School let out for the last time and they walked home just as they had always done.

"So, you're leaving for New York in the fall," Adam asked.

"Columbia," Bob replied.

"Yeah, I'm going to Florida in the fall."

"I remember. That's a good school."

"Well, it's no Ivy League, but it's good, yeah." Adam looked at his old friend. They had gone through the same classes and they had worked the same after school jobs. Adam had known Bob since before Kindergarten, when their mothers met in the park while the boys played.

"You hungry," Adam asked when they got to his house.

"You know me!"

"C'mon, I think there's some pizza left over."

They went inside and got pizza and some sodas and they retreated to Adam's room.

The room was typical in all regards: a bed, a desk, a TV, a computer. The only thing out of the ordinary is that there were two comfortable desk chairs in the room: Adam's mom, Megan, had moved two chairs in because the boys spent all their time in there working on school projects or playing video games.

"Oh, I wanted to show you this video," Adam said, opening a browser and pulling up the clip he had been wanting to show for a while. In the video, a guy on a skateboard skated down a steep sidewalk and, with the help of a small ramp, hopped his board up into the bed of a truck.

"Fake," Bob said, laughing.

"What's fake about that, you see him going down, you see him hit the ramp," said Adam.

"Yeah, but then it cuts to a reverse angle so you see him landing in the truck bed. Any time they change the camera angle, you have to wonder."

"I hadn't thought of that," said Adam.

"Here," said Bob, pulling the keyboard toward himself. "Check out this one."

The clipped showed a hot girl in a bikini wearing pads, a helmet, and rollerblades. She was wearing headphones and dancing as she cruised down a sidewalk. The camera receded in front of her, clearly mounted on the back of a bicycle or another skater. The bikini girl spun around, showing off her nearly naked butt as she whirled and gyrated along.

"What's so great about this," Adam asked. "She's not even doing any... Oh, wow!"

"Yeah! She weaves her skates across one another when she gets to the cones!"

"Impressive," said Adam. "Does she do other tricks?"


The bikini girl turned around and skated backward, her butt taking up much of the camera's field of view. She suddenly bent over completely and her pink, wrinkled anus was clearly visible on either side of the g-string in her crack.

"Oh, WOW," said Adam.

"Yeah," Bob murmured.

"Oh, shit," said Adam, backing it up a little bit to see her asshole again. "It's just a question of time before TOS takes this down!"

"I know!"

Footsteps on the stairs alerted the boys to let the video play out. In the doorway to the room, Adam's mother appeared.

"Hi, Bob," she said, a little too loud. "How was your last day as a high school student?"

"Not bad, Megan!"

"Yeah, Mom, they had one of those things where the Seniors barely had to do anything the last day. We mostly just took each other's pictures and signed yearbooks."

"Traditional," said Megan. "So, Bob, are you staying for dinner?"

"If you're cooking," said Bob.

"Well, I'm not cooking. Neil and I are going out to dinner tonight. We are going to a fancy place for a change."

"Oooh, FANCY," said Adam.

"I thought I would have them deliver some Chinese food or you two could drive to Tony's."

"No, thanks, Mom, we just ate that leftover pizza from Tony's."

"OK, so Chinese," Megan said.

"Great," said Bob. "Let me call my Mom and make sure it's OK."

"Fine. You can sleep over if you like, too. Neil and I are going out after dinner to see some friends and we won't be home until late. Adam, go get the menu and start writing down an order."

When Adam came back to the room, Bob had cued up several more videos of young women skating, surfing, skiing, and just generally running around in as little as possible. They called in the order. At some point, Adam's parents said good night and left. Bob turned off the current playlist and brought up some porn.

After the food arrived, they kept watching videos while they ate.

A while later, Bob muttered.

"Fuck, doesn't this seem like a waste?"

A girl sucked a guy's cock on screen.

"What," asked Adam.

"Last night as high school students and we're just hanging out. Aren't there parties happening tonight?"

