The story is set in the modern era in recent time. The protagonist is a fit male, thirtysomething plumber working away from home. He has a fetish for women's lingerie that leads him to some fantastic ball-draining encounters with kinky young women and their saucy bits and bobs. All characters are of adult age and all sexual activity is with the consent of all parties. Some of the characters take recreational party drugs. All of the characters are fictional. This is part one of a four part story.

Dealing with her bits and bobs.

Dave a builder mate asked me to do some work for him where he lived in the sticks some two hundred miles North. I had intended to start on a development in my own town but it had fallen through due to legal problems. My only difficulty was that I had a Husky dog called Minge, so named because of his propensity to stick his snout straight into the crotch of any woman he could lay his nose on. Dave said he'd get back to me.

Later that evening Dave belled and told me his local had kennels for guests with doggies and that I would be able to stay there and know that Minge would be well looked after. Not only that but the pub had some of the best cooked food in the region and as they say, a change is as good as a rest.

I arrived on a Wednesday lunchtime at my accommodation, parked my van in the yard by a hedge and tethered Minge to the bumper, safe from traffic and by the foliage in case he got caught short. I made my way along a path to the back door of the public house.

'I'm George, plumber chap, friend of Dave, you are expecting me?'

'Pleased to meet you, George, the folks call me Sandy,' welcome to The Stag's Head, I wish you a pleasant stay. What about the doggie, what's he, she called?' he asked.

I lied, falling back to an aka I had used many times before, 'He's called Mint, he's a Husky, after Sharp's Extra Strong ones.'

'My daughter Eve will take care of it.'

I knew the outcome and smiled to myself. Sandy momentarily disappeared and soon returned to the bar and picked up my bags and led me upstairs to my room.

'There you go, it's a lovely room with a pleasant view and an en-suite.' Sandy drew the curtains open and nosed towards the garden below. 'Beer garden has customers, I'd better get down there. I'll leave you to unpack and we'll see you later.'

Wow, I had never slept in a four-poster bed before. From the garden I heard a young women's voice, calling, 'Mint, Mint, where are you?' I chuckled to myself.

'Actually, I could murder a pint and that roast beef on the menu I noticed downstairs would be spot on right now.'

Sandy opened the door for me and we went below back to the bar.

'On the bill?' he asked when I went to pay and that really made me feel at home.

'My daughter, Eve will be along in a bit to take your order, we get the beef from a local organic source, it's famous around these parts.' Grinning he continued. 'Oh, and give the girl a chance, she's indispensable but a bit woolly today, she celebrated her twenty-first birthday last night and she's not quite at her best, might take a tad longer than normal.'

I nosed the local rag and when I saw pale pink cotton interrupt my gaze and while my cutlery and condiments were placed on the table I heard Eve's sweet young voice for a second time,

'If you need anything else just let me know.'

I did not want to disclose my interest so I merely replied, 'Cheers,' and when the young woman was already on her way I looked up and took in a pair of beautiful firm bare legs, feet shod in strappy black heeled sandals and a mane of shiny, straight, jet black hair which reached to the small of her back. Her bum was generous and curvaceous, the perfect bubble-butt, I missed the hems of bikini panties visible beneath the thin cotton of her dress. She bulged in all the right places.

I looked at the editorial I had been reading but my concentration had gone, I longed for Eve to return so I could get a glimpse of her face.

Some few minutes later a steaming plate, almost overwhelmed with roast beef and all the trimmings appeared next to me and I saw crimson red toenails and upon abandoning the newspaper I looked up and saw an angel's face.

'Enjoy,' said Eve and I was already doing so, the subject of her intense, deepest dark brown eyes, ebony hair, centrally parted and collected behind her ringed earlobes. Her delicate perfectly formed facial features and lovely toned shoulders led the eye down to her considerable fleshy globes that might have suited a C-cup brassiere had she chosen to wear one under her dress.

'Glorious,' I replied addressing her as much as the food.

The beer and my dinner were delicious and with the added attraction I watched Eve serve many other customers as the bar began to fill with diners, I couldn't leave and I supped late into the evening and I found it easy to imagine Eve in all the horny stereotypes that turn guys on. When I became a bit worse for wear I went to my room and laid on my bed and didn't awake until very early on Thursday morning.

