"You know what? I just don't like his stupid face" laughed Sammy. "He disgusted me the moment we got out of the car and I knew I couldn't stand a retard like him being around me.

Lola smiled. "I know," she agreed. "It's just that he sold all his shit so that he could pay for the privilege of being my slave," she continued. "He even sold his car, although it was a rusty old wreck in my opinion"

I felt the tiniest bit of indignation at hearing this. She knew how much I had done to become her slave but she felt no qualms about kicking me to the curb for the slightest mistake on my part.

Almost as if she had heard my thoughts she said, "There's nothing you could have done to impress me, boy. You are simply too useless for me to want to have around. Sure, you are good for cleaning the house but any slave could do that for me!"

"I don't think you need to explain anything to him Lola," said Sammy, inspecting my now quivering body. For some reason, she frightened me much more than Mistress Lola.

"Leave the bag, slave," ordered Sammy and I obeyed without hesitation.

I was now so used to obeying commands that I had no desire to question them in any way. My bag had the few clothes and toiletries I owned and now I wouldn't have them anymore. I had no clue as to what I would do or where I would go after this, I'd probably have to sleep on the street and join the homeless people. I also had no possessions left to even sell for money since I had given it all to Mistress Lola. Somehow, this thought didn't bother me as much as the fact that I would no longer have a Mistress to serve.

"Take off those rags too, slave," commanded Sammy in a sneeringly strict tone.

I stared at her and then remembered that slaves were absolutely forbidden to look their Mistresses directly in the eyes. Hastily looking away from her and staring instead, at my feet, I mumbled an incoherent plea.

"Take them off now before I rip them off of you!" snapped Sammy, sounding annoyed and impatient.

I was now truly terrified. I knew that they were perfectly capable of kicking me out without a single stitch of clothing on my back and I decided to make a final plea to my Mistress before this happened .

Getting down on to my hands and knees and looking towards Mistress Lola who was still lounging on the couch I began, "Mistress Lola, please! Please have mercy! Please let me at least have my clothes Mistress, I beg you! Please forg-"

"Shut up and do what she asked you, boy" replied Lola, cutting across my pleas with complete indifference.

I got back to my feet in a trance and began to unbutton my shirt with trembling fingers. Sliding my hands out of the holes I laid the shirt down at Sammy's feet, who looked down at me with the greatest contempt. I continued to undress and I had soon taken off my jeans and laid it alongside the shirt. Taking a few steps back I looked up apprehensively at Sammy, the corners of her mouth now twitching up in amusement.

"What a sorry excuse for a slave, isn't he Lola?" asked Sammy. "Look at his scrawny arms and those chicken legs," she exclaimed maliciously. "Turn around slave," she commanded.

As I slowly revolved on the spot I was treated to another bout of humiliation, this time about my small ass and scarred back. She recognised the scars approvingly as marks left by Mistress Lola's whip.

"Lose the granny panties, bitch boy," barked Sammy.

As I slowly peeled off my briefs, bending over in the process, a sharp object hit me hard across my buttocks, making me gasp in surprise. She had thrown a shoe at me and was now snorting in laughter at the sight of my bare ass. With much trepidation, I turned around, bracing myself for another outburst when she saw my privates.

"What in the world..!" started Sammy, her eyes widening in shock and surprise.

"Is that his cock?" asked Sammy in a quiet voice, still looking extremely taken aback.

"Oh yeah, that's the main reason he came to me actually," explained Mistress Lola. "He has one of the tiniest cocks I've ever seen!"

"But that's impossible!" exclaimed Sammy. "How can you even call that a cock? I can't see anything there, it's hidden by that hideous mound of pubic hair that he's got!"

"Yeah I know, I find it disgusting to even look at, so I make sure he's always wearing underwear. That's why I didn't bother to make him trim that forest of his," explained Lola.

"God, that's pathetic," laughed Sammy, back to her normal self now after being momentarily shocked by seeing how small my cock was. Naturally, I was mortified, standing there butt naked in front of two gorgeous ladies who were ridiculing my cock.

digression about how I grew up with a small cock

"Get over here, bitch" ordered Sammy. "No wait, get on your knees, pick that shoe up with your mouth and crawl over here like a dog."

I obeyed her, I couldn't resist submitting to a hot, dominant Mistress ordering me around. This was what I lived for, the humiliation and degradation that was dished out by women who I could never dream of being with in any other way than as a slave.

As I got back up to my feet, the shoe still between my teeth, Sammy kicked my shins without warning.

"Don't get too close to me, idiot!" she warned and yanked the shoe away from my teeth, again without warning, and this time I cried out in pain as my teeth almost came off from the force of her pull.

Sammy simply laughed at me and whacked me over the head with her shoe. Wincing in pain, I dared to quickly glance at her, the shoe in her hand was not making me too comfortable.

She was looking at me with an extremely smug expression. Her eyes swept downwards again towards my midsection and I saw her raise her eyebrows as she observed my privates. Slowly, she moved forwards and used the shoe to try and comb through my pubes. They were quite overgrown, since I didn't own any scissors or razors and like Mistress Lola had told Sammy, she had no interest whatsoever in seeing my cock and had commanded me to always wear underwear.

"What the fuck is that, loser?" asked Sammy from me. "Is that even two inches long?"

I remained silent, not daring to answer in case I said something wrong.

"I asked you a question, numbnuts," snapped Sammy. "What do you have to say for your yourself? Aren't you ashamed of yourself? Standing in front of two gorgeous women with that pathetic mushroom between your legs? I'll never be able to unsee that disgusting sight!"

And then she spat in my face, quite unexpectedly so that I reflexively moved backwards a little. A hard slap followed after that, making me gasp. My face stinging, I realised that she was expecting some form of an answer and I said, "I'm sorry Mistress Sammy, I'm sorry for having a small cock."

Another slap, this time even harder on the same cheek. Two more slaps followed and tears were now streaming down my face. She started to laugh as I tried to stifle a sob but I couldn't stop myself from crying like a little child, the hurt from her words affecting me just as much as the slaps.

"What a weak little bitch," taunted Sammy in a cold voice. "It's so easy to break him Lola, took me only half a minute!"

She yanked my chin up with her shoe, forcing me to look at her now sneering face, smirking as she saw the tears flowing down my cheeks. I was quite scared since I had never been punished in this way by Mistress Lola, who had only spanked or whipped me and even then in a kind and caring way. Part of the reason, or maybe the main reason why I had burst into tears was due to being hurt and shocked at how easily my Mistress had dumped me.

Mistress Sammy however, seemed like a truly sadistic and cruel mistress, it was quite hard to believe that such a gorgeous woman could be so mean.

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