Calendar Creek, New Jersey had never seen a woman so curvy in a bikini so tiny. OK, I had never seen a woman so curvy in a bikini so tiny. No one knew who she was, she just turned up in town overnight. That was the gossip around The Candy Pole anyway. The little old fashioned candy store has been a fixture of Calendar Creek society for nearly a hundred years. So, it was there, while I manned the counter, that the rumors were born. She was a no-good hussy. Their words, not mine. She was here to ruin marriages and steal good little boys. I feel I must inform you at this point my gossips are in their late eighties.

They came in around opening. The regular old townies soon followed. They were primarily focused on how inappropriate her attire was in a good God fearing town like this one. Must be from a lower stock. Again, their words not mine. Hard facts seemed few and far between. By afternoon the younger crowds came in. My crowd.

"Dude, you should see this chick!"

"Tits the size of your head!"

"Ass you could bounce a half dollar off!"

"Half dollar?"

"It's bigger ... than a ... quarter. I'll shut up now."

"You do that."

"She's a model. Got to be."

I just shook my head and took it all in. Then night came. Closing time neared. That's when she arrived. She wasn't overly tall, halfway between five and six foot give or take, but she always commanded the room like she was a giantess. She wore a blue anchor print bikini that left little to the imagination. Matching blue sandals showed off long shapely legs. Her powerful arms adjusted the shoulder straps of her 'suit' which always failed to hold in her impressive DD breasts. She flicked her head to get her long curly brown hair out of her eyes.

"H...hello," I said weakly, stupidly.


Her British accent was melodic, almost hypnotic. So much so that I failed to notice she locked the door and flipped the sign to closed.

"Can... can I help you?"

"Do you have any chocolate drizzle?"

I shakily pointed to the shelf the small bags sat on. She sauntered over and picked one up without even looking at it. She then made her way to the counter. I went to open the register when she pushed through the waist high swinging door and joined me behind the counter.

"Miss, you can't be back here."

She shoved me into one of the seats and climbed into my lap.


She straddled my lap and wrapped her powerful legs around me, pinning me to the chair. She ripped open the drizzle and poured it over her bountiful breasts. I watched, amazed. She pressed them into my face.


"Better get cleaning if you want to go home tonight."

Well... if she insisted. I mean, why would I want to fight this? So I began to lick. I don't know which tasted better between her or the chocolate.. Once it was gone so was she. As she closed the door behind her she looked back and said "See you again."

I barely slept that night. How could I? All of my thoughts were consumed by... her. The next day the gossips returned to run their mouths. I ignored them. I just watched longingly through the store windows. Was she coming back? The excitement I felt coming into work soon faded away. Of course, she wasn't coming back. Why would she? Why would a sexual goddess like that care about a lowly candy store boy like me? No, she was just having her fun.

Resigned to my fate I went through the rest of my day. Night fell once more, I paid it no mind. The door opened and closed behind me as I swept. Then it was locked. I spun around. She was back. Today she was dressed like a proper English businesswoman, leather satchel in hand. I didn't know what to make of this.

"I would like to purchase your biggest candy cane," she explained.

"I'm sorry, those are a seasonal item only. We don't have any."

"Oh, I think you have one left."

"I don't know what you mean."

She shoved me up against a wooden support beam nearby.


Reaching into satchel she produced a large bundle of orange synthetic rope. I watched, shocked, as she looped it around me. She weaved a web around my body pressing me tight against the beam. When finished I was her helpless scarecrow, my body revealing it's elation at the current situation. She lowered the blinds and pulled a chair up to me.

"Now, I would like my candy cane."

"I still don't understand."

Smiling knowingly she unzipped my pants and slipped my dick free.

"There it is."

I gasped.

She ran her finger over it, slowly, tauntingly. I shuddered at her touch. She swirled her finger around the tip.

"Oh lord."

She leaned forward and gave my 'cane' a little lick. I gasped and twitched even more. This pleased the woman who proceeded to give it several more. The more pleasures I received,the more pleased she was. Her licks became more and more aggressive as a response. She went into the kitchen and returned with a small cup of sugar. She sprinkled it over my member.


She slipped me into her mouth and began to suck and lick. I moaned and bucked as she took her time enjoying me for hours, edging me the entire time. Eventually she untied me and began to leave.

"Who are you?" I asked as she started out the door.

She turned to look at me.

"Call me, Isla."

With that, she was gone.

What the fuck was my life becoming? I spent another night beating off to the thought of the woman who had taken me captive and had her way with me twice now. Not only at the thought of the things she had done but all the things I wished she would do. Why did I love this so much? I sat there at closing time, heart pounding. I watched the door, boner tearing at my pants. I almost jumped out of my skin when her voice came from behind me.

"You should really lock that back door. Who knows what perverted sexual predator could get in and have you as a sexy little snack."

I turned to look at her only to have a beach bag shoved over my head. My arms were forced behind my back and bound with a cottony rope. My legs soon joined them.

"What's going on?"

"I've placed my order as carry out tonight. I want to savor it in the comfort of my own home."

She lifted me up and, judging by the whirls of movement around me, laid me over her shoulder. I heard her close and lock the front door before going through the back and locking up behind her. I felt myself being laid in a backseat. The car started up and drove away. I quickly lost track of how long and how far we'd traveled when she stopped and carried me inside... somewhere. When the bag was removed I found myself in one of the little bungalows down on the beach.

"This is where you've been staying?"

"Something wrong with it?"

"It's just so... plain for someone as elegant as you."

"Well thank you for that. I'm only here for a week and your little town doesn't have a lot of high-end choices."

"Then why stay here?"

"At first it was just to play with the locals. I like giving you little American prudes a good show."

"And now?"

"I found a candy I can't find anywhere else and want to enjoy."

I blushed at that.

"The other boys in this town should really hate you."

"Why's that?"

"I've stopped parading through town, giving them my little show."


"The only boy I care about is locked away in his little candy store."

My blush burned brighter.

"So I'm removing the distraction."

"What do you mean?"

"You'll be spending the week here with me."

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