Joy Ride on I-55

We're driving back to Chicago after spending Thanksgiving with Lia's family in St. Louis. It's only 5:30 p.m., but the sun has already disappeared and the interstate roads are dark, save for the passing headlights of oncoming traffic.

I'm driving my black Honda coupe with the brights on while Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers' Greatest Hits plays from the stereo. My pants are down around my knees and my dick is out with Lia's hands wrapped around it. She strokes me up and down from base to tip, using her other hands to massage my balls. Her hands are cold from sitting outside at the game, but they feel good against my blood-warmed skin. She caresses the tip and my entire body tingles.

It makes me want to pop.

I take her hand off me and with one of my hands still on the wheel, I place my other at the top of her jeans. I undo the button and slip the tips of my fingers beneath her panties, which are laced and cotton. She hasn't shaved in a few days and her stubble pricks my fingers. I reach in deep and begin to rub in a circular motion. A soft moan escapes Lia and her hand tightens on my penis. She strokes me harder, faster. I reciprocate with more pressure from my fingertips.

The interior cabin is nearly pitch black, but I can feel her squirm and shift in her seat. She removes my hand, brings it up to her mouth and starts sucking on my middle fingers. Her mouth is warm as her tongue slides over and under me. She takes me out and lets my hand fall. There's more shifting in her seat and by the time I look over, Lia is naked from the waist down. I peel off one of her socks and rub her bare foot, massaging the ball of her sole between my thumb and forefinger. She lets me do this for about a minute, then retracts her leg back onto her side of the car.

I hear the sound of a lotion bottle open and the next thing I feel is her hands rubbing cream the length of my dick. The cold touch of the lotion sends tingles along my sides and I have to concentrate on keeping the car in lane and driving the speed limit. A car passes on our left, but I don't care. It's too dark inside the Honda to see us. Lia doesn't stop stroking me.

She leans over and I feel her warm breath in my ear, smell the grainy aftertaste of beer. She kisses my neck, nibbles on my lobe, runs her tongue along the outside cartilage. I bite my lower lip and adjust myself into a more upright sitting position, my bare ass on the warm black leather. More cars pass us, but Lia keeps at it, working her hand between my legs. I reach over and touch her. She's wet as I stick my fingers inside her, alternating a scissoring motion like a swimmer kicking his legs. She takes her hand off me and, writhing in her seat, grips the center console with one hand and the grab-handle above her window with the other. I scissor faster. Lia squirms and thrusts her pelvis upward and back down again, as if trying to buck me off. I slide my fingers in and out, two inside her at a time.

Looking over, I see she's biting down on the seat belt strap that she has pulled across her. Then the clanking sound of the seat belt falling back into its place against the door. Lia takes my fingers out of her and then I'm in her mouth again, her tongue lapping me up. There are no cars ahead of us. In the rearview mirror, the headlights are small and yellow. Lia leans over and again I feel her warm breath on my ear.

"Let's take this to the next level," she says. She kisses me on the cheek and I turn my head slightly so that I can slide my tongue into her mouth while still keeping my eyes on the road. She leans back in her seat and takes off her blue sweater emblazoned with her college's insignia. Then her bra. Now she's completely nude. She reclines her seat all the way back so that she's laying down. "Wanna play with me, baby?" She's running her hands up along her breasts and down to her thighs.

"Touch yourself," I say. "I want to watch."

Lia moves her hand to the top of her bare pussy and begins massaging her cleft. I can see her looking at me, chewing on her bottom lip and bringing her tongue out to lick across the top of her mouth. Her moans are small and breathy.

I have one hand on the top of the steering wheel, the other hand wrapped tightly around my penis. I stroke myself to her sounds, occasionally stealing glances over to her naked body sprawled out on the black leather. I'm throbbing in my clutch and part of me wants to pull over onto the shoulder of the interstate and fuck her on the hood of the car, in the backseat, anywhere. But we're on a tight schedule as it is; we have to pick up our dog from the kennel before 8:45 p.m. or else we'll be charged another full day's worth for her stay.

We need to keep moving.

