The sound of laughter and clanging silverware filled the room. There were smiling faces, adorned by dangly earrings and makeup. The floor was patterned carpet, supporting pairs of flashy high heels. For a brief second, I locked wyes with a slim woman with dirty blonde hair, in a tight-fitting magenta dress. Her immaculate figure was rather commanding, holding a cocktail in one hand and a clutch in the other, engrossed in witty conversation.

Then, the thought was abruptly ended by a sharp pain between my legs. A handler had pulled my leash, a fine chain connected to a harness on my balls. I wanted to cry out in pain, but I feared additional punishment was only a whimper away. The handler already seemed impatient, her frown growing more apparent by every moment I idled.

My senses snapped back. I needed to cooperate.

My handler took one last glare at me, cleared her throat, then motioned for me to heel and walked down the aisle, between couches with groups of chatting women. On all fours, the carpet was a welcome change. My elbows were already less chafed. Behind me, my balls swung with my trod, causing one woman to giggle in excitement. Already, I was attracting attention. More than a few women would eye me, make a comment, and laugh. No doubt talking about their planned sexual exploits with me on the receiving end.

I hoped I would see the woman with the magenta dress again, but my handler continued to walk farther from the cage I had been brought in on. Once we got to a raised platform in the middle of the event space, I saw how big this gathering was. Older women, mostly white, cougar types mingled and chatted. occasionally, I would glimpse a handler, dressed in the same black suit as mine. I could only assume I would not be the only pet at the event.

A few seconds after I reached the raised platform, the lights dimmed and conversation died down. A stage light shown on the platform. I quickly realized all eyes were on me.

A voice crackled through the loudspeaker.

"Hello esteemed guests, and welcome to our 15th annual Dominatorial Show. With us here today we have a wonderful selection, so be sure to check all of the wares out. If you are interested in making a purchase, talk to one of our handlers or sales associates, identifiable by their black uniforms. I am quite sure you all know the schedule from here. Lunch will be served at 12:30 PM, followed by a dog show, silent auction, and the classic center orgy. Dinner will be served on some of our very finest merchandise, so we recommend saving your appetite- especially for cute little sluts like this one."

There was a murmur of laughter, and I realized the comment was directed at myself. I burned with embarrassment. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a woman point at me, then imitated a jacking off motion.

I was anxious. Perhaps this was not a show like the last one.

Before I could make sense of my thoughts, another sharp pain jolted me awake. My handler was beginning to move again. I realized that the announcements had ended and conversation had resumed. I was led down the platform. There were shouts from many different directions, urging my handler to go down a different aisle. Instead, she stayed on the same path.

When we came to a group of cougars seated on a couch, the local conversation went dead. Six pairs of eyes were fixed on me. My handler started addressing the women:

"Good morning. I hope you all found your way here okay?"

There were nods all around the couch.

"I'm Patricia, a licensed handler here at the venue. Today, I have with me a beautiful little pet, recently napped, but very naturally submissive. He's got these beautiful blue eyes, perfect skin tone and gorgeous dirty blond locks. Flaccid, which is what you see now, he is about three inches."

Patricia nudged me with her knee, which was my signal to assume a ready position. I got on my knees, spread my legs, and put my hands behind my back, exposing my genitals, which attracted the gaze of the women.

Patricia continued, "He's been shaved, trained, and is ready for purchase. Erect length is 5 and three quarters of an inch, with 2 and three quarters in circumference. His rectum is unpenetrated and unstretched, so he's rather tight."

That was my signal to assume a doggy position, where I turned around and bared my ass to the buyers. My ass was a bit cold, but it was smooth and shaven.

Then, Patricia uttered the words that started the event: "If you'd like to sample him, you absolutely may."

A blonde with a green dress spoke up.

"What's his name? He has the cutest little pout."

Patricia responded, "He has no name as of now. His name is your choice. You may even have it branded onto him if you wish."

The blonde nodded approvingly.

Her friend to the left inquired further.

"What's his tongue like? may we see it?"

