"Sure!" Song replied with anticipation as Tony stood up with his erect cock showing on the outline of his swim suit. Frank was enjoying the interaction and at this point everyone had reached the level of drunk.

"I'm going to explode if we don't change things up" Tony said standing waist deep in the tub.

"What's wrong with that?" Beth asked looking deep in her husband's eyes as she reached her hand out to grab his cock under his swim suit.

"Let's see how long the ladies can go out in the snow." Tony said laughing.

"Great freaking idea." Frank chimed in.

The ladies glanced at each other and replied in tandem. "Deal!" The ladies jumped out of the tub and ran to a bank of snow and leapt in with all their liquid courage. The screams and the shrieks of the warm bodies running through the snow pierced through the sounds of their husbands laughing.

"Quick, pull the cover over the tub and hold it down so they can't get back in until they beg us" Tony said to Frank in a rushed manner. The men grabbed the hard clear cover and held it over the tub. The women, seeing what was happening made a mad dash to get in the tub before the lid closed. Too late. The men held firmly, laughing as they could see through the Plexiglas cover as their wives shivered and screamed to let them in.

And just like that, they disappeared. The men waited a moment and then removed the cover to see where their women went to. As they emerged from the water, the sliding glass door was just being shut to the house. The men knew they took their prank too far and leapt out of the tub to reach the sliding door just as the women flipped the lock, turned on the light inside and turned off the main power switch to the tub. "Shit!" Both men said looking at each other.

The women shivering and holding each other, wagged their fingers at the men "Not so funny now is it?" Beth said grinning. Both women trotted down the hallway and disappeared into the bedroom as the men began to feel the cold air on their bodies. Sure the tub was still warm, but being exposed to the elements, it was cooling off quickly and the men were hesitant to leave their post by the sliding glass door.

A few moments later the women came back into the hallway, each had a towel wrapped around their head and a towel wrapped around their bodies. They both approached the glass door and enjoyed watching their men being tortured by the cold. "Take your swim suit off big boy" Song said looking directly at Frank through the glass.

"Wha wha what?!?" Frank said with a serious tone.

"You wanted a dare, you got it, get naked!" Song said in a dominant tone. "You want this you better get naked," Song said again, but this time quickly opening her towel that was wrapped around her body. Her perky boobs were perked up from the cold still running through her body, her tiny nipples were erect and she had a small bit of black Asian hair over her tight pussy.

Frank glanced at Tony, whose jaw was hanging in the floor "Whoa dude, fuck yeah!" Tony said smiling back at his friend.

"You think you're getting out of this without dropping your drawers too, mister?" Beth snapped at Tony as he looked back at her. Beth followed suit and flashed her bare naked body with the towel wide open. Her milf tits hung a bit lower than Songs but her nipples were easily 4 times as big, her hips still had goosebumps and her freshly shaven pussy was puckered up and tight to the sight.

The men looked at each other, knowing the prize that awaited them and knew they were at the mercy of their wives. They shrugged their shoulders and dropped their drawers. The cold wasn't a friend to their cock and balls, in fact, both looked like shriveled tiny wieners. The women both embraced each other and laughed. "Now go run and jump in that pile of snow," Beth said, pointing to the pile they had had the pleasure of jumping in.

"Go!" Song shouted as she giggled.

The men raced to the pile about 50 feet from the porch and leapt in with all their confidence. It was cold, and they made sure the neighbors heard them from across town. They both made a mad dash back to the sliding door and the women had vanished. Luckily they had unlocked the door and left the 4 towels the women had used at the doorway in the house. The men grabbed two towels each and dried themselves off, shivering cold but glad to be in the warmth of the house.

Tony yelled out "Baby!!" and heard two separate giggles from the bedroom down the hallway. The men draped a towel over their shoulders, wrapped the other towel around their waist and walked down the hall with Tony leading the two.

"Whoa!" Tony said as he entered the bedroom and saw the two females faces as their bodies were under the covers of the king sized bed.

"Fuuudge," Frank mumbled under his breath as he reached the inside of the bedroom. The women were snuggled up next to each other and smiling at their perspective spouses.

Tony dropped his towels and exposed his cock standing straight up and got into the bed next to Beth. Frank made the same move and the four bodies separated to their own pairs as the skin from each person began to heat up under the covers.

Each couple began to wrap themselves up with their spouse, kisses and moans echoing throughout the room. The lights were still on so they could see each other from the other sides of the bed and there was some light contact with legs and arms as the couples wrestled in the bed with their spouses.

Tony began to slide under the covers as Beth clawed at his back as he kissed her stomach and made his way down to her pussy. He started to lick the inside of her legs and lifted them up under the covers, causing Song to move her husband down on her as well.

Now both men were between their wives legs and under the blanket thus eliminating any cold parts of their bodies. As the men were licking their women they began to moan in harmony and then Beth moved her hips over and closer to Song's body. Song then turned to look towards Beth and laid her hand on Beth's face and pulled her close to her lips and began to kiss her.

The men flipped the blankets off the bed as it had gotten warm quickly. With both women passionately kissing each other, the men glanced over at each other going down on their wives. Tony then backed off the bed, and Beth ran her fingers down her stomach and to her pussy.

Standing at the edge of his bed, Tony softly said to Frank. "Get out of the bed man," Frank looked back and saw Tony standing on the side of the bed next to his wife and slowly stroking his cock. Frank obliged and as soon as he was off Song's legs she flung her body onto Beth's and the two continued making out and feeling each other up as their legs tangled with each other and their feet wrestled with the other females feet.

