How I became a Registered Dietician and How Most Diets Fail
The story of my journey from the world of concept to the reality of a Registered Dietician in Los Angeles.
The reason why diet books fail is because they are not written with common sense, so people tend to give up on them after a while. A lot of people make diet books with fancy language and terms that get lost on people's minds - which makes it harder for them to stick to their diets as well.
I hope this book will help you understand why your diet book is not working and inspire you to write your own diet book, without resorting to fancy words and explanations.
Why Diets Fail? And How to Improve Your Health & Weight Loss Results by Following the Diet Plans Charted by Experts
Dieting has always been one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish. But given the right information and a clear understanding of the different aspects involved in this, the process can be managed easily.
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What are the Best Essentials of Healthy Eating Books and DVDs?
While the book is available online and free download so far, it's still important to have a good cooking cookbook list with healthy recipes. It's one of the best food reference you can bring on your mobile phone with you. One of our readers was requesting for this list and we agreed. So, here are 10 great healthy eating cookbooks that every beginner should have in their kitchen!
We read about your feedbacks and opinions regarding the best healthy eating cookbooks for beginners, having dieting tips for beginners or personal stories about getting started with cooking or managing a slow weight loss.

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