Ellie had only meant to playfully rub her bottom around on his lap as she moved seductively for him and revealed her tits after the tease of the first song, but the drinks the girls had shared, while setting up the living room before turning on the music, were making it harder to remember the plan that she and Cassie had laid out in advance. Feeling Eric's dick against her pussy felt so indescribably delicious that it was all that she could do not to grind herself to a climax against him.

Through the fog of her desire, she realized that the song was coming to an end and she reluctantly pulled herself up to step off and march seductively toward the door, with her hips punctuating the staccato beat of the last notes of the song. As she passed Cassie in the shadows beside the door, she could feel her slick pussy lips rubbing against the tight fabric as she hurried to go put on her final outfit.

Cassie bit her lower lip in the endless seconds before the low steady hum of Selena Gomez' "Good For You" began to emanate from the speakers in the next room, timing her entrance exactly as she'd rehearsed it with Ellie, Cassie stepped into view and began walking seductively toward Eric exactly as the vocals began. Doing her best not to hurry, just as Ellie had taught her, Cassie tried to ignore how quickly her heart was beating in anticipation as she mirrored her steps and the swagger of her hips to the slow building rhythm of the songs introduction.

Eric was as turned on as he'd ever been as the music started, fighting the urge to run after Ellie and satisfy his urge to cum in whichever way she would allow him in that moment. But when Cassie stepped into view wearing the Catwoman outfit, complete with the mask, from "The Dark Knight Rises", Eric felt like he'd been pushed into a dream. It was almost too much to bear how much she looked like the actress as she walked toward him with her hips describing an insouciant attitude that he knew his sister had never displayed before. If it was easy to believe that each of the previous costumes made the girls into the characters they'd chosen, in that moment, Eric was fighting to reconcile that the woman slinking across the room in that moment could possibly be his sister Cassie, rather than the movie character come to life.

Cassie had never actually seen someone's jaw drop in disbelief before and had always believed that it was really just a figure of speech, until the moment that she watched Eric as she approached him in the costume. As nervous as she'd been all evening, the drinks before the show had only given her enough 'liquid courage' to go through with the routines Ellie had planned for them. As she watched Eric's face pass through multiple stages of disbelief, awe and desire with each step, she finally found herself able to accept that Ellie had been absolutely right about the effect that she would have on him. In the strangest way, she felt incredibly powerful, even as she was trembling with excitement at the sensation of dancing for him and doing everything she could to fill him with pleasure and desire. She couldn't help wonder how intoxicating it would feel to do this in front of a room full of strange men.

With the mask to give her courage, Cassie was able to stare Eric down as she walked to him and perform the grinding turn with her hips as she offered her bottom for his view in the tight stretch material before lowering it to sit on his thighs. She felt Eric's hands rest lightly on her hips as she wiggled her butt into his thighs, but was completely unprepared as he slid her further up his thighs, his strong hands and arms moving her as easily as if she was a little girl. She continued to grind her hips and bottom against his lap, but could clearly feel his hard cock filling the cleft of her ass as he held her hips in place against him.

Eric was so inflamed it was hard not to thrust against Cassie's grinding ass and allow himself the release that he so desperately desired in that moment. As it was, he couldn't resist the urge to reach up and squeeze her tits with one hand through the thin, stretchy material of her catsuit. When he felt her reach up to unzip the costume and make her bare tits accessible to him, he reached up with both hands to cup them even as he felt her butt and thighs rubbing against him as her hips rotated and ground to the seductive lyrics. When Eric's hand slid down between her legs to touch her pussy through the cloth, her hips rocked backward and her pussy slid against his hard cock as if she had been shocked with an electric current.

Pushing up against the arms of the chair, Cassie lifted herself free, trembling from the contact of her brother's hard cock against her pussy and reeling from the rush of sensation and desire it had triggered inside her. Trying to regain some semblance of self-control she turned around and stood dancing in front of the chair, her mouth open as she panted from the intensity of the moment, her costume unzipped to her waist as her breasts were laid open to his view. Cassie looked down to see Eric's hard dick outlined through the cotton material of his boxers now clinging to his cock from the rubbing that she and Ellie had been applying with their damp costumes. Cassie leaned down, hypnotized by the memory that only hours ago she had taken Eric's dick into her mouth while he slept and Ellie watched. Reaching out, her hand stroked lightly over the length of it's pulsing shaft almost reverently while Eric stared in disbelief at how incredibly hot the image was of the masked Cassie, leaning over his knees with her tits exposed as she willingly, almost lovingly, stroked his hard dick through his underwear.