I press my foot harder on the gas and watch the speedometer climb to 70 miles per hour, then 80, then 90. Lia kisses the side of my face, working her way down to my neck and back up to my ear. I turn my head and we run our tongues along each other's.. Then she's leaning over me with her head down between my legs. When her lips first wrap around my cock the feeling numbs the rest of my body and the only sensation is her tongue moving against me. Up, down, left, right, left. Ever since we started dating, I lose control of myself any time she puts me in her mouth. I would do anything that was asked of me——anything at all——during one of Lia' blowjobs. She holds that power over me.

"Rub my pussy," she tells me in between licks. Her bare ass is up in the air, presenting her perfect pussy and tight little asshole to anyone looking in through the passenger side window. "Stick your fingers in me."

Still with one hand on the wheel, I reach out my free hand and give Lia a hard slap right on her left butt cheek, the fleshy skin rippling as it absorbed the blow. I rear back and slap her other cheek just as hard, for symmetry. Lia moans and I feel the vibrations tingle around my penis, just as the Honda slides onto the shoulder and I have to jerk the car back into the lane. I ease up on the gas and let Lia do her thing, occasionally reaching over to finger her pussy from behind.

"You're such a bad girl," I say, and whack her on the ass again. "What am I going to do with you?"

"Punish me."

With my free hand, I grab hold of her ass and slide my fingers into her pussy. She wraps her lips around me and I almost bust at the sensation of her mouth going to work. I slap her, hard. She recoils from the hit but doesn't spit me out. She takes me deeper, soft moans vibrating against me. I slap her again and that only ratchets up the intensity of her task, like a horse stung by the lash of its driver. It's getting to be more than I can bear, so I give her one last, meaty slap. She relinquishes me. She giggles, kisses me hard on the mouth and I do everything I can to keep the car on the road. When she's finished, I reach to put my fingers back inside her and she stops me.

"Take my ass, baby."

I ask if she's sure. She responds by deepthroating my index and middle fingers all the way to the knuckle, running her tongue over and between them. She does this long enough for Petty to sing "Breakdown, honey, take me through the night," before guiding my hand behind her. She kisses me, then puts her mouth back to work.

I cup one of her buttcheeks, rubbing my hand along the smooth, goose-fleshed haunch, lightly grazing my fingertips across her gap. Lia squirms, a reflex, but it does not interrupt her. She takes me all the way from head to base in long slurping motions. A liquid I could only surmise is her saliva mixed with my cum leaks down my balls and onto the seat. If she keeps going at this right, I'm going to explode and the game will be over.

But I'm not ready for it to end.

I find the rim of Lia's asshole and begin massaging in small clockwise motions. She arches her back, spits me out, coughs out a moan. Her grip tightens on my cock. I circle her puckered flesh a few more times, priming her for insertion. She's back on my cock, sucking me hard and fast. It's all she can do to regain control. But I overtake her by pushing the tip of my middle finger into her.

"Oh my god," Lia moans.

"Like it baby?" I say. "Do you like my finger in your tight little ass?"

"Mmm, yes."

"Then tell me."

"I like it, daddy."

"What do you like?"

"I like your finger in my ass."

"What kind of ass?"

I stuff my whole finger inside, my knuckle plowing deeper into her velvety tunnel. Lia gasps.

"What kind of ass?" I quiz her.

"My tight little ass."

To reward her, I pull my finger out, but only to stuff it back inside, tip to knuckle. Her moans fill the car. Petty disappears. She braces herself with hands on the dash and center armrest and my finger slips out.

"More?" I ask. But before she can answer, I make up her mind for her, and my middle finger goes back in. I fuck her like that for the next few miles until Lia has had enough. She hasn't been able to work me, but I'm still hard. Pulsating.

She looks at me, her face veiled in shadow, save for her red hair torched in the afterglow of the headlights. It's a look I've seen when she's about to let me have it. Like when she caught me staring at her sister, home from college and prancing around her parents' house all weekend, bra-less under sweaters and leggings hugging her athletically conditioned ass. Or when we finally got to our hotel room in West Palm Beach last Christmas and Lia made me doggy fuck her against the balcony as the moonlight glinted on the surf. I was done for.

