Saturday night, and I could feel the building excitement. I had stayed in touch with Bill, he assured me that everything was still a go for their rendezvous and that Connie had not contacted him with a change of plans. I quickly made my way down into my basement workshop and pretended to be very absorbed in the measuring of wood panels that I was going to build a birdhouse out of.

Connie came downstairs, carrying a mug of hot cocoa, and I smiled to myself. She placed it within easy reach, and I watched her walk back upstairs. Once she was out of the basement, I quickly took the cup to the basement bathroom and dumped it down the sink. I checked my watch, so I could time my supposed reaction to the drug.

When it was time, I walked upstairs, gave out a fake yawn, and said, "Whew, I'm beat, I'd gonna call it a day, goodnight baby."

Once upstairs, I got undressed and put on some basketball style shorts and a T-shirt. I hopped into bed, and lay quietly, wide awake. At midnight, I heard the door open, and I slitted my eyes down, as Connie came in. She went over to the closet, and I watched as she stripped naked, then put on her black mini-skirt, and the red blouse that she had worn the last time she went off to the motel. No underwear and I dubbed it then and there her "seedy slut suit." I noticed that she had left the top part of her blouse unbuttoned, only the bottom few buttons were holding it together. Her breasts were just barely covered, easy access for a hand to reach in and play with her tits. My cock was rock hard, as I watched her walk out the door, closing it quietly. The moment I heard her footsteps moving away down the hall I was out of bed, and at the door. I eased the door open just a fraction, and saw her turn at the head of the stairs, and go down. I followed a few steps behind, watching as she went through the kitchen towards the connecting door to the garage. I went out the front door, locked it, and dashed down the street. A few houses down I had my rental car parked, and I jumped in, and waited, a minute later, and her car backed into the street and started out for the Sky Vue motel. Since I knew where she was going, I had no need to closely follow her, and a few minutes after she had driven away, I started up my rental and drove to the motel. I parked around the far side of the motel, so I could approach with no warning. Room 110 was the last one before the corner, so I could walk around that corner, and be on her in a couple of steps.

My watch said 12:25 AM, so I made my way towards the corner. I peered around, and saw my wife sitting in her car, it was almost 12:30, and she got out, and stood with her back to the door, ready for Billy to come and fuck her. I grinned, it was time for the surprise. I stepped around the corner, and just as her head swiveled towards me, I was inches from her face, I could see the shock. Realizing how fast I could lose control of the situation, I stepped in between her knees.

"Terry, what, what, what, mmmppfff!"

I had plastered my mouth against hers, and I reached a hand in, grabbing one of my wife's tits, pressing her back against the room door, and started to tweak and pull on her nipple. I felt it stiffening rapidly, her lips, which had at first been resistant, now became warm, wet, and welcoming, she opened her mouth and was making little noises of passion as I sucked on her tongue, switching my hand over to her other tit, feeling her other nipple just as hard and eager.

She broke the kiss, and I could see the wild passion in her eyes.

"Finger me, baby, make my cunt all hot, horny, and wet for your big cock!"

Hearing Connie's explicit demand, I happily complied, I shoved my hand under her skirt. My fingers quickly found the hot, wet pink seam, her pussy naked and ready for me. I rammed two fingers in and stuffed them up her as far as I could go, listening to her low growl of pleasure.

"Finger fuck me, baby, fuck me tight little cunt, make my horny cunt need it!!"

Connie growled that sentence, she spread her legs wide, letting out loud gasps. I pulled my fingers back, then started to ram my fingers in, out, in, out, she was in the grip of red hot lust, the way she moaned, gasped, panted, and wiggled against me. I reached down, and shoved my shorts down, letting my cock surge out, rock hard, ready for action.

"Fuck me now baby, fuck me here, right here, ram my horny cunt!"

I grabbed her ass cheeks, her legs came up around my waist, I gripped her ass cheeks tight, holding her up, nudging against her, I drove my steel hard prick deep, filling up my wife's needy fuck-hole. I pushed against her, squishing Connie's body against the door. The sight of her impaled on me, pinned to the door and ready for fucking, made my lust roar.

Connie's loud growl of lust, "Fuck me, oh yeah baby, fuck me, FUCK ME!"

Doing it out here, like we were sex-crazed, couldn't even wait to get behind closed doors was erotic beyond belief. I was seeing through a red haze of lust. No more watching Connie letting some teen guy fuck her married cunt, her thighs wrapped around my waist, and I power-fucked into her body, driving in balls deep, on every thrust. Cupping her ass cheeks tightly, I pulled them apart, and my middle finger of my right hand was quickly jammed into the tight asshole. As I rammed my cock in, my finger fucked her tight ass hole in time, driving her wild. Having Connie gasping, moaning, grunting, rutting like a lust-driven animal, pinned against the door by my cock while my finger drove in and out of her tight back door, the sight of my wife going at it, a full bore, wife in heat, sex-hungry animal, my balls were boiling, a red hot load ready to flood her. She was letting out the cries I knew so well.