I had made good progress on the net sourcing local plumbers merchants and noted it was still only seven-fifteen when movement in the garden caught my eye and to my delight I saw a barefoot Eve in cut-offs and a t-shirt walking onto the dew-laden lawn beyond. She carried two flexi-plastic tubs, one in each hand.

She began to hang blokes stuff from the blue tub on a very long washing line that stretched across the whole width of the garden and disappeared behind a large wooden shed. It re-appeared beyond tethered to a tree branch in the woodland adjoining the garden. From the pink tub, she took out a pair of denim shorts and hung those on the line. She continued with a mini denim skirt and more denim jeans, then t-shirts. I anticipated that perhaps the load would include her lingerie.

A white suspender belt was followed by lots of tan, white and black nylon tights and stockings. She began, piece by piece, to hang lots of little white cotton socks and nylon pop sox and then a pair of flimsy pale blue sheer panties before I lost sight of her behind the shed. A couple of minutes later I watched with my gland in hand as she walked back to the building.

That afternoon I went to see builder Dave and we did a reccy of the new house. I thought the work would take a week and told Dave it should all be done by the following Friday.

'Cool, that would be wicked,' Dave said. 'Fancy a pint?'

'I could murder one, Stag's Head?' I proposed.

'Good idea,' Dave replied and so we drove in convoy the few minutes to the local.

'In or out? Dave.'

'Indoors mate, I like the talent.'

I understood his reasoning. The bar was quiet and Eve was serving, her hair now collected into a long ponytail and the outline of her full bra was clear beneath her white t-shirt.

'Hi Dave, you good? The usual?' she asked.

Eve began to pull Dave's pint as he strained his eyes away from her cleavage and towards me to identify my tipple.

'The same, cheers, ta.' I took a moment to answer. For some reason I was thinking that two pints make a quart and was mesmerised by Eve's tiny hand wrapped around the draft beer tap.

'Yer, I'm good, you? Same again,' Dave said to our stunning hostess' delectable breasts.

While we supped and chatted Eve came aside the bar with a dustpan and brush and crouched down with her back to us and began to sweep a small area of the wooden boarded floor. She wore jeans and the whaletale of a black G-string had crept beyond the waistband of her low riding pants. Her soles clad in white cotton socks had dropped her Crocs and vied for my attention as much as her peachy curvaceous bum in painted-on denim.

'What you think of the talent?' Dave said quietly while shifting his eyes towards Eve?

'Phenomenal mate. She's gorgeous, from Mars is she?'

Sandy came over and placed some nibbles on the table, olives and pork scratchings.

'We're all hungry,' said Dave again shifting his head towards Eve as she swabbed the counter.

'My missus taught her in high school. She's Hungary, I mean from Hungary, or at least her mother was. Sandy and her split up and mother went back home, Eve wanted to stay with her mates in good old England. Forever snogging in the bike sheds and excluded for a term for smoking weed there. Hot to trot. Good student though.

Dave played safe and went for a half, he knew how pokey the ale was.

'See you tomorrow,' I said and when I had finished I asked Sandy where I could walk the pooch.

'The landowner of that bit of woodland is a regular, he's happy for us to take the dogs there. You can let them off the leash as soon as you're among the trees. Go out back, follow the washing line right, continue past the shed and there's a spot in the fence where you can get over, can't miss it.'

I was sure that Eve would have pinned more of her little knickers behind the shed. I collected the dog leash from my room and left by the garden door. I was heart-broken when I saw the washing line had been cleared.

On Friday morning I woke up when my alarm sounded and was out of the shower by seven. I kept an eagle-eye on the garden and precisely as the day before I saw Eve, laundry tubs in hand, approaching the washing line. She began to hang sheets and pillowcases and like the day before began to hang her own stuff. Nylon hose followed a black suspender belt and then she disappeared behind the shed again.

Minge o'clock and I still had an hour before I had to arrive on site. I dressed and went downstairs, leash in hand and was welcomed by an excited, salivating hound, just like me longing to sniff the undergrowth. I dipped under Eve's suspender belt and it snagged my hair pulling me back and while I untangled my hair, the dog barked and I looked to see lots of panties beneath an extended roof panel.

The panties were of the fuck-me-sexy sort, bikinis, tangas, thongs and G-strings, lacy, frothy, delicate, dainty, sheer and minimal with a plethora of elongated bows. The labels had size six or eight printed on them.

