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It seemed like we had just dropped off around midnight Sunday when my phone warbled instead of ringing. I was immediately awake, 2:17 am. I hit answer and then speaker before setting my phone on the night stand and reaching down for my shorts. "Go."

"Bad one. Mother and daughter plus three crew. Hijacked boat just south of Jamaica. Currently sitting thirteen miles off the coast of Cartagena. The Columbians tried to make a run at it. Lost their whole dive team and the hijackers dumped the Captains body overboard. Ransom went from two mil to five."

By this time I had thrown my t-shirt and shirt on, and was reaching for my pants. Mary sat up listening wide eyed.

"Gordon and Ivan loaded container number three and lifted off seven minutes ago. He's stopping for me and Luke, then you. He said he's dropping the tail as he comes through for you and you need to run fast."

I chuckled, "Asshole."

Alan chuckled as well. "I hear him on final now, so we'll see you in about thirty five."

"I'll be there." I hit end and left my phone on the night stand. Heading down the stairs and starting the coffee maker, then went to the garage. I opened the third drawer on my work bench and tripped the release. Grabbing a corner, I pivoted it aside as the light came on behind it in my armory.

"Jesus Brad." I heard behind me. I was on auto pilot and totally forgot about Mary. She was five feet behind me tucking her t-shirt into her unzipped fatigues. I didn't even get a peek at what thong she had put on, but there was a nice narrow line coming down from the t-shirt line disappearing between her cheeks. She was grinning as she looked into the armory. "Keep a few toys around do you?" she said as she zipped and snapped.

"What are you doing?" I asked as she pushed past me running her hand over the Ma Duce before hefting an M16.

"Well I sure as hell am not staying here." She grabbed a few clips and turned to me grinning.




"Name me one time you've told me no."

I tried to think of one. My mouth opened and closed several times, then I hung my head. I got a soft kiss on my cheek. "Got a big purse a lady can put her accessories in?"

I kicked my head back laughing. "The container will have plenty of weapons and ammo, along with mission specific items. Grab something you're familiar with and let's head out.

Mary tossed in the M16 and four sets of jungle style magazines, then a gun belt with holster went around her waist for the 9mm and she filled all five clip holders.

"So where's the party?"

I smiled, we were slipping back into our old routines from the sand box. I grabbed roughly the same load out, but got an M16 with a grenade launcher and two slings of grenades.

We tossed it all in the back of the truck and headed for the airport. We parked near mid field and waited. Ten minutes later I heard my baby, and Gordon was not sparing the horses.

He came in hot and hit full reverse almost as the nose wheel touched down. The ramp was already opening. He got off about where I expected him to, and we trotted out. He had only throttled down to about fifty percent. The ramp was just low enough for us to jump on.

Startled the shit out of Ivan when I pushed Mary up before I jumped on board. I was glared at for helping her up... with a nice firm grip on her ass. As soon as I hit the deck the ramp was coming up. We made our way to the front room, and I chuckled. Even from here I could hear the controller screaming at Gordon. He was headed out come hell or high water, and any little Cessna that got in his way be damned.

"What's the game plan Gordon?" I hollered out.

"Top off in Houston, and again in Belize, then ghost into Barranquilla."

I turned to Luke, "Update."

He rolled out a local map, "Not good. Forty two foot cruiser, snagged south of Jamaica like I said. They hightailed it to Columbia, sitting just outside their waters."

"What happened to the first team?"

"Dead to a man."

I looked up at him, he just slowly nodded. "What happened?"

"They dropped in two miles away, used underwater propulsion to half a klick out, then swam in. They were just about to board when the assholes dropped grenades over the side."

I sat back hard, Mary gasped.


Luke shrugged, "Definite possibility. Could also just be some good tech."

I had to acknowledge that. Any half ass pirate could get most of what he needed at the local Wal-Mart and Best Buy these days. "Gordon," I hollered out. "Will we have enough for a fly over?"

There was a pause. "Two for sure. Half a dozen if you want to get out and push."

