Oasis Vacation: Steak with Selania

You awaken to find yourself protectively wrapped in a fuzzy red blanket, with Selania sleeping next to you. You sit up and look around the room. It's nighttime, and the moonlight shines through the window to illuminate Selania as she sleeps.
She looks so peaceful when she sleeps. You don't want to wake her, but you're concerned about what happens next. Do you just stay here? Does she have something else in mind?
You have no idea.
You gently nudge Selania with your hand. She stirs, rolling onto her back and stretching out her body as she lets out a yawn.
"Hey..." She says, smiling as she sees you. "How are you feeling? You look a little worried."
"I am." You admit. "What happens now? What do you have in mind to make me stronger?"
Selania sits up and wraps her arms around you, hugging you tightly to her chest.
"Well, for one thing, you need to eat. You've got muscle, but you don't show it! We have to fix that!"
You blush and look away.
"I really should be getting back to my job..." You say.

"Nonsense! You've been through a lot, it'll do you some good to take a break."
"I mean, I am taking time off, It's just... I... I don't know how to repay you for all this..."
Selania turns your head to look at her with a smile. "You'll repay me later. With plenty of sex."
"I'm okay with that." You respond with a similar grin.
"Good. Now, we should get some food into you."
You nod, and Selania leaps from the bed with an animal-like grace. She walks over to her dresser and pulls out a pair of shorts and a black tank top.
"Here." She says, tossing them to you. "You can wear these while your clothes are washed."
You nod and quickly change into the clothes Selania gave you.
She pulls out a fresh change of clothes as well, donning a similar pair of simple shorts and a sports bra.
"Come on, let's go!" She says eagerly, grabbing your hand and dragging you out of her room.

You head back through the small hallway on the second floor, before she has you back in her kitchen.
"So what are we eating?" You ask.
"What else? Meat!" Selania exclaims with glee. "I'm going to feed and train you like I would a fellow Hellhound. That means you're going to be eating proper meals to reinforce your strengthening body."
"Do I really need a ton of food, though?" You say.
"You're skin and bones! We need to fatten you up! We're going to start simple, with a nice piece of steak."
Selania opens her fridge, and procures a large piece of raw meat. It actually looks pretty appetizing. She sets it down on a small baking sheet, before moving to another cabinet and procuring a few basic seasonings.
"You mind grabbing my cast iron pan from underneath the stove?" She asks.
"Not at all." You reply.

While Selania works on seasoning your steak, you open up the cabinet beneath her stove. Sure enough, there a large cast iron skillet sitting on a rack. It's surprisingly heavy, but easy to handle once you're used to the weight. You drop it onto a stove burner appropriate for the size of the pan and light the burner to pre-heat it.
Noticing a stick of butter near the stove, you pick it up and run the face of the stick along the pan while it heats up, sending the smell of sizzling butter wafting through the kitchen.
"Oooh! Coating the pan with butter! Nice touch." Selania says. Her nose is noticeably twitching as she enjoys the smell of the raw meat and the heated butter.
Done with the seasoning, Selania brings your steak over to the stove, waiting a few moments for the pan to finish heating up before she drops your steak on it. It hits the cast iron with a delightful sizzling noise, and Selania whimpers slightly at the smell.
"Mmmh... That smell is driving me wild." She says, her voice trembling slightly.
"It is pretty intoxicating." You admit.
"I need you to grab two more steaks and start lining them up. We're going to have a delicious dinner tonight."
"You got it." You say, heading over to the fridge. You notice it's stocked with all manner of fine meats, and a few other choice foods.

Eager to move things along swiftly, you spot two more steaks of similarly large size, and pull them out of the fridge.
You set them down on the same baking sheet with a meaty slap and get to work on seasoning them. Selania is almost done with your steak, cooking it to a perfect medium rare. She can barely contain her hunger as she peels your steak off the pan and sets it on a plate. You can see her nose twitching wildly as she fights the urge to lick her lips over and over.
"Here's yours." You say, setting the next raw steak on the pan.
"Thanks." She says, her voice dripping with hunger.
You set to work on the next steak, with Selania moving in close behind you. You can feel her hot breath on the back of your neck as she watches you intently. Her eyes are wide with arousal, and her nostrils are flared as she takes in your scent.
You can feel it. She's going to make a move.
"So.... How's your week been, Ryan?" She asks, her voice quivering slightly.
"It's been good. Yours?" You reply, flinching slightly as you feel her moist tongue slide along the base of your ear.
"It's been lovely." She says, her voice dropping into a deep, guttural growl that would put most men on edge.

