Emma stood out on the balcony, her naked body exposed to the elements, the feeling of lust and exposure teasing her senses, the first time she had felt so free, her sexual inner self finally released.

The clock read 9.28 pm, she felt every part of her groin aching, and used, her arse had never had so much attention, attention she loved, her pussy now satisfied, but she knew they were not finished with her yet, she felt the security of her husband behind her with his hands on her hips, kissing her neck, his warm breath against her skin, kissing her shoulders, now nibbling her ear, enjoying been naked, so exposed and so far up, the world below them.

Danny sat on the lounger sipping his Scotch watching husband and wife together, she pushed back leaning into Brent, her husbands hand sliding around her waist onto her stomach pulling her in as she rested her head into his shoulder, her body facing out towards the night, she thought, and wondered as she looked around, if there was someone with a telescope watching her, she didn't care.

"Isn't this nice baby?" he quietly said kissing her ear.

"What? Standing naked on a hotel balcony for all the world to see me, or having two naked men with an insatiable appetite for my body, no not insatiable, more like obsessive!" she said.

"Well if you wern't such a sexy woman who makes mens cocks stand up." Danny said from the chair.

"Well then in that case I would say both!" she said answering her own question, she turned, now hiding her body from the world, turning her back on it, she faced her husband, twisting in his arms, his eyes glancing over her naked body, even though he had seen her naked thousands of times, he still admired her body, he leant in kissing her lips, with slow kisses, she loved been naked, so vulnerable outside on the balcony, wondering if she was been watched.

She felt the cold metal rail, pressing into her bare skin, her husbands hands on her hips, they kissed, their tongues in each others mouths, Danny sat Scotch in hand watching, is cock now erect again, he sat holding it as she looked over her husbands shoulder, their eyes meeting, he looked at her asking the question with his eyes.

Did she want more? A sly grin came across her face feeling her husbands lips on her neck, his hands groping her breasts, she felt the fire ignite in her groin, her greedy pussy telling her she wanted and had to have more.

She could just retire to a hot bath, to soothe her body, her pussy, her arse, her tired body. But her honest answer was yes, she did want more, she was longing for it.

Brent kissed down her neck pushing his hand between her legs, she opened them to accomodate his wandering fingers, he rubbed over her wet vulva, she wanted more, her moans comfirmed it, his lips met his wife's nipples, his tongue circling them, sucking them, his fingers pushing against the wet mound between her legs.

Emma looked down at her husband squeezing and caressing her breasts, she glanced over at Danny, she looked at his cock, the cock that she was so desperate to have back in her wet pussy, even though she had copious amount of cum shot into her body, through both holes.

She smiled at Danny as Brent kissed down her body to her groin, she finished the rest of her wine feeling slightly more inebriated, she didn't care, the only thing she loved was that the wine was doing the talking, all she knew was tonight.

All she wanted tonight, was to be a slut, a slut to be used with whoever, and whenever they wanted her, she felt like a paid whore that they had paid for, for the night. The very thought aroused her, she had gone from a conservative wife, to a liberal slut for her husband in a month, she almost felt she was on call. She felt like she was sex on tap.

Brent's finger pushed deep into her cunt, as she pushed her thighs open wider, Brent pressed his tongue into her clitoris, pushing it, licking it, his fingers finger fucking her.

"Oh Fuck!" she said as Brent licked her and fingered her, one hand gripping his head, the other gripping and holding her empty wine glass.

Danny finished his Scotch placing his glass on the table, he stood and stepped over to Emma grabbing her glass reaching back placing it on the table, he stepped up to her and kissed her lips, he groped her naked breasts, as they kissed, her hand dropping to his cock playing with it, her fingers wrapping around his shaft, she was in a place she loved, two men she loved, was she falling for Danny.

She felt she was falling in love with him, she loved his touch, his body against her's, she loved his lips, she loved kissing him, she loved his cock, the way it felt in her pussy, Danny stepped back and smiled as he moved to her breasts, moving his lips to her nipples. He kissed over them, sucking them, as she felt her husbands fingers in her pussy, and his tongue pressing into her clitoris.

