"Daddy, be careful, slower please Daddy. I didn't know it would hurt so much!"

I am begging with my daddy, pleading with him, yet this is what I had longed for. I am finally feeling his thick manly cock just inside my young pussy opening. I am being stretched out for the first time and it is my Father trying to drive his cock into me.

"Shhhhhhhh Babygirl. Just relax we have all night, do not worry I will back out completely if that's what you need." Daddy reassures me.

"It's ok Daddy, don't stop. But please just rest right where you are and let me recover."

I lay quietly with my Father over me. He is holding his weight off my tiny body with his elbows and knees. My sensitive nipples glide across his naked chest every time our bodies sway. Just a few moments ago I had spread my legs apart and felt the strength of his body as it fell between my soft innocent thighs.

I reach my lips up to his and once again we kiss passionately while he holds his rock hard cock in the same position, just barely puncturing my wet swollen pussy lips. I deliver my tongue back into his mouth as we both wait patiently for my body to absorb that first thrust into my eager pussy. I feel his tongue as it tangles around mine, the first real kisses I have ever known.

With my heart pounding and my pussy demanding more of his cock I whisper softly for Daddy to try to push in just a little more.

"I love you Elizabeth. I will hold still and you can push your hips into my throbbing cock."

Daddy wants me to take control of this painful first time. So I do, I place my fingers on his muscular arms and hold him gently as I take a deep breathe and push up with my hips. We stare deeply into each other's eyes as my young pussy takes another inch of his thick member.

"That's enough daddy. I need more time. God you are so hard and thick. I know this is what I want; I want you to make love to me Daddy. We are going to do everything you ever dreamed of tonight Daddy, I promise."

I take more deep breaths, I smile into his dark brown eyes, and I feel his hand once again grab my naked breast and squeeze it tenderly. My body begins trembling with delight, my pussy starts to open up to his cock, and my heart becomes his forever. Daddy leans his lips down to mine and gently kisses me in his sweetest most loving way.

Without thinking or hesitation I spread my legs apart as far as I can and while spread eagle I lift them from the bed totally exposing my body to his primal desires. He lifts his head back high over me and looks right through my eyes into my mind. He can read my every thought, he knows I want him to thrust every inch into me and make me his woman.

"Just say it Lizzy."

"Fuck me Daddy, drive every inch of your cock deep into my virgin pussy."

With a sudden and forceful surge the entire length of his cock is mercilessly stabbed completely into my tender body. I gasp loudly but then I am completely overwhelmed by the feeling of his cock planted deep in my pussy while our lips crush onto each other. As the pain eases from my pussy the void is filled with a pleasure I have only dreamed about. Finally I am making love to the only man I ever wanted in my body.

"Are you ok Baby, when I heard you say fuck me, I lost control."

"If that's what it takes Daddy, lose it again! You feel perfect inside me."

"God Lizzie you keep turning me on in ways I never felt before."

"I think daddy likes it when I talk dirty to him."

With that I feel daddy draw his cock outward slowly; I close my eyes as I feel the entire length of his cock gliding through my pussy. I open my eyes and look down between us and see almost all of his wet slippery cock outside my opening. I see the veins in his cock pulsing; I feel his breath pouring down over my face. I jiggle my body so he can once again feel my hard nipples rub across his chest.

It feels so erotically wonderful as he guides his firm cock back deep into my wanting pussy, this time I moan with pleasure. Daddy knows I am ready to submit to his every desire. He reaches down to my legs and one at a time he runs his arms under them and brings them up and over my body. Trapping my body while holding my legs pinned to my chest he stares into my eyes. Now I can read his mind, I know what he wants.

"Fuck me daddy, ram you cock deep into me without worry, and use my body as your sex toy. I am totally ready to feel your rage and passion as you rip deep into my pussy."

Daddy wastes no time he starts to jack hammer me with his cock. Holding me pinned to the bed he crams every inch of his inflamed cock deep into my pussy. His moans turn to grunts and sounds I never imagined. My pussy comes to life with a pleasure that releases me from any fears I once held about sex. I was getting fucked like a wild animal and all I could was to scream!!!

"Your cock is so hard Daddy. Don't slow down Daddy. Fuck your little slutty girl with everything you've got. I need your daddy cock so deep, fill me with your cum!"

I never dreamed I could talk like this, but I can feel his excitement with each word and he drills me harder and harder.

"Elizabeth I'm cumming!"

"Give it all to me Daddy!"

The first burst surprises me, it is so forceful, but then my body releases all the tension that has been building in me for so long.

"Ah fuck Daddy I'm cumming too!"

Daddy fills me beyond what I can hold and the semen starts dripping out of my pussy. The sheets were more than moist; they were soaked with our passion. Daddy keeps pounding me and my orgasm continues like an out of control freight train. I can't stop crying, screaming, talking dirty, as my body spams over and over. Daddy's sweat drips down his face and falls on to my tits. He gleefully licks the moistness from the nipples and smiles with delight as I moan loudly.

I feel his cock still pulsing in my tight pussy, but his seeds are all planted. We smile together and ease into a gentle kiss. Daddy rolls us on to our sides while hugging me tightly. Soft giggles overcome us as we rest on our sides, still connected.

