Optimize-LTSC - SetupComplete.cmd - Post-Install (new method)

If you want to integrate your own scripts or programs with Optimize-LTSC's SetupComplete.cmd, follow this:

Place your scripts and files in the Optimize-LTSC's "Additional" directory:

  • go to your Optimize-LTSC's \Resources\Additional\Setup\ directory, add your scripts and files to the Files folder
  • edit the SetupComplete.cmd script from within \Resources\Additional\Setup\Scripts\ using Notepad++ - as you can see i've added some commands there as an example for you, the REM is a commented line, if you want to call another .cmd file you have to use the call command, i've added the line about KMS_VL_ALL as an example.
  • remember to always place all your scripts and files in the \Resources\Additional\Setup\Files\ directory and point to them in the SetupComplete.cmd script at \Resources\Additional\Setup\Scripts\

The above is just a simplified example of what SetupComplete.cmd scripting is capable of.

More details about SetupComplete.cmd and Post-Install/Unattended scripting in general can be found in this Microsoft's article.
Also, Google is your friend.

Good luck!

The full optimization guide is available here

Pub: 15 Jul 2019 17:27 UTC
Edit: 15 Jul 2019 20:32 UTC
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