You're a lot more comfortable with it though, since you're getting a feel for some of Selania's quirks. You simply chuckle and flip the steak over in the pan, summoning a fresh wave of thick sizzling noises as the juices of the meat boil on the surface of the skillet. The aroma of the seasonings and cooked meat is even stronger now, and it seems to be driving Selania deeper.
"Do you like it when I do this?" She asks, leaning around the side of you and dragging her claw down your chest.
"Sure I do." You say, feeling her wet tongue slather your ear before biting down gently on it.
"And how about this?" She growls, rubbing the underside of her hefty breast against your arm as she slides it around you.
You choose not to reply, instead pressing the steak against the pan with your pair of tongs, which draws forth a fresh wave of noisy sizzling and an even more potent wave of savory smells.
"And how about this?" She asks, leaning in as her wet tongue begins to slide up the side of your face.
You can feel her drool coating your cheek as she makes loud, slurping noises. You can hear the heavy thudding of her paw as it beats against the floor in time with her racing heartbeat, which you can also hear thumping in your ears.

"You're awfully worked up over this steak, aren't you?" You say, punctuating your question with another flip of the meat in the pan. Turning it over has exposed the coating of butter underneath, which causes an intoxicating new component of the already amazing smell to appear.
"I can't help myself around good food." She says, her voice dropping to a low growl that sends a shiver down your spine.
You feel her tongue begin to slide across your lips as she leans in closer to you. You open your mouth slightly and feel her warm, dripping tongue begin to slide inside. It feels slick and powerful as it pushes past your teeth and wraps itself around your tongue. You suck on it gently and are surprised by how much taste it holds. There are a few strange flavors to enjoy, but you want to cut things short and make sure she doesn't get too into the act.
You pull your head back and see that Selania's eye flames are blazing with incredible power, her pupils wide and gaze sharply focused on the pan. Her mouth hangs open as she pants heavily, the sounds of her hunger filling the room as her foot smacks against the floor.
"I need..." She begins to say, before stopping to sniff the air.
Her ears flick rapidly as she stares at the pan, huffing and drooling with shameless desire.
"It's almost done~" You say in a leading voice.
"I need it now!" She says, her voice a low growl.
Selania's eyes narrow as she stares at you.

"I need it now." She says again, more firmly.
"Not yet. A good steak has to rest." You say as you gently set the tantalizing piece of meat on a fresh plate.
"R-Rest?" She asks, voice almost breaking with how badly she wants it.
"Of course. A steak that sits for about two minutes under a little tinfoil is miles juicier than if you eat it straight off the pan." You explain.
You're guessing Selania's always scarfed down her steaks as soon as they're done, and your guess proves right has she stares at you with a look of disbelief.
"No! Bullshit! You're just saying that to torture me!" She says with an angry expression.
"I would do no such thing." You say with a sly grin. "If you eat it now, it's going to be a waste. Don't you want to taste it at its best? Like me? Isn't the wait worth it so you can feel every ounce of the mind-melting flavor on your tongue? The juices at their most ripe?"
Selania's eyes widen as she stares at you. Her nostrils are flaring as she sniffs the air, desperate to taste that incredible meal you've made for her. She squirms in place for a moment, before stomping her foot down.
"Mmmmh! Gah! Fine! I'll wait! But it better be fucking good! I better fucking cum from how good this steak tastes, or you're a dead man!" She yells.

