How to play flash games after Adobe Killswitch

Do you remember those browser games you used to play after coming home from school? Even after the Adobe decision you can still play them, and that is what this guide will explain.

Bluemaxima's Flashpoint

Bluemaxima's Flashpoint is a browser game preservation project. You can download it by visiting this site:
Bluemaxima's Flashpoint Download

Install Flashpoint Ultimate if you want all the games on your HD, or Infinity if you just want to download the game online and then play offline.

I'll use Flashpoint Core as an example:
Flashpoint Core
Now you can play any game you want.


with FlashPatch you can play any browser flash game again. If you want to install it go to the github repo:

You will need Adobe Flash Player. To install it you can download the version from here: Adobe Flash Player or you can download the Chinese version, which is the most up-to-date, here: Chinese Adobe Flash Player


Adobe Flash Player Projector

If you want to play flash games offline just by needing the file, you can use the Adobe Flash Player Projector. You can install it here:
Adobe Flash Player Projector
Install Adobe Flash Player Projector
select one of the versions depending on your operating system.

Adobe Flash Player Projector
Adobe Flash Player Projector
will appear something like this. After that, to run the .SWF file of the game, go to "Archive > Open... > Search..." and open the game. You can also run directly from the URL.

This is an example of a game running on the Adobe Flash Player Projector:
Adobe Flash Player Projector

you can also use Lightspark, Supernova or even Newgrounds Player (for Newgrounds Site only)

Basilisk Portable

you can use the portable version of basilisk with flash to run any flash game in the browser. You can install it by finding it here:
Basilisk Portable

you can also use FlashBrowser or K-Meleon


if you want to know about existing flash emulators you can check this post:
Flash Player Emulators

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