Mary giggled.

"Smart ass," I hollered back. He just wagged the wings. "You know the drill, get as many pics as you can.

"Sure thing boss."

By this time the guys had been glancing at Mary. I grinned, "Guys, this is Lt. Mary Norton. We played in the sandbox together."

"Ma'am," they all said in turn.

I smiled, "And she can shoot almost as good as I can."

Mary's mouth opened. "Like hell either! When's the last time you were at the range office weenie? I'll dust your ass seven ways from Sunday, and twice as bad when I'm on the rag."

The guys were laughing and Mary seemed pretty proud of herself. She knew exactly what to say to instantly fit in with the other ex-jarheads.

"Guess she told you huh Major?" Ivan got out between chuckles.

Mary turned to me with her mouth hanging open, "When the hell did you make Major?"

I smiled, "Somewhere about the time Wen was screaming to the hills and back."

Mary's mouth dropped open, and the blush hit her like lightening. From the looks of it I would lay odds she was blushing all the way to her nipples, maybe even beyond.

I smiled. I made Major not too long before mustering out. The advancement came with a nice bump in my retirement package.

Pretty soon she was just glaring at me. And with no new information on the hijackers, and a few dozen grains of salt on what we might get, we did what most soldiers do... we slept.

It is an art form taught over many, many, years of experience. You never know when you might get a chance to sleep in the future, so you do it when you can.

I grinned when I woke as Ivan went up to relieve Gordon. Mary was asleep on my shoulder. I just grinned and went back to sleep.

Everybody woke as we descended into Houston Hobby. The fuel truck was rolling up as Gordon was shutting down. He managed to sit still for ten minutes. If he could have, he would have called for a second truck, but we only had the one refueling point. Times like this I was seriously thinking about his suggestion of a second port modification. Thirteen minutes later the fuel guy was scrambling away as Gordon was spinning up number three.

I shake my head every time he does that. He's supposed to wait until they clear. He just grins and say's they weren't moving fast enough. At least here we were cleared for immediate departure. We had friends in the tower.

The guy in the G IV glared as we scooted by him in line for takeoff on a cross taxiway, but I would seriously doubt he would risk his little toy by making the same high speed ground maneuvers like Gordon.

Gordon knew exactly where the edge of the performance was in his baby. Half the time I'd swear we were up on two wheels for some of those corners. He was a big fan of drift racing and was still trying to work out a way to deploy the thrust reverse on one side or the other for faster cornering. Don't get me started on how many times I would have sworn we ran out of runway on takeoff.

And again we slept. Mary grumbled when I was woken for my stint in the cockpit. She brought me coffee a few minutes later. Not that I really did anything, Gordon was crashed on the flip down litter on the back wall. I was just an autopilot baby sitter.

We did get one more piece of news... bad news. Anytime anyone approached the boat, they'd duck a bit closer to Columbia inside the twelve mile limit. Just far enough that anyone coming after them couldn't claim a 'navigational error.' It wasn't their first rodeo.

We were only down to thirty three hundred pounds of fuel when we hit Belize, but we wanted to be as full as possible when we hit Barranquilla. We didn't have any trusted contacts there to make sure we didn't get contaminated fuel.

Gordon stayed at the controls for the rest of the flight. Luke and Alan were on the cameras. We made two passes and headed for Barranquilla. We parked at the end of the cargo area, and were immediately besieged by half a dozen cop cars. We just sat there with the doors closed.

I started going over the camera feeds. Couldn't see much on the color or black and white, but the IR gave us a little. No details, but four heat signatures close together in the aft port cabin, and half a dozen others spread about the boat... and they were moving. Mother fucking shit piss. Roving patrols even in daylight. There was another that wasn't moving, but I would put him at the control console.

Mary was watching me intently, but was just sitting there. Shortly the pounding stopped, and my phone rang. My work phone, "Hello."


"Who's asking?"

"This is Mr. Smythe, we spoke yesterday."