"Oh God Lizzie, whatever it is that you do, just keep doing it!"

"I'm just being Daddy's little sex toy." I answer with my devilish giggle.

Finally Daddy is able to withdraw his cock from my spent pussy and we roll over on our backs. I feel his tender fingers stroking my naked skin. In our exhaustion it is hard to find the right words to speak, but if we could find them I doubt we would have the energy to speak them. I roll on to my side and cuddle into my Daddy.

"Sweetheart, when you called me and informed me that we were going to enjoy your 20th Birthday alone out here in the middle of the Caribbean I never dreamed you had so much in mind."

It was so true; I called my Father many months ago and made him promise to take me somewhere special for my 20th birthday. He and Mom have been divorced for over 10 years, she is now married to her secret lover and I lived with them before I started College. But I have always been closer to my Father than my Mother.

Mom and her lover (Steven) moved away from my childhood hometown when they moved in together 10 years ago. I felt like I was being taken from my Father, that maybe I had done something wrong, it was hard on me but Mom was determined she would have full time custody. She got what she wanted, but she also created a wall between us that has never been taken down.

Dad and I have always taken advantage of the limited time we have together. For my 18th Birthday he took me to Europe that summer. For my 19th Birthday last year we went skiing in the Rockies. So this year it was no surprise when I called my Mom and told her Dad & I were going to spend my 20th Birthday in the Caribbean at a very posh resort that I picked by myself.

I call my Father everyday and he enjoys spending time on the phone with me. We share all our secrets; I know for a fact that he has never dated anyone after the divorce. And we are not afraid to talk about sex either. I made it certain that he knows I had not lost my virginity, and intended on keeping it until I could be with the man of my dreams. I just never told him he was that man.

For our trip I booked a Suite with two bedrooms and a delightful middle area that serves as I restful living area with a bar. The entire suite steps out into a river pool that goes for a quarter mile shared with a few other suites, but for our exclusive use with the other suites. You should have seen his face when we were escorted to our room!

I was giggling and laughing while holding tight to his arm as we walked in and he could not believe what a wonderful place I had found. After the escort left I turned to Daddy and without hesitation we wrapped our arms around each other and enjoyed our first more than Father/Daughter kiss.

When that kiss ended I smiled and whispered what a beautiful kiss, he quietly agreed as our bodies gently pushed into each other's. It was noon so I suggested we put our clothes away and get ready to enjoy the sun and river pool. Daddy went to his bedroom and simply put his clothes in the drawers, slid on his swim suite and headed to the patio just outside our suite overlooking the river pool.

I very carefully hung up my dresses in the other bedroom and placed my other clothes in the drawers. But then the moment of truth had come for me. I had laid out my not so discreet tiny string thong bikini on my bed while doing my other chores. I looked over at the suit I had never worn before. I was nervous, almost shaking as I leaned down to touch it. My goal was to initiate more than a Father/Daughter vacation, my goal was to make love to my Father and be his woman.

I took several deep breaths as I started to remove my clothes. Once naked I looked over at the full-length mirror and admired at how sexy my body had developed. Perfect C-cup breasts with perky nipples, lean tummy with the sexiest legs my Dad has ever seen (those were his own words). Totally bare mound with perfect pink lips, they were all for Daddy, I just had to make sure he knew they were his to enjoy. This bikini would do the talking for me, all I had to do was to put it on and remember how to walk in a way that tantalized without being a stripper.

I remember looking into the mirror and watching as I adjusted what material and strings there were, I felt naked and honestly I pretty much was. I had never exposed my body to anyone like this bikini was going to expose to my Daddy. I nervously shook my head and body to clear my thoughts and my left breast fell out of the top! I was still in the room but I blushed as I put it back into the top. All I could think at that moment was that I better walk carefully and swim even more carefully in the river pool.

With a deep breathe and exhale I proudly gather myself and walked to the patio where I found Daddy sitting quietly just pondering as he looked out over the river pool. I strolled up behind him bent over slightly and put my arms around his body and squeezed gently. His moan sent tingles down my body and he still hadn't seen my bikini!

I confidently released him from my grip and walked by him closely as I eased down the steps into the pool. I could feel his stare; the weight of his eyes betrayed any innocent thoughts he might have had. Once I was submerged I turned to face him and asked him to join me. He gave me the excuse he needed to just look at me as he hesitated to join me in the pool. But the truth was bulging in his swimsuit. I smiled and giggled quietly as I swam away briefly so he could ease his manhood back to a relaxed state.

It was not long until I felt his hands on the small of my back as I stood near the warm waterfall. His caresses always send my nerves into that erotic soft place I was still waiting to discover with him. I stood still encouraging him to enjoy the softness of my skin. I did not shake or pull away as his hands dropped lower and lower until they finally reached my naked butt cheeks.

He quietly whispered into my ear as he touched my bare ass. "This feels more like a honeymoon than a Father/Daughter Birthday trip."

I turned slowly and placed my hands and arms around his neck. I stared into his eyes as I brought my lips to his. This was the kiss I had desired all my life. I pressed my womanly body into his and our tongues touched for the first time. When we broke I divulged my secret for this trip.

