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Dying Light 2

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This guide is for getting the most FPS out of Dying Light 2, DL2 has many unnecessary clutter and visual effects that not only makes the game look worse but also reduce FPS. Luckily the community made mods that remove these clutter and visual effects, there is even a mod the enables FSR Ultra Quality which is not an option in the game due to Nvidia not allowing it so that users are force to use DLSS which is only available on RTX cards. Where FSR can be use on any generation and brand GPU. So let's dive in on making DL2 optimized, make sure to pay attention and follow along well.

Here are the Links to the mods that we will be using, all of them are from Nexus Mods a well known and reliable modding community/platform.

  1. No Post Processing Effects
  2. Remove Screen Clutter
  3. FSR 2.0

Optional Mods

These are mods that I recommend you use if you want to make gameplay experience a bit better.

  1. DL2 E3 Atmosphere ReShade
  2. Always On Compass
  3. E3 Lawan Model

How to Install the Mods

Watch the video on How to Install the Mods

Video for This Guide, Click here

Pub: 14 Feb 2022 04:36 UTC
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