I was married for a time to a Puerto Rican hottie with huge tits and a really sexy face. After a threesome with a girlfriend of hers (following a night in NYC at a club during Fleet Week where both these hot Latinas danced the night away with sailors in uniform) we had a pretty routine sex life. But I kept thinking about that night -- not the threesome with her and her girlfriend (that was just okay), but the way that I felt watching her grinding on the dance floor with those sailors as she looked at me across the club with that sexy smile on her face.

Then we separated for a while; she was into drugs and liquor for that part of her life and got violent at times, which I couldn't abide. She grew up poor in Spanish Harlem, and I grew up overseas in a very different environment. I really didn't know how to react to her violence.

When we were apart, I had a thing going with a Boricua whore (who looked a lot like my wife) that I told her about when we got back together. One night, my wife wanted to meet the whore and I invited her over. We partied and when I told my wife about the feelings I had watching her grinding with strange men the night of the threesome, the whore made a bet with my wife that my wife couldn't go to a club and pick up a guy in less than ten minutes and persuade him to come back and fuck her in front of me. Well, my wife took the bet. We went to a club in the East Village.

The first guy she tried to seduce didn't want to have anything to do with coming back to our place. He suggested she give him a blowjob in the bathroom, which she declined; she was running out of time. Then she met this English guy on the dance floor. I watched her as she put her hand between his legs to check out his equipment. (My wife's ex -- another Puerto Rican -- had a very fat 9" dick, while mine -- I'm white -- is only 6", and she LOVES getting fucked hard by big dick.) Then she brought the Englishman back to the table where I was waiting with my whore friend, and proceeded to make out with him in front of me.

A few minutes later, we all got into my Range Rover; we had driven to the club in order to initiate this scene vs. taking a cab. The whore got into the front seat beside me, as I was driving. And my wife and her new friend got into the back. We drove a few blocks and I got out to get some cash at an ATM to pay the whore later. (We thought it would be fun to have her give my wife some lessons.) When I got back to the car, my wife was in the car kissing this English guy, and he had his hands stuffed down her shirt feeling up her 36 DDs. I got a hard-on immediately. I had never felt so jealous and so excited at the same time. And I really got off on the fact that my wife -- who grew up Catholic and who, to my knowledge, had never cheated on me -- was acting like such a slut in the back seat. She didn't give a damn who might see her through the windows of the car parked on a fairly busy Manhattan cross-street ... including her husband.

Anyway, we made it back home and she and her English friend decided to take a bath together. I sat on the toilet and watched as she came in. The English guy, who was already in the tub, just couldn't believe her body. She's around 5' 2" with a beautiful but no-nonsense sexy face -- kind of like Michelle Rodriguez of LOST -- and those huge tits with large brown nipples. She got into the bath with him, and I could see his dick growing larger and larger. "Wait a bit," he said. "It gets bigger." And it did. It was at least 8", maybe more, and very thick. I will never forget, for as long as I live, the look in my wife's eyes as she watched his prick grow and grow. It was an expression of such glee and abandoned lust -- like a kid looking at an icecream cone on the hottest day of the summer. She just had to have it. So she reached out and started to play with him. Again, seeing my wife hold another man's dick in her hand for the first time, watching as she started to jerk him him off as it grew larger and larger and larger was simply amazing -- so forbidden and taboo, and yet she was clearly looking forward to riding that dick later.

After a while, we all left the bathroom, the Englishman sat on the sofa in our living room as both the whore and my wife sucked him off while kneeling in front of him on the floor -- sometimes independently, and also at the same time, sliding down that thick dick with their sexy red lipstick-covered, pouty Puerto Rican mouths. Somehow he managed not to cum immediately. He ended up fucking my wife doggy style on the floor of our living room, over my home office desk, and finally in our bed (always with a condom). I watched from a chair nearby but -- with the whore's encouragement -- my wife eventually told me to come over so I could get a good look at her swollen pussy being fucked by this stranger. She came dozens of times. Eventually, I walked this Englishman and the whore downstairs. He tried to give me his phone number to plan a reunion -- he just couldn't get enough of my wife -- but I told him it was unlikely. Strangers only, I told him. Neither my wife nor I wanted things to get too emotionally charged. We told ourselves it was just crazy sex.

When I got back upstairs, my wife was lying in bed, flushed and happy. She said she had a little present for me. Then she reached down on the floor beside the bed and picked up the last condom the Englishman had used. She had tied it off and it was still full of his cum -- gobs of it. She told me to come over and lie next to her. Then she spilled the cum out of the condom and told me rub it all over her giant brown breasts, which -- of course -- I immediately did. Then she told me to get on top of her and titty-fuck her using his cum as a lubricant. I came in no time at all, like a banshee; usually it takes me forever. She proceeded to mix my cum with his, and started to scoop if off of her breasts and drip it into her open mouth. Things started to get interesting after that. But more about those adventures another time.

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