OECA or ORI !! @oecalive
sculk he + neutral terms & unlabeled
adhder and im 1 and 2... yeah sorry info
world famous /musicdiscs... unfortunately


hyperfixation really like normal less interested
interests with a * are ones i dont associate with

bears in trees url hoarding outsiderssmp*
sigcorp games tspud omori* project sekai
rpgmaker & indie games ace attorney trilogy

before you interact

1) as said above im them. go read the other rentry
2) i make death threat jokes to friends that are
okay with them. tell me if you dont like them
3) bears in trees are a huge comfort for me. dni if
you dont like them this is the best for both of us
4) i get really anxious when outsiderstwt follows
or interacts with me for personal reasons. pleease
ask to interact or iwc its nothing personal im sorr
5) might not use tone indicators/tags, tell me if
you need them!! i dont mind using them

no particular order, you can ask
to be added here if were mutuals!!

vienna oeca mell/kai moon ry rulla zfanclub
vi/purp pluto riley spoke
i hope you all get blendered <33 except kai ily

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