They all looked so saucy and I reached for a black G-string with a black front panel and felt the soft material between my finger and thumb. There was a lump in the gusset and twisting the panties inside out I was astonished to find something inside the little pocket of soft cotton and I extracted a little plastic envelope that contained a bud of very aromatic ganja. My mind boggled, what the fuck was going on?

Several pairs of tan nylon ankle socks hung there amongst her scanties, I resisted the temptation to have anything away and felt so giddy that I nearly fell as I clambered over the fence. While the hound relentlessly retrieved the stick I thought about those little tan nylon ankle socks with a reinforced toe. I always have similar hose in the van because they are disposable tough filters for jobs. Minge panted intensely and needed water so we made our way back to the fence and passed a dude that walked with his girl. In their wake, I smelt ganja.

'Stay, Minge,' I commanded and went to my van and when I came back I swapped a pair of Eve's tan nylon socks hanging on the line for those in my pocket.

I felt the black panty gusset again and the ganja had gone. Had I lost my mind, obsessed by Eve and the things I longed for her to do to me had occupied my mind since I first set eyes on her. I took the dog back to his kennel and with a boner in my pants went back to my room, stashed Eve's stretchy anklets and collected my van keys and wallet and left for the site.

While I listened to Bob Marley, the penny dropped and I almost hit the vehicle in front of me. That innocent little Eve, excluded from school for smoking weed, was she really, no, what a crazy thought, dealing weed and distributing it from the gusset of her knickers. Well, it's a crazy world. Whatever next.

During the afternoon I collected materials for work and later headed back to the Stag's Head. In my room, I pulled out Eve's little treasure and put her little socks next to my cock in my pants for a saucy turn-on. I went below and took a pint and ordered the stew and was happy to gaze and sup. Eve appeared and brought bread and sausage to a nearby table and the foot-boy in me noticed that below the cuffs of her jeans, were the tell-tale creases of nude nylon hosiery. I longed for the bar maid's sweaty nylon toes to be applied to my face while she commanded me to sniff and lick and suck.

When Eve arrived with a plate of beef stew and dumplings I wondered about her roasting beef and her pert not-inconsiderable dumplings and while making eye-contact told her in thought that her nylon anklets were touching my cock and balls. I was ravenous and ate and necked a couple of pints.

Back in my room I turned the key in the door. I had snatched a photo of Eve behind the bar and now downloaded it to my laptop. Naked, I smoked a nice stiff joint from my stash and brought up Eve's pic to fill my laptop screen. I muttered to her as though she was with me as I tied one of her nylon anklets around the base of my shaft and fantasised it was Eve doing that to me. Controlling my cum.

'That's it you naughty little bitch, tie my balls tight, make me suffer, stifle my spunk, ruin me you horny bar whore.'

I put the toe of her other little anklet in my mouth, it was salty and aromatic and reminded me of the taste of root beer and honey, quite strange for a laundered garment.

'You naughty wench, I'm your sniffy, submissive sock-sucker, punish me you kinky little vixen.'

I hadn't cum for a couple of days so it didn't take long before I blew my lot as I sucked the toe of her nylon anklet and looked at her angelic face on my laptop while insistently repeating a request, 'I want your stinky panties, I want your sweaty stockings'. My mess flew beyond the screen, a single ribbon of cum had gone haywire and ran down the screen from Eve's eye socket and flowed beyond her chin. A spunk magnet indeed.

'Eat that dirty girl,' was the last thing I uttered before I began to come down from my hormonal fuelled trip. I felt fucking stupid and guilty so to make some order I set about emptying my case and putting the contents into the chest of drawers.

I showered and soon I was feeling better than ever and decided to go down to the bar for a night-cap or three. 'Fucking good weed that,' I thought and feeling full of energy and with an ambition to chat and be amongst others, I dressed and went down to the bar.

I felt euphoric, open, accepting, unafraid, and connected to everyone in that crowded Friday night bar, stimulated by visuals, sounds, smells and touch and I longed to dance, touch and talk. 'Fucking good ganja,' I thought again. Local pubs, wow, everyone is on the same groove.

When I went for a beer Eve amazed me when she laid a palm on my forearm to indicate it was my go. Her lovely eyes were so intense. I met everyone in the bar, a night of my life.

