Journey with a Beautiful Lady -- part II


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It was 10 pm by time marriage ceremony was completed. Naresh and Vaishali already had their dinner; so after wishing the couple good luck they came out and sat on the chairs on the lawn.

"Now tell me what the program is?" Vaishali asked.

"Go to the bus stand and board the bus" said Naresh.

"Is it compulsory that you have to vacate the room?"

"No, I can retain it up to 8 in the morning."

"I am tired, I want to rest. Why not we go in the morning?" She said. Naresh understood that she is for something; though he too wanted the same but he didn't come out and asked "what about Govind? You said he will be at the bus station in the morning."

She thought for a while and phoned to Govind. "Hai darling.." she said when she heard Govind's voice.

"Hello Vaishali... how was the marriage... are you starting now?"

"Vivek is (Groom) is asking me to stay for the night he says some other rituals are there.."

"But darling..."

"By the way I forgot to tell you.. yahan mujhe ek bhayya mile" (here I found a brother...) and she winked at Naresh.

"Bhayya...! Wah koun...?"

"Here talk to him..." and she gave her mobile to Naresh. "Hey! Govind.. it is me yaar Naresh..."

"Oh! Naresh.. hey yaar how are you? where are you now-a-days? and how is it that you are in this marriage?" Govind asked from the other side.

"The bride is my cousin yaar ... so I am here. It is a coincidence that I met Vaishali. My cousin is compelling me to stay for the night..."

"Oh! By the way Vaishali's cousin is also asking her to stay..."

"If she wishes let her stay I'll give her company..."

"It is OK then.. if you are there I need not worry... take care of your sister.."

"You don't worry about her now, I'll take good care of her" he said in the phone and winked at Vaishali.

"So my new brother is going to take good care of mine.. What care will you take..?" she smiled naughtily.

That you'll come to know when we reach our room" he said ad squeezed her hand. They both started for the room.

They reached the room.

"My darling bro now show how you are going to take good care of me... umm..." Vaishli teased him with a mischievous smile on her alluring lips, as soon as they entered the room.

Looking at her lovingly Naresh uttered "Vaishoo...."

Vaishali put a finger on his lips and looked up straight into his eyes. In her seductive best spoke with her lips close to him. "Naresh, my love... actions speak louder than words.." and with her arms drew him close to her yearning body.

Naresh planted a gentle kiss on her lips, which melted her and she too returned an equally gentle one. Before the sensation of the thrill of their leisure kiss could sink in all hell broke loose. Vaishali and Naresh embarked on a wild mutual mouth feeding frenzy. The tremendous urgency did not let them stand for long.

They fell on the bed with Naresh on top of her grabbing her by his strong arms and holding her face lovingly while darting his tongue into her hungry mouth. Heavy moans started emitting from both of them. Their tongues slithered into each other's mouth.

They never lost even a single minute to feel each other. Naresh threw away his shirt and vest to reveal his well-toned athletic body. Seeing his chest and six pack abs Vaishali could not hide the lust as she admired his body. He dived upon her and started kissing her neck, nape of the neck, her throat and down.

In a swift move, he threw away the pallu to reveal her sleeveless blouse and smooth flat stomach. With trembling hands he grabbed her blouse clad 34 C boobs and sank his face in them. He moaned in pleasure while rubbing his face on them and squeezing them gently. His gentleness thrilled Vaishali. Govind was never so gentle on her.

His eager touches made her shudder in newfound pleasure. He went down on her stomach kissing every inch of it while squeezing her fine round orbs. Then he dug his tongue in her puckered navel and she felt as if being touched by a livewire and shrieking out with joy she said "Oh Naresh," she grabbed his head with both hands.

Naresh with frenzy explored Vaishali's stomach and navel with his hungry mouth and tongue moaning in intense satisfaction. He hovered at the base of her cunt for some time which made her juices start to flow from within. Then he moved up and kissed Vaishali on her lips for a short while.

His hand reached her back and started to fiddle with the knot that held the blouse. "Let me see your beauty Vaishoo." He spoke with heavy lust laden voice. She pushed his hands away and undoing the blouse let it fall on the floor. His eyes shone with tremendous excitement.

As she undid the lacy bra there revealed Vaishli's mature firm orbs of delight for his eyes. He kept staring at them for a while. Perhaps unable to believe that he is seeing his best friend's wife's boobs. Vaishali took his hands placed them on her boobs.

His strong palms sent shivers down her spine and he started to knead them like dough. "Oh God.. how soft, yet so firm -- oh I can't believe I am doing this. Afternoon I could not see them properly." He exclaimed as his fingers kept digging into the softness like a hot knife into butter. The sensation was out of this world.