Patricia nodded, and looked at me. Obediently, I turned around, stuck my tongue out, and began to pant like a hot puppy..

A chorus of "Awws" broke out among the women.

"He's a prize, that's for sure," remarked a black haired woman with opal earrings,

"Can we see him hard?" another inquired.

Patricia responded "Of course, but it'll cost five dollars, as it slows down our sales.

The Opal earring woman handed Patricia a five dollar bill, and looked expectantly at me. I knew what I had to do. I pretended to close my eyes, but I was really squinting. We were taught to imagine scenes to bring arousal, to display our erections. But I found no need for fantasies. The woman closest to me had gorgeous breasts, staring out from her tight red dress. It took no time at all for me to feel the blood rushing to my crotch. When I opened my eyes, my dick was hard, pointing forward.

"That was fast," remarked the Opal woman.

"We train our pets to control their urges." responded Patricia.

"I must say, I rarely bid. But I may put one down on this one, just once."

"The starting bud is eight hundred" Patricia explained.

"Do it, Emily," urged one of the woman's friends.

"Imagine having the boy of your dreams, waiting on you for every favor."

Patricia nodded in approval. First stop and bids were already rolling in. "Our pets make phenomenal slaves for personal pleasure."

The Opal woman said she would bid twelve hundred dollars, and gave the ID number the venue issued her. Patricia nodded, smiling, and noted it on a clipboard.

the woman on Opal's left spoke up. Her voice was anxious and a little raspy.

"Can he... well, you know ..."

Patricia nodded understandingly and smirked.

"Of course. He's fully trained, you saw that tongue."

The women laughed gently.

"If you've bid, you are eligible for samples. Since one of you has, I'll go ahead and allow you all the opportunity to sample, if you want," Patricia continued.

Three of the women nodded their heads.

"Just you three?" Patricia confirmed.

"Alright. Let's go left to right. Starting over here." Patricia nudged me towards the woman in the red dress.

The red dressed-woman had shoulder-length hair with blonde highlights that framed her face. Her dress was low cut, the curving skin of her breasts like two supple pieces of ripe fruit. Matching red heels, about three inches high, supported her slender legs, casually crossed on the plush couch. A gold necklace and earrings adorned her face, well-defined jaw and small nose. I crawled, still on all fours, over to her. Once I was close enough, she began to open her legs. I saw a glimpse of her shaven thighs, which sloped up into her torso. At the end, a waxed pussy stared back at me. I knew what I had to do.

I moved in, by shoulders brushing the sides of her knees. Finally, I extended my neck and closed my eyes. My lips made contact with soft flesh. I extended my tongue, licking in broad strokes around the pussy as training had taught me. I felt her thighs tremble against my body. A cold feeling seeped in the left side of my ass. It was her hand, grabbing my ass and pushing my body towards her. She moaned gently, continuing her slight trembles.

I moved to smaller, direct licks, now feeling the warm interior of her pussy on my tongue.

After what seemed like an hour, she let go of my ass and Patricia beckoned me back out with a tug on my balls. Obediently, I backed out from between her thighs and resumed my position kneeling at Patricia's feet. The red dressed woman's face was a mixture of emotions.

Her eyes were scanning the ceiling, her lips slightly open. She appeared both incredibly satisfied and incredibly tired at the same time. Then, as if hit by a wave of realization, she snapped out of it and resumed her ladylike pose.

This was the first opportunity I had to get a good look at all of the women. Next to the women in red I had just served, there was a brunette in a blue dress, a black-haired woman, short, with pale skin, and a tan woman with lots of jewelry and a white satin dress. The Opal woman sat next to her, eyeing me intensely. The final and sixth woman was wearing hoops, with a flowy dress and one leg hanging off the end of the couch.

