Chapter Seventeen: The Mastermind is Fingered

It was evening, and the phone rang at the Triple Forests mansion. Mary answered the phone, "Hello, Mary Jones speaking."

"Mary, it's Sheriff Barton. With an unusual name like Thomas Harris, we found his house in Xylophone immediately, and as you suspected, the entire gang was hiding there. We brought in everybody found at the premises, including a moll of theirs by the name of Xenia. I'm sure she's just an innocent girl caught up in this. I'm just trying to be thorough, and not intending to be mean to girls, mind you."

"Hold on to her tightly, Barton!" said Mary, "I suspect she has more to do with this than meets the eye. We'll be over in a few minutes." With this, she hung up the phone, and she and Imogene rushed out the door. "We have to go question suspects, Tommy," Mary told Deputy Thomas Katz, who was stationed outside. "You stay here and guard Grandma Petra and Aunt Selene."

"Sure thing, Mary," saluted the merry Deputy. He'd gotten resoundingly laid by both Mary and Imogene the previous night and was still on top of the world. The girls jumped into Mary's Packard roadster, the engine roared to life, and a mere few minutes later, they skidded to a halt in front of the sheriff's office.

All the suspects captured at the Harris residence, including Harris himself, were being held in a large room. Barton and Mary examined them together through a pane of one-way glass. "It goes without saying that we need some of these mugs to rat out the others. Which one do you want to interrogate first?" the sheriff asked with a smirk, since he knew her unorthodox interrogation techniques only too well.

Mary indicated a giant hairy man in the corner. "First, we'll do Petey the taxi driver over there," she told him.

"Oh no Mary!" argued Barton, "Not Petey! It's simply not safe to put a girl with even your considerable martial talents alone in a room with a man the size and strength of a grizzly bear! It took seventeen deputies to even get him into the back of the patrol car, and he wasn't even struggling! It just took that many men to push him into that tight a space."

"Never fear, Sheriff," for Mary always called her lover Sheriff in front of the public, "I won't be interrogating him. I'm leaving that to Immy."

"Imogene??" Barton wailed. "How could you sacrifice your cute and innocent sidekick? If you put them in a room alone together, you'll be lucky to find a smudge of her afterwards!"

"Sheriff, there you go doubting me again," calmed Mary. "Immy has a weapon more powerful than any man, and that weapon is love."

"All right, Mary," agreed an extremely worried Barton. "I hope you know what you're doing."

Imogene entered the room with Petey and shut it behind herself. Mary and Barton leaned close to hear what would happen next. "Petey!" Imogene shrieked joyfully, and this was followed by a great deal of rustling, and then there was a deafening roar and the entire sheriff's office began to shake. Barton looked like he was going to lose his nerve, but Mary held him back from the door.

A sound like a miniature train full of kittens derailing at high speed into an ostrich farm started up from inside the room and didn't diminish in volume, nor did the earthquake-like shaking. "That sound is not natural," argued the hardened lawman to Mary vehemently. "For the love of God, Mary!"

"Let us do our job, Sheriff!" insisted Mary, putting him into an ingenious surrender hold. "You must allow Imogene free reign! I vehemently insist!"

Five minutes later, there was another roar, the kittens and ostriches fell silent, and the earthquake stopped. There was rustling, and then about a minute later, Imogene threw open the interrogation room door and declared, "We're engaged!"

"Congratulations, Immy!" cheered Mary. "But Immy, what about your interrogation? Is Petey willing to testify against Harris?"

"You'd better believe my fiancée will testify, or I'll cut him off!" said Imogene.

"Anything for you, sweetheart," Petey said in a low rumble from the interrogation room.

"Congratulations," said Sheriff Barton, swallowing hard and wishing he hadn't drunk so much coffee earlier.

Next, Mary asked to question Harris and Xenia together. "Why together, Mary?" asked Barton.

"It will be more humiliating to Mr. Harris," explained Mary, "And it will soften up Miss Xarton for her interrogation later." Mary sat next to Harris in the interrogation room. Xenia was on his other side. Xenia Xarton was the epitome of a flapper, and looked to be in her late twenties. She had platinum blonde hair cut in a short bob, B-cup breasts, and impeccable flapper clothes: a low-cut sleeveless dark purple dress that came down to mid-thigh, a black feather boa, a long cigarette holder, and a dark purple headband with black feathers sprouting up out of it.

Mary said to Harris, "We've got you dead to rights, Harris! Petey has fingered you for the plot and you're going down hard! But there is a way you can save yourself if you listen carefully. I know the mastermind isn't Humpf; he has neither the intelligence nor the imagination. No, this caper has a woman's touch. I know you must know who she is. All you have to do is identify her, and we'll go easy on you. You could get out in only a few years."

"Nothing doing, Mary," answered Harris. "I have my professional criminal reputation to uphold." She undid Harris's pants, pulled his pants and boxers down to his ankles, and slid his long, quickly hardening penis down her throat like a sword swallowing act as Xenia looked on with amazement. "No Mary... hunh... I'll be strong! I'll never give up!" Mary bobbed wetly up and down on Harris's impressive member as his breath quickened and became ragged. He gave in to pleasure and began to cry out, "AH! AH! AH! AH! No! Mary... I'm getting close... watch out... I'm gonna blast you..."