He kept playing with her boobs as he rode his body upon hers. She felt his raging hard-on writhing against her thigh. The warmth of his cock seeped in to her oozing slit. They both felt fresh tremors in their bodies.

She grabbed his head with both her hands and huskily said, "Come, bhayya.. bahen ki duddoo peeyo" Oh, the passion with which he gobbled her boobs in his salivating mouth made Vaishali go wild. He sucked and squeezed the delicious goblets and especially admired her pink nipples.

As Naresh slobbered her nipples he said "Vaishoo you have lovely nipples, so thick, taut and so tasty."

Naresh renewed his experiments on her nipples and when he started to gently nibble with his teeth. Vaishali shrieked out as her whole body shook with incredible sensations. It percolated through her boobs into her heart and down to her watering choot. She had to have him soon as she badly wanted to see his rock hard cock.

In a strong move, Vaishali turned Naresh over and started kissing his torso from the chest with a quick movement. Her kisses drove him wild and he groaned in pleasure. She saw his erection in his shorts and a quick move of her hands pulled his shorts down to reveal his naked hot meat.

'Ah, what a sight!' she thought as her hubby's best friend's seven inches long and three-inch circumference cock standing up in all its glory. Her palms itched badly to feel him. She grabbed the glorious tool in both her hands and started to stroke gently.

Naresh shuddered and uttered with intermitting groans --"Vaishoo mmmm... how soft your hands feel" 'oh god she is too good.' He thought.

The heat of his naked cock and seeped into her wet pussy and she was feeling damn horny. Yet she wanted him to go crazy so that he would plunge that shaft inside her inviting moistness.

"Do you Like my hands?"

"Yes, Vaishooo... they are so good.."

"Nice.. what else you want me to do...?"

"Vaishoo -- will you -- will you?" Naresh is hesitating.

"Don't you worry dear; you have given me so much pleasure in the afternoon.. I have to repay it isn't it? Tell me what I have to do?" she seductively smiling at him asked "Your Vaishoo will give whatever you want." She spoke and increased the speed of the cock tugging. The sensation of the speedy hand job broke his inhibitions for good.

"Vaishoo... I ... I .. I want to feel your mouth over my cock."

"Ok, you got it." Her mouth was already watering to get a taste of that glorious cock. She bent down and opening her mouth wide slipped half of that thick hot sausage inside her mouth. "Oh,Vaishoo... your mouth is so hot." He groaned out loud. He grabbed a pillow and sat up so that he could have a better view of his cock.

It is so nice in my mouth.. perfectly fitted..." vaishali thought "Govind's is too big and stout.. for my small mouth it is difficult for me to take his full in my mouth, and he always tries to push hard hurting my mouth..." she thought and remembered her husband's.

She is bobbing her head up and down Naresh's pulsating cock with effortless ease. She also saw that her lips were closed tightly on the circumference. Her tongue laid comfortably on the sensitive underside of his penis.

Her this action was more than enough to drive any man crazy, and Naresh is no exception. He had gone crazy. Naresh grabbed her head with his hands and started speaking incoherently with intermittent bestial groans of pleasure.

"Oh, Vaishoo Oh my God, you really know how to suck. Your throat feels so hot. Yes, keep those lips tight. Vashoo my darling, look into my eyes while you suck." Naresh groaned.

She nodded with approval at his request and looked up to his eyes. His face was smeared with agonized pleasure. With every downward stroke as her lips touched the base of his cock, his pleasure grew more intense. The woman in Vaishali gloated with satisfaction.

His fingers running frantically through her hair added to her excitement. She is leaking down there and aching for this throbbing pole to plunge inside her and Vaishali thought naughty and made things more unbearable for him.

Caressing his balls with her soft supple palm and fingers, and Naresh grabbed her hair with more intense sets of shrieks of pleasure and said "vaishoo .. you bitch ..vooonn... salee you are agonizing me.. tujhe aiasa chodungaa ki thoo zindagi bhar yad rakhe"

Vaishali felt a sense of pride as she removed the saliva drenched pole from her mouth and said "tho chod naa sale... dekh kya raha hai.. chod apni dost ki patni ko... chod apni muhn boli bahen ko chod re bahen chod".

Naresh turned so frenzy by her talk and he grabbed her fiercely and put her down. With lusty hands, he withdrew her saree and threw it away. He repeated the same with her petticoat. His eyes popped out as he saw her swollen, clean shaven pussy.

The admiration in his eyes gave Vaishali her extreme satisfaction and as a shameless slut, she parted her thighs for her new found lover. "Like what you see?" she asked with a mischievous smile on her lips.

