Huh, doesn't sink as bad as I thought it would, considering we're in a sewer. As we draw near I pick up the scent of incense, the sandalwood was a much needed relief to the senses.

"Before we go in..." Leo pauses and places a hand on my shoulder. He looks me deep in my eyes. I can see his deep affection for me. He takes a deep breath, "I just want to give you a heads up, I don't want you to be caught off guard. Our sensei is a little unconventional."

"He's a giant rat!" Mickey pipes up with a big smile.

"Thanks for the subtitle breaking of the news Mikey." Raph says giving Michelangelo a smack upside the head.

"Subtitle is my middle name." He says with a smile as he leans over to Donnie, "What's subtitle mean?"

"It means don't just blurt things out! It means breaking the news gently so it doesn't scare her away!"

"Ohhhh." Mikey leans in close to me, "He’s a giant rat." He says in a quieter voice. He then gives Donnie a thumbs up and accomplished smile.

Donnie shakes his head, face palms, and sighs.

"Well now that the rats out of the bag" Raph stops long enough to let out a chuckle "Yes, our sensei is a giant mutant rat but I'm pretty sure she can handle it considering she's never had an issue with us being giant mutant turtles."

"Fair enough." Donnie and Leo reply.

"Okie dokie." Mikey replies with a shrug.

We enter their lair and standing before me is indeed a giant mutant rat with a staff and wearing a kimono. "Welcome to our home." He bows his head," I am Master Splinter. My sons have told me much about you. Please come in Aimee, I'll make us some tea."

Returning the bow, "Thank you Master Splinter, I am honored to be allowed into your home." I follow the group into their main living area.

"Why doesn’t one of you give our honored guest a tour?" Master Splinter suggests.

All four pipe up shouting, "I will!" They stop, starring at each other, they then start to argue.

"Well I saw her first!" Donnie says, "And I rescued her."

"Yea but she likes me best." Raph says and folds his arms.

Donnie snorts, "I don’t think so Raph."

Raph lifts an eyebrow and shrugs, "Alright, whatever you say." Before Raphael and Donatello can come to blows Leo pipes up.

"I'm the leader obviously it should be me." Leo cuts them off.

Mikey jumps up and down, "Come with me Aimee if you want the fun tour."

"Why don't you all show me around, I'm sure you'll all make the tour exciting." I suggest.

"The tea is ready." Master Splinter calls out. "Perhaps later we can show you our home. Please Aimee, come, have a seat."

I thank Master Splinter, he hands me a cup of tea as I sit. I wrap my hands around the tea cup, breath in the hot steam and let out a long, deep sigh.

"My sons tell me they recused you from an attacker."

I stare into the tea for a moment before answering "They did, if it wasn't for them showing up I don't know what would have happened to me. I'm forever grateful. They're also quite honorable men. You've taught them well, it's a rare trait to find anymore."

"I also have been told that my sons are quite taken with you." I hear 3 cups abruptly hit the table in the background.

Mikey leans into me and whispers, "He's being subtitle."

I hear three concurrent face palms followed by sighs.

Master Splinter smiles and shakes his head, "As I was saying, is nice to find allies in this city. My sons trust you and care for you. They cannot, however always be there, which is why I'd like to teach you to defend yourself."

"That would be awesome! I uh, mean, I would be honored and grateful for the opportunity to learn self-defense from you."

"Excellent." Splinter says, "We start immediately."

As we sit drinking our tea, I find myself thinking, I knew Raph and Donnie had feelings for me but Leo too, I had no idea his affections were that strong, what am I going to do, for the time being I am just going to continue to ignore them, nothing will ever come of it I’m sure. We soon finish our tea. I’m then given a tour of their lair by all four Turtles before heading to the dojo.

A few weeks later I find myself training with Leo alone in the Dojo.

"Ok, today Aimee we're going to practice take downs. That way no matter what angle someone comes at you from you have a way to get yourself out of it. Ok, get into position. I'm going to come at you and I want you to try to throw me down."

Leo comes at me from behind and grabs me around my shoulders, he moves in and goes to grab me around my ribs, as he's reaching around his arm brushes against my breast. Leo stops for a second and quickly retracts his arms, his face turns bright red. He puts a hand behind his head and gives an awkward smile. "Um, sorry about that, I'm used to training with Master Splinter and the guys. We, uh...they uh…" He trails off.

I start laughing, his bashfulness is so cute. I walk up to him; I take hold of his hands and place them on my breasts.