"I love you Daddy, I want to be treated like your young bride while we are here. After dinner tonight, make love to me, take me virginity, and give me everything I have been wanting from you."

"Elizabeth, I know I should do none of what you asked, but I can no longer avoid the feelings of I have for you. I will be proud to show you off here at this beautiful resort! And yes tonight we will make love in our bed."

A wonderful calmness prevailed around us for the rest of that afternoon. We sunned ourselves, we swam to cool off, we sat together in the big lounge chair, and we made out! After many kisses on the lounge chair Daddy finally allowed my fingers to roam. The pool was secluded, but we did keep a watchful eye for any stray swimmers. It was on that lounge chair where I touched my Father's cock for the first time. It was so hard and manly and his lips pressed against mine deeply.

Daddy also started to free himself from his self bonds and finally reached to touch my breasts. I am afraid to admit this but I think I moaned to loudly! He pulled away quickly and we both giggle uncontrolledly. The teasing lead us further down our path of passion. By midafternoon when we where walking up the steps from the pool to our patio, Daddy grabbed my hand and intertwined his fingers among mine.

We walked right by the lounge chair, through the patio door, and into what was suppose to be my bedroom. I surprisingly was not nervous as my top dropped to the floor with my Father standing behind me. But my body did shiver as his hands removed my tiny string bottom. He turned me around and gently pushed me to the bed. I was able to sit up as he kneelt down between my legs.

His eyes were on fire as he spread my thighs apart and asked me to lay back. I did exactly what I was instructed to do. He lifted each leg over his shoulders and kissed the inside of my thighs. When his tongue started to lick my moistened petals I lost control, I grabbed my mouth with my hands and tried to muzzle as much of the noise as I could. He drove his tongue into the pussy and pinched against my clit.

"Oh fuck Daddy, I can't begin to describe the pleasure. My body is yours completely, show me every pleasure."

With that his fingers joined in the rumble around my pussy. Thrashing tongue, vibrating fingers, projecting fingers into my pussy, and my body could not hold back anymore. I grabbed the pillow fearful of my screaming and let it all out into the pillow!

"Fuck, Fuck Fuck .......... Oh God Daddy I'm cumming!"

My thighs squeezed tightly around his head, my pussy and entire body shook out of control, and pulsating releases of pleasure over took my soul. My first real orgasm and it was my Daddy who gave it to me. I just wanted to lay naked and let Daddy look at my skin and boobs. I wanted him to touch me anyway he wanted, I wanted to please him entirely and be his only woman.

As he was finally able to slowly stand in front of me I slid back up and sat quietly on the edge of the bed. I wrapped my hands around his body and drew myself in tight. I turned my head to the right and leaned into his very hard cock with my left ear. The feeling of which drove me beyond any imaginary thoughts I may have had about sex.

I pulled back and stared directly at his swimsuit filled with his needy extended cock. I could not hold back, I lowered his suit and his cock popped out gently smacking me in my face. I wasted no time bringing my hands up to hold the cock I wanted to eat so badly. Slowly I stroked it like I had when were lying on the lounge chair.

I will admit I was a bit nervous but finally I opened my mouth and allowed my lips to devour his solid rod. He tasted delightful as I closed my lips and guided the entire length of his cock into my mouth. His hands grabbed my hair and his moans increased with each stroke deep into my mouth.

My tongue was dancing, my lips were boldly closing around Daddy's cock as I crammed every inch of his cock into my throat.

"Be careful my love you are going to drain the seeds from my balls."

I sucked and stroked, I took his cock into my throat, and he pulled on my hair and called me the dirty names I wanted to hear. I knew he was going to explode I knew he could not hold back. Suddenly he pulled his cock from my mouth and made sure both of my hands still stroked him.

"Make me cum on your tits Lizzie, you can taste me tomorrow, I want to see my slutty little girl with my cum dripping down her perfect tits."

"Yes Daddy, cum all over me." I sat up tall and stroked as hard as I could then suddenly I screamed as loads of hot sticky cum burst out of his rock hard cock and saturated the skin surrounding my nipples. I continued to stroke him and more semen streamed out of his balls. I then rubbed his cock around my nipples and covered it with his own semen.

I slowly started to ease my strokes and Daddy put his hands on my shoulders to support himself. As he settled down I took one last taste, allowing the entire length of his cock to fill my mouth one last time. He shook as I cleaned his cock in my mouth.

I wanted to keep Daddy's cum on my skin, but Daddy rubbed it around while massaging my sensitive breasts until it was time to rinse off before going back into the pool. After our shower I almost forgot to get my bikini back on, but I watched Daddy put his suit on and that reminded me I better not go to the patio totally naked!

We sat down on separate lounge chairs and held each other's hand. At one point Daddy got up and brought me a glass of wine. It was a very quiet and surreal late afternoon. We had dinner plans later, we were going as newly weds. Tonight was going to be our wedding night. There was a constant tingled between my thighs, anticipation I guess. After dinner my Father was going to bring me back to our bed and make love to me.

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