"Oh yeah baby, let me have it, fill my cunt, yes, FUCK ME, FUCK MEEEEEEEE!"

Her voice rose to a shriek, and she was cumming hard. I felt the milking grip tighten up, grunting, ramming, and rutting hard into her hot velvet grip, and I felt the explosion, growling like an animal, I buried myself one last time, the wild quivering of her pussy made my body tremble as I shot my load deep up my wife's cunt, my hot spray of spunk blooming into Connie's fuck tunnel.

The look of lust was still in her eyes, she turned and opened the door, and led me inside. Her black mini-skirt and red blouse were quickly tossed to the floor, and her naked body was ready for much more. My wife's cheap, seedy thrill side was in full bloom, and on the bed, she was at me like a hungry tigress, she swallowed my cock, giving me a wild, hot, spine-tingling blowjob, then she pulled free, took to her hands and knees, and gasped, "Now, fuck my ass, ram my tight ass hole baby!"

She reached back, grabbed her cheeks, and pulled them apart, letting me see the tight pink pucker of her ass hole, ready for fucking. I spit twice on it, licking at the tight pucker, ran my fingers around the tight rim, her moans off anticipation sounding. I nudged against her, and pushed, prying open the tight rosette. Connie shrieked as I penetrated, but her gasp of "Don't stop, fuck me!" kept me going, and with one hard thrust, and another shriek from her, I was buried balls deep. Holy fuck, the hot tightness of her ass was like nothing I'd ever had the pleasure of having my cock buried in.

"Oh yeah baby, your cock feels so hard and so big in my tight ass, fuck me, baby, ram me, fuck my ass off!"

Fired up, I happily boned her back door, the tightness was amazing, I was surrounded by her grunts and growls, a rising cadence of lust, as I fucked that incredible tightness. Her skin was stretched tightly around my rampaging cock, she was thrusting back against me, eager to get ass fucked as deep as I could go. I grabbed her hips and powered in and out, my cock needed to recharge after pumping my load into her sweet cunt, Connie was going to get a long, hard ass fuck. I really gave it to her, reaming her out with long, hard right to the balls thrusts, Connie was just as eagerly pumping her hips back, hungry for every last inch of my dick to be shoved up her ass. Connie was getting a long, hard pleasure ride, her grunts, growls, and squeals of pleasure filled the bedroom as I reamed her out.

I could hear the wet squelch as Connie shoved her hand down, burying fingers in her pussy, and masturbating furiously to the fucking rhythm. We had been fucking for almost 20 minutes as I finally felt the stirring in my balls, and I was on the verge.

Connie cried out, "Fuck, oh fuck, I'm gonna cum, fuck me, fuck MEEEEEEEE!!"

Her voice rose up, she shrieked like a banshee as she tumbled into orgasm, I felt the rhythmic pulsations of her ass hole taking me over. I added in my grunts and growls, my body stiffening up as I burst deep inside, spurting a huge gush of cum, painting her bowels, hosing down her throbbing ass hole, while her howls and cries of delight sounded, body shaking as she sailed through repeated orgasms as I deposited my load.

We tumbled down in a heap, and I felt her body cuddled close to me, drifting in a most pleasant afterglow.

She cooed, "Terry, how did you find out?"

I told her all about the discovery, the chalky understate that made me dump the cocoa, following her to the motel, watching her getting fucked against the door of the motel room, and the additional cries and moans I heard inside before I drove away. How I had got in touch with Bill, and taken his place, and told him to phone our niece Brittany, and take her on a date, so he wouldn't be left out.

I whispered to her, "Now, doesn't it feel good to be a cheap seedy slut with your husband?"

She purred back, "Oh yeah honey, I didn't know if you would accept this growing need. That's why I was fucking Bill, so I could give vent to my need, to feel like a wanton, wicked slut, fucking in the town's cheap, seedy motel. Now that I know differently, I'll only be YOUR cheap, wanton, wicked slut!"

I could feel my cock recovering already, as I said, "How about we make this a regular date night? Two, three times a week sound good? We'll be as cheap and seedy, as befits this motel!"

I felt Connie's mouth wrap around me, and swallow my cock, eager for another wet rush. We got very little sleep, as Connie gave full vent to her cheap, seedy hunger, using her mouth, cunt, and tight ass to milk me as many times as I could get it up for her. As we fucked wildly, I enjoyed her wild, almost savage lust, and was looking forward to more hot, seedy thrills, in the Sky Vue motel.

Just before dawn, with both of us totally drained, and exhausted, we tumbled down into a deep, dreamless sleep.

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