It was only the change in music that broke them each out of their reverie as the room went silent for a moment before Lana Del Rey's smoky voice sung about her old man being a bad man and Cassie realized that she had missed her exit and turned to see Ellie walk into the room dressed as the movie version Harley Quinn in her hotpants and "Daddy's Lil Monster" T shirt.

Cassie knew she was supposed to have left before her song ended, but Eric reached up to grab her by the waist and pull her onto the arm of the chair beside him. Her hand moved to zip up the front of her costume but Eric's reached across to stop her hand, holding it in place for a moment before releasing it to reach up and lightly pinch her swollen nipple with a possessive certainty that left her throbbing as she resisted the urge to cover herself while she sat beside him. Cassie watched her sister dance toward them as the hip hop beat came up under Lana's voice and the song fairly dripped with the temptation and desire that had gripped each of them in the last few minutes.

It was hypnotic how Ellie was able to become the character through the movement of her body. Her hair had been taken up into pony tails and her make-up had been changed to mirror the heavier, messier, more dramatic look of Harley, but the combination of playful sexiness and stalking menace of Ellie's movements made her irresistible to watch as she used the story in the music to pull both Eric and Cassie into the mood she wove with everything she did.

As the song reached the chorus and soared off the races, Ellie embodied all of the flirtatious sweetness of Lana's voice as she came and sat on Eric's lap, rubbing his engorged cock with her full bottom through the shiny hotpants and looking over her shoulder to lock eyes with Cassie as Lana sang 'ready for you'. Cassie could see a desire in Ellie's eyes that wasn't a part of her act.

Eric reached up to pull Ellie's shoulders back and as she fell back against him, he slid around her body to kiss her as her head lay on Cassie's lap. Ellie wondered for a moment what Cassie would think, but then she felt Cassie's cool hand alongside her face, cradling her cheek as Eric's tongue filled her mouth and his hand had lifted up the skimpy t-shirt over her bare breast and fondled her roughly. The song throbbed in her ears as hotly as the waves of desire throbbed through her body and when Eric slid her to the ground between his knees she didn't resist.

Lana sang, "Light of his life, fire of his loins, keep me forever, tell me you own me," and Eric had pulled his achingly hard cock free and offered it to her as she kneeled between his legs. Ellie looked up to see Cassie watch her in fascination as she wondered whether Cassie knew that what she had caught Ellie doing that morning wasn't the prank she had pretended it was. Looking for any sign of shock or objection in Cassie's eyes, Ellie surrendered to Eric's desire and took him into her mouth as her brother and sister both watched her sucking her brother's dick.

Ellie could tell that Eric must have been very worked up because he was squeezing out a steady pulse of precum as she sucked up and down on his thick cock and stroked him with her hand. It only felt like a matter of moments before felt him tense up and she withdrew her mouth to the tip and prepared to swallow his cum.

Lana sang, "My old man is a thief, and I'm gonna stay and pray with him 'til the end..." and the first load of hot cum shot into Ellie's mouth.

Cassie had watched her sister sucking on Eric's dick playfully while he slept that morning, but this was different. Knowing that Eric was fully aware and watching her do it made it seem so much more intense and hypnotically erotic to Cassie. While she herself had struggled with the idea of taking a man's penis in her mouth, Ellie seemed to embrace it, sucking it with a slavish desire to please that struck Cassie as so submissive as to be almost humiliating when she looked at Eric's large veiny cock sliding in and out of her sister's beautiful mouth. Ellie's full swollen lips were making love to the tip of his dick at the apex of each stroke and doing everything she could to milk it with her hand at the same time she struggled to fit as much as she could into her mouth as she went down each time. As she felt Eric tense up beside her, she realized that he was about to ejaculate and she stared in fascination as she prepared to watch Ellie pull her mouth off in time to allow the cum erupt from her brother's dick. She had never seen a man achieve orgasm before and she felt her stomach flutter and a fresh release of excited wetness release from her pussy as she realized she was just about to.

