paying attention. I was looking out her window at the stars and she was curled up under my arm. Her naked breasts pressed up against me, her legs across my body and her fingers were slowly and gently dragging across my chest. She asked in a voice softer than her touch what I did I want for my birthday, which was in a few days. I smiled and told her I wasn't even thinking about it (I was lying.) She gave me a playful bite on my ribs and asked again. I turned to look at her and our eyes both met. She was so happy and glowing with excitement,

"When I figure it out...I'll let you know" I told her. That wasn't good enough for her, she needed an answer. She propped herself up on the bed a little and said,

"What do you get for the guy who has everything?" I realized that her hand had slid down to my cock. She reached down and grabbed my balls and squeezed them a few times and then she grabbed the shaft and stroked it. Lowering her head to my now fully erect dick she allowed it to go deep into her mouth and she tightened her mouth around it and raised her head slowly as the suction of her mouth and the swirling of her tongue made me forget everything that was going on.

"Seriously now, what do you want for your birthday?" She asked again, pulling my cock wet with her saliva on it out of her mouth. She wiggled my dick and opened her mouth and covered my dick again this time with more suction. I waited until she was done and I pulled her on top of me. She sat on the shaft of my dick and made small rocking back and forth movements. Her hand reached behind her and she fondled my balls as she continued this. I told her that I had everything I could possibly want but there was one thing I really wanted that I never had and I am pretty sure it will never happened anyhow. She told me as long as it was within her power, she would get me whatever I wanted. I grabbed her ass and squeezed her butt cheeks hard, her vagina was so wet and slick, my dick slid inside her. She closed her eyes and she started to moan. I pulled myself up and sucked on her nipple as she was now riding my cock to an orgasm. She quickened her pace and her whole body trembled as she let out a moan and held her breath. She gasped for air and then totally collapsed into me. As I hugged her tightly in my arms, I rolled her to the side and she kept her eyes closed and just lay there in silence.

"Why don't you tell me what you want for your birthday?" She asked with her eyes still closed. So I told her I wanted a threesome for my birthday. Her eyes opened and she looked at me. She stared for a while and it was hard for me to gauge her reaction.

"Who did you have in mind?" She replied. Now before I go any further I have to explain that for the past few months whenever Candy and I watched porn together, I always made sure that it was usually threesome themed. I had been mentally conditioning her to be open to it so I wasn't really surprised she answered that way. If you want to propose a threesome make sure and make it seem that it is more for them to have that experience than you. We had a friend of ours Kristy so I called out her name.

Kristy was a friend of mine really that I had met through mutual friends. She was a promotional model. She was really petite, fit and big breasted. She did a lot of work for alcohol companies and even did a few calendars, she was very well known. At first Candy didn't like her because she knew that Kristy had a crush on me but after getting to know each other they got along just fine. Not best friends or anything but they didn't have any issues between them. I had noticed Kristy too but because she was a promotional model, I thought her flirting with me was a part of her job...I realized later that it wasn't, she really was into me. I thought about maybe breaking up with Candy to see where it could have gone with Kristy but then when I tried to break up with Candy well you know how that went.

"Kristy?" Candy replied. I don't think she was surprised at my recommendation. She looked like she was deep in thought and never said anything else about it for the rest of the night. In the days that followed she never said anything either she was just as normal as she usually was. The day before my birthday I went over to Candy's house after work and we were sitting watching a movie. She slid her hand down my pants and she started rubbing her hands in a circular motion over my balls and shaft, it didn't take me very long to get hard after which she asked me to take my pants off. How could I resist? So I did and took my T-shirt off as well. She then took her clothes off as well and she was half way lying on the couch and across me. She grabbed my cock and with slow deliberate strokes on my shaft she also starting sucking just the head of my dick. I moved my hand to find her pussy and I started to rub it. Once she got wet I slowly started to finger her deeply.

I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the feeling of fingering a hot wet pussy while having my cock sucked. I opened my eyes and I saw Kristy sitting on a chair just looking at us. She was wearing a bra that was way too small and not sure if she was wearing underwear but I knew what was about to happen. She just sat there looking on and then she leaned back in the chair and spread her legs...she wasn't wearing underwear. She rubbed her clit and just continued watching. Candy then looked over at Kristy and I saw her finger wave her over. She slowly got up and took off her bra that was pretty much useless and I saw her bouncy, perky breasts for the first time. She knelt right next to me on ghe couch and I pulled her to me so I could suck her nipples. I moved my hand to finger her as well. She was tight and slick and I hungrily licked and sucked her nipple while sliding my finger in and out of her pussy.

Kristy then pulled my body down towards her and I was now lying down on the couch as she straddled my face. Her mons were nice and swollen and her slit was moist. I held her firm bottom and pulled her hips down to my face so I could make out with her pussy for a while. Candy backed up on the couch and put both my balls in her mouth and lightly and gently sucked on them while Kristy reached for my cock and wiggled it before placing it in her open mouth. It was the first time my cock had been deep throated. I could feel my cock sliding down her throat and was now in a sexual paradise. Her dick sucking skills were amazing. It was a combination of so many different things being applied at the same time. The deep throating, the suction, the swirling tongue, I have no idea how and what she was doing but it felt amazing.