I looked at Ivan and he nodded. "This is the Major."

"I'm here as instructed."

"We'll open the side door." I was about to hang up.

"Major, I have General Valdeze with me."

I looked at Ivan again, his fingers were a blur. His head came up and he held out his hand waffling.

I sighed, "Only you two."

We opened the door to a rich man that looked like shit, and a General. The one behind them with the egg salad on his cap tried to follow. Started calling Luke all sorts of names. The General told him to get his sorry ass off the plane. We just watched, giving them no indication we understood every word they said in Spanish.

They came in and introductions were made. Rank only on our side, no names. The General was surprised we had a woman with us.

I was looking the General over, and Mr. Smythe stepped forward. "I'll vouch for the General, we served together."

That got him from untrusted to semi-trusted.

I looked at the general, "So what happened to your team?"

He sighed, looking at the floor. He relayed pretty much what we had been told.

"Mole?" I asked him.

He stared at me a moment. "Before we lost them, I would have shot you for even suggesting it. But now... I have to admit the possibility."

He stepped up a notch.

There was some more pounding at the door. "Can you do anything about that asshole?"

The General snorted, "Done. What else?"

"Well since the RIB's are probably out, I need a good stable deep water boat. Something I can do some observation from."

"I can have one of my cutters here in less than thirty minutes."

"Uh uh, I need something like an old ugly fishing boat. Something a bunch of drunk friends would take out to drown worms."

He thought a moment, then he smiled, "I think I have just what you need. Will you need a crew?"

"Nope, just us."

He nodded and headed for the door. Luke let him out and we all chuckled hearing the names the General was calling the idiot.

"Time to party boys."

Gordon grinned, Luke groaned. "Really?" Luke asked.

I smiled, "It's hell being the self-proclaimed expert around here isn't it?"

We trudged around to the cargo container, and started stripping. We were down to our underwear, and Gordon had donned his Hawaiian shirt already when Mary snickered. I looked and chuckled a little. Alan, wearing his little bikini shorts.

"Yuk it up ell tee. Your only option is a bikini, and they don't come with tops down here."

Mary instantly stopped chuckling at Alan, and he was grinning at her reaction to what Luke said. The only time Mary got topless or naked outside of home was the spa or tanning salon, and the tanning salon was only before any kind of vacation. Then she got a pissed look. The t-shirt was almost ripped coming off, then the pants, leaving her in her little thong and thin plain bra.

The guys were razzing her. That stopped when she grabbed a pair of long shorts from my trunk, one of Alan's extra shirts, and Gordon's cap. Up close she was all girl, but from any kind of distance with her small chest she was just another one of the guys.

Alan shoulder bumped Luke sending him sprawling with his mouth open. Mary snickered. We got out the equipment trunks and began checking them out. Mary had seen plenty of small drones, but...

"What is that?"

All was forgiven, Luke was grinning, but before he could get a word out.

"It's a whale fart!" Ivan called out.

We all laughed at Luke's indignance. "Pay no attention to these heathens. This," holding up a small white object with black trim, "is the latest in underwater drones. Made to resemble a fish. Equipped with low power sonar as well a color, black and white, and infra-red cameras. She does almost as much as those," pointing to the other crate, "just underwater."

Mary looked it over, not quite smiling. Another quick glance at the drones as they were closing the cases and we were off. The cases were painted blue with white lids. From a distance they looked like large coolers. In our urban camouflage we were just a bunch of buddies headed for the boat. Gordon grabbed a case of canned water and we were off.

"You do know they have this in bottles don't you?" she said holding one up.

I smiled, "All will be revealed." She rolled her eyes at me.

A short drive to the pier, and we were loaded. The General had instructions to come and herd us back to shore when we signaled. It would look suspicious if we went out and shortly after came right back in.

We had no more gotten moving, when Luke and Ivan took their shirts off and hung them on the rail. Then Luke got down to business. By the time we were five miles out he had both drones prepped. Mary eyed the regular done and smiled. Most small drones were four or six bladed. This one was eight for quieter operation. She laughed when I handed her a water. The coozies made them look like beer cans.