You simply chuckle to yourself as you procure a knife and fork, setting them on the plate as you carry it over to the dining room table. Selania practically shadows you, glued to your shoulder as the noises of her anticipation continue to become louder and wetter. Her breath is as hot as it is wet against your neck as she keeps a laser focus on the steak, stopping to lick your neck every so often to try and sate her craving.
You sit down on one side of the table, with Selania immediately dropping into the seat across from you. The hellflame of her eyes is like a small forest fire at this point as drool pushes against her lips. She's panting heavily as her ears twitch at odd intervals, every inch of her body aching to taste the meat in front of her.
You pick up the fork and knife, gently cutting off a piece of the steak into a healthy bite. The juices flow out of the steak as you press your fork into it, drawing a pained moan from Selania as she watches it bleed.
The meat is perfect, cooked in the center to an ideal medium rare. You've let it rest for just the right amount of time. Preparations complete, you finally offer the piece of meat on your fork to her.
"Here you are, Selania."

Her eyes are fixated on the steak as she leans forward, eagerly accepting the bite of meat into her mouth. Her long tongue wraps around it, pulling it into her mouth as she closes her eyes and gives a quivering sigh.
"Mmmm! Mmmm!" She moans in ecstasy. "Oh! Oh! So good! Mmmmh! Ah!"
Selania's ears flatten against her head as her thighs clench together tightly. She's gripping the table with enough force to make it creak.
Realizing you might actually make her climax, you let out a small laugh and cut off another piece of steak.
"Here you go."
You hold out the forkful of meat for her, which she immediately opens her mouth to accept. Her tongue wraps around your offering as she slowly pulls it into her mouth. She closes her eyes and begins to gently suck on the piece of meat, savoring the flavor.
"Mmmm! Mmmm! So good! Mmmm!" She says before quickly opening her mouth for more.
A bit of steam escapes her mouth as she continues panting. The inside of her mouth is quite a sight. It's absolutely drenched in her thick saliva, with her tongue thrashing around wildly, looking for something to pull inside. Her drool flows liberally, mixing with the meat's natural juices as she eagerly waits for more.
She looks up at you with a pleading gaze, her eyes screaming for more.

"You're enjoying this, aren't you?" You say with a smile.
"Mmmm! Mmhmm!" She says, nodding her head and opening her mouth wide in front of you.
You gladly accept her invitation and offer another piece of meat.
You continue to feed her the entire steak, piece by piece. She eagerly accepts each and every one, moaning with excitement.
"Mmmm! So good! Mmmm!"
As you finish the last bite, she lets out a long, drawn-out whimper, as if she were waiting for something else.
You smile as you lean forward and place your lips against hers. Her eyes widen in surprise as her ears perk up.
Selania doesn't even bother with nuance. She yanks your body clean across the table and presses you against her as hard as she can, feeding you as much of her tongue and juice-infused saliva as possible.

You can barely keep up with her. Her mouth, hands, and even parts of her body you couldn't see are all over you. You're struggling to hold on as she smothers you in all the right ways.
"Mmmmhh! Mmmm! Mmmffh!" She moans as she kisses you.
You begin to feel lightheaded as her tongue and saliva run down your throat. You begin to have trouble breathing as you try to get a hold of her, but she's just too big.
"Mmmmhhh! Mmmmnngh!"
You're not sure how long you can hold on.
You feel like you're about to pass out when she finally releases you from her grasp. You fall back onto the table, struggling to catch your breath. You feel her licking you, cleaning off the saliva and sweat that covers your body.
"Oh! Ooh! That was amazing!" She says with a smile.
You look up at her with a woozy expression. "Can I eat my steak now?"
She smiles and nods her head.

You get up off the table and wobble back into the kitchen, finally taking your plate and bringing it back to the table. You sit down in your original seat across from Selania, and start to eat.
You take the first bite out of the steak and begin chewing slowly, savoring every taste bud exploding with flavor. You look up at her as you chew, noticing that she's still staring at you.
"What?" You say.
"I... I want more..." She says, whimpering slightly. "I can't help it. It tastes so good..."
You wiggle your fork at her with a small chuckle. "If you want any more, you'll have to steal it from my mouth."
Selania looks back at you with an evil smirk. "Is that a challenge?"
You simply shrug and pop another piece of steak into your mouth. She lunges forward, grabbing you by the shoulders and lifting you right out of your seat. She's so strong that it's effortless, pulling you over the table in an arc that ends against her chest.