"Pull over," she says.

We're somewhere on I-55, still two hours from Chicago. The only light comes from the Honda's high beams scouring the road. The sky and the surrounding dark stretch to infinity. Lia's body bathed in shadow. Her tits, two plump handfuls, nipples erect. The small "V" of her lower belly glistening in the blue glow of the dashboard GPS monitor. A nude, well-proportioned redhead who would make Titian cum in his pantaloons.

I contemplate pulling off right then and there, but the fear of getting caught stops me. What if some idle state trooper happens to drive by? What if he sees that our car doesn't have the neon pink tassels to our mirrors, like so many of the other roadside abandons we had seen on our trip down? A moving violation would be tolerable. But an indecency charge...

I'm yanked back to reality by Lia tugging on my cock.

"I said pull over."

She thumbs pre-cum around my head in tiny circular motions.

My cock swells.

I pull the Honda over to the shoulder and bring it to a skidding halt. There's not a single other car on the road, and with the lights killed, Lia and I are cloaked in total darkness. She's out the door before I can unbuckle my seat belt and pull up my jeans, but once I do, I'm chasing after her.

We go down a small embankment leading to an open field. Lia is ten yards ahead of me, the kissing circles of her snowy, freckled ass barely visible under the stars and growing the distance between us. She didn't think twice about her clothes, let alone closing the car door, taking off into the night in nothing but her bare skin. It's cold enough to see my breath, but it doesn't seem to slow down Lia, who widens the gap even more until she's swallowed up completely by the night.

A pang of fear strikes me in the chest.

I pull my flannel closed, cross my arms. I call out her name.

No answer.

I blow into my hands and rub them together.

Lia still doesn't respond to my calls after another minute or so of wandering and I start to get worried, the blood cooling in the pit of my stomach.

Then I see something. A large, dark shape sitting on the periphery of my vision. I feel myself moving towards it, one foot in front of the other, until the object comes into focus. A giant hay bale.

"Took you long enough," Lia says.

She's nowhere to be seen.

I find her around the other side, standing with her hands on the bale, back arched, ass presented.

"Plow me," she says, bare feet scrunching the soil.

Blood surges to my cock. I undo my belt, let my jeans fall to my boots. The November night feels brisk against my exposed flesh, though I am instantly warmed the second I enter Lia.

I take her in full.

She moans, palms still flat on the bale. Her back tightens as I pull out, folds when I re-sheath. I'm rock solid, thrusting into her, tightening my ass to feel every square inch of her. Deep strokes. From my cum-foaming tip to my lower abdomen, where a frothy mix of our juices slick us both. This only serves to make us fuck harder, faster.

I pound her with both hands grabbing her hips. Fingers digging into flesh. The sharper and quicker I thrust, the more her moans devolve into tight, little gasps. I spank her. Once on the left cheek, then two on the right. For symmetry. Lia puts her back into it, like a bronco bucking its rider.

"Harder," she groans.

I give her what she wants: a thunderous crack on her right buttcheek. Lia screams, a guttural bellow that was more grunt than sigh. I grab a handful of hair and pull her head back, until my lips breathe down her neck and on her ears.

"Naughty girl," I whisper, pushing all the way into her and working my hips in a circle.

"Am I your naughty little slut, daddy?" She says, looking back at me. The sight of her almost makes me cum in itself.

"Making me chase you all over," I start to say, between thrusts. "When all I want to do is fuck that tight, little pussy."

She shrivels a little.

"Take my pussy, baby. It's yours."

That drives me wild. I pickup the tempo, to the point where I'm hammering Lia from behind. The cushioning of her ass slapping against my things.

Then her whole body goes rigid. Legs stiff in their spread, toe-curling earth.

It's a wonder no one has seen us.

I'm dangerously close to coming, so I bring it down, taking Lia in long, slow strokes until I can't any longer. I pull myself out. Lia looks back.