When Ellie didn't pull back from Eric's dick, Cassie underwent a moment of confusion, thinking she must have misread Eric's reaction, until she saw her sister's face clench up and her brow furrow with concentration as she began swallowing while continuing to suck the tip of Eric's dick. At the realization that Ellie was actually swallowing Eric's cum, Cassie was overwhelmed with disbelief that her sister would do that for him. Looking from Ellie back up to Eric's face she marveled at being this close to something so erotic and intimate that she couldn't believe she was being allowed to witness it.

In the back of her mind Ellie could still hear Lana singing as load after load of Eric's cum kept releasing into her mouth:

"Take him when He may, if He may

I'm not afraid to say that I'd die without him.

Who else is gonna put up with me this way?

I need you, I breathe you, I'll never leave you!"

Ellie had only swallowed Eric's cum a couple of times before and there hadn't been nearly this much either time. She struggled to keep up as she swallowed gulp after gulp of his hot slippery load, barely clearing her mouth the first few times before another spurt quickly followed. As the spasms of ejeculation finally began to taper off, she relaxed and felt a sense of pride that she had been able to take such a massive load without choking or gagging on it.

Lana sang, "You never looked so beautiful as you do now..." as Ellie finally opened her eyes and saw Eric staring, mouth open, as their eyes locked while she continued to suck at the tip of his dick and the last few drops of his cum as they oozed from his twitching dick. As much as she wanted to give Eric a lopsided, devilish Harely Quinn grin as she lifted her mouth away, she found herself blushing as her eyes dropped and the small smile that formed at her mouth was much more sensitive and demure than she had intended. Something about Eric's eyes had touched her in a way that she found hard to describe, but she felt a wave of awkward shy vulnerability in that moment, after having just swallowed his cum, that was hard for her to reconcile with how she had tried to project herself to everyone else in the world, including Eric.

Remembering at the last moment that Cassie was right there the whole time, Ellie's eyes flashed up to see her sister staring open mouthed, either in amazement or desire, at her, as she blushed to realize that Cassie had watched the entire episode of her sucking off and swallowing their brother. Realizing there was nothing else for it, Ellie stood up to pull the small t shirt over her head and peel off the shiny shorts to stand naked in front of them before taking Cassie's hand and helping her up off the arm of the chair. Leading her sister out a step from the chair, Ellie turned Cassie by her shoulders to face Eric before pulling the top of her costume down off her shoulders and off each arm, leaving her exposed from the waist up. Eric watched Cassie, still masked, as Ellie stripped her, pulling the cat suit the rest of the way down her legs to leave Cassie standing in just the tiny black g-string she had worn underneath the costume.

Cassie kicked off the heels she was wearing and stepped obediently out of the legs of her costume, looking at Eric reclining in front of her, his hard exposed cock standing straight up as he sat naked, with his underwear around his ankles. Cassie pictured the movie she'd watched with Eric in the car and to both Eric and Ellie's surprise, she walked timidly over to the side of the chair and laid across the arms and Eric's lap as she'd seen the woman do in the film. Eric looked over the smooth skin of Cassie's bare back and legs, only interrupted by the narrow strip of her thong between her ass cheeks and over her hips, while Ellie stood naked in front of the chair with a look of surprised delight as Eric raised his hand to spank her sister's exposed ass cheeks.

Cassie bit her lip and grunted softly as she felt the slap of Eric's bare hand on her ass, her pussy throbbing from the sensation as much as the mental image of both Eric and Ellie seeing her this way. Closing her eyes, she couldn't see Ellie fingering her own pussy as she watched Eric deliver the spanking. Eric could feel his dick pulsing with excitement as he spanked Cassie, his hand lingering on her bare ass each time, her smooth warm skin growing pink in the dim light as he watched Ellie pleasure herself watching them. As Eric spanked her again, Ellie circled around behind her sister and held up her hand to stop Eric from spanking her again.

