Continued from Jacosta and Pete, part 1

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I collapsed on the bed almost immediately after the waves of orgasmic pleasure had subsided and then drifted into a contented sleep. I returned to consciousness some time later by the sensation of my breast being suckled but it felt like I was unable to move my arms or legs.

I opened my eyes, it was Pete whose lips and mouth was attached to my tit. I lay on my side and he knelt on the floor beside me, almost half my left boob in his mouth. His tongue teased the nipple, I imagined the flow of milk drawn by the gentle suction from his mouth and the gentle massage from his hand that assisted the flow.

He released my breast, there wasn't any milk and I made tentative attempts to move of my limbs, I wasn't restrained. My pussy was a bit sore like it had a serious work over.

"Good afternoon," he said.


"Ah ha."

"Oh, shit" Back to reality I mentally started to focus on what I should be doing. "I had better get a move on, Bill and Vanessa will be back soon." He placed a hand on the side of my face and kissed me. He was dressed, hair still wet from the shower.

"Take it easy, I have done a load of clothes washing and emptied the dishwasher. We will have to do these sheets as well though, I will start on that while you are in the shower." I relaxed a little and rolled on my back and felt a wet patch on my bottom. I sat up still a little groggy.

"You passed out almost straight away after your orgasm earlier," he said. "I rolled you on your side and you haven't moved for over three hours." The memory brought a smile to my lips.

"It was intense, must admit," I looked and massaged at my inner thighs, they were sticky with semen and other body fluids, my pussy lips red and swollen. Pete stood and opened the window, warm spring air wafted in with the faint aroma of fresh blossom.

"This room smells like a brothel he explained, "and you had better hurry up with that shower." He started to strip the sheets from the bed. I moved to let him continue and with slightly wobbly legs and a tender pussy I made my way to the bathroom.

"Breakfast will be ready in fifteen minutes," he called out with an arm load of soiled linen.

My energy levels returned as I let the hot water cleanse my body and I let my mind drift through the events of the last 24 hours. I was amazed and ecstatic with the way my body responded to Pete's dominance. I realised with mixed feelings that sexual submission was part of me, something that I had ignored for so long.

Admittedly I took the dominant role when I lured him to my bed and ravaged his beautiful young body to mutual satiation. This wasn't premeditated in any way and I knew it was wrong at the time, I just could not help myself and on reflection the power I had over him was an aphrodisiac.

However, this morning when he ordered me to kneel for him so he could take me like a bitch on heat was like a switch that triggered into subservience. I welcomed the chance to be totally submissive, the intensity of the subsequent arousal and orgasm was akin to opening flood gates of need.

His desire was enhanced as well even though we had copulated for hours during the night, his morning erection was hard and sustained. The head of his cock touched, caressed and stimulated me perfectly. It rested on the opening of my cervix when he ejaculated and the release of considerable quantities of sperm laden semen at the entrance to my uterus pushed me over the threshold into a totally pleasurable state of body and mind.

It had been so long since I had experienced an orgasm like that and ironically it was with a woman before I was married. Margaret was the woman I fell in love with when I was a teen. She was by far the most skilled and considerate lover I have ever been with. I have been with plenty of men in the past but none have pushed all my buttons like Pete.

Pete was a virgin when I took him to my bed but unlike most men I have slept with he learned quickly and proved to be a considerate and imaginative lover. I have no doubt this was enhanced by our fantasy of fucking as we watched Bill and Vanessa through the kitchen window.

I should have felt guilty or at the very least remorseful about those thoughts but I wasn't, I was excited by it. Sometime soon I hoped the opportunity to convert that fantasy into reality will present itself.

Chapter 2

By the time I emerged from the shower the bed had been expertly remade and I couldn't detect any traces of sexual activity in the air. The aroma of frying bacon met me as I descended the stairs made my tummy rumble and mouth water in anticipation of food.

"Feeling refreshed" asked Pete when I sat at the table. I faced the window that gave a view of the pool and back yard.

"Yes but I'm a bit sore I must admit."

"Yeah, I noticed your pussy looked a bit red and swollen, sorry about that."

"I'm not fussed but you will have to go easy on me for a day or two."

"That's ok, you can suck me off when I need."

"Yes," I heard myself say. The sheer naughtiness of the idea started small tingles in my groin. A small smile twitched at the corners of his mouth as he put a plate of bacon and scrambled eggs in front of me along with a glass of orange juice. I was ravenous and the food was delicious.

"I imagine you will need relief fairly regularly," I said between mouthfuls. He wore his running shorts and loose fit T-shirt. I imagined running my hand over his lean torso. He turned to put the fry pan into the sink to soak.

"Yes and I am mindful of your conditions with regard to your husband and daughter so we will have to develop a strategy that maximises opportunity and minimises risk." He turned to look at me, his eyes dark and enticing.

"Oh, like what?"

"Well for starters there will be times when you will have to go commando."

"No panties?"

"Yes and wear a dress or skirt at the same time for easy access." The tenderness in my pussy made the tingles or arousal even more noticeable.