She gripped her husbands head, her long french polished fingernails digging into his scalp, pulling him into her groin, the other hand on Danny's head pulling his head into her chest, her eyes closed, her body cooled by the breeze, she moaned as her body tensed again.

Danny looked up at her smiling then leant in lightly kissing her lips. "So babe are you ready for more?" he asked placing his hand on Emma's breasts.

"Umm yeh I think so?" Emma replied, hearing Danny call her; his baby, shit, another man calling me his baby; she thought. Brent leaned back pulling his fingers from his wife's pussy, he stepped back as Danny knelt down and licked over her labias, Emma looked down and moaned as Danny replaced her husband, she was now loving another man between her legs, licking her pussy, he opened her wet labias and licked up inside her, her leaking juices being lapped up on Danny's tongue.

She leant back as Brent went inside, he returned with the camera, and started recording.

"Smile baby!" he said.

She opened her eyes and looked at him."Fuck off!" she snapped.

"Your going to be a fucking porn star tonight?" Danny said looking up from her pussy.

"Ummmm." she moaned closing her eyes again feeling Danny pleasure her pussy, the breeze arousing her sensitive erect nipples, her husband now recording, she was now feeling so much hornier, now she was being filmed it brought a whole new element to the night. A new element that she loved.

He stood up and slowly fondled her breasts, flicking her erect nipples, he looked out into the night, as he caressed her, then grabbed her hand pulling her over to the chair, he sat as she turned around, she crouched over his lap and reached for his cock guiding it to her sloppy wet cunt, her well used cunt. Brent filmimg listening to the moans of his wife, been fucked as she started to ride up and down her new lovers hard cock.

Brent walked around and knelt in front getting a full frontal, she leant back as he filmed her, Danny's shaft moving in and out of her pussy. He captured her facial expression, it was her; 'you arsehole for filming me look.' but it did make her feel more kinky.

Tonight she was a slut, their slut, tonight she didn't care, she rode Danny's cock enjoying the attention.

Five minutes later she was being pulled inside by Danny, he brought her inside by the hand, once inside she was guided to the bed, as Brent filmed, she lay down and Danny knelt between her open legs and started licking her cunt.

"My wife's pussy nice and juicy?" Brent asked.

"Oh fuck yes!" Danny replied looking at him, then back down at her cunt, his tongue lashing her wet swollen pussy. Emma reached out grabbing her husbands cock wrapping her fingers around his hard shaft, as he stood at the side of the bed, she started stroking it, grinning at him as she brought it to her mouth, she slid her lips over his knob, looking at her husband through the lens, a cheeky look on her face.

"Enjoying that baby?" he asked looking down at his wife, zooming in on her lips around his cock.

"Oh yes!" she moaned watching him through the lens, as he filmed his wife sucking his cock. Brent feeling horny watching her.

Danny then stood and sat her up, he grabbed her head, and his cock.

"Open wide baby!" he said smiling at her, he pushed his cock in her mouth, she started sucking Danny's hard erection, feeling her head been pulled up and down his raging erection, she gagged as she was made to deep throat him, she held his hips feeling his knob pushed hard into the back of her throat.

He held her there then pulled back, pulling it out, she gagged as she grabbed his shaft and spat on his cock, strings of saliva and precum hung between her mouth and his knob, he pushed it back in her mouth, Brent watching his wife slurping as her mouth accomodated the hard erection, her lips closed around his shaft, Danny fucking her mouth, treating it like a pussy.

"Oh Fuck yes, you fucking bitch!" he snapped. "Taste that fucking cock!" Danny ordered as he was being slightly rough with her, Emma didn't mind, she loved it being treated like that, she loved being his whore tonight, he wrapped his hand around her long hair, she felt it pulling against her scalp, her moans were a mix of pleasure and pain. Danny's knob pressing against the back of her throat, looking up at the ceiling holding it in her, Emma's face going red, he looked down again pulling her off, Emma gagging and choking.