Two topless girls kissed while getting fucked from behind.

"Parties to which we were not invited."

"No, but, you know, we should be doing something wild to mark the occasion."

"Graffiti the school?"

A girl, naked except for boots squatted over a big-dicked stud's lap. Her asshole was distended from the fucking.

"Kinda cliché, right?"

"Yeah..." admitted Adam. He ran his hand through his longish brown hair.

"Get tattoos?"

"Of what? Our school mascot?!?"

"Lame," Bob said.

"Crash one of the parties?"

Two girls, dancing at a party hugged and kissed one another on the lips.

"No, fuck that, those people are assholes."

"That's the problem," said Adam. "With a small school like ours, we were, effectively, the whole damn clique."


"Maybe we should just do something we remember. Like get drunk since you're staying over."

"Do you want to get drunk," asked Bob, adding a video of a pole dancer to the video queue. "I thought we both decided that was kind of dumb that last time."

"Ugh, how could I forget. So much puke..."

"Wait! I know what we could do."


"Has Neil added anything to his collection recently?"

"Oh," said Adam. "Oh. I don't know. With finals going on, I haven't really checked since the last time you stayed over."

"Well, we could go check that out."

"We could just keep watching porn here..."

"Yeah, but it's somehow hotter knowing that people actually use the things your Dad has in that locker."

"Hmmm... yeah, the last time, I thought I could smell pussy on one of the toys..." said Adam.

"Like you'd know what pussy smelled like," scoffed Bob.

"Hey, I fingerfucked Rebecca Harlon when we double dated. You didn't see because you were kissing Gianna."

The poledancer had yielded the screen to a pair of heavily made up bimbos sucking a cock together.

"OK, bloodhound," said Bob. "Show me these fragrant toys."

Adam grabbed two small bent pieces of steel and an LED flashlight and said, "Follow me."

They went down the stairs and into Neil's study. Beside the filing cabinets, behind the large dark-wood desk, there was an armoire, with two big deep drawers at the bottom and a pair of doors opening the upper portion of the cabinet. Adam inserted the two pieces of metal into the lock and jiggled them, carefully keeping tension on the lock cylinder to hold the unlocked pins in place. A moment later, the door stood open and the two drawers were ajar. He slipped the lockpicks back into his pocket.

"Aw, they must have taken a lot of the stuff with them," Adam said.

Bob looked in the cabinet. Hanging from the sides were some paddles, crops, and floggers. On the back wall of the cabinet, there were ropes, hanging. Only about half the hooks held things.

Adam opened the drawers below. "Yeah, a lot of stuff is gone. That big dildo I was talking about before is gone."

Bob looked down and cleared his throat. "What are those," he said, pointing.

"Just butt plugs," Adam said. "They each have their own slot so you can only see the jewel on the end." Adam pulled one out. It was smooth steel with a red gem decorating the flared base. He handed it to Bob.

"Oh, shit, it's heavier than I thought it would be," Bob said. "What happened to the black one?"

"The big one," asked Adam. "They must have taken it. The slot is open. They left this small dildo and a strap-on harness though." He reached into the drawer. "Here."

"Nice leather," said Bob, a bit distracted. "What's in the bottom drawer? We didn't get into the drawers the last time."

"There's some vibrators and a couple of pocket pussies." He took out a big, heavy wand with a head the size of a baseball. "See?"

"Looking at this stuff is getting me horny. Let's go back upstairs and beat off."

"OK," said Adam. "Can we watch some shemale porn?"

"Oh, yeah."

Adam put the strap-on back into its space and reached for the butt plug.

"What," said Bob. "I'm trying this one."


"Yeah, I want to see what the fuss is about prostate stimulation."

"Oh, fuck, are you sure?"

"The girls in the porn always seem to love having stuff in their ass."

"Uh..." Adam said. "So do the trannies."

"Yeah, boys too, obviously."

"OK, maybe I'll do it, too."