Cassie gasped aloud when she felt Ellie's soft lips kissing her stinging ass. She felt the cool imprint of each kiss as the air felt slightly colder where Ellie's moist lips had touched her skin as she lavished kisses slowly over each part of her ass where Eric's hand had landed. In the moments just after the last kiss had landed, Cassie gasped again and her back arched in reaction to the sensation of the tip of Ellie's tongue as it slid up along the cleft of her closed ass cheeks. Looking over as she felt Ellie circle around to the front of the chair and kneel beside her to kiss her on her mouth, Cassie slid herself to kneel beside her sister at Eric's feet. Ellie brought her mouth up to Cassie's again and kissed her deeply even as her hand took Cassie's own and lifted it to Eric's dick.

Eric couldn't believe how hot his sisters looked, Ellie still made up like a naked Harley in pigtails as Cassie still wore the Catwoman mask and knelt naked except for the g-string, kissing her sister as their hands stroked his hard cock together. When Ellie broke off the kiss, her lips went to Cassie's ear on the side facing away from Eric, nibbling on the lobe and sending shivers and goosebumps over her body. Cassie's large brown eyes looked up from behind the mask and found Eric's as Ellie whispered into her ear, "Please suck his dick for me. I don't want to be the only one to do it in front of you and him." Ellie could feel her sister nod ever so slightly and Ellie ran her hand down Cassie's bare back and over her exposed ass cheeks, stroking her soft skin in grateful appreciation as Cassie turned toward her brother and prepared to take him in her mouth.

She should have been less self-conscious in that moment as Eric had already seen her with his dick in her mouth and even had a picture of it on his phone. Ellie had even seen her suck it for a few moments while he slept that morning, but it felt like a whole new level of intimacy to have Eric watch her actively sucking and pleasuring him with her mouth as she was preparing to do. It both embarrassed and excited her to think of Eric and Ellie watching her, just as she'd watched Ellie take him in her mouth a few minutes earlier.

Picturing the woman from the movie she'd watched with Eric, she leaned over to take her brother's cock in her mouth. Using her hand as she'd watched Ellie do, she awkwardly stroked his thick shaft as she tried to coordinate the movement of her mouth while she bobbed up and down on the top few inches of her brother's dick. As ashamed as she felt to have her little brother Eric watch her do this for him, another part of her was overwhelmed with throbbing excitement that she was serving him this way. She urged herself to take his hard cock deeper into her mouth each time and did her best to abandon herself to the role of a cock-sucking submissive. She moaned with a mouthful of dick as her mind savored the word 'cocksucker' and knew that fully applied to her now.

Ellie grinned up at Eric as he stared wide-eyed at Cassie, kneeling between his legs and sucking his dick. He looked over briefly at Ellie and saw her smiling and giving him a wink as she slid in behind Cassie and reached down to run her hand up under her sister's pussy through the fabric of her g-string. Cassie's hips lifted in surprise as she felt her sister's hand touching her. Eric saw Cassie's eyes open in wide surprise and felt her gasp around the thick cock filling her mouth and felt himself twitch in excitement at the sensation.

Ellie reached down to slide the fabric of Cassie's g-string to one side and slide her fingers into Cassie's wet pussy, brushing the back of her knuckle over the hard little nub of her clit as she curved her fingers upward into her sister's body. Looking down to see Cassie's ass cheeks parted as she bent forward to suck Eric's dick, Ellie licked her finger and lowered it to insert the tip into the pink opening that clenched and puckered as it felt her finger make contact.

Cassie moaned into the mouthful of hard cock and slid forward, trembling from the contact of her sister's finger in her ass to bury as much of Eric's dick as she could in her mouth. Immobilized by the wall of sensation that washed over her from the effect of Ellie's hand sliding into her pussy while the tip of her finger gently wiggled it's way into her ass, Cassie could only bob slightly up and down on Eric's dick as it filled her mouth and tickled her throat. She slid her mouth up to hold just the plump head of his dick in her mouth as she whimpered uncontrollably, sucking desperately at the warm fleshy knob of her brother's cockhead, while her body lost all control and plunged into a thrashing orgasm and her mouth slid down again onto her brother's engorged cock.

Eric couldn't see what Ellie was doing with her hands to Cassie from behind, but he couldn't believe how good it felt to watch and feel her whimpering with her mouth full of his dick. As she bobbed on his head he felt another orgasm building and was about to warn his sister when she plunged her mouth as deeply as she could onto his cock and he felt the first spurt of cum jet uncontrollably into her mouth.

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