This is a short story of how my wife let out her inner slut much to my pleasure.

There are scenes of her with another guy and woman with my approval.

If this is NOT your thing, please do not read it and leave negative comments. Thank you.

I never really thought about it, well maybe I did, but how would I do it? Would I be able to do it and if I did, what would the ramification be and could I live with it?

I think most men, even if they deny it have thought about his wife being a slut. The thought has excited me. I have always had a desire to see my wife being a slut which is so out of character for her.

Let me start from the beginning...

My friends call me TM and my wife's name is Laura. We are now in our forties and were married when we were in our 20's. It was about five years after we were married that I had serious thoughts of making my wife my slut. Our sex life was just ok, but it lacked a lot. Basically, my wife was somewhat of a prude and God forbid would do anything other than lay on her back while I fucked her. So I made a decision to move forward with a plan.

At that time I had a good friend who was married and I knew I could talk to and who might help me. We were both in the National Guard so it was easy for us to talk when we were at a meeting or on a weekend drill.

At one of our meetings I was able to speak to him. I said to him, "I need some help and I am hoping you will be able to help me out."

He looked at me and replied, "Sure, what do you need help with?"

I answered, "You know Laura...I want to turn her into a slut."

His mouth dropped wide open and he was in shock and said, "I wouldn't know how to help you with that." He hesitated and then said, "My wife might be able to help though. Her and Laura get along well. I'll ask her and see what she says." I thanked him and told him to let me know. He said he would.

A couple of days later he called me and said he talked it over with his wife and she said she would help and that she had a couple of ideas. He said we would discuss it at the next NG meeting which was the next day.

At the NG meeting we had a chance to talk. He said, "My wife thinks we could turn Laura into a slut but it will take time. He also said, "Keep in mind once we start, there is no going back and Laura will be the biggest slut for you if that is what you want."

I told him that is what I wanted and to proceed." He smiled and said, "I knew you would want to. My wife will start on it right away. Just keep in mind that my wife will run the show and whatever she does is to get you the results you want. Is that understood?" I told him I understood.

A couple of days later Laura got a call from my friend's wife and all I could hear was "that's nice. He will be away for the weekend and can make it."

When she got off the phone she came to me and said, "Next weekend, when you are at the NG weekend training, I am going to spend the weekend at Mary's." I smiled at her and told her to have a good time.

Well, the weekend came and went and right after that my friend called me and said we had to talk. I told him that we can meet the next night and he said that would be fine.

The next night my friend and I met and he said, "Well, Mary said your wife had a good time. Mary had a lingerie party for husbands and wives and she asked Laura to model the outfits as well as demonstrate some toys."

I said, "You're kidding? My wife did that?"

He replied, "She sure did. Mary said that most of the outfits were see through and Laura didn't mind showing. And, when it came to some of the toys, Mary made her show them how to use them."

I said, " How did she manage that?"

He replied, " Mary had a hypnotist there working on Laura without her realizing it and it worked. All he did was to calm her down and get her to relax and to enjoy putting on the show. She said that Laura was easy to work with and was agreeable to everything and he left a trigger word for Mary."

I told him I was really impressed and he said, " It went so well that my wife asked Laura if she would do another one just for the men and she agreed."

Now. I was really in shock and asked, "When is that going to be? Will you be there?"

He replied, "In two weeks and I will be there. There is one other thing. Mary is going to try to get your wife fucked...just wanted you to know."

I smiled and said, "Well, that is something I would like to see."

He replied, "My wife asked me to fuck Laura. Are you ok with that?"

I looked at him and said, "I know you have always wanted to fuck her and I would love for you to fuck her."

He said, "Mary believes that once she gets fucked by me, Mary will have something over her and, more importantly, Laura will see what she is missing." I told him to go for it. He laughed and added, "By the way, Mary has filmed everything and will be filmed next time as well and let's not forget the trigger word."

I asked Laura a couple of times about her weekend with Mary and she just said they had a nice time and nothing more. She did tell me that she was going over to Mary's in two weeks to help her with a fundraiser and will spend the night there. I told her to enjoy herself.

The next two weeks were the longest I ever spent waiting for something. The weekend finally arrived and Laura headed over to Mary's. I spent the whole weekend a nervous wreck wondering about what was happening, hoping for the results I wanted.

When Laura came home Sunday evening I asked her how things went and she said they raised a lot of money and had a good time doing it.

The next day I called my friend and asked him how things went. He said, "Everything went well. You are going to be pleasantly surprised. See you tonight...bring Laura with you." I told him we would be there.

Laura and I arrived at 7:00 p.m. and Mary poured some wine. We all chatted for awhile and then Mary said the trigger word and Mary said to Laura, "From now on, you will be your husband's slut. You will do whatever he wants you to do with anyone. You will never refuse him. When I say slut you will not remember anything but being his slut and enjoying it..."Slut"...

Then Mary said, "Laura, show your husband what you and my husband did this past weekend." Laura got up, walked over to my friend and kissed him and placed his hands on her tits. Then she slithered down and started sucking his cock. After a few minutes, she got up took him to his bedroom, undressed and laid on the bed and let him fuck her.

When they finished they got up and remained naked while we drank more wine. Then I told my wife that Mary wanted to have sex with her. My wife turned to Mary and kissed her. Mary undressed and the two of them got on the bed and made out. It wasn't long before they were in 69, eating each other out. Then Mary mounted my wife and they started rubbing their pussies together until they both had orgasms.

Before we knew it, was time for us to go home. Laura got dressed and we left.

The next day after I came home from work Laura looked at me and said how she was horny all day. I told her to undress and I'll fuck her. She said she would like that.

Over the next few months, whenever I wanted sex from her she was ready and eager to please me.

One Saturday night my friend and his wife came over. As soon as they arrived they asked how things were going. I said, "Watch." I yelled out to Laura and she came over to me. I said, "Have sex with Mary and her husband and after that, me and her husband." She removed her clothes and went over to them and took them into the bedroom and got between them and proceeded to have sex with each of them. Then I joined her and me and my friend fucked her.

After we fucked her, she sat naked with us until she said, "I want more sex. Can they stay tonight and have sex with me?" I told her they would stay over for her.

My friend and his wife are almost daily visitors and my wife was now a real slut. She even dresses the part at home and when we went out.

My wife will do anything sexual for me and it surely improved our sex lives. I have no regrets in getting her to bring out her inner slut.

What she enjoys most though is getting fucked by my friend and having sex with his wife while I watch.

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