"You're thinking about that scene where we watch Bill and Vanessa through this window. That really got you excited didn't it."

"Yes, he said very quietly and without confidence." I concentrated on finishing my food. I handed my plate to him. He took it and put it in the dishwasher.

"I liked it too, a lot," I said. His eyes widened slightly and he moved his hand to adjust the front of his shorts. I envisaged the growing erection. "I especially like the way you took control this morning," I added.

"So, you would like to do that for real?" He stood up. The bulge in his groin was very noticeable.

"Yes." My heart started to thump in anticipation of what he may do next. I didn't have to wait long, he moved to stand in front of me, unzipped the fly and released his very hard cock. I took as much of him as I could in my mouth. He groaned with pleasure.

I spread the natural lubricant that flowed from the opening of his sex organ and spread it over the shaft with my tongue and fingers. With the head in my mouth I massaged the underside, his thrusts became more rapid and determined. Any second now I thought, he will let go and cum.

Suddenly he pulled out of my mouth. "Shit," he said, "Vanessa." I looked up just in time to see my daughter walk past the kitchen window. Pete tried unsuccessfully to cram his cock back into his shorts, gave up, then with some amusement I watched his swollen organ bounce in front of him as he made for the door and stairs.

Vanessa came into the kitchen and dumped he bag on the floor. I quickly took a mouth full of orange juice. She came over to give me a hug. I hoped she did not detect the aroma of Pete's precum on my lips.

"How was your sleep over," I asked then I drank more juice.

"Yeah, good, not much sleep though. How was your night?"

"Nice and quiet, slept in."

"Sounds good, I need a shower she announced then some sleep I think." She picked up her bag and headed for her room. I waited until she went to the bathroom and the shower was running. I knew she would be in there for at least half an hour.

I quietly climbed the stairs, I had left Pete in a rather awkward condition and felt responsible to help to relieve him, well that's what I told myself any way. I also wanted more physical contact with sexy body, he had that effect on me.

Pete's door was open just a fraction and I could see him watching. I gently knocked, the door opened a little wider but he had moved behind the door. I could not see him at all.

"Hello," he said.

"I'm alone, come in." He was naked and still sexually aroused.

"I was hoping you would come." I knelt on the floor and finished what I started in the kitchen. It took several swallows and some time to suck the remains from his softening cock. I stood and gave him a cuddle and fondled his cute bottom. "Thankyou," he said.

"It was my pleasure," I replied with total honesty. He kissed me, I let his tongue explore my lips and mouth.

"Yum," he said.

"You like the taste of cum?"

"Sometimes, especially when it's in you mouth or pussy."

"No complaints from me, kiss me some more."

Chapter 3

Over the next few weeks we started to develop various routines where we could enjoy some measure of intimacy. We both left for work later than in the past, certainly after Bill and Vanessa had gone. I would get their breakfasts and Pete would join in as if ready to leave, then he would ravish me. I looked forward to those mornings when I knew we could be together.

I now frequently dressed commando style as Pete would say complimented with with a dress or skirt, sometimes a blouse with no bra. Pete would notice straight away and I would receive discrete caresses on my bottom or thighs as we passed each other when Vanessa or Bill was near.

If no one could see us he would kiss me and the touch was more intimate. Bill didn't seem to notice at all, Vanessa maybe but I was wary and made very certain that no one could see anything untoward. Pete respected my need to be careful.

For me this was an exciting time and a satisfying one. I felt needed and wanted. I basked happily with the knowledge that Pete found me attractive physically as well as mentally. Not only was I satisfied but my libido was on the increase as well.

The more we got to know each other the more we found we had in common. There were also plenty of opposites in our personalities and in those respects we complimented each other's weaknesses with strengths of our own. Pete's shyness and nervous social problems, particularly his stammering had all but disappeared although he still relied on me to take the lead in meetings.

He also relied on me to take the initiative with our sex life and was constantly alert to my availability. In many ways I was in control but once he got the all clear so to speak I was like putty in his hands. I just loved to let him have his way with me.

He was also considerate of my needs and although there were times when he was so horny and would cum quickly he would always made sure I had release usually through oral sex. I marvelled at how my body had quickly become accustomed to his touch and climaxes were so much easier to achieve. By then he was usually hard and ready again and it was a pleasure to let him enter me and give him what he wanted.

Our relationship also made working together a pleasure, it was also progressing very well. We lodged several provisional patents for our new client. Pete had envisaged even more spin offs and the company was delighted with the concepts but he wasn't that good at putting the ideas down on paper. That was my job and we worked well together.

I was also able to supply leads to potential manufacturers and this brought in more work for us. Pete and I were assigned exclusively to these new developments.

About a week ago after we met with two company representatives who had been our main contacts for the past few months Pete and I were invited to view some of the projects we had been involved with at their factory.

One of the company people was Bill's friend who had initially contracted us to do the initial patents. We became aware that there were some people in his organisation who had reservations about the choice of us as patent attorneys. Our subsequent successes had boosted his career considerably. I think he was very keen to show us off to his employers.