"No you're not," said Mary, stopping.

"AUUUGH!" cried Harris in frustration. And that was only the beginning of his horrific torture at Mary's hands and mouth as she mercilessly edged him without release while relentlessly demanding that he finger the mastermind of the caper. For the next hour Xenia looked on with increasing squirming wet horniness as she saw him and his painfully turgid cock brought quaveringly near release again and again but never achieving it. Sometimes Mary would get him close and then just rub him ever so gently and wetly with two fingers right under the head of his cock and maintain him right at the edge before orgasm for many minutes while she bombarded him with confusing questions meant to trip him up and reveal the identity of the mastermind. Sometimes she would spank his penis or squeeze his testicles painfully as she asked her questions, but then as his ardor cooled, she would slide his cock down her throat wetly, sometimes still squeezing his balls painfully to keep him squirming in that no man's land between pain and sweet release.

As Mary focused entirely on Thomas's genitals and keeping him on the very edge of fountaining gratitude, she heard a familiar squishing sound that informed her that Xenia had finally given into her passions and was relieving herself. But when Mary looked over, it was Thomas's hand that had crept under Xenia's short skirt and thrust aside her panties, and it was his fingers ramming into her tight slick quim and relieving her quivering sexual tension. Thomas fingered the mastermind!

"Very good, Thomas, and now for your reward," Mary said, as she slid her sliken throat slickly and tightly around his quivering tortured member and kept sliding tightly for as long as he wanted it. Within a few strokes, Harris cried, "AAAAAAAUUUGH!" and sloshed pulse after pulse of steaming ejaculate down her throat. She had been frustrated, too, so she purred as she greedily gorged on Harris's explosive torrent of semen.

Being a stalwart fellow, Harris had continued to finger Xenia practically without pause throughout his tsunami of satisfaction, and nearing her orgasm, she herself confessed, "Yes, finger me, Thomas! Masturbate your mastermind! Yes, I confess it! Plunge your pointers into me and point me to the stars! AAAAAAUGH!" and with that climax, she splashed her incriminating grool onto the interrogation room floor.

After completing his fingering duty, Harris quickly lapsed into a state of torpor brought on by his exertions and fell over in a dead faint. Mary turned to Xenia and declared, "It's time to start your oral examination!" Xenia quivered in fear and anticipation at this. Mary roughly pulled up Xenia's skirt, tore off her panties, and started kissing and licking her way up Xenia's thighs as she explained, "I'll generously reward every piece of information you divulge, but if you clam up, your clam will suffer!"

Xenia's first orgasm was for saying that the plan had been to turn the entire complex, both Triple Forests and Streamview Rectory, into a huge and elaborate whorehouse that would attract customers from all over the world. To be released into her second quivering crisis, Xenia revealed that the rectory, before it had been a rectory, had been a nunnery back in the 19th century, and one of the Mother Superiors had been a historian that compiled a complete history of the sexual depravities of the Catholic Church up to that point in time. As part of this research, she collected all known sexual devices and constructions the church had thus far produced in its long history and built or installed working versions of them in her nunnery.

Mary generously rewarded the gasping and needy Xenia a third climax for stating the obvious, that these devices, combined with the inventions and constructions of Imogene's grandfather scattered throughout Triple Forests, would provide an irresistible encyclopedia of sexual delights attracting every pervert in the world who could afford to travel there and pay a modest yet comprehensive one-time entry fee.

Mary rewarded Xenia a fourth orgasm for disclosing that her plan had been to combine these delights with the fruit of her own invention, the hypnosis machine, which would easily capture and enlist a delightful young, virile, and a willing army of jills and gigolos to satisfy every depraved need of the many visitors. With all these extraordinary delights, the venture couldn't go wrong, except by being foiled by Mary Jones!

At the end of her interrogation, Xenia wept. "Curse you, Mary Jones! Now I'll go down for many years, down on butch dykes that will own my mouth and other holes, but with all that, I won't be able to forget your silken tongue and lips on all my secret places and be frustrated every moment! Curse you!"

Next, Mary asked to interrogate Humpf. "But why?" asked Sheriff Barton.

"You'll see," Mary replied.

Mary met Humpf in the interrogation room. She shut the door, knelt before him, gently unbuckled and unzipped his pants, lovingly pulled his pants and undershorts down to his knees, and sucked his limp little pecker into her mouth. "Oh Mary," said Humpf, "This is heaven! I forgive you for all the mean things you ever did to me. Oh... so good... unh... I'm getting close... so close..."

Mary abruptly stood up and wiped her mouth. "I just wanted to give you a little sendoff before you meet all those nice men in prison. Bye!"

When Mary emerged from the interrogation room, Xenia had escaped. She had asked to use the bathroom, and since she had been unattended in there, she had simply opened a window and escaped into the darkness. Mary asked why they didn't have a female deputy go into the bathroom to monitor her. "Who ever heard of a female deputy?" the deputy who was supposed to be have been watching Xenia replied. Sheriff Barton was forced to admit there was a problem with his security.

Convinced that Xenia would hide in the many catacombs at Streamview Rectory, Mary said, "There's no time to lose!" and rushed out of the sheriff's office, and along with Imogene, leapt into her roadster and sped off.

(To be continued)

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