The couch itself was a maroon velvet, in a circular shape oriented around a low table made of marble. It resembled a restaurant booth, but with a more open flow to facilitate movement and conversation. The table held a few mixed drinks, resting on white cocktail napkins. Most of the women had bags or clutches, resting at their sides. their legs were pressed close together, or they were crossed. I could only assume they, like the woman in red, had also chosen to abstain from underwear. The two women on the left began to whisper, and the Opal woman sipped her drink. Patricia gently tugged on my balls with the leash, and whispered to me to spread my legs. She produced a towel seemingly from nowhere, and wiped my forehead with it. I had failed to notice the accumulated sweat, having been too focused on my job. She then reached down and dabbed the towel on the tip of my dick. Most likely to remove any precum.

"Look at that! Completely dry!" she exclaimed. I could tell she was trying to be overheard by the women. Control over one's dick was heavily emphasized. Or at least, that's what my training had drilled into me.

"Alright, who's next?"

The tan woman in the white dress spoke up.

"If it's not too much trouble, I'd like to sample."

"Of course", Patricia responded. "He'll just go under the table."

I followed suit and ducked under the marble table. Patricia pushed her heel into my ass, nudging me through. The tan woman stared down at me. She was probably in her early 50s, but had few wrinkles. Her body was a bit larger than the girl in red's petite build. This woman had beefier thighs and even larger breasts, but a more conservative dress. Her silver heels stuck out in either direction as her legs began to open. Again, there was a waxed and bare pussy at the end of the tunnel. I served her exactly as I did the woman in red. However, since the tan woman was at the center of the couch, her friends around her had a better view. I soon felt cold hands feeling my body. Some rubbed my chest, some gripped my thighs, some grabbed my bare ass. One hand lightly cupped my balls, which caused a giggle among the women. They really were excited children at heart.

After a while, Patricia pulled me out by the leash. By now, my presence had become regular. The women were conversing casually, even while I was deep in their insides. The tan woman leaned down to my level, sitting on the edge of the velvet couch. She seemed slightly intoxicated and more relaxed. Her hand squeezed my cheeks, and she brought herself in close.

"You're cute" she giggled.

I closed my eyes and felt wet lips on my forehead as she kissed me.

"Now you're Jessica's." The tan woman remarked, motioning at the woman with the Opal earrings that had bid on me in the beginning. I crawled more to the right to get in a better position. The tan woman landed one last slap on my ass as I left her, then made a comment about how she was thinking of getting a pleasure boy for her office. Meanwhile, Jessica gestured at me to approach. Her hair was charcoal black, with darker green eyes. She appeared to be the youngest of the group, maybe in her mid-40s. Her face was bony but defined, with a strong jaw and pursed, elegant lips. The opal earrings which had been her defining feature caught the fluorescent lights brilliantly, bringing out her eyes. She held herself stiffly, as if she was trying her best to be confident. I approached her legs, staring up at her for further instructions. Her friend nudged her and Jessica jumped to a realization, quickly opening her legs for me. I slowly moved into position. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her hand shaking.

Regardless, I had a task at hand. I inched closer to Jessica's crotch. I pressed my face into her pussy, feeling its warmth and smoothness. Beginning the initial stages, I started making broad licks around the pussy lips.

Instantly, her body became less tense. Her thighs and torso became looser, and I could feel her recline onto the couch. She gently placed one hand on my right ass cheek, and began scratching my head with the other. I could feel her torso convulsing, thrusting her vagina at my mouth in a humping motion.

I hadn't even begun the later stage when she began quietly moaning. When I was done, Patricia pulled me out once again. I emerged from between Jessica's thighs to see her face full of emotion. She looked like she had never felt such enjoyment. Her eyes opened and she stared down at my naked body, waiting patiently in a doggy position.

"That," she mumbled, "was amazing".

"Patricia, dear," she continued, "make sure to keep me informed on the price. I'm intent on buying this one."

Patricia's face broke out into a smooth grin. "Of course, ma'm." She had made a nearly guaranteed sale first stop.

"Now, we must be moving down the line. His auction ends at 2:30 today, but I'll be sure to swing by one last time before then. He will see you all again shortly."

Patricia tugged on my leash and I ducked out from under the table. She motioned for my to heel, and began walking down the main aisle again.

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