Six hours later his slaves were wavering. He watched to see who the first to fold would be. The display was the hardest position to maintain with arms stretched out wide. At least in present they could be laced and held to the head.

Worthless was sobbing, the leather straps digging into her arms, keeping her on her feet. That position could not fail as the dynamics did not allow the slave to come out of form. Wishful and Whore had the easiest, just having to rest on their legs. The true test was the present and display positions.

And those were the slaves who were wavering. Precious was still the strongest, but even she was tiring. Chase was confident that Cocksucker was going to be the first to break. The fatigue wavered between the two males until Pointless's arms fell to his side.

"Release, slaves. Pointless to me." Chase watched all his slaves sink to the ground, rubbing their sore limbs. He would continue to rotate them until they all broke. The male slave knelt before him, eyes down. "You will be my centerpiece this evening. Go wait over the bench for me."

Pointless rose and went to the secondary play area, laying across a bench there. Chase smiled as he knew his slave would be fucked from all sides, beaten and abused for the duration of his party, a good eighteen hours. By the time it was over, he would beg to be fucked, just for the possibility of a release.

It took Chase three hours to secure the rest of his slaves in various situations in their own cells before he came back to Pointless who was still in position over the bench. A snap of a leash had the male following his Master to the level of the club.

Taking the slave to the middle of the room Chase produced a small ring. He fit it over his slave's flaccid cock.

"Kneel." Chase demanded and Pointless fell to his knees. "Service."

Chase waited as Pointless unzipped his pants and started to work on his cock. As he did, the slave's cock started to harden as well. The ring around it began to vibrate causing him to cry out around his Master's cock.

The sensation continued until Pointless was struggling to maintain his control, then suddenly it was gone. A disappointed moan came out of Pointless's mouth as he didn't pause in servicing his Master. Chase grabbed his hair and emptied his release down the slave's throat.

Standing, he picked up Pointless's leash and snapped it for the slave to keep up. He took him to the staircase and up into the club. The chatter told Pointless that there were people already there whose eyes turned to him as he entered. Moving to the stage, Master and slave had all attention on them.

"This is Fuck-up. He failed at my task earlier today. He will be on the stage for the duration of the party. He is only restricted by our Basic Rules. He is not allowed release this evening until I command him. Any allowing it will replace him for the evening. There is a various assortment of implements to the side that he would be honoured to demonstrate for any of you. Let the party begin." Chase explained as he tied Pointless's leash to the stage and walked away.

It was nearly a day later that Chase came to retrieve the slave. He was covered and full of semen. His whole body was covered in welts and stripes. He shivered as lust threatened to overcome him, his cock had been hard for the last hour, desperate for his own release.

As the pair went back to their home, Chase stopped him at the bottom of the stairs. "Attention to all slaves. Behold Pointless. This is the price for failure. Consider him an example for any who fail my commands. I am confident that all of you will fail eventually and be wearing a similar badge of shame."

When he took the slave back to his cell, there was a large bowl of broth sitting on the floor, cold now. A change of a leash for the chain containing him to his cell. Chase moved to the cabinet outside Pointless's cell and came back with a severe cock cage. A sharp tug banished his erection and allowed him to be fitted into the metal devioe.

"Thank you, Master." Pointless whispered as his Master moved away. When he was alone in his cell he sank to his knees and started lapping up the cold broth. His body cried as he moved, grateful for the sustenance he was given, hoping that he would not fail at the next task his Master gave him.

The dungeon was once again in the middle of a trial to see who would be the next example. Whore, to get back into things, was with Princess and Useless in the Display, and Wishful, Pointless and Precious were kneeling down. Only Cocksucker and Worthless were in Present so had a chance to rest their arms. It was six hours in and Princess was wavering. Chase was sure she was going to fail.

Ten minutes later Princess let her arms fall to her side with a sigh. The rest of the slaves watched her, but didn't leave their positions until their Master gave them the word. He waited to see if anyone else would fail rapidly

"Slaves, released." Chase finally oonceded. "Princess to the elevator."

The slave in question walked slowly to the elevator, knowing that where he took her, it would be bad. She went to her knees at the door, waiting for her Master to direct her further.