You find yourself right back in her grip again, as Selania presses her wet lips against yours. Her tongue pushes against your lips with force, and you do your best to keep them sealed, but she eventually breaks through.
The heat of her mouth pours into yours along with a heavy serving of her rich saliva as her tongue surges forward to steal the steak from your mouth. You fight to keep it towards the back of your mouth, in the grip of your tongue, but that just makes her fight for it harder. The piece of meat squishes between your tongues as you fight for the prize, expressing every last drop of savory juice from it.
Selania's moaning and growling resonates through your mouth as the taste of the meat moves around her tongue. She's starting to grind against you as she battles for the morsel in your mouth. You feel her heavy, soft breasts push into your chest as her weight bears down on you. There’s also a certain pressure against your pants, which is far from helping you think straight.
You grab her by the cheeks with both hands and give her a long, slow kiss. Selania growls deeper in response, pulling you closer against her as she finally wrestles control of the meat from your tongue. You slide your tongue back and forth against hers, tasting the remains of the steak flavor as it mixes in with the taste of her saliva.

She swallows the taste of victory with a heavy moan, before pressing a hand against the back of your skull to keep you locked in her kiss.
Selania's tongue runs rampant across your mouth to taste every last drop of the steak that's left behind, frisking your gums and tongue with a mixture of greed and ferocity. You feel the heavy thud of her beating heart against your chest, feeling the rumbles as her chest rapidly heaves for breath.
She releases you from the kiss with a gasp, panting heavily as she stares into your eyes. You stare back into hers, watching the orange glow of her eyes shift in passion and intensity.
You slide your hands down to her sides and give them a firm squeeze, which results in a powerful thrust of her hips into yours. You wince with pleasure as your dick is pressed up against her midsection, but that doesn't stop her from continuing to grind her hips into yours.
You slide your hands up her body and onto her cheeks, giving a gentle squeeze there as well as you lean in to kiss her again. She accepts your advance, and the two of you engage in another kiss.

She releases you from the kiss with a gasp, panting heavily as she stares into your eyes. Her expression is one of deep lust, extreme satisfaction, and mild confusion.
"You are the strangest human I've ever met." She says between panting.
"I'm just creative, that's all." You reply with a smile.
"You're going to make me fuck you over cooking a steak. A steak! Who does that!?" She yells with a stupid smile on her face.
Selania suddenly draws her face very close to yours with a powerful huff. "Let's do it again."
"Do what?" You ask.
"Fight over some meat in our mouths! I've never felt so pleasured in my life! It's like wrestling, and eating, and kissing, but together! Oooh! I have to feel it again!" She says, grinding her hips against you a little harder.
"Sure, I'm game." You say with a smile.

Selania slips an arm underneath your shoulder and reaches for the steak sitting on the table behind you. She quickly tears a chunk off of it, holding it between her thumb and forefinger as she brings it in front of your face.
"Ready to go again?" She asks, sporting a smile that's brimming with excitement.
You nod your head, and she presses the meat into your mouth. You chew the meat quickly, not wanting to keep her waiting as she does the same. The two of you embrace again, pressing your faces together as you chew and grind your jaws. You can feel her snout as it presses into your cheek, and you can feel the warmth of her breath as she exhales.
"You're so cute when you chew." She says, staring into your eyes.
Selania pulls you back into a tight kiss, this time to spring for the steak inside your mouth. You work diligently to keep your piece of meat just beyond the reaches of her tongue, which draws several excited growls from Selania. The two of you are locked in an embrace, forcing your jaws open as you press your mouths together, fighting over the steak that's left. You can feel her teeth as they grind against yours, and you can taste the flavor of the meat on her drool as it mixes in your mouth.

The two of you continue to grind your hips together, moving faster and faster as the pleasure builds up.
Selania's tongue is incredibly difficult to work around, and she eventually snatches the piece of steak from the back of your throat. She moves to pull it out of your mouth as fast as she can, but you manage to clamp your teeth down at the last moment, trapping it in between your jaws. With a heavy snort and a determined smile, Selania pulls back against the piece of meat to rip it from your grasp. You do likewise, until the hunk of steak tears in half, leaving each of you with a small taste of success.
You can't help but laugh at the situation, and you find that Selania has the same idea. The two of you embrace and kiss passionately, your tongues intertwining as you share the aftertaste of the meat.
The two of you continue to make out for several minutes, grinding your hips together as you enjoy the moment. You begin to wonder if she's going to insist on going all the way, but Selania seems content with more kissing and petting.
You're perfectly fine with that.

