This story is taking on a life of its own . I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I am. I do not know if there will be traditional erotica scenes, if it feels like it fits it will be there. So without any further ado, Part 1

June 13th

7:10 am

Berchand Residence

Maddy woke up, sweat covered her and her sheets. She was panting, trying so hard to forget the nightmare. What could have brought that on? She shook her head and gathered her composure.

Getting out of bed, trying to rub the sleep out of her eyes, she noticed that she had gone to sleep naked. She never did that. Anyone could come in her room at any time. She ran for her closet and opened the top dresser drawer. She grabbed a black lace bra and panty set and hurriedly put them on. She grabbed a pair of black hip-hugger pants and a maroon blouse. She slipped on some sandals.

"Maddy! Breakfast!" her mother call from downstairs. "And make sure Sandie is up too."

"Yes Ma'am! I promise to kick her out of bed!"

She left her room and walked over to the door to her sister's room. It was not closed, just like last night. *Last night? Last night was a dream. *

She pushed the door open and saw her sister laying on top of the covers. Her pert ass barely covered by her t-shirt. Her skin looked so soft. Sandie turned slightly, her legs parting and the t-shirt riding up showing off her pussy.

Maddy stared at her sister's pussy, glistening in the morning light. She stepped forward, slowly as to not wake her. She started to reach out to her, hand moving towards those wet lips. She just wanted a little taste.

what the fuck?! I do not want a taste!!

She reached up to her sister's shoulder and shook her awake. "Come on Sandie, breakfast is ready and you got work in a couple of hours."

"mmph, five more minutes..." her sister mumbled and rolled over. The shirt was now so high up that Maddy could see all her treasures. That little brown star, such a tempting sight, those thick salmon-colored lips, so full and tempting.

Maddy shook herself out of the revery and ran out of Sandie's room. *I need to get out of here. What am I even thinking? *

She sat down for breakfast, her mom had placed a plate of pancakes, sausage and bacon in the center of the table. Her dad had his phone out, reading the morning news, with a cup of coffee and the food on his plate half-eaten.

"Sweetie, did you wake your sister?" her mother asked her as she brought in pitchers of milk and orange juice. Her mom had on a flower print summer dress which, though modestly cut, showed much cleavage. Her mom was a bit larger than she was and her breasts were still firm for a woman her age. She was 20 when she gave birth to Sandie and 22 when Maddy was born.

"Yes mom, but she wanted 5 more minutes and that was 10 minutes ago."

"Shut up you snitch." Sandie said as she entered the kitchen. Maddy watched her sit down. Sandie worked as a teller at the local bank. She had on what she called her "sexy business attire", a lavender blouse with the top three buttons opened, showing her ample cleavage, a tight knee length black skirt, black stockings and black heels. She looked from her sister, to her mother and finally to her father. It was a good morning, the family all together and a comfortable feeling being around those who loved you.

She looked down at her plate and cut a piece off the pancake and swirled it in the syrup and placed it in her mouth, savoring the taste. She looked up and was shocked by what she saw. Her mother slowly changed before her eyes, her summer dress disappeared along with the rest of her clothing and her necklace shrank, then widened until it became a collar. A chain ran down the front of her body and attached to the chain that held manacles on her wrists, continuing down to the manacles on her feet. Finally, a rope extended from the collar to her father's hand, her sister's hand and her own.

Her mother's face went from placid to violently angry. "Look what you have done to me! You little slut." She hissed at Maddy "Think you are so perfect, a little angel, innocent and pure. I hear you; you know. When your father is fucking me. Your moans, diddling yourself while you listened to us fuck." She leaned closer to Maddy "Your father loves that you listen, that you make yourself cum to our fucking. You created a new kink for us."

Maddy was rocked back in her seat from the vehemence of her mother's attack. The words she spoke to her, Maddy could not think straight. Then just as before, her mother changed back.

"Maddy dear, are you alright? You look like you have seen a ghost."

"Maddy, answer your mother." She turned to look at her father. His face started to turn angry, turned purple with rage as he stood. He threw back his chair and towered above Maddy. "ANSWER YOUR WHORE MOTHER, CUNT!" his spittle covered her face as he shouted at her. He grabbed her by the throat and squeezed until she could neither speak nor breathe.

She tried to pry his hand from her throat but she was too weak.

"Choke the bitch daddy! She thinks she is so much better than us. All prim and proper, even though the clothes she wears border on slutty." Her sister looked maniacal as she stood there with her breasts almost spilling out of her top. "Slap her Daddy! She wants to fuck you! Fuck her! She finger-fucks herself listening to you, fuck her daddy. Take away that virginity so she can no longer be that pure fucking pain in the ass she has become!"