"Oh yes, you are so wet down there, oh! I never imagined this... Can I fuck you?" he asked. That is what she liked in him unlike Govind he always takes her opinion before doing.

"Of course dear put that hard cock of yours deep in my aching pussy."

Naresh climbed over her and grabbed her with both hands and parted her legs. He placed the tip of his cock on her quivering pussy lips. The touch of his hot cock on her pussy made her to shriek heavily "Shove it deep in...aaaahhhaaa.."

In one heavy stroke Naresh shoved his seven-inch long cock deep inside Vaishali's juice overflowing pussy. She let out a loud gasp as his thick hot neat filled her insides and grabbed his head. He too gasped out in pleasure as he found the warmth of her cunt much more pleasurable than he had envisioned.

Vaishali and Naresh lay still for a few minutes looking at each other enjoying the warmth of their private parts. "Oh, vaishali you are so hot. I really can't believe I am really enjoying my friend's wife."

He spoke with earnestness and then slowly pulled out till the tip. He pushed it inside with the same speed. He continued a similar motion for two minutes which got them both urgent. Vaishali could feel the beginning of an earth-shattering orgasm start to build up in her.

Naresh stood up and slid her legs between his arms. He put them down till Vaishali's knees were almost near her ears. He grabbed her face with his hands and in this new position, his cock was touching the innermost parts of Vaishali's love hole which had never been touched by Govind throughout her three years married life.

"My are so flexible."

Saying this Naresh started to plunge in and out of her heavily watering cunt. Gradually increasing the speed letting the full seven inch length come out till the bulbous head. Then slide inside till his pelvic zone slapped against her. His heavy balls were also thumping against her spongy buttocks which increased their excitement further.

The long building tension between them had already put them in an orgasmic zone. Vaishali felt faint tremors in Naresh's abdomen along with hers. This meant both of them were nearing a satisfying climax. The urgency of his thrusts grew. Within two minutes he started fucking her with tremendous speed making her wetness more intense.

Soon both of them started to moan and groan in the throes of uncontrollable passion and started talking dirty. "Fuck me, fuck me like a rundee.. like a bitcht, aaaaaahhhh...aaahh I am your rundee...fuck my brains out." Vaishali kept shrieking as he plundered her swollen pussy.

"Vaishali... what a cunt you have. See how it is gripping my tool ...I want to fuck you day in and day out. Yes, I will fuck like a slut... you are my slut" He was also gasping heavily.

"chodo apni muhn boli bhen ko chodo... aur jor se... Fuck your sister..." she shrieked.

"Yes I am fucking my sister... aaaahhh..."

Vaishali started to thrust upwards to meet her fucker's ferocious thrusts. As the first quivering of her orgasm started she wrapped her arms around him. She shouted, "Naresh, don't stop till I cum. You're going to make ne cum hard."

"Here take more. Take my cock deep in your hot pussy."

He worked up tremendous speed. Their moans, sighs, the squelching sounds of his cock sliding in and out of her oozing pussy. The slapping sounds as their bases met with wanton lust. It created a heavily lust laden atmosphere which was getting unbearable for both of them. Vaishali never felt such joy in her life, one because his' is fitting in her perfectly and second is his way of treating her gentle at times and rough at times causing ripples in her body.

She could not take this unbearable joy any more. Her climax started to build up much faster than she anticipated. He fucked her with unbearable pleasure all over his face. And she started shrieking. "Naresh...darling..I am going to cum, make me cum."

"Cum darling... cum, Vaishoo.. my sweety... cum all over my dick."

All the floodgates shattered as Vaishali's whole body shook uncontrollably. She started to cum like never before. Copious amount of cum juice spewed out of her pussy drenching his hard cock as she almost fainted. The sensation of her pussy extracts bathing Naresh's cock broke his control. He let out a long yell of unbearable pleasure.

"Vaishoo I am also finished ....."

He buried his cock in Vaishali's pussy to the hilt and started to discharge. She felt him throb repeatedly deep inside. The sweet sensations of his thick hot cum gushing inside her and she is cumming. He kept on release his love juices for at least a minute and finally letting her legs free he slumped over her body.

He was exhausted from the labors of love. Vaishali somehow managed to cross her legs over Naresh's waist and clung hard to him. They lay still sleeping in each other's body heat and let their juices mingle inside her satisfied cunt. They don't know how long they lay like that.

Finally it was Vaishali was the one to open her eyes first and saw Naresh still breathing heavily with his face deeply buried between her boobs. It was damn good for both of them. Both were satisfied mentally and physically.

What happened after that? Did they continue their love game? If so how? Wait for the next episode. Till then bye... bye... happy life.... and good Luck ...

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