"Magic Mike 3": The blooper with the erotic dance that Salma Hayek received

In https://www.magicmikeslastdanceimovie.com/ , an release was released that the hot saga of 'Magic Mike" would be released to theaters in 2021 with one final film that would close the tale"Magic Mike's Final Dance'. The actor who played the main character used his social networks to make nods to the film, which he posted a picture that included the movie's screenplay.

A script that was written for the 3rd installment of the saga was in the hands of Reid Carolin, who was also in charge of the first two films. Who was directing the tape was legendary director Steven Soderberg, who directed the first film in the well-known saga about dancers.

The wait was finally coming to an end as nearly a year after the first wink we received from the film, we finally got to view a trailer of the latest film in the saga that will be released on the 10th of February by the producer Warner Bros.


In 'Magic Mike's Last Dancing' we can see the protagonist after a long absence from the London stage, following the conclusion of a business that was not as planned. In that place he runs into a lady with a large sum of money (Salma Hayek) who offers an offer that's hard to decline. The protagonist, who is willing to risk everything, has to learn how to train an entire new troupe of dancers.


With just a few days finish before the film's debut, actress and Mexican Salma Hayek was one of the major actresses of the film, appeared to the Jimmy Kimmel show to, as well, discuss about the film and discuss how the filming was. this.

"The tape also presented an technical issue. There is a part which isn't where I am in my head, close to the floor. The problem is that, in that position, the sense of orientation is lost. I didn't follow through with the thing I was supposed to do. In rehearsal, I went upside down and nearly hit myself," the actress said with a smile.

Despite the minor inconvenience, the issue had not gotten out of hand. The real problem arose when Tatum attempted to assist her to stop her from striking her head.

<img width="412" src="https://media1.popsugar-assets.com/files/thumbor/AvlGI2BuEHR7SuGUEp50eoW23GU/0x174:3594x2061/fit-in/1200x630/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-/2021/11/29/766/n/1922283/508c042161a50cb3ed57f7.09936094_.jpg">

"He held my pants so I could not slide off. In that moment, I was worried because my pants were falling off , and I didn't remember whether he was wearing underwear that day. So instead of putting my hands over my head to protect myself, I grabbed my pants. So, he told him: "Raise your hands!" and Iresponded "No No, no, no." It was only when they all entered and pulled me away from him, and he asked, "What's wrong with you?" and I "What's going on? You almost killed me! ", Hayek recounted, making her interviewer burst into laughter.

Undoubtedly, this latest installment of the series has a lot of exciting surprises for us because, as we see, the actors are having a great time, despite the stalemates that happen during rehearsals.

Pub: 04 Feb 2023 20:32 UTC
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