Tears started flowing down Maddy's cheeks. She wondered if her family really hated her. Then the pressure on her neck ceased. Everyone was looking at her, the room was back to normal. She looked from one to the other and then pushed away from the table. "I need to get ready for school" and she left the kitchen. She stumbled to her room. She wondered what was happening to her.

She heard a voice, but could find where it came from, it was a harsh whisper "You. Will. Find. Out... soon." And then all she heard was laughter.

June 13th

9 am

Cornerville Highschool

Maddy had managed to compose herself enough that she could get to school. The voice and the laughter had stopped, but she felt as if she was being watched.

She walked up the stairs and passed through the doors. She was running late, so she headed to the office so she could check in. As she entered, she saw the school secretary, Ms. Fisher, talking on the phone.

"Yes Ma'am, I understand. No, it is not a problem..." Ms. Fisher noticed Maddy enter. "Ah, she is here now, I will take care of it Mrs. Berchand. Yes Ma'am, you too."

She looked at Maddy again. She was very pretty, brown curly hair that hung down to her shoulders. She was 25 years old and she was very popular with the boys in school. She was a little taller than Maddy's 5' 4". She had a narrow waist, looked like she might be a C or a D cup and everyone agreed she had an amazing ass. Rumor had it she was fucking Mr. Hardwick, the gym teacher.

"What a fucking little slut. Look how she dresses. If I catch Bill staring at her fucking ass again, he is going to be known as Mr. Nowick..."

Maddy's mouth dropped open and she stared at the secretary. "Ex... excuse me... what did you say Ms. Fisher?"

"I asked you if you were okay dear? Your mother said you left the house late because you weren't feeling well. Would you like a note to see the nurse?"

*I must be going insane. Why the fuck am I see and hearing things? *

"Yes Ma'am. I think that would be best."

"I will walk you down Maddy." Ms. Fisher stepped around the desk and took her hand. As their hands touched, they both froze for a second and a coldness enveloped them. Then the sensation dissipated and both thought they had imagined it. Only Maddy heard the laughter and she shuddered.

Soon they were at the nurses' office, Nurse Bethanie Anderson was sitting at her desk, working on her computer when the two of them entered. She was in her early 30s and had been at the school for 5 years. She was tall, around 5' 7", long red hair pulled back in a pony tail and bright green eyes. She wore black scrubs that were a bit more revealing than normal scrubs.

She could see Bethanie's cleavage and the top of what seemed to be a red bra underneath. She wore very little make-up, and she really did not need it. To see her in those scrubs with that almost porcelain skin was to want her.

"Ah, Ms. Fisher and Ms. Berchand. To what do I owe the pleasure?"

"Mrs. Berchand called and said Maddy here was feeling... out of sorts... today. Maddy agreed to come down and see you."

Ms. Fisher turned to Maddy "If you need anything dear, come see me." She reached out and touched her again. This time their eyes met and Maddy saw something in Ms. Fisher's eyes, a look that she normally saw in boys' eyes when she was in her bikini at the pool. She shuddered again and nodded. Anxious for her to leave.

She turned to look at Bethanie, who smiled at her and stood up. "Now dear, come with me and let's get you checked out, shall we?"

She approached Maddy and reached out for her. Maddy practically jumped back out of her reach. "No, please don't touch me."

"Maddy, I won't hurt you. Come with me, sit on the examination table." She gestured to the table behind her. Maddy carefully moved around her, making sure not to touch her, and sat up on the table.

"Oh no Maddy, you do not get to stop my fun. This is what we are here for." The voice was loud and strong. She looked around for the source.

"Maddy, what is wrong?" Bethanie looked at her, worry written across her face. "Why... why were you talking to yourself? What do you mean about "what we are here for?""

She tried to answer, but all she could do was stammer and watch in horror as the Nurse grabbed her by the shoulders and looked into her eyes, searching for an answer.

Maddy reached up and placed her hands on the Nurse's face, the cold spreading out, both faces wide with panic, and then she pulled the older woman in for a kiss. At that moment, both women heard the laughter and it seemed to echo through the room as they continued with a passionate kiss.

Their tongues entwined, Maddy kept one hand on the other woman's cheek while stroked down the other side of her face and neck, tracing the collar of her scrub top and sliding her finger into the soft, warm cleavage.

Maddy pushed the fabric of the top and the bra down, allowing her hand to cup the other woman's large breast.