"Well I think its time we fucked this sluts pussy again!" Brent said.

About time, Emma thought, she needed sex again, she started thinking about her relationship with her husband as Danny pushed her onto her back, she lay down her pussy ready, willing and waiting for another pounding.

She though about her own sexuality, she had never been with another woman, never made love to another female, although those thoughts had always been there, she would have felt unfaithful to her husband, or didn't the same sex count as infidelity. She almost forgot Brent and Danny were lovers.

She felt Danny's cock find her clitoris, his knob rubbing up and down, and around it, then pushed down between her wide open labias, her husband filming as Danny's cock pushed deep into her pussy.

"Oh fuck yes Danny!" she moaned as he pushed as far in as he could, she was worried it was going to be pushed into her womb, he slowly withdrew then slowly pushed back in, her head back moaning as he slowly fucked her.

She wondered where things were going to go with her husband, their new found sexual journey, could they develop their own sexual journey apart, but still be a couple, she knew the endless possibilities were there.

"Oh fuck, yes Danny fuck me!" she said moaning pushing her fingers to her clit, her fingers pushing against her clitoris, Emma didn't care how loud she was, she didn't give a fuck, the wine told her not to worry about it, she didn't care if anyone else could hear her, Danny thrusted hard into her wet cunt, his cock deep in her, her body jolting with each rough thrust.

Tonight was about them, not her, she loved she was a sex toy tonight, to be used how and when they pleased, for all Emma cared, there could be a line of men out the door ready to use her, she would not have cared, a real bukkake experience, men coming in as they wished, presenting their cocks to be sucked, then cum over her. That very thought excited her, although it could have being the wine talking, it probably was, she might sober up and regret that one in the morning, Emma thought about it smiling; 'well she might not.'

She had a gym orgy fantasy, often at the gym after her workout, she thought about the mens showers, the one fantasy she was keeping from her husband, sharing the shower room with lots of men, fucking her as they pleased using her to dry them off, suck them off, and fuck them. The thought of being a locker room slut.

"Oh yes fuck me, fuck me good!" she said loudly, that locker room fantasy running through her mind, pretending she was there, Danny still thrusting hard in her pussy, his thrusting rocking the bed, her long arms out straight across the bed gripping the sheets with her fists, the whites of her knuckles showing as she braced herself, been totally dominated by him.

Danny slowed, he lifted her leg up, lifting her arse, he placed her ankle on his shoulder, then gripped her thigh pulling her leg into his chest using it for leverage as he began to thrust her again, his cock ramming into her pussy, Emma looked up at her husband standing on the bed over her, filming down on her body, she looked up at his hard cock.

"Oh fuck yes!" she said watching Danny, his breathing getting deeper, hard forceful thrusts claiming her pussy. Not seeming to mind if he was being to rough, she wanted him to be as rough with his whore as he liked.

"Oh yes ...... fuck.......yes......fucking cum!" she said in between thrusts. "Cum baby ..... please.... fuck yes, yes, YES!" she yelled, her body convulsing, the orgasm bursting through her body like a wave, her body shuddered with pleasure, she almost began to cry, the orgasm that intense.

Danny kept thrusting her, his cock pounding her pussy, almost fucking her raw, with one last moan, with one last hard thrust, Danny orgasmed, his hard cock erupting inside Emma,

"Oh Shit!" he said.

He stood looking down at her, watching her face, the pleasured look, the look of your done, she looked up at him "That was great!" she said.

He pulled her leg into him more, his small thrusts pushing more cum into her pussy, each small thrust while his cock was still hard met with a small groan from Emma.

After a few minutes he pulled out, his stringy cum hung between his cock and her pussy, Danny then swapped with Brent, he rammed his cock into his wife's pussy as Danny filmed, Dannys cum oozing out of her as her husband thrusted her hard.

Five minutes of hard fucking he again orgasmed and cum into his wife, a real mix of both mens semen in her pussy. A few minutes later she sat up and Danny filmed her sucking and licking their cocks clean, they showered and lay in bed.

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