"Wow, he says." His face turns even redder his eyes darting between my breasts and the dojo door. "I, uh, wow." He says again.

"See?" I tell him, "They're nothing that special, old news. Now we have that out of the way, we can..." I hesitate. "Get-- Back-- To training." I say slowly. I take a step back and realize Leo is starting to become aroused. He blushes even more, he tries to cover himself.

"Easy for you to say" He says under his breath. In a moment he seemed to change his mind, his demeanor quickly changes, his confidence comes back. Leo takes a step towards me.

"Leo, what are you doing?"

He looks into my eyes, "Well, to be honest Aimee. You plague my thoughts, when I lay in bed at night your all I think about. I can't stop thinking of you. I fantasize about the way your kisses taste, the way you would feel when I’m inside you, the sensation of your breath on my skin as I’m making love to you. I think about you, this every night."

I closed my eyes as a tingle of arousal runs through my body. I take a deep breath to try to settle my desires. It is so flattering to be told such desirable things, I already have such a complicated situation with Raph and Donnie, I can’t include Leo, I don’t want to feel this way. I take another deep breath before giving my answer. "Leo I just can’t feel that way for you, I just don’t want to cause problems between you and your brothers but I also can't shake this, this yearning I feel for you. I want you Leo. I try to resist but you're in my dreams." I turn away holding myself with crossed arms. I hold my legs tightly together, feeling the warmth of my arousal make its way to between my thighs.

He comes up behind me letting a hand settle on my shoulder, my heart jumps, my heart is pounding, my body hot. My urge to make love to Leo growing out of control, his touch makes my entire body melt. I sink back into his arms. His hard cock now pressing against my thigh, I drop my hand down, wrapping my fingers around his thickness, stroking him gently to bring him to full hardness.

"It’s ok I understand" He whispers to me, "I don't want to cause issues with my brothers either. The truth is we all desire you. Some of us, well one of us, desire you more. I can hardly concentrate. You're all I think about."

"Oh Leo." I grab his other hand, placing it on my breast, this time there’s no reluctance. He brushes my hair from my neck and pulls my body into him. Still facing away from him, he presses his lips against the back of my neck. He holds me gently but with his strength I'm unable to wriggle from his arms.

His hands start to move over my body, down to my hips. I feel my skirt start to lift. He drops to his knees he peaks beneath my skirt and exposes a bit of my, now very wet, panties.

"White cotton panties, of course you wear white cotton panties." He smirks and slides his fingers beneath them, to pull them down.

"No" I whisper. I stiffen and try to step away. I can't, "It's wrong, please."

I go to step away but I’m held in place by the strength of his arms, ‘God they are so solid’ I think to myself. Leo drops me to my knees and continues to run his hands over my body coming to rest on my breasts. He takes a handful, feeling the nipples between his fingertips, rolling them between his fingertips. He nibbles the back of my neck and I melt into his arms again. Before I realized it my shirt slips over my head. He places one hand on my breast the other slipping between my legs. My skirt drops and I feel my panties slide down to my knees. As his finger slips between my legs I feel a pulse of wetness drop onto his hand.

"Sugoi!" a brash smile crosses Leo’s face, "Aimee, you are an amazement." He places a hand between my shoulder blades to push me down on my hands and knees.

He teases me, letting me think he’s going to put his head in but just taking the tip and pressing it against my slick pussy, all the while lightly feeling my curves with his hands. Using a hand, he slips in a finger penetrating me. I moan as I feel him enter me and more with each thrust of his hand. His thumb finds my clit. I can feel my wetness drip into his hand with each push.

"Leo please, I want your cock, my pussy can’t wait anymore." I beg.

"Now that’s what I like to hear." Leo relents.

Using my pussy juice he wets his cock and slowly enters me, we both let out a moan. I have to catch my breath, my whole body is tingling. Leo starts slow sliding in and out making sure when he moves in to push in as deep as possible and lingers. I backup my hips in to him arching and bringing my back straight, moving my hips side to side. He places one hand on the small of my back and the other he’s feeling the curves of my body, he then gives me a spank.

"Oh god Aimee, that feels amazing." Leo moans.

"So do you Leo." I moan back. "Give me more."

Leo gives a half smile in excitement; he moves his hands to my hips. He starts thrusting deep and hard, we’re both fighting to keep quiet and not let our moans grow to loud but my god his manhood feels remarkable.