"You don't have to..." said Bob.

"No, I know," said Adam. "But it could be fun, you know?"

Adam grabbed the other matching buttplug. This one had a blue stone in the base but was otherwise identical to the first one. They put everything else away and locked the cabinet.

Back upstairs, Adam excused himself and went to the bathroom to put the plug in. He came back with a half-smile on his face and a noticeable bulge in the crotch of his pants.


"Nothing," said Adam. "It went in a LOT easier than I expected. It feels good."

"OK, did you use a lot of lube?"

"Um... I guess so. It feels nice. Full."

Bob hopped up and headed for the bathroom. In the bathroom was a large bottle of lube and a hand towel. He took the plug from his pocket and unbuckled his pants. He squatted over the toilet and pissed and tried to shit. After he did his business, he cleaned up and lubed the toy. Still sitting on the toilet, he slowly pushed the fat plug into his asshole. As it started to stretch his ring, he thought of the skater girl with the g-string. As it forced his shitter open wider still, he thought of the girl in boots, riding that thick dick. Of course, he wanted to be the guy fucking her but he could imagine that this is what it would feel like. The plug slipped into place and his face flushed as it pressed against deep inside him.

He picked up the hand towel and wiped the lube from his hands and from off his ass cheeks. Then he pulled open the hamper to drop the towel in. He stopped, his hand poised above the opening. Inside were some of Megan's panties. He dropped the towel into the hamper and pulled his briefs up over his swollen dick. He picked up the rest of his clothes and walked back into the bedroom, the plug wiggling inside him like he had to shit again. Not in a bad way.

"Um, Adam," said Bob, nervously. Adam was watching a curvy transwoman dancing slowly, as she peeled off her nearly transparent lingerie. You could clearly see her semi-hard dick pressing against the front of her panties. She swayed toward a handsome young man with a huge cock and a flat, washboard stomach. Adam squeezed his dick as he watched.


"Do you," Bob began. "Would you... mind... if I wanted to smell your Mom's panties?"

"What," Adam said, pulling his attention away from the girl on the screen, who was now sucking the fat dick in front of her. Her big ass continued to sway to some inner rhythm and her thin, hairless dick waved slowly back and forth between her thighs.

"You know, while we watched," Bob explained.

"Where would you get them? From her drawer? That stuff is practically alphabetized! You can't shuffle through that!"

"Uh, no," said Bob. "She put a basket full of her panties and stockings in the hamper. It's full of her things."

"Oh. Oh. Oh!"

"Yeah, your Mom wears some really hot undies."

"Well, when she wears underwear..." Adam muttered.

"She goes commando?"

"Yeah, you know when you see her in the morning and she's wearing her silk kimono and cooking us pancakes? She sleeps nude, dude."


"You want to sniff her panties, go ahead. We just have to put them back before they get home," Adam said. Bob disappeared down the hall. A moment later he came back.

"Do you want a pair?"

"Uh, sure."

Bob left and returned with a black lacy thong and a tiny pink g-string. Both had dried cum in the crotch.

"Oh, shit, they've been cream pied," Adam said reaching into his boxers to adjust his prick.

Bob held the thong to his nose. "Yeah, and, uh... it smells like she had this one in her ass. It smells a little like shit."

"Well, you can put it back if you don't want it..."

"Fuck no, it's so hot!"

Adam could see the outline of Bob's dick through the thin white material of his briefs. For some reason, his mouth was full of spit all of a sudden.

Adam stood up, reaching for the panties. Bob pulled them back, pressing them to his nose as he turned away. As Adam followed, reaching, he was dimly aware how close he was to Bob when suddenly they both froze. Their hard cocks were rubbing together through the thin material of their underwear. Bob stepped back, breathing hard.

"Wonder what it feels like to put these on," said Bob.


"Uh, the thong."

"Oh," said Adam. "I wanted to try the g-string."