*God, why am I doing this? This is wrong! I can't stop it! *

She mentally recoiled when Bethanie grabber her breasts in both hands. Squeezing and kneading eventually taking her nipples in her fingers and pinching and pulling.

Maddy moaned as the pain radiated from her nipples. "Maddy, what is happening!? I don't want to do this to you!" Bethanie spoke in a harsh whisper, trying not to be heard by anyone passing in the hallway. She couldn't fathom how she got into this predicament. This child... teenager... how could she do this to her, being caught with a student would be the end of her. Not that it really mattered, but she was at least 18, so no legal ramifications, but she was a student.

Maddy took the hand stroking Bethanie's cheek and grabbed her throat. She opened her mouth and her tongue extended out, snaking towards Bethanie's mouth. The other woman's horror filled eyes, widened as she watched the tongue elongate and thicken. She could not close her mouth and it entered slowly and painstakingly down her throat. She was having trouble breathing between the tongue and the hand squeezing her throat. Her eyes widened as she felt Maddy's hand moved inside her scrub pants, pushing lower towards her sex.

She moaned as a finger passed softly across her clit, down between her lips and then it felt like the finger was growing larger. It curled up as it entered her, her juices flowing and it kept growing. It almost felt like a cock. She thrust her hips to try and get it deeper.

The tongue exited her mouth and the hand released her throat. She watched as Maddy slowly changed before her eyes. The skin became a black and red mottled color, the hair went from blonde to a fiery red and her eyes became as black as pitch.

Maddy lifted her up with the hand on her pussy, the one finger inside her growing thicker and longer, huge fucking cock. She rose above Maddy's head. Her other hand grabbed a breast and she was high in the air. Maddy grinned at her and brought her down hard across her knee.

She felt her spine snap and then felt nothing at all. Her scream ripped out of her throat and now she hoped someone would hear. The teen opened her mouth and the teeth inside were long and sharp. She was lifted again and those teeth latched onto her neck and bit through.

She felt the blood pumping out of her, she lost the ability to focus and darkness started to envelope her.

*Oh, Christ what have I done? I killed Nurse Anderson! Why the fuck am I doing this?! *

"Maddy! Maddy! Come back to me dear." Bethanie stroked Maddy's hair. "Let me examine you dear, I won't hurt you." She grabbed a stethoscope and placed it on her chest. "Your heart is racing Hun."

She walked over to a cabinet and pulled out a pill bottle. Shaking two pills out, she then put the bottle back in the cabinet. She took a water bottle from a small fridge and brought it over to Maddy.

"Take this dear." She handed the pills and water bottle over.

Maddy took them and opened the bottle. Popping the pills into her mouth and washing it down with the water. She lay back down on table and closed her eyes.

"That's it, just rest for a bit. Then we will send you home."

"And now the work can truly begin" that dark, menacing voice came back. "Child, I am going to enjoy this so, you... not so much."

June 13th

10:15 am

Cornerville High School Nurses Office

Maddy slowly opened her eyes. It felt like she was still on the exam table. It was cold against her skin. Her arms were sore, stretched over her head as they were. She could feel the edge of the table under butt and her legs, on either side of the table, were pulled back.

*Oh fuck, now what? * she examined her predicament, naked on the table. Arms bound, stretched above her head, ankles bound and pulled back. She looked around the room but no one was there.

*whoever you are in my head, please tell me what is going on." * tears ran down her face and she softly sobbed.

"A new world is dawning. You, child, will be the vessel to birth this new age."

"Finally awake I see." In walked Principal Willard Magnusson. The students thought he was a disgusting pig. He always leered at the female students and the male students were punished for the same behavior. He took his glasses off and they looked small in fat hands, he cleaned them while looking at her.

He never registered her naked form. Nurse Anderson walked in and draped her arm on Mr. Magnusson's shoulder, leaning into him. "I think she will be fine today, she can stay her until school ends and I will take her home."

"Very well Beth. I leave her in your capable hands." He stood next to the table and looked down on Maddy. *Young lady, if only I could have you alone. One day, one day I will feel your lips on my cock, and the tightness of your ass. Oh yes, I will own you, if just for a little while. *

"Maddy, I hope you feel better. Take a few days off and get well." He smiled down at her, kept cleaning his glasses as he left the room.

"Well, sit up. Let's get you some lunch. You look famished."

Maddy blinked a couple of times. She was dressed. She was not tied down. She was definitely losing her mind. Maddy put a hand to her head and rubbed her eyes. What was real and what was in her mind? She wondered if she ever would know again.

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