"Oh god Leo, I’m going to cum." I whisper between moans. Leo speeds up. ‘oh god’ I think to myself. My entire body burns hot, the tingling grows, I feel my pussy getting wetter, more sensitive. I feel every sensation of his hardness as it thrusts in me. "I’m so close, don’t stop." I beg. I feel the warmth grow down my lower body, building in my loins. I arch my back and thrust my hips against him as hard as I can, as my body sits on the edge. Finally releasing in a burst my pussy pulses as I cum against his cock, I push into Leo fucking him harder as I cum. "Don’t stop". We thrust each other harder, his cock covered in my cum, my wetness dripping down my legs. I feel him get harder inside of me, "Fuck me Leo I’m going to cum again."

"I can’t take it." Leo says, "I’m going to cum too. You’re just so fucking hot." Right then he explodes inside me as I cum on his cock again. We both let out a final moan as we collapsed on the dojo mats.

My moans accidently grew too loud.

We’re caught…

The dojo door slams open, it’s Raph, "Leo, Aimee, What are you doing?" A look of hurt, confusion, and anger crossed his face.

"No, not him." I whisper.

I wake up and quickly sit up in bed. "What the fuck was that all about?" I say to myself.

"That’s what I would like to know." A voice across the room responds.

"Raph!" I am and am not surprised at the same time, "What the fuck are you doing here?"

"What the fuck was that dream about?" Raph deflects, avoiding the question. "Oh, Leo?"

"God, you can’t keep doing this, why do you keep showing up like this?"

"You know what, I’m outta here." Raph heads for the bedroom door and the fire escape. I follow.

"No raph, seriously, you need to tell me. You’re constantly showing up, at all hours of the day. Even when I have guests over! You follow me all the time, you’re here watching me when I sleep, why?" I’m now yelling at Raphael on my fire escape. To top it off it’s raining and I’m wearing a tank top and panties, standing out here, yelling at a 6 foot turtle.

"You know what sister, if you haven’t figured it out maybe you’re not the person I thought you were." he snaps back.

"Gah, you are so fucking stubborn. I can’t control my dreams ok, it was just a dream, it meant nothing, just my brain being weird. Now will you fucking tell me why you’re here?" I paused and thought for a moment. "Wait, Raph, do you love me?"

"What?" he snorts, crosses his arms and turns his back on me. "See you later." He says flatly and he jumps up on the railing as he goes to leave.

"Seriously." I drop my head, "Do you love me?" I say in a soft tone.

Still worked up he snaps back, "You’re sleeping with my brother Donnie, you’re dreaming about my brother Leo, what next Mikey too, hey why not throw in Master Splinter, everyone gets a go at Aimee."

I drop to my knees and begin to cry, that cut deep. He comes down from the railing and is standing in front of me still agitated, "Goddammit Aimee, I’m sorry. I am just pissed off by this whole thing."

"I can’t apologize for a dream Raph."

"I know, that’s not really why I’m angry. It just caught me off guard is all."

"You never answered my question. Do you love me?" I insist.

"Yes." He says not looking at me.

"Look at me when you say it then." I reach out for his hand, he steps away. He growls in frustration.

"I said yes, isn’t that enough?"

"No." I say flatly. "Do you love me?" I let him know I mean to get a real answer.

"Uuuuhg!" He paces stopping with his back turned.

"Fine, then keep your distance from now on." Hot tears roll down my cheeks. I so badly wanted to choose Raphael but I don’t think I can if this is how it’s going to be. I turn to go back through the window inside.

"I love you." I barely hear through the rain striking against the metal of the fire escape.

"What?" I turn around, "I couldn’t hear you through the rain."

Raphael lets out an exacerbated sigh throwing his arms up in the air in a shrug, "I love you Aimee. I really do. That’s why I’m always around. That’s why I came here tonight. I was trying to figure out a way of telling you how I feel about you." He takes another deep breath, "I also don’t want to share you anymore."

"Raphael, I…"

"Raphael shut up." I stop him this time, "We need to talk." I so badly want to tell him I love him. I want to tell him time every time I see him, I just don't know if I can. I lower my head and start to cry. I don’t know how much more of this my heart can take. It’s ripping apart. I love him but his anger is so hard to deal with but when he drops his guard he’s so passionate, loving, kind. I love that side of him so much and it’s breaking my heart because I have to tell him I can’t be with him because of the one thing he struggles so hard with, the one part of him he wants to be accepted for, his anger.

Before I can say anything else he gets a call from Leo. "Aimee, I have to go. We’ll talk later." And he was gone.

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