I woke up in my clothes at dawn and saw in my minds the dilated pupils of the people who had crowded the bar just a couple of hours before and then realised that we had been served half the night. Rural thing, being out in the sticks was the fact that dismissed my astonishment.

I was free, the weekend had arrived, no need to get up. Sod's law, I didn't feel like sleeping any more so I dressed and went to walk the doggie. I pinged the centre of the washing line and watched the dew that coated it tracking one massive single standing wave in the air.

'Fucking amazing weed, I'm still high as a kite,' I thought.

The weekend was sorted, walks in the woods with my loving pooch, beer and food and Eve and a wank now and then. Relaxation. Back in my room, I rolled a dooby and soon felt sleepy again.

It was one o'clock when I awoke for the second time, I was hungry and thirsty but the pooch was due a walk. I collected him from the kennel and as I approached the garden shed I counted five pairs of identical tan nylon anklets hanging there looking like they'd never been worn, not a pair of knickers in sight.

Back in the bar I supped ale and waited for my order. I learnt from Sandy, Saturday was Eve's day off which was gloomy news. Sandy came over and put a pint in front of me.

'On the house, soddin' washing machine's gone funny, only got it last week, might be easy, just haven't time to deal with it,' he said whilst heading bar-ward immediately. 'It's all yours, food too, he said, his hand roaming over beer pumps and ranging to include the stronger bottles stacked behind him.

I nodded to indicate my comprehension of the situation. I wondered if there would be anything of Eve's waiting to be washed in the utility room and sensing the urgency of Sandy's problem and that of my own libido, Sandy soon showed me to the offending washing machine.

'I changed the fuse in the plug but still nothing,' Sandy explained.

I was happy to dismiss him and let him go back to his busy bar, I would be alone to have a scratch around and first stop would be the pink flexi-tub standing in the corner. My hopes were dashed when I discovered it to be empty and as a last-ditch hope opened the washing machine door and spun the drum hoping a little treasure might drop down but there wasn't a stitch.

I unplugged the machine and knowing it was almost new investigated the electrical supply more thoroughly. I removed the cover of the wall socket and saw that the neutral wire had become disconnected. Sandy isolated the supply to the utility room for me and shortly afterwards the machine was back in order.

'Thanks so much, George, as I said it's on the house today,' Sandy confirmed and he pulled me a pint and insisted that I chose a chaser, filling a tumbler with what must have been a triple of pure malt whisky. 'Minted lamb shank, roast potatoes and veg of the day, how does that sound?'

'Wicked,' I replied and returned to my table, pint in one hand, whisky in the other.

A couple of hours later and another pint down I wanted to rest so thanked Sandy and went to my room. I felt horny and a nice wank always helps me sleep so I arranged my laptop on a stool at the foot of the bed and opened the app displaying the image of Eve's lovely face. I longed to feel her soft nylon anklets against my lips but came up against an age-old problem, I could only find one of the pair, the knotted sock that I had tied around my shaft the night before.

I would rub myself off against a pillow above the bedspread while staring at Eve's little face and I stuck the toe of her anklet in my mouth and sucked on it whilst I murmured dirty thoughts about wanting her soiled panties and sweaty hose. I noticed that it was Eve's dilated pupils that made those dark brown eyes so irresistible. The flavour of her sock, slightly salty with the taste of root beer and honey and the soft material made me long to have her toes in my mouth and soon I shot my mess imagining that my cock was pulsing spunk all over her wrinkled soles thinly veiled in nylon and Eve celebrated gleefully rubbing her spunk sodden stocking soles one against the other.

I managed forty winks before I found myself wide awake again and longing to return to the bar, not only for beer but I longed for company and conversation too. I tactfully refused any more of Sandy's free hospitality.

'Sandy, it was easy, you've thanked me enough, put it on my tab please.'

'On one condition, you'll have dinner on the house, I'm not asking, I'm insisting.' I gratefully accepted.

The bar was full of customers and I was delighted when Dave the builder turned up. We spent ages talking over some of the amusing highlights of previous jobs together. I lamented that Eve's little body was absent and said,

'Suppose she'll be having a night out with her bloke.'

'Night out is right, she's really into the rave scene, there's usually an all-nighter planned for the weekend around here. Bloke, maybe. You remember I told you about her snogging in the bike sheds, well what I didn't mention was that my missus taught at a high school for girls. The missus caught her once swapping tongues with a classmate, they had their hands in each other's knickers as well.'

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