Yui was 22 years old when she joined the agency last year. She was now approaching her 23rd birthday, as well as her first actual shoot with another girl. She had done numerous swimwear and non-nude shoots in the agency's various studios and locations, and was now looking forward to a shoot with a narrative.

Yui's day began at 7AM. After two hours of makeup, costuming, and adjusting lighting, the shoot was ready to begin. The brief for this shoot was that Yui was a high school student, and Ayaka was the teacher. There was to be some very light and inferred lesbian sexual activity that did not involve nudity. Yui was not so much nervous about the lesbian content, indeed, she had realized back in her own high school days that she thoroughly enjoyed looking at and touching her best friend, on whom she had a huge crush. No, she was more nervous about getting all of the professional elements right. Ayaka, five years older and a lot more experienced, had been her mentor and trainer, and now she was to be her seducer.

Ayaka immediately liked Yui when she joined the agency. She reminded her of herself when she first joined; fresh, confident, enthusiastic. And it certainly helped that Yui was the cutest girl that Ayaka had seen for a very long time. She had been looking forward to today for quite a while.

The key light was switched on, flooding the desk in the mock classroom. Yui and Ayaka moved into position, with Yui against the desk and Ayaka in front of her. The director called 'action' and although it was only a still camera, not a movie, they still had to perform the action as if it were captured on film.

Ayaka stared into Yui's eyes. Yui played her role as the nervous and shy student. Ayaka moved closer and put her hands on Yui's heaving shoulders. Both of them stared into each others' eyes briefly before Ayaka leaned in to kiss Yui on the lips. Her tongue danced over Yui's full lips and she could tell that Ayaka was enjoying this immensely. Indeed, she was enjoying it too, although remembering to play shy and hard to get.

Through the constant clicking, the occasional stopping for adjustments, Ayaka seduced the younger girl deliciously, removing her school uniform top, to reveal Yui's cute bra. Ayaka then kissed Yui from her neck all the way down her chest, to her lovely stomach. She spent a good deal of time focusing her attention on Yui's sexy tummy, especially tonguing her navel. This sent Yui into spasms of delight as she alternated between grasping Ayaka's head and caressing her hair.

The director called 'cut', bursting Yui's reverie, and everyone on the set involved in technical activities went about their job. Yui, on the other hand, was still recovering from the sensation of having her navel teased and tongued by Ayaka, who was now standing in from of her, asking if she was alright.

"Sorry, was I OK?" Yui whispered, as she came back to reality.

"You were fantastic Yui chan," assured Ayaka, gently caressing Yui's hair as she gathered her discarded top.

That night, Ayaka had Yui around at her apartment for a congratulatory dinner.

"Well done, Yui chan, your first lesbian shoot! How do you feel?" asked Ayaka, as they clinked wine glasses together.

"Well, I was a little nervous at first, but then... it ... it felt so good," she looked bashfully away.

"Oh, that's great! Tell me, how do you feel when you are doing a swimwear shoot? Do you feel sexy?" asked Ayaka, now in a low voice.

"Well, yes, I do," admitted Yui. Now the wine was making her bolder, and her trust in Ayaka was already very high.

"In fact, most times, after one of those shoots, I ... well, I ... masturbate when I get home," she whispered, now blushing and looking anywhere but at Ayaka.

Ayaka was stunned by such a frank admission, and at the same time immensely turned on.

"Oh Yui chan, of course I understand! I would do exactly the same thing when I started out. I used to get so turned on by being almost naked with other people, men and women, despite them all doing a job. And the director would ask me to strike this pose or that pose, and as you know, you must look sexy, and so it feels so damn sexy, doesn't it?" Ayaka reassured the younger girl.

Yui felt much lighter and confident after hearing that Ayaka felt the same.

"I'm so relieved to hear that Ayaka san. I don't feel so guilty now." Yui laughed.

"How do you feel after doing your first soft lesbian shoot? Still feel like masturbating?" Ayaka whispered, half teasing, half hoping.

"Well, yes... but ..." stammered Yui, shyly.

"But nothing. I feel so damn horny now too, after today. Let's go over there," said Ayaka, indicating the large sofa.

She got up, finished her glass of wine, took Yui's delicate hand, and led her to the sofa. Yui, still a little shy, but also beginning to shake through the anticipation of what was about to happen. They settled on the sofa, Ayaka wrapping her arms around Yui, cradling her into her bosom and caressing her lovely long hair.

"I really meant it today when I said your tummy is so delicious, Yui chan," Ayaka whispered, now in Yui's ear.

"Will you show me your tummy?" she continued.

Yui slowly lifted her blouse, removing it from the skirt that was now tight around her waist. She pulled it out, then slowly unbuttoned, starting from the bottom. When her unbuttoning reached her bra, Ayaka told her to stop. The older woman still caressed Yui's hair, occasionally lowering her head to breath in the younger girl's aroma. She then reached down to loosen the little belt that was constricting her access to Yui's stomach, and removed it, and the skirt, down to the floor.

"Show me your sexy tummy darling," Ayaka whispered into Yui's ear.

Yui's whole body felt like she had goosebumps. She still had her eyes closed as she slowly parted the blouse, revealing her stomach, navel, and cute pink panties.

"So beautiful darling. Can I touch you?"

Yui nodded. Ayaka removed herself from cradling Yui, nestling the young girl into the deep sofa, and got down low so she could caress, kiss, lick and admire Yui's stomach. As Ayaka's tongue traced its way around her tummy, Yui began to feel more and more full of a desire that had been hidden inside her, and indeed grown, for the last five years, since she had kissed her best friend at the end of high school. She caressed Ayaka's hair and shoulders as the older woman explored her naked stomach.

"Let's masturbate together Yui chan," Ayaka eventually whispered as she resumed her position next to Yui on the sofa. Again Yui nodded. She had never masturbated with someone else before, and Ayaka could sense her nervousness. She knew Yui didn't know how to begin, so she stood up, undressed, and curled up on the sofa next to Yui, completely naked. Yui's eyes stared with admiration and lust. She admired Ayaka's honesty and confidence, and of course she was now lusting to pleasure herself in the company of a like minded woman.

Ayaka's hands softly and sensually played over her naked body. Her eyes were closed, and her head was laid back. She caressed her gorgeous body from her lovely neck, down over her shoulders, circled around her C cup breasts, down over her own flat and sexy stomach, over her sexy hips, her soft smooth thighs, and then back, tracing the same path her hands had just taken.

Yui was so turned on now. She had never watched another woman love herself before. Of course, she had watched some videos on the internet, but watching a beautiful woman loving her body right next to her was something that she had only ever dreamed of. She quickly removed the rest of her clothes, and lay back on the sofa, next to Ayaka's warm nakedness, closed her eyes, except to occasionally glimpse her partner, and mimicked Ayaka's self love.

Soon, Ayaka was diving two fingers into her very wet pussy. Yui was awoken from her reverie when she heard the familiar wet noises coming from next to her. She watched intently as Ayaka's body became tighter and her beautiful face clenched, until she announced that she was going to come. After what seemed like a long time, Ayaka's body relaxed, and she whispered, panting, that she wanted Yui to come too. Ayaka's hands were now all over Yui's fresh young body, as she dove two fingers into her own wet pussy, making slurping noises, sending electricity through her beautiful body, until, finding her sweet spot, she sent herself over the edge of a delicious orgasm that shook her little body under Ayaka's talented hands.

Ayaka quickly cradled Yui again into her breast. She whispered loving things into her young friend's ear. She promised that they would both come again before they slept.

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