I let myself in the backdoor of the house and quietly walked down to the main bedroom. I could hear the sounds of heavy copulation coming from one of the bedrooms further down the hall where one of Angela's friends was clearly getting a good workout.

Angela was sprawled on the bed in the main bedroom. The sheets were in a tangled pile on the bed, one pillow was on the floor near the door and one of the bowls of condoms was upside down on the edge of the bedside table with its contents strewn across the floor while the other one was still upright, but its contents were spread around it.

My beautiful lady was in no better shape, her lipstick and hair were a total mess, the sexy chemise she had been wearing was like a twisted rope around her waist and she looked as though she had just gone 10 rounds with both guys she had fucked for Evolved Fights.

"What on earth happened to you?"

"Mark happened to me," she giggled. "Come in, close the door and take your clothes off. Then get on the bed and hold me while I tell you what happened."

"Mark would be a nightmare for some girls who want to stay in control at all times because the last bit of control any girl will ever have is when she thanks him for the money he gives her. From that point on Mark is in control and any working girl is going to be in for one of the wildest fucking of her life.

"When he says that to me it starts at the front door. He has his money in his hand and sometimes I have barely enough time to put it down before action starts. Some days when he comes and there's only me here we don't even get out of the living room or the dining area.

"He'll fuck me on the floor, on a couch, slammed up against a wall, on the table in the dining area, bent over the table, on my back, on my knees, on my side, on top of him or underneath him. When he knocks on the door I don't open it until I have at least two condom packets in my hand.

"There are others in the draw in that cupboard over there and I have more stashed under the cushions on both couches. He's like the Energizer Bunny, he might have gone through two condoms but he's just as hard as when he started and he doesn't want to stop.

"That's probably one of the reasons he comes to see me. With most working girls a guy who books a half hour service gets to cum once but he doesn't get a second chance if he books an hour. In a two hour period Mark will cum at least three times and maybe more often and that's fine with me. He's paying for me so he gets all of me in the time he has booked.

"Lots or brothels work one the cum once rule too but not here and not at the Black Door either. You get unbridled sex during the time that you paid for and no one is going to rush you out the door. If any of our girls try that it's them who get rushed out the door.

"If you're too precious to give a guy what he's come for then you're too precious to work for us.

"So today Mark turns up and I'm sure he wanted to pull me out of the house and fuck me on the front lawn ... and I would have done it too but I knew that Elise had a few bookings this afternoon so I managed to get him as far as the hallway before I was up against the wall and desperately trying to get a condom on him before he had me impaled on his cock.

"With mission accomplished he was into me and lifting me off my feet with each thrust. God, after you got me so horny before we got home I was ready for a fucking like that and so was he ... the first condom was full in less than five minutes.

"Once I got him into the bedroom I almost had to fight with him to get a chance to close the door ... and when I did he took me up against the bedroom door. This time he lasted longer and we were on the bed before he came. But then the fucking got really wild and I was totally into it too.

"For me, from then on, it was like one continuous orgasm rolling on and on with only brief pauses while I slipped another condom onto him.

"We rolled off the bed and onto the floor and every time I went to get back on the bed he would drag me back down on top of him. When he did let me get back on the bed he pushed my face down into the sheets and dragged my hips up and for the rest of the time he fucked me from behind.

Listening to her describe the wild session she had just had pushed me to the point where my cock was throbbing and when she opened her legs I had trouble holding back and not just ramming it into her.

"God, I am so fucked but I want you so badly I ... oooooooohhhhhhhhh fuuuuucccckkkkk." Her cry of pleasure as I gently pushed my cock into her was so subdued that I almost missed it but I didn't miss the way she wrapped her arms and legs around me or the way her cunt tightened around my cock.

"Oh fuck Steve, you feel so good inside me ... so fucking goooood." She pushed her hips up to meet my slow thrust into her and I let a kiss linger on her lips while my cock continued its steady thrust and withdraw into her sopping wet cunt.

There was nothing wild about our lovemaking. Mark had taken the edge of Angela's hunger and my resolve to fuck her brains out disappeared the moment I looked into her eyes. There was even more love showing than there had been the last time and when I saw it all I wanted to do was wrap my arms around her and love her gently.

She was still clinging to me when I lost control and flooded her with my hot cum and she repaid that with gentle hands that explored my body, soft kisses that danced on my lips, fingers that touched and explored me and whispered words of love.

When I was spent she stretched out and I lay completely on top of her, skin to skin, eyes looking deep into each other and tongues that danced together before withdrawing only to come out to play once more when we kissed.

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