You continue to make out with her for a little bit, until finally she pulls away and looks you in the eyes.
"I want you to stay here with me tonight." She says.
"You sure?" You ask. "I mean, I don't want to impose."
"You're not imposing." She says. "I want you here. As long as you can stay here, I want you here."
"Then it's a good thing I've got plenty of time on my hands." You say with a smile.
You and Selania kiss again with renewed interest, her powerful arms pulling you tight against her as she pushes her hips upwards to press into your pelvis. You smile against her lips as she sticks her tongue in your mouth, and you feel her long, thick tail run up your leg to rest against your waist. The fire of her eyes flickers and curls with lust as her panting grows deeper, each heave of her chest pushing her breasts against you.
"I... I need you..." She says, her voice husky and thick with desire.
You bring your hands to her neck, before scratching underneath her chin with a few curling fingers. Selania lets out a small whimper, before pressing hard against your fingers. She seems to deeply enjoy chin scratches.

"I can tell you like that." You say.
You kiss her deeply, and Selania begins to pant heavily again. She raises her hips to grind against your pelvis harder, and you feel the weight of her large, heavy torso as it sways back and forth with her movements. Her tongue darts in and out of your mouth, massaging your own with quick, flicking motions.
You bring your hands up from her chin to the top of her head, grabbing ahold of her ears and curling your fingers around them. You gently rub them, and she lets out a long groan as she arches her back.
"Tell me more about your ears." You say.
"They're cute, aren't they?" She asks.
"Cute enough." You reply with a playful smile.
"You can do all sorts of things with them. Go on."
"Like what?" You ask in a leading voice.
"Just... Just play with them! No talking!"

You oblige her request, pressing and pushing against each of her ears in a mixture of scratching and massaging. You're slowly moving your thumbs towards her inner ear fluff as you work, ready to exploit the peak sensitivity that lies within.
"Ah! That's... Ahhh..." She groans, throwing her head back.
You deepen the strength and pace of your work, massaging her ears as you push your thumbs slowly inward. Her whole body writhes and squirms as she grinds her hips into yours, panting heavily. You lean in to kiss her neck, and you can feel her pulse against your lips as her heart beats rapidly.
"You know... You know just what I want, what I... Need..." She says, between heavy panting.
Your thumbs finally reach their destination, pushing inside her ear fluff while tracing lazy circles through the incredibly soft fur. Her whole body goes slack as she lets out a long, heavy groan of ecstasy. You smile to yourself as you lean in to kiss her neck, and she grinds against your lap with wild abandon.
"I'm going to... I'm going to..." She pants.

"You're going to what?" You ask.
Selania presses her wet lips against your own, kissing you deeply as her long tongue wraps around yours. You can feel the thick fur of her chin rub against your own as she angles her head to deepen the kiss. Her heavy, large body pins you down as she moves her hips back and forth. You groan into her mouth as you feel her wetness pushing against your lap. She's soaked clean through her shorts, dripping with readiness.
"I'm going... To..." She pants heavily.
You quicken the pace of your ear rubbing to a new peak, pushing and prodding every inch of quivering ears. Working the fur through your fingers, you pay special attention to the tips and base of her ears, smoothing your thumbs over her hyper-sensitive ear fluff in agonizingly long strokes.
"Ah! I'm...!"

You lean in, kissing along her jawline as you push your fingers deeper and deeper into her ear canals. She screams in ecstasy, a howl that could be heard from miles away. Her body writhes and convulses as she pushes herself against you. You can feel the fur on her back stand on end as she lets out a long, loud howl of pleasure.
"I'm... Aah! I'm coming!" She screams.
Selania's body convulses as she lets out another deafening howl, and her whole body begins to shake. You move your mouth back to her lips, kissing her tightly clenched teeth as you feel her body shudder against you. You pull your fingers free of her ear canals, using them to rub her swollen clit through her shorts. She howls desperately, thrusting her hips forward to grind against your hand.
You pull your lips back and tilt your head, kissing the side of her face as she whines desperately. If you let her, she'd break your pelvis with a full-force, bestial fucking right now. You're definitely not ready for that, so you resolve to work on her until she doesn't have the strength to continue.

