The week flew by. Finally it was Friday I was ready for my party. Sue had me go to her shop dressed as a male and did my hair, face, finger nails and toes. She had me change and saw my hard cock. While it was only 5.5 inches it was hard. She laughed and told me she would calm me down. She was sitting and took my cock and jerked me off....I came very quickly and she caught it all and had me lick her hand clean. She redid my lipstick. Looking in the mirror I was a cute girl. Sue told me she would get her payment Saturday night and for me to have fun!

I drove to the store and was a good hour early. I went next door to have a drink, taking my time walking in the 4 inch heels when I realized that if I was proofed all I had was male proof! At the bar i ordered a shot of vodka and went to pay when the barmaid said a guy a few seats down brought it for me! He smiled at me and walked over. I smiled back and he asked if I wanted another. I said in as high a pitch voice yes please. He said something to the barmaid and she laughed but now I had a rock glass with ice and about 5 ounces of vodka in it. As I started to drink it his hand was on my nylon covered leg. I drank it down fast! Before I could say anything the glass was filled again! That did it, I was drunk!

It was my turn now and I touched his cock through his pants. He was hard! He asked if we could go somewhere and I told him I was meeting a friend at the bookstore in a little while. He said how about we go to the store. He took my hand and we went in. He got quarters and we went straight to a booth in the back where he whipped out his cock and offered it to me. I kneeled and started to suck it. He was about 7 inches but uncut! As I worked it he was groaning. After a good 10 minutes he started to hold my head and fuck my mouth. All of a sudden he shot his load and I swallowed.

As I licked him clean I told him my friend might be here! He handed me a piece of paper with his phone number and asked if he could see me again! Then he kissed me and grabbed my cock! As he left he said next time my ass was his! He then left. I waited and redid my lipstick and walked out of the booth. I saw five black men hanging there and one was the guy who invited me! He said "Sissy couldn't wait! " He then said time to party. All of the guys followed! We got into his car and he told me we were going to his place. He offered me a bottle of malt liquor and told me to drink! I was already fucked up so I chugged it down! We got to his place and I realized that I was her to fuck and suck, dressed like a slut and didn't know his name! He laughed and said he was Dave! I told him I was Gina but he said no, your just slut!

He watched me walking wobbly and once inside I asked where was the party? He said the rest would be here in a few minutes but not to worry. He then stripped and opened a new bottle of poppers, took a long hit, had me do the same then he told me to suck his cock. As I went to kneel he gave me a pillow and told me I would need it. Between the poppers and the booze I was sucking him like I couldn't get enough of his beautiful black cock. Last time in the booth I really couldn't see it but now! A good solid 8 inches, thick, with big balls. He was telling me what to do, to lick his head, lick his balls, stroke his cock. He then sat on the couch and put his legs on my shoulder and had me eat his ass. I buried my tongue as deep in his ass as I could while stroking his cock. I didn't notice the other guys come in!

I felt a hand lifting my dress and rubbing my ass. Then as Dave had me suck his cock I felt another on each side of my face. I turned and started to suck them all, alternating and stroking them. Finally Dave told me to stand and strip! I did as told, leaving on only my garter belt, hose, heels, and push up bra, my nipples exposed. He then served everyone a bottle of malt liquor. We all chugged it down. Now I was told to kneel on the couch. I felt them tying my ankles wide open. Then a cock was in front of me. It was nice, a good 7 inches. As i sucked it I felt fingers in my ass with lube. Then I heard Dave say time for slut to be fucked.

I felt the head of his cock sliding around as I sucked his friend, then he grabbed my hips and slammed deep into me! I tried to scream but the cock deep in my throat just went deeper! It hurt like hell at first but as he fucked me it started to feel good when all of a sudden a rag was under my nose that they had poured poppers on! As I breathed it in my inner slut came out. I sucked the cock in my mouth and fondled his balls and fucked back onto Dave's cock. I was being spit roasted and loved it! All of a sudden I felt Dave push in and he came in my ass! The guy I was sucking pulled out and replaced Dave as I first licked Dave clean, then another cock replaced him. This went on for a good hour with me sucking between 5 and 6 cocks and as many fucking me. All were around the same size, around 7 inches and my ass was so loaded with cum I needed no more lube!

After what I thought was the last cock they untied me. I was still fucked up and felt like I had to shit. Dave put a plate under me and out came a lot of cum! Dave said he had a surprise for me if I was a good slut! He then had me kneel and told me to lick the plate clean! Thank God for the enemas I had taken as this was all cum! When I was done I had to pee. As I did so Dave said be ready for my surprise! When I came out they led me to the bedroom and laid me down on the bed. Two guys started to suck and bite my nipples. As they did so they also tied my arms spread wide. Then two others took my legs and held them up spread out. Dave followed by lubing my ass. Then the rag with fresh poppers over my nose.

The door opened and in walks a tall dude, I would say about 6'6" and muscular. He looked at me and said "you must be the new sissy slut!" He then stripped. When he dropped his draws I almost shit! His dock had to be at least 12 inches long and as thick as my wrist! He started to stroke it and if anything it got longer and thicker! I tried to struggle but the guys holding my legs had me! He then took a handful of Vaseline and lubed his cock "No sucking for me! I want to fuck an ass!" He knelt on the bed grabbed my thighs and lined up his cock

He then started to push it in! I tried to scream but they put a rag in my mouth. He just pushed and pushed till he was balls deep. I know I was crying. The poppers didn't help! He started to brutally fuck me! He was slamming it into me! Finally I was loose and it felt good. I started fucking back! The guys let my legs go and they landed on his massive shoulders. He fucked me for what seemed like an hour. When he finally came I could actually feel it squirt in me. When he pulled out he had me lick it clean. No shit bit some smeared blood. Finally they untied me. Dave wanted to know if I would come back in a few weeks! Of course I would! He then drove me to my car by the bookstore.

As I sat there for a few minutes to clear my head I could feel all that cum still deep in my ass. Once home I took a dildo and fucked myself with it, jerking off till I came, then licking both my hand and the dildo clean and slept. Gina was now officially a slut!

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