"Did you cum?" She asks. The question is imbued with a combination of alarm and regret. Lia's not on the pill and I didn't bother with a condom.

"Not yet," I say.

"Then why'd you stop?"

She's still assuming the position against the hay bale. I can't see how red her ass cheeks are, but I bet they'll be sore tomorrow with a pair of purple hand-shaped tattoos. What I do see, however, is the puckered star of her asshole winking up at me.

"I've got my eyes set on something else," I say.

I spit directly into Lia's butt crack. Then I lick my thumb and use it to lube up her hole, smearing spit around using the same motions she used earlier on my cock. She stiffens. I bring her off the hay bale down to the ground, positioning her on all fours, her head touching the ground, ass perched for my inspection. Then I lick my middle finger and send it home. I work her that way for a while, let her get a feel for me down there, before I replace it with my hard, wet cock.

"I'm finishing what I started," I tell her.

"Take me."

There's some resistance as I ease my head into her. I'm not very long, but what I lack in length I make up for in girth. In college, a curious ex-girlfriend prodded me to try it, but changed her mind once she felt me knocking at her back door. I take care to go slow.

"Oh fuck fuck fuck," Lia pants.

I tell her to ease up her muscles, pretend she's pushing me out. I feel her body shift and my head slips through the crown of her asshole. Lia stiffens up.

"Want more?" I ask.

She's grabbing handfuls of the cold ground.

"Yes yes yes yes," she says.

I try to bury myself deeper, but Lia just won't budge. No problem. I gather enough phlegm from the back of my throat and spit a stringy loog smack dab onto my cock and smear it with my fingers. It works like greases and I slide in a bit further.

Half of my cock is now in Lia's ass. I start moving myself in and out, first only by a few degrees. But I find that the longer I stay inside her, and the more I train her with my thrusts, Lia begins to stretch, allowing me to more easily penetrate her ass.

Lia's hole grips me tighter than anything I've ever felt. I manage a few pumps, but can't deny it any longer.

I am going to cum.

I start pumping, taking care not to fall completely out of her. Lia whimpers with every thrust. I feel her rooting around down below and soon she's squeezing my balls. Hard. At first, the pressure is more than I can bear. But the game is afoot.

So I counter by fucking her harder.

Lia responds by squeezing tighter.

Pleasure and pain jockey for position, but ultimately the ecstasy of her warm, velvety compression overpowers the pain of her grip.

I steady myself by grabbing Lia's ass with both hands. She moans in rhythm with my strokes and I want to live inside her forever. Here. Right now. In this moment in time under the stars.

I drain myself inside her ass, then collapse forward onto her bare back. Our ragged breath slows, steadies until we're both breathing in time.

We lay there for a few moments. The air reeks of our sex and aslo a faint trace of woodsmoke, as if someone, somewhere, is warming himself by a fire.

My penis twitches in Lia's ass, losing blood flow by the second. I slowly pull out and feel a warm slick running down me. She's sopping wet from the waist down. I feel her shiver against me.

I take off my flannel and give it to Lia, who wraps herself up in it. Then I unlace my boots, remove my socks and give them to her, too. She puts on both. The ground feels cold beneath my bare feet, but it's refreshing after so much exertion. The sweat on my back cools in the breeze. I take off my jeans, then my underwear.

"To wipe off," I say.

Lia accepts and does just that. I put my jeans back on, and while I'm tying the laces of my boots, Lia walks around the other side of the hay bale and urinates, using my boxer briefs to wipe. When she's done, we walk, hand in hand, back the way we came.

To our relief, the Honda is still sitting where we left it. All in one piece and without any state troopers nosing about.

We get in.

I start the car and the heater comes roaring to life.

Lia collects her loose clothes from the floor of the passenger seat and begins dressing. She squirms into her leggings, slips her bare feet into her fleece-lined boots. She finds her bra and throws it into the backseat, along with her shirt. Her sweater she pulls over her bare breasts. Then she buckles up and leans over to rest her head on my shoulder. Her hand lays idly in my lap.

Petty sings about refugees as I put the car in gear and swing it onto the black ribbon unfolding before us.

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