Bob pressed the thong to his nose and handed the pink g-string to Adam. He turned and pulled down his briefs. Adam gasped. He must have seen my buttplug, Bob thought.

He glanced back over his shoulder as he pulled the panties up and slipped the thong into his asscrack, forcing the plug further up his butt. Adam was on his back with his toes pointing toward Bob, as he slipped the g-string up his legs. His prick looked swollen and red. The pink triangle did not even begin to cover Adam's tool. He could see Adam's purple cockhead glistening as it thrust out of one let. He pulled up the thong, sliding it up his legs and settling it into his asscrack.

"Fuck, dude," said Bob. "I'm so horny, this shit isn't enough, quite, to get me off."

"Hmmm," said Adam. "Do you watch trap videos at all? Amateur boys playing dress up?"

"I have watched them..."

"Let's try one with two traps," said Adam, putting in a new url and some search terms. He seemed to know exactly what he was looking for.

In a moment, two pale skinny boys were on screen. They each wore stockings and panties and each was wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt with the shirt extending past their thumbs. One was making up the other's face and cooing to the other, talking about how hot they each looked. Like Adam and Bob, one was a blonde and the other was a brunette. Neither boi was wearing panties and their hard cocks were fully on display. After the first boi finished the makeup, he leaned in to kiss the cheek of his lover and their pre-cum-slicked dicks kissed, too.

Bob and Adam shifted uncomfortably in their chairs and looked side-long at one another.

"Shit, this is weird," said Bob.

"We can change it, if you don't like it."

"No," said Bob quickly. "I think it's hot. I just never thought that watching one guy put make up on another guy would be hot..."

"THEY seem to like it," said Adam. "Look at how slick their pretty dicks are."

Bob thought pretty wasn't the word he would use but they were definitely having fun.

"Why aren't they kissing on the lips," asked Bob.

"They don't want to mess up their make up, I guess."

"That seems a shame..."

"Hey, Bob, when you were kissing Gianna, you turned your head in a way and she started moaning extra hard. Can you tell me what you were doing?"

"What do you mean?"

One boi, the one who had just been made up, was now licking the puffy pink nipples of his playmate. Their moans filled the room from the computer's speakers.

"I just mean, uh," said Adam, with his eyes on the screen and one hand on his nipple. "Did you just use your mouth...?"

"I used my hand," said Bob, hoarsely. He cleared his throat. "I touched Gianna's boob."

"Can you..."

Bob reached around, and behind Adam and began thumb rubbing Adam's right nipple.

Bob gasped softly when he saw the precum oozing out of Adam's dick.

Adam moaned and seemed to lose his balance, correcting it quickly by putting his hand high up on Bob's pale thigh. He could feel the heat from Bob's dick and the slick wet head left a trail on Adam's hand.

Adam turned to Bob and, looking him right in the eye, licked the precum from the back of his hand.

"Show me the kiss, too," whispered Adam.

"What," panted Bob.

Adam turned and kissed Bob full on the lips.

Bob dropped to his knees out of his chair and slipped between Adam's legs. They continued to kiss. Bob's tongue found its way past Adam's puffy, full lips. He continued to stroke Adams fat boy-nipple.

Adam crossed the last line and grasped Bob's healthy dick, squeezing it gently. It was hotter and harder than he had expected. He squeezed hard, then released it.

"No," whimpered Bob. "Hunh... Here." He grabbed Adam's wrist and pumped some skin lotion into Adam's scalded palm.

One boi on screen was pumping in and out of the other boi's asshole, whimpering and mewling in delight. The other boi grunted, girlishly.

"Yes," said Adam, stroking Bob's stiff tool. Squishing and squelching sounds followed.

Bob continued to kiss Adam. Adam adjusted his grip so he was stroking both of the boy's cocks at the same time. Bob moaned.

Adam looked at the two twinks fucking on the monitor and thought some very taboo thoughts...,353,80533206,80533206,Co_zamiast_Vegety_i_kostek_rosolowych_.html#p169090134

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