Candy was now making her way up from my balls to my shaft. Kristy let my cock slide out her mouth slowly so Candy could run her tongue slow and heavy up and down the length of my dick. Kristy mimicked the same on her end. Turning their heads a little they both starting running their tongues along the sides of my shaft. Their tongues met at the tip of my dick and they started kissing each other. I hugged Kristy's hips and stuck my tongue deeper into her vagina and she trembled a little, she let out a gasp and then positioned herself so she was sitting upright on my face. Candy repositioned herself as well. She held my cock and let it disappear into her mouth. She sucked hard on it and pulled it out slowly before guiding it into her dripping pussy. She started bouncing on my dick and Kristy leaned forward and sucked her nipples. Holding both breasts in her hands Kristy was licking and sucking Candy's nipples. They were now both panting and the sound got me even harder than normal. Candy grabbed Kristy by the hair and pulled her face up and kissed her in an almost violent way, they kissed each other so passionately, their tongues visibly massaging each other's tongue.

Candy's pussy was starting to tighten around my dick, I knew she was close to cumming. I grabbed her ass and spanked her a few times and lightly grazed her tailbone. She put her hands on my chest now and screamed as she had her first orgasm of the night. Her body rapidly flinching and stiff as the waves of endorphins flowed into her bloodstream. She collapsed back into the couch with her legs open and Kristy followed her. Kristy climbed over my body and went towards Candy's snatch and began to lick and suck her. Honestly, now that this was occurring. I knew If I wanted it to happen again, I needed to make sure that Candy wanted it again so her pleasure was priority. I got up and walked over to Candy's head and mounted her face. As Kristy was sucking on Candy's cunt, I was sliding my cock in and out of her mouth. Kristy, moved her hands up and lightly grazed the tips of her fingers over Candy's nipples. Kristy then slid her fingers inside Candy and because her body was being sexually stimulated she grabbed Kristy by her head and pulled her tightly against her pussy. My cock was now undergoing the sensation of being a high powered vacuum as Candy's body went limp after her second orgasm.

Kristy then turned her attention to my balls. She lifted herself and with a gulp had both my balls in her mouth. Candy still had her eyes closed and was trying to catch her breath again. Kristy then reached her hand up and stroked my cock while she sucked on my balls. She then grabbed my hips and guided me back to the ground. She sat on the couch and stood me in front of her and while stroking my cock she sucked the tip of my dick. Then she began using her incredible combination technique again. Candy had recovered and sat behind Kristy. She tied up Kristy's hair and sucked hard on her earlobe and neck while fondling one of her breasts and using the other to rub Kristy's clit. Kristy grabbed my butt and pulled my hips towards her as my cock slid balls deep into her mouth. She stuck her tongue out and licked my balls and I was impressed by this skill.

Candy then leaned back on the couch and pulled Kristy on top of her. She wrapped her legs around Kristy's so that her legs locked Kristy into a spread eagle position and placed both her hands on Kristy's tits. She massaged them and lightly pinched the nipples. Candy then looked at me and said,

"what are you waiting for birthday boy? This is your birthday gift, go on fuck her." I leaned forward to position myself but I made sure that before any further interaction with Kristy, my head leaned towards Candy and I kissed her. Kristy was now licking my nipples as a result of the position we were all in and Candy grabbed my dick and wiggled and rubbed it along the wet length of Kristy's pussy. As she moved her hand forward to grab my balls she pulled me hard inside Kristy. I don't think Kristy was expecting it either because she gasped as I entered her. Kristy looked me in the eye and continued to stare at me as I inched my dick deeper inside her with every thrust of my hips. She pulled me forward and sucked my tongue as I continued to fill her pussy with my cock.

I was getting really close to cumming now. I decided to get a little rough because my philosophy is nice guys finish last and I wanted Kristy to have her orgasm too before I did. I slammed my cock harder and harder into her. The sounds of our bodies smacking into each other was filling the room. Kristy pushed me back and held my face so I couldn't look anywhere else but her face and she held eye contact with me as I now started grunting hard with every thrust. She grabbed me and hugged me hard as she screamed loudly. Her grip on me made me realize she was a lot stronger than I knew but then her grip lessened and she was panting and gasping. Candy unwrapped her legs from Kristy's and moved her over. Candy pulled me to the couch and with herself on one side and Kristy on the other, they both licked my cock. Kristy was playing with my balls and Candy put two fingers like a ring around the base of my cock and did a jerking motion. It didn't take long before my balls and cock just couldn't take anymore and exploded semen into the air. Candy and Kristy both licked and sucked the cum wherever it landed and even took turns sucking the sperm out of my cock. Candy then curled herself under my arm and watched as Kristy continued to suck and kiss my cock. She looked up at me after and said,

"Happy Birthday baby."

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