NovelAI Diffusion Emoji Effects (WIP)

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Say too many effects or no effect if that appears to be the only effect(s)."
"How strong is the emoji in overpowering other tags?n Leave blank if uncertain."
"How unpredictable/chaotic the emoji is?
Leave blank if uncertain. " "(OPTIONAL) Technical users only
What is the code point(s) for the emoji?
(There may be multiple)


Best way is to download only files that are in safetensors format. Or if you want to share you model, you should convert it to it. Converting does not scan for pickles, so scan first, then convert. safetensors files can be compressed to up 50% of size with 7zip. safetensors are theoretically pickle free format and run a bit better in WEBUI

Hash numbers in webui are bad. They are incomplete. AND their process was already changed once, making old hash irrelevant. ANYONE CAN UNZIP A MODEL FILE AND REPLACE STARTING FILES TO MATCH HASH NUMBERS FROM WEBUI!!! Use tools like instead.


"Creates suggestive images in portrait mode.
Sometimes generates cakes in landscape"


Used "1girl, 💦", adds water droplets in air and sweat/water on the body, might make clothes wet, very high chance for more suggestive clothing like swimsuits and scenes with water (e.g. pools, beaches). Seems to have a higher effect in landscape than in portrait.


Mostly generates female characters with blue jewelry (usually necklace and/or earrings), regardless of ratio. Also weights it towards blue eyes, and high class interior backgrounds. For males, this usually adds a suit, sometimes with blue accessories such as a ribbon. In short, good emoji for generating nobles.


Adds a tiara or small crown. generates princesses by its own, also generates royal backgrounds. Combines well with many tags. For instance, 🐇👑 generates a princess with rabbit ears (with slight weight towards Playboy bunny in addition to princess.) With 1boy, this generates princes with truly regal costumes.


"Generates a chaotic collection of unidentifiable tech. Including what may be cassette players and old hard drives. Weak when combined with characters, but can generate retro gamer type of rooms (again with mostly unidentifiable tech.)
Has an interesting effect on clothes, generating a chaotic range of outputs ranging from steampunkish to casual gamer."


Typically generates a group of bumblebees, often with flowers. (It's not good at bee anatomy.) With character tags, this'll generate bee monster girls and other bee hybrids, or just characters with yellow clothing.


Generates a character working at a computer. Despite the emoji featuring male, this generates about equal amount of males and females. It is also common for only the computer and hands to be visible. The characters and backgrounds are clearly more in the 'professional programmer' than 'gamer' category. Rather weak though, easily overpowered by tags like 'scenery'.


Despite the emoji name, this features no levitation. Just a man in black suit. Usually with sunglasses and grey monochrome background. Combining with 1girl results in a mix between female agent and stewardess look.


"No additional tags.
Portrait generates with about 8.5/10 certainty a girl with a key-like object on a choker, with 7/10 certainty an additional object through the middle of the figure (either a held key, dress decoration, sword, or scabbard). Typically generates at least one of the following three traits, most frequently all three: Brown/black hair, long hair, blue/lilac eyes. Background is detailed and fleshed out, and color palettes are all generally similar (mildly antiquated, desaturated, dominated by whites, golds, browns, with accenting colors) Occasionally generates landscape-typical images.

Landscape occasionally generates portrait-typical images. More frequently generates regency-era interiors in similar color palette as detailed above, with high-class decor and furnish.

Both occasionally (with perhaps 1/10 odds) generate a painting of their respective subject.

Landscape, when asked to generate a human subject, seems to struggle. This is not the case if it generates the subject on its own accord.
Portrait can generate either gender if asked.
Landscape and Portrait both pair well with time-oriented tags (morning, evening, night) though sunset/sunrise derails the generation.

Square generates the above at equal rates, often changing every other generation."


"Portrait generates with possibly around 40/60 odds either of the following:

  • A door or hallway, typically regency or modern
  • A dark haired, blue eyed woman in (typically) a tight or form fitting dress of varying cut and color (though usually white). Subjects can be very suggestive.

Landscape almost always generates doors and hallways.

Square can generate either of the above, mostly doors and hallways, though occasionally focuses on the door's locks themselves with stunning detail."


"All orientations have a good chance of generating a phone or some technologic instrument.
Landscape occasionally generates paintings, rooms, or tree-laden landscapes.
Square generates typically either phones, or women.
Portrait also generates phones, occasionally women holding phones. Occasionally generates girl-phone hybrids

Adding tags seems to skew results into mildly unexpected directions.
Slight feminizing effect."

Added outside of the google doc


Is pretty solid for butt shots, with the minor caveat that it does occasionally add actual peaches to a generated image too.
It can also zoom on breasts, if generated image would make big breasts without it.


Adds additional layer of detail and focus when crating portraits. Seems like alternative or good companion to popular prompt "masterpiece".


It creates fires, but also with addition of character it also acts like sexy, adding more shades to the skin and making more reviling poses.
The mode prompts are going towards the description of the character, the more it will be used as a focus to the character.


Acts as "it's so fucking good", "exciting", "surprising" and "tropical". I can add depth or detail to the images. It also can totally change the topic of it.
It seems to make catgirls if combined with "female"...


This one is very interesting. It breaks the character poses. On it's own it crates hot female characters and... I think it is trying to create corpses...
If used in negative prompts it reacts the same. If used in square brackets it can delete a small amount of mutations in the image. Most often it breaks things then helps.


Seems to add focus on the hand. If hand would normally be crated, it adds more (including mutations). It also makes hand to grab something, for example when in combination with object prompts. As negative prompt it can create missing fingers, or erase some fingers.


It creates a soft smile on character and changes to sitting position. If strongly highlighted it with () bracers (around 5), it adds white wings. As negative prompt it makes character stand. If 🍑 is in positive and 😇 in negative, it is more likely to make a butt shot.

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