gif tut ^

  1. ok so step one find the gif you want to use, it can be anything
  2. find the dimensions of your gif
  3. make a canvas in any app (e.g photoshop, ibispaint, procreate) the size of your chosen gif
  4. this part is kinda hard to explain but block out the parts you want white, like if you were to make a star shaped gif, make it so that the star is transparent and the rest is white if thatmakes sense??
  5. save your canvas, make sure that the part you want the gif to be shaped is transparent
  6. go to ezgif and open your original gif, then click 'overlay' and add on your white part thing you made
  7. save that
  8. final step! to make ur gif transparent, u can follow what i did here (its hard to explain without using pics)

sorry if this wasnt clear enough lmk if u need further clarification on any steps <3
also ignore step 8 if you dont want it to be transparent on dark mode too

Pub: 13 Jun 2023 14:23 UTC
Edit: 13 Jun 2023 14:46 UTC
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