"I... I'm going to... I'm going to c-come again!" She whimpers.
You smile, rubbing your cheek against hers. You've notice she finds that very intimate.
"Be a good girl. Cum again." You say in a strong voice.
You feel her muscles shudder, and she lets out a short bark as her whole body begins to convulse. You rub her clit furiously, and she begins to howl desperately. You return your free hand to one of her ears, and she pushes her tongue against your cheek. She whimpers desperately, rubbing her face all over yours as her body becomes more and more overwhelmed by pleasure.
"I... I'm... Aah! I'm coming!" She screams.
Selania's body convulses in an intense spasm, and she lets out another deep howl of ecstasy. She slumps down in her chair, panting heavily with her eyes closed as you continue to rub her clit. Her tongue hangs from her mouth, and she lets out a long sigh as the last of her muscles stop convulsing.
"I... I need a moment." She says.

You smile, kissing her on the cheek. You sit up and pull yourself out of her lap, walking to the counter and pouring yourself a glass of water. You lean against the counter, drinking the water as you observe Selania's condition.
She’s completely sprawled out on her chair, her body still shuddering every now and then with a weak spasm. Her tongue sways back and forth outside of her mouth, and she lets out a long, happy sigh as she exhales. You watch her chest slowly rising and falling in her state of blissful relaxation.
The hellflame of her eyes finally relaxes in intensity as her afterglow deepens, and you notice her ears still flicking about while her lips spread into a drunken smile.
"You're really good at that." She says.
"I've had a lot of practice." You say.
"I can tell. You're very skilled."
You laugh, and take another drink of water. "I think this is the most fun I've had making dinner in a long time."
"Me too."

You smile, and finish your water. You place the glass in the sink, and you walk back over to the table. You slowly begin to pull yourself back into Selania's lap. She whimpers in ecstasy as you rub against her, and she wraps her arms around you, holding you tightly against her chest.
"I want to keep you here." She says.
"I mean... my living arrangements aren't set in stone. I got here just a few days ago. Technically I'm still crashing at work." You say.
"You should stay here."
"Well, I don't have any reason to say no. If you want me to stay here, I'll make the arrangements."
She smiles, and leans in for a kiss. You lean forward, meeting her halfway as the two of you embrace in another kiss. The two of you share a passionate embrace, before she finally pulls away.
"Then it's settled. You're my new boyfriend now. You're moving in here, and we'll be having lots of fun."
"Boyfriend? Are you okay with that? I mean, my job..." You start.

"Is something I know you have to do. I'm not going to try to hold you back from it. Besides, I want what you can't give to your clients. I want your real passion."
"That's... very understanding of you."
"I'm a very understanding girl." She says, running her hands along your back. "Besides... Once I'm done making you stronger, your job will just be practice."
"I'll look forward to it." You say, smiling.
Selania's fingers curl against your back, and she presses you deep against her chest. "Oh... I can't wait to finally feel your strength. It's going to be perfect. I just know it. I'll forge you into something beautiful, and powerful, and then..."
Selania can't help but moan slightly as she nuzzles the top of your head. "And then we'll ravish each other. I'll fight to be your chosen mate like no one else. You can fuck anyone you want. But I'll be the best. The strongest. The most worthy."

You push your face against one of Selania's breasts with a playful chuckle. "I have no doubt."
Selania's hands slide down your back and onto your ass, giving it a playful squeeze as she pulls you against her. "I'll have the best of you all to myself. All of you."
"That sounds lovely." You say, kissing her chest.
"I know." She says, softly running her claws through your hair. "I'll make you the man you want to be. Then, you can give all that strength to me. You'll be a warrior, fighting for your woman, your mate. I'll make you strong enough to topple anyone."
You smile at the idea. "I can't wait."
"Neither can I."
There's a blissful silence as Selania holds you against her, until you speak up again.
"So what's next? I seem to have my work cut out for me."