When the Master and slave made it to the fifth floor, Princess looked at the machines her Master had at his disposal. There was the Fucking machine, filling her at both ends, the Punishment machine which rained blows down on the slave and the chair used for the males that forced them to swallow their own semen. Princess had been on all but the chair, and longed for the Punishment machine for the pain it would bring her.

"Like Wishful, I cannot correct you as normal since you crave the pain I can inflict. Therefore, I have devised something else. Display."

Princess returned to the position that she had failed not too long ago, but remained still. Chase put a hood over her head, blocking out sound and sight. There was heavy padding at both the eye slots, and over her ears. Her two most important senses removed from her.

Moving her by touch, Chase herded her into a contained box. There were holes in the box for things to come through. A buckle of her arms over her head kept her standing, and a cock gag to take her voice completed the punishment.

Closing the box that his slave could not see he waited. Second later a squeal came from inside as a shock just under a stun gun touched her. Then there was a long, over five minutes, pause for her not to be able to ride the pain to release.

Leaving the slave, he went back downstairs to the rest of his slaves. They all knelt down as soon as he came into the room. He watched them and when the elevator dinged again, the kitchen servant brought food down for them.

Being under Chase's gaze was difficult for Elliot, but he put his head down and delivered the meals, stopping at Whore's cell when he was finished. She stayed kneeling, but opened her mouth obediently. Within five minutes Elliot was on his way and Whore went back to the position of the rest of his slaves.

"I have a engagement in the club this evening. I need two slaves to perform. Precious, to my side." Chase commanded. "Boy, to the stairs. Worthless, I think you also to the stairs."

The three slaves named moved to where they were directed, Precious going to her knees beside him, leaning over to kiss his shoes. He escorted his prized slave to his bedroom, pushing her over his desk and started fucking her. Precious moaned in pleasure, working her hardest to please her Master. She arched her back as he grabbed her breasts, squeezing them tightly. The last few thrusts were rougher, pushing the breath out of his slave whose stomach was at table height. When Chase was finished, he pushed Precious to the floor and she came over, licking his cock clean.

"You will be at my side for special requests, Precious. Not everyone deserves service from a slave like you." In response Precious blushed but didn't speak. "Move."

Precious stood when Chase spoke, falling behind him, eyes down. He picked up three leashes, snapping one to the one at his side, and the two waiting by the stairs. As soon as they felt the click, they were on their feet, waiting for commands.

The club was already occupied with people milling about. None of the slaves looked at the people, allowing themselves to be led to the stage. Once Chase stopped the three dropped to their knees almost as one.

"Evening." Chase spoke to the assembled crowd. There was a murmur of answer. "Tonight I have three specimens. Basic Rules still apply. This is Show-off. He likes to perform for any crowd, the more humiliating the better. Stand slave." Boy got to his feet, his cock showing the crowd he was loving the attention. "Any use is available with this slave. Next is Cunt, stand up girl." Whore got to her feet, hands behind her head and chest out. "she is wonderful for more than one partner, and is very flexible. Payment for both can be paid at the bar. Five thousand gets you an hour with the highly talented slaves. The third slave here, is special request only. Trust me, she is worth every cent. Enjoy."

Precious walked off with Chase while the other two remained on the stage, waiting for their first clients. Chase went to the chair that he usually occupied during his parties. Precious moved to his side and knelt, making sure she was on display to any who passed.

Absently Chase reached down and stroked her hair, making her back straighter. He watched as his two slaves were collected from the stage. Boy was made to crawl, his cock hard the whole time, to one of the private rooms with two females and three males. Worthless was collected, her renter smacking her ass with a crop. He had no doubt they would do him proud. Worthless knew better than to disappoint, and Boy was already dripping with desire.

After four hours, seeing his slaves returned and collected someone approached his chair. It was a male who looked more at Precious than Chase.

"I rented her." he proclaimed, showing Chase a ticket. Ten thousand dollars for one hour with his special slave.

"Very well. Slave, you answer to this man for the next hour. Disappoint me at your own risk." he told Precious who stood and moved two steps toward the man. He turned to the man. "Any permanent damage will be taken out in kind."

He watched the man escort Precious over to where six men were waiting. They hurried toward one of the rooms, pulling the slave in with them.

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