The men watched their wives make out and Frank then spoke. "Lick her pussy baby," to his wife. Song glanced back with a naughty expression and began to lick Beth's neck, then boobs, stomach and the inside of her legs as she moved down on the mom of 3. Beth was leaning her head back and flapping her legs around as she moaned in sheer pleasure and began to play with her boobs and stretch her nipples out while looking down at Song.

"My pussy is soaking wet," Beth said softly as her and Song locked eyes with each other as if they were the only two people in the room.

Song licked Beth's pussy for a few minutes without taking a break as the men encouraged their women and continued to tell them just how hot and sexy this moment was. Beth slowly reached under Song's arms and brought her back up to kiss her more.

"Can you taste your pussy on my lips?" Song asked her.

"It's delicious." Beth replied as they began kissing and fondling each other again.

"You're delicious," Song replied back.

Beth moved her arms under Song's thighs and brought her hips up to her chest, as Beth laid on her back. "Ride my tongue baby," Beth softly said. Song mounted Beth's face and grabbed the headboard for better stability. She slowly ran her pussy up and down Beth's tongue as she arched her back and let her hair drape down to touch Beth's slippery pussy. Song was deep in ecstasy and letting another woman lick her had brought out a new sexual moan. Both men were now focused solely on the circus act happening in the bed.

Frank climbed up on the bed making an effort to not touch Beth and stood on the bed next to Song as she grabbed his dick. Song then stood up as well as Beth rolled towards Tony. Song took Frank's cock in her mouth and knelt down on the bed.

Beth rolled over and Tony placed his cock in front of her mouth as she took it like a fish taking bait. The women slurped and sucked and Tony was the first to break off and positioned Beth so that she was on all fours on the edge of the bed looking at the couple across from them.

Frank spanked Song's tight butt and made a motion for her to get in the same position as Beth and face the other couple. Song rolled over and laid on her back, she put her left foot on Frank's chest and her right on his mouth. Frank licked her toes and then lifted her from her hips and flung her to her stomach where she climbed onto all fours, she wiggled her ass backwards and tilted her head up and looked right at Beth who was looking at her. The women smiled at each other less than a foot away face to face their husbands both stepped closer to the women, both men directly looking at their wives butts waiting for their insertion of their cocks.

Tony ran his hand down Beth's back, towards her butt crack, then bent down and ran his tongue from the base of her pussy all the up to the small of her back. Beth let out a moan and rolled her eyes to the back of her head and laid her head and shoulders on the bed.

Frank grabbed the base of his shaft and slowly yet easily because of Song's soaking wet pussy inserted his cock into his wife. The wetness made a suction sound as he slowly penetrated her all the way in. Song reached her hand out to Beth's and the two women began rubbing each other's hands together and the tops of their wrists. "Stick that beautiful thing in me baby," Beth said moaning for Tony. Tony gave her pussy three quick slaps with his thick cock and then slowly drove it into her moist pussy. The men now completely inside their women looked up at each other and smiled briefly.

Frank began to move his hips as Song caught his rhythm and they were in sync as she began to make sounds like a puppy dog. Each thrust that Frank gave her the moans kept getting louder and longer.

Tony grabbed Beth by her plump hips and began to drive deep into her, spanking lightly her juicy booty as he brought his cock out to the edge of her pussy. "Oh baby," cried Beth.

"Harder!" Moaned Song.

The men obeyed their commands and drilled their women with vigor.

"Where do you want it baby?" Frank moaned out as he was close.

"Fill me baby! I want to see the cum drip out of my pussy!" Song moaned in ecstasy as Frank gripped her tight.

Frank yelled out "Oh shit, oh shit, oh baby, oh my God!" His thrust began to slow down and his wife looked up at Beth with a smile.

Tony was getting close himself "what about you baby?" Tony said out of breath. Just then Beth released her grip on his cock and adjusted her position by flipping over on her back.

Beth spread her legs wide open and reached back to have Song grab the under part of her forearms "Paint your wife baby!" Beth yelled out in passion. Tony buried his cock into his wife now laying on her back he took three hard pumps in her and pulled his cock out and stroked it until he shot a large sized load onto her pussy, then he stroked again and ropes of cum came streaming out of his cock covering her tits and hitting her neck. Beth screamed out "Yes baby, shoot that load all over me baby!" Tony moaned as his cock slowed the speed and amount of semen being released. He stood over Beth and began to slow his breath down.

Tony bent over her and began to kiss her passionately again "You are so fucking sexy baby," he told his wife as she began to rub his ejaculation into her chest.

Frank pulled his now flaccid cock from his wife and a pool of cum began to rush out of her pussy and down her legs and splatter into the bed where she was still in her doggy style position. Song ran her hands up and down her pussy and moaned "My God baby it's so much," she then flipped around and laid on her back and wrapped her legs around the small of his back pulling him on top of her. The couple began kissing and relaying to each other how hot the sex was.

Tony got the towels from the bedroom floor and threw one to Frank to clean up his mess. Tony began to wipe his wife down as well. "That was intense," Song said to break the uncomfortable silence.

Frank chimed in "Not sure if you're going to want to sleep in this bed tonight unless you want our juices all over you," and the two couples all shared a laugh.

"Why don't you come stay at our house tonight and we can all have coffee in the morning, we have the clean extra bedroom?" Song thought as she spoke.

"That could be fun!" Beth answered quickly.

Frank and Song gathered their swimsuits and Tony and Beth threw on shorts and a shirt and both couples ran through the snow back to Frank and Song's to end the night.

What might the morning bring for the two couples...?

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