"Mhhm... Well, it's time you embraced another tenant of Hellhound living." Selania says.
"What would that be?" You ask.
"Naps! We've eaten well, and enjoyed each other even more. A nap is clearly in order." She says with a confident nod.
"That seems like a bit of an oversimplification."
"A nap is essential. It's how we recharge our fire. It's how we gather strength. How we do everything. It's important you learn this."
You raise an eyebrow, but Selania isn't joking around. "Alright. So, how do we do it?"
She quickly stands up from her chair, keeping you scooped up in her arms and pressed against her. "That's the best part. I get to show you."
She walks through the kitchen and up the stairs, footsteps heavy against the floor as she moves with enthusiasm.
You blush as she presses your head against her cheek. "I'm going to take such good care of you."

She walks into her bedroom, laying you down on her bed atop a soft red blanket. She quickly joins you and presses her body against yours, her warmth like an inferno to your skin.
"I'm going to have so much fun with you." She says, kissing your neck.
She moves her lips against yours, kissing you softly and sweetly. Your hands find her thick black hair as you kiss her back.
Selania smiles as she pulls away from the kiss, her head moving down towards your neck. Her lips press against your skin as she begins to leave a trail of hot, wet kisses from your neck down to your collarbone. She's interrupted by your shirt, but she quickly fixes that by slipping her paws underneath your shirt and lifting it up.
You lift your arms to help her slide your shirt off, and she lets out a deep growl of pleasure as she takes in the sight of your fully exposed upper body. Selania seems to enjoy the muscles and scars of your body immensely.
She presses her lips against your chest, kissing and licking as she leaves a trail of saliva. She lets out a growl as she quickly pulls off her own top, throwing it to the side. You barely get a moment to admire her breasts before she pushes them up against you, infusing your skin with a surge of her body heat.

"Naps are always better when you can share body heat." Selania says with a grin.
She continues to grind her body against yours, her lips finding your neck once again. She slowly works her way down, kissing the skin around your collarbone, then your chest, and then your stomach. Her kisses become longer, slower, more intimate as she works her way down towards your pants.
You blush heavily as she looks up at you with a playful smile. She unbuttons your pants, sliding them down along with your underwear.
You're a little scared she's going to pin you down for another blowjob, but she just takes a few moments to stare at your cock with an incredibly pleased expression before pulling her dampened shorts off.
Selania moans softly as she slides up your body, pressing her soaking mound against your stomach. She wraps her arms around you, holding you tightly as her growling deepens. You can feel her warm breath on your face as she pulls you up to eye-level, gently kissing you on the lips. She breaks the kiss and looks at you with an incredibly lustful expression as she presses her nose against yours.
"Now we just... hold each other... Like this." Selania says between labored breaths.

Cuddle up against her with a playful smile. "This a pretty nice way to take a nap. It's very warm and comfortable."
You shift your body inside Selania's grip to get more comfortable, which has the side effect of rubbing your now-erect cock against her stomach. She gasps at the sensation, punctuated with another quivering moan as she tenses her abs and grinds you against her.
You place your hands on her hips and grind back, and she eagerly responds by grinding harder. Selania's rippling abdominal muscles are slick with sweat, making her skin both sensitive and lubricated as she keeps your cock pinned. Her breaths quicken as she picks up the pace, with her breaths getting shorter and more ragged with every thrust. You can feel her abs flexing as her arousal is pushed deeper.
Her tail starts wagging as she starts humping you with reckless abandon.
"Oh, R-R-Ryan...! I think I'm... g-getting close!"
"Seriously?" You ask, genuinely surprised rubbing you against her abs is enough to get her off.
"Oh... f-f-f-fuckyeah...!"
Selania's eyes roll into the back of her head as her entire body starts spasming. You try to keep up, but she stops your movements with a lock-tight grip. Her legs start shaking as she falls back against the pillows, breathing heavily.

"I... I... need a minute..." She says, trying to catch her breath.
You snuggle up next to Selania, pulling her head under your chin as you soothingly stroke her ears. "Take as long as you need. That's what nap time is for."
Selania smiles as she wraps her arms around you, pulling you tightly against her fluffy body. "I could get used to this."
"Mmmh. So could I." You reply.

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