We were running on a parallel course to the hijacked boat. We'd come within about half a click. Luke went to the rail on the stern, "So who's going to..."

That's as far as he got, Gordon shoved him overboard. Mary shrieked, we laughed.

We made a slow circle, stopping with the boat at a bit of an angle to the hijacked boat. "We have their attention," Gordon called out from the helm. He had the big binoculars on look out.

Ivan lowered the whale fart into the water, and Luke sent it on its way. While we were creating a distraction on the stern, Alan set the other drone on the bow, hit the button, and returned to us. Thirty seconds after hitting the button it shot up to two hundred feet and hovered.

I gave Luke a hand up, and when he was most of the way up, I let go letting him splash back in. The guys laughed louder and raised their 'beer' in a salute.

"Really?" he sputtered.

I grinned, "Had to make it look real."

"And we are officially drunk assholes," Gordon called out. "We still have one keeping an eye on us, but the others have went back to patrols."

I did actually help Luke back in, he dried off enough not to leave a trail, then headed for his consoles. The whale fart was on its pre-programmed route to the boat. He took the drone off of auto hover and headed it on its way as well.

The drone gave us a good close look at the boat. We compared these images to the tapes of our flyover. We had four heat signatures in roughly the same place, the rest had moved around. That made the four their hostages in the number four cabin as expected, the smallest of the five. Luke shot a locator and mic dart at the bridge roof and then set the drone to return. The whale fart was just getting on scene.

"Fuuucckkk," Luke groaned. "I don't fucking believe it." He pointed to the screen, "That's what killed that team." We all looked, and then groaned.

"No way in hell we can approach from under water."

"Nope," Luke said. "Hell, they can even triangulate and know what direction."

We just stared at the screen. They had three underwater mics hung. One at the bow, and one each port and starboard just forward of the stern. We were no longer the rowdy party boys.

The boat was too small to parachute in, and with the mics the only way we'd get close would be to creep in. Wouldn't be enough air to make that trip, and that's assuming the mics weren't that sensitive.

We signaled the General, and fifteen minutes later one of the local patrol boats came along side, then 'escorted' us back to shore. The only high point was a pair if bikini clad beauties headed out. I smiled, Mary shook her head, Ivan whistled at them. Micro bottoms, sunglasses and floppy hats. Huge oiled tits and asses with no tan lines jiggling nicely as they waved. Even Gordon was only half watching the helm, glancing their way several times.

I grinned, I had an idea, and Mary was going to kill me.

The General was both happy and sad to hear about the mics. It made the prospect of a mole much less likely, but he still lost his men. We headed back to the plane. We got word as we were stepping in. The rich guy had until noon day after tomorrow to drop the five mil, or they'd drop another body and up the price to seven. We had our deadline.

We were kicked back tossing ideas around...

"So Gordon, what's up with those girls on the boat, Frannie stop putting out?"

He kicked back grinning. "Like hell! Frannie is one wild woman, I just miss being with her. Might have to bring her down here when we're done and test the waters."

I shook my head, "Two nights away from home and you're turning into a werewolf huh?"

The guys razzed him.

"How do you think it would be if it was a week or so?"

He covered his crotch and groaned. Mary rolled her eyes.

Ivan was looking at me, "What you thinking boss?"

It was suddenly quiet in here.

"Just thinking. Wonder how distracted those assholes would be by a hot babe in a bikini."

"Depends on the babe and the bikini," Luke said.

I shrugged, then looked at Mary.

It took a moment, then you could see the idea sinking into her brain.

"No, no, no, no, and hell no."

I turned back to Gordon, "Kinda a trial by fire for our newest member."

Alan grinned getting into it, "Well it is a bit of a tradition. Newbie gets the shit jobs."

"Unless she's a one hit wonder," Ivan chimed in. "Then we'd have to find someone that could actually get the job done."

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