When they mentioned the visit would involve travel to a regional area in a light plane Pete started to get a little agitated. He started to stammer, I could tell he was under some sort of pressure.

"I am n-nervous about flying in s-small planes. I get air s-sick too." he eventually got out. I reached out to put my hand on his arm.

"It's ok Pete," I said, "we can drive but it will mean two nights in a motel or what ever," I said with the hope I did not sound too eager. "Obviously we will need separate rooms," I added, conscious of our preliminary research that revealed the owners the company were very conservative and religious.

I resisted the temptation to look at Pete as they mulled over the request for several agonising seconds. "That will be fine," Bill's mate eventually said. Now that we know you can afford the extra time there are a couple of related pilot programs we have set up a few miles out of town I would like you to look at as well.

Please allow us to arrange the accommodation, naturally you will be guests of the company so every thing will be taken care of. By the way is Bill likely to accompany you? It would be good to catch up with him sometime."

"I don't know but will ask him now, if you like," I said. I dialled Bill's number, made contact and briefly outlined the situation, then handed over the phone to his friend. A bit of initial small talk followed then it sounded like Bill was making excuses, that didn't surprise me. Pete looked a little too pleased, I glared at him and he got the message and shuffled through his paper work and made notes.

"Sounds like he may be busy with work, his friend said as he handed back my phone."

"Oh well, we tried," I replied and put my phone back in my bag. "It's been a while since we have had a few days away, will work on that for another time maybe."

"Yes," he said, "just need a bit more planning I suppose, maybe a weekend would be better, will keep that in mind. Ok, so is every one happy with this morning's work?" asked the other company representative as we wrapped up the meeting.

"Yes very said Pete, we will work on some more ideas before we visit in a few of weeks.

We saw our visitors out and gave a brief report of the meeting to our boss. She was very pleased with the outcome and had no problems with us taking a couple of days off. The potential for earnings to our small office was substantial and she was well aware of that.

"A good morning's work," she said, " I see the trip is not scheduled for several weeks so there is plenty of time to prepare so why don't you both take the afternoon off?"

"That sounds great," I said "and thanks."

Chapter 4

"How about a little detour on the way home," Pete said as soon as we got into my car. I was a little surprised as I expected we would go straight home and hoped we would have time for a bit of fun. But he had that look that I have learned comes with a new idea, well, a carnal one. My heart started to thump and small shivers rippled the back of my neck.

"You have my attention."

"I've been thinking on how much you seemed to enjoy it when I tied your hands above your head the other day and, um, molested you."

He was right about my enjoyment, I had also revealed a little more of myself to him than intended and it actually got me more sexually excited. I was at that moment of pure desire and arousal when I admitted I didn't care who put a cock in me.

We were in the kitchen, Bill had already left for work and we were waiting for Vanessa to leave to go to school. I wore a skirt and blouse but no underwear or stockings. Over the past few days there had been little opportunity to be completely alone together, I was in the mood for sex.

Vanessa seemed to take forever in the bathroom, I busied myself with tidying up the kitchen and Pete went back up to his room saying he had things to do. I wondered if Vanessa was delaying on purpose, something that made me slightly nervous but this was overwhelmed by a need to satiate my rampant libido.

She eventually came out complete with school bag. "Where's Pete?" she asked, alarm bells started to ring.

"He went off to his room, said he had things to do, I suspect he also plans to go for a run this morning."

"OK, Jenny was wondering if he is still interested in the tutoring job, I was thinking he and I could go over to Jenny's and we could do the work together, save Pete a bit of time." I breathed a little sigh of relief.

"Ok it's fine by me, I will ask Pete and he can let you know tonight. I'm sure it will be fine."

"Thanks mum, have to go."

Pete appeared shortly after and without a word went straight to the tea towel rack, he selected all four and told me to stand at the narrow end of the table. He rolled a towel into a thin sausage. He indicated I should turn around with my back to him place my foot against the table leg. He then tied my foot to the leg and repeated the process with my other foot.

My legs were now spread apart, he caressed my bottom then placed his hand under my skirt and lightly touched my pussy lips. The brief contact triggered a pleasurable ache in my groin and I started to leak. I moved and squirmed to provide better access.

"Mmmm," was all he said. I gasped as his finger found my erect clitoris. I wiggled in a attempt to get more stimulation but he removed his finger and picked up another towel. He used it to bind my hands together behind my back. With the last towel he made a blind fold and covered my eyes.

Margaret, my lover from all those years ago was the last person to have done anything like this to me and it brought back a flood of memories, all of them good and pleasurable

"Imagine Bill, Vanessa and some of her friends are sitting around the pool," Pete commanded.

He stood behind me, untucked my blouse, fondled my breasts then gently squeezed the nipples. Kisses and nibbles on my neck and ears sent delicious shivers down my back, my pussy throbbed with desire and anticipation of being penetrated and used.

He gently put pressure on my back with one hand the other held my front as he bent me over so my breasts and face were on the table. He lifted my skirt up and exposed my naked pussy. His hand caressed the labia and inserted a finger into the wet opening.

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