Modded Skyrim Glossary


Anniversary edition. Skyrim will attempt to automatically 'upgrade' to this version. The issue here is that AE brings only some minor content with it, which would be compatible with everything under the sun if it weren't for the fact Todd decided to update the .exe. By doing so, AE is not compatible with SE's SKSE, which means that all SE SKSE mods will not work with AE. The good news is that every other mod does work just fine with AE without needing to do anything. The reason the most common advice you'll be given regard AE is to downgrade is because there are a lot of SE SKSE mods that will never be updated, meanwhile there is no functional reason to use AE. The new .exe does not bring any features or optimizations, contrary to a very misguided reddit post, it does not runs better in any measurable way. As of this writing there are no mods worth anyone's time that are AE only. Likely, there never will be. There will however be plenty of SE only SKSE mods as most of those authors aren't in the scene any longer and the source is not available. Again, the entire problem lies entirely with SKSE mods, everything else works fine. The best of both worlds patcher this will downgrade you AE without you needing to think too hard. There are simpler methods if you haven't upgraded yet or made a backup of SE but I assume if you were smart enough to do that you can find those methods yourself.

Oh no UEESP updated and its required by everything!! Good thing nexus archives everything now


Animation Motion Revolution - This animation framework lets animations have motion data assigned to them. A popular way to create attack commitment as AMR's motion data overrides everything else. You do not move during that animation unless AMR tells you to. The framework lets animators assign movement per frame as well as affect rotation data, namely if you're allowed to rotate or not and if so, to what degree. It does this via annotations, which are text that you can attach to animation frames. AMR reads that text and produces the mentioned motion or rotation modification.

Attack speed Fix

This mod describes what the attack speed fix is better than I could.
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Encounter Zones



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MCO - Is another animation framework much like AMR. This one uses the same annotation system to expand the features available to an animator even further. It lets you set transition states which create smoother animation between combos and lets you be more versatile in how you mix your combos. MCO also gives more of the control to the animation than the combat mod, so you can do things like define the next combo in the animation rather than the mod. This lets you do combo chains that are impossible in the other mods and also really lets you customize your movesets.


Nemesis can be used in place of FNIS for most mods. You can simply uninstall FNIS and Nemesis will take it's place without issue. Most mods. The mods where this doesn't apply are generally mods that apply to creatures. If you really want those creature fuckinanimation mods, or whatever niche mod that requires FNIS, you can run FNIS with Nemesis. Just run FNIS first then let nemesis overwrite it. For more detailed instructions on this, check the /teslg/ SE Modding Guide.
Ok now that out of the way, Nemesis is really easy to use, just update engine and check off all the mods you're using then run it.
Now some potential troubles you might encounter. The order of mods in nemesis is generally fine as the defaults but sometimes things can get fucky, so if you're having trouble with ghosts and gremlins or whatever, try moving paraglider to the bottom (with jump attack below it if you also use that). The second issue you might run into is that sometimes Nemesis just won't work, don't ask me why or what just run it a few times and that will usually fix it. Also as a general housekeeping rule, delete your Nemesis output folder each time you run it or make changes. What is a Nemesis output folder you might ask? When your run Nemesis it'll create a bunch of shit in your overwrite folder in MO2 (this entire guide assumes MO2 and some base competence) , you'll want to move those Nemesis files to a blank mod and use that as your Nemesis output. You don't need to do this, but it'll be easier to manage things this way.


Synthesis is the latest in the line of patchers, following zEdit and whatever that other one was. It works great and I love it and I would have sex with it if I could. Synthesis is a standalone application that you must launch, much like Nemesis or even Outfit Studio, that dynamically patches the game and outputs a patched .esp. You run it after you've gotten your load order all set and you're otherwise ready to play skyrim. Synthesis patchers let you do things normal mods cannot do, like automatically look for all weapons and change their speed by 10% of their existing speed. Or just do something better than mods can do, such as dynamically applying AI Overhaul packages without overwriting your NPCs allowing you to drop a shit ton of patches. It generally just werks and is great but there are some things to watch out for and a few things you can do with it that aren't very clear.
The first thing you need to check for, a very common issue, is that under the Versioning tab for your patcher you must make sure Mutagen and Synthesis are set to 'Match'. This will solve 90% of issue anyone has with Synthesis.
The next thing to look out for is that your synthesis is updated to the latest, the patcher updates frequently and often the bug you're encounter has already been resolved or some feature you were wishing for has already been added.
Now for the advanced Stuff. You can create groups within synthesis. Groups are useful for organization as each group will output it's own esp but also they allow you to get around an issue with these patchers. If two patchers are trying to patch the same thing in the same, they will conflict and one of them will not do what you expect it to do. So if you have two patchers both trying to edit NPCs, chances are they will not work as you expect. To solve this, put both those mods in different groups. You have Synthesis output all your groups at once, and they will run in the order you have defined in Synthesis. Finally, in regard to groups and synthesis output: Synthesis outputs will always patch mods 'above' them in the load order and will not even acknowledge the mods 'below' them. So if you ever wanted synthesis to only patch a part of your list, other than simply disabling the mods before running, (after your first run) you can place the output above the mods you want it to ignore.

Do not name a group the same name as an existing .esp in your load order

There are no downloads for Synthesis patchers, you must download Synthesis and search for them in the GUI

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