The other night my wife and I were playing in the bedroom, we were both really horny and in the heat of the moment I decided to voice some of my fantasies. I told her how sexy she was when she was sucking my cock. She asked me if I really liked that, and my response was, "Oh, yes". So I asked her to suck my cock and then come back up and give me a hot kiss after she had my cock in her mouth.

She seemed to be playing along, and she moved down to my hard cock, all while looking up at me eye-to-eye. She seductively grabbed the base of my cock while looking up at me, and then she licked the head of my cock with her hot tongue. I was going crazy just from this hot sight before me. She continued to look up at me seductively while licking the head of my cock, and teasing me to the extreme. Then her mouth opened and slowly she slid my cock head into her mouth, and then back out again.

I moaned with the intense feeling of her mouth wrapping around my cock head, and then she let it back out again as she slowly sucked all the way to the tip as it came back out of her mouth. She clearly was enjoying giving me the extreme tease of this slow blowjob. Again, she took my cock back into her mouth, this time taking me deeper into her mouth, and then pausing to suck on my cock as it was deep in her mouth.

And again she let my cock slowly pull out of her mouth, and I could see her licking her lips as my cock came out of her mouth. Then she crawled back up to me to be face-to-face and she paused to say, "Is this what you want?" Then she gave me a passionate kiss, open mouth with her tongue pressed into my mouth. I felt electric with just the thought that she had my cock inside her wet mouth and now we were locked mouth-to-mouth deep kiss. She also seemed to be very turned on as we shared the deep kiss after sucking my cock.

We finally broke the kiss, and she asked me, "Did you like that?" I staggered with a response, "Oh my god that was so hot." Then she started to go down on me again. Once again, she grabbed my hard cock at the base, and held it just in front of her lips, where she could look closely at the head of my cock. I was so turned on as she slowly squeezed and stroked my cock that I developed a drop of pre-cum at the head of my cock. She was looking closely at the pre-cum on my cock head, and then she opened her mouth and took my cock into her mouth, again as she looked up into my eyes. I could tell from the look in her eyes that she was saying to me that she was enjoying the taste of the pre-cum in her mouth from the head of my cock.

So she pulled my cock back out of her mouth, and she basically sucked the pre-cum from the tip of my cock as she came off my cock. Then she again moved up to me as she was going to kiss me again, and this time we would share a deep kiss after she just took my pre-cum into her hot mouth. We again shared a passionate open mouth kiss and this time I could actually taste my pre-cum inside her mouth. I think this whole experience got her even more turned on as she was almost attacking me with this kiss of passion.

Finally our kiss ended, and she paused to ask me another question. "How did you like that?" My response was, "Oh my god, I loved every bit of that." Then she asked me, "Could you taste yourself in my mouth?" I responded, "Yes, and it turned me on even more?" She got a big smile on her face and once again she went back down to give me more of this fantastic blowjob.

This time when she went down on my cock, she seemed to be on a mission to make me cum. She was stroking my cock and sucking like she was trying to pull the cum out of my cock. I told her how good this felt and then I admitted another fantasy to her. "I wish I could watch you suck some other guy's hard cock, and I wish that I could watch you make him cum with you mouth?"

Stop stopped sucking on me momentarily, and she looked up at me eye-to-eye. And she said "Is this how you want to see me sucking on another guy's cock?" And then she put my cock back into her mouth and was sucking me with long, deep, slow movements of her mouth on my cock. I was moaning and my hips were rising up off the bed as my cock went in and out of her hot, wet mouth. I was in ecstasy.

Next, I heard her say, "Do you want to cum in my mouth?" My response was, "Oh please, I want to cum in your mouth." I said, "I want you to taste my cum." She continued to suck my hard cock in and out of her mouth, and she knew that I was getting close to the point of orgasm. She kept sucking, and telling me, "I want you to cum." And I started to explode warm jets of cum directly into her mouth. I could tell she was swallowing some of my cum, but she was also trying to hold my cum in her mouth as well.

As my orgasm was starting to slow just a bit, and she suddenly moved off my cock and quickly came back up to be face-to-face with me. I could tell she was ready for another deep kiss, and just after I had filled her mouth with a load of hot cum. She started to kiss me, lips-to-lips, but not opened mouth just yet. I was wondering if she was going to go further, and then she did so. She opened her mouth and began a deep passionate French kiss. Our mouths and tongues passionately shared together, and I could taste the cum inside her mouth. It tasted so good as we shared our first cum kiss, and she was so turned on with the whole exchange. I could tell that it was really turning her on to be sharing everything with her.

We continued to kiss passionately for some period of time, and we shared the taste of the cum together, and she was so turned on that she began humping my leg with her pussy. So was so excited and as we broke our kiss, and we were mouth-to-mouth with our lips slightly parted, and I could hear her moaning that she was about to orgasm. Her pussy was grinding strong on my leg, as we held our position mouth-to-mouth, and she enjoyed an intense orgasm with her pussy rubbing my leg. I could tell now that she really enjoyed this whole experience as much as I had enjoyed this fantasy.

So I just had to ask her if she enjoyed that nearly as much as I had enjoyed this cum kiss? She told me, "That was really hot", and then she told me, "If you could get hard again then I would fuck you right now." I told her that I would not be able to get it up again, and that I wish we had another guy to give her a second cock right now. She asked me if I was serious about wanting to see her with another guy. I told her that it really turned me on and that I would love to see her going down on another cock and sucking him off until he came from her blowjob. She told me she was not sure if she could do this in real life, beyond just a fantasy. I told her that I would absolutely love to do this.

Next, I told her we could pickup a stranger, or we could do it with a friend, or we could go to one of those swinger clubs. She said she could never do it with anyone we knew, and she would not want to do anything in our home town where someone might find out what we had done. But then she said that she might consider going to a far away club with total strangers. I was so excited just because she was talking and thinking about the possibility of having such a fantasy come true.

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