I am a middle-aged married man. I have been married for many years and have two grown up children, Ben and Vikki, and I love my wife very much. However, my wife appeared to go off sex when she went through the change and since then we have not had sex.

I miss having sex and as I have quite a high sex drive I have resorted to masturbation. In fact I secretly masturbate most days and when my wife isn't around I play with myself whilst watching porn. It is during these self-pleasuring moments that I re-discovered something about myself. That something is that a part of me likes a nice cock and I now consider myself to be bi-sexual. I reckon I am probably about 80% in favour of women but there is 20% of me that really likes the idea of having sex with a man. Let me explain how this developed from the beginning.

Many years ago, when I was in my late teens and early twenties, I developed a close sexual relationship with my best mate. We both lived with our parents but would go to each other's houses quite often to listen to music and talk. Mostly we would sit and discuss girls. We both had good relationships with girls including reasonably frequent actual shagging. My mate and I would share experiences such as what we had done, what our girlfriends looked like naked and what they had done to us. Of course during these discussions we would both get erections and often spoke about how we would have a wank as soon as we parted company and were alone.

Then came a turning point. My friend and I were together and talking about our respective girlfriends. My girlfriend was a natural blond and my mates had very dark hair. In those days' girls shaving their pussies didn't seem as widespread as it is now and I was describing what my girlfriend's pussy looked like with its large bush of straw-coloured pubic hair. My mate said he could go one better than that and he produced a polaroid photograph of his girlfriend standing naked and leaning against his lounge door frame. He explained how he had 'borrowed' his dads Polaroid camera and had persuaded his girlfriend to pose for a picture. The photograph was black and white and she looked perfect with a slim body, nicely rounded breasts topped with dark nipples, and a gorgeous looking triangle of black pubic hair. He explained that he had promised her that he wouldn't show anybody but in reality he couldn't wait to show me. Looking at it gave me a massive erection and I told him I was so hard that I needed to go home and relieve myself.

He told me that showing the picture to me and seeing my reaction had been a great turn on for him as well and he said he also needed to wank. He then suggested that we masturbate there and then whilst looking at the picture. I agreed and so we un-zipped our trousers and got our erect cocks out and started to stoke them. I looked over at my mates cock which was a different shape to mine, his having a thick base but tapering slightly to the top and a much smaller knob than I have. My cock is about 6 inches long with quite a big garth and very straight. I can also roll my foreskin right back to reveal my large purple knob.

As well as looking at the picture of his girlfriend it was obvious that we were also both enjoying seeing each other's cocks and we were soon freely masturbating whilst watching each other. My mate shot his load first and the sight of his white spunk shooting out over the back of his hand was enough for me and I shot a good portion of my spunk as well. After we had calmed down and got over that feeling of guilt which always follows on immediately after cumming, we agreed how much we had enjoyed wanking together. I told him how much I had enjoyed seeing him wank and shoot his load, and he told me how much he liked the look of my cock.

That was my first experience of sex with another man, but my experiences with my best friend didn't stop there. From then on we still got together at least once a week and our sex discussions now always ended up with us masturbating. Then one day my mate asked if he could feel my cock to see how it felt. I readily agreed as by this time I would often have a wank before I went to sleep and more often than not I would be thinking of what it would be like to feel and even suck his cock. He wrapped his hand around my cock and started slowly stoking me. I reached across and took hold of his cock and we sat there gently stoking each other. I also had a good feel of his balls which are much larger than mine and felt really good to hold and caress. After a good feel of each other we wanked ourselves off, watching each other cum.

This went on for a few weeks, then on one occasion I decided I wanted to take things a little further. As we sat there gently stoking each other I decided that I wanted to actually make my friend cum. So I took a slightly firmer grip of his cock and increased the pace of my stroking. I was now actually wanking him off. He didn't object and although he never let go of my cock, he stopped stoking me while he enjoyed what I was doing to him. I knew he was getting close as his breathing changed so I carried on wanking him and pretty soon he announced he was going to cum.

The first shot was so powerful it went about two feet in the air and landed on his leg. I eased my pace and tried to wank him to match the pulsing of his cock. The next two or three shots also flew a distance and the next few appeared out of his cock and ran down the back of my hand. It felt absolutely fantastic to know that I had just made my best friend shoot his load.

When he had recovered I asked him what he thought and he confirmed that he was hoping I would do that. He said if I hadn't he would have taken the initiative. He then returned the favour and wanked me to a brilliant orgasm. I shot cum all over my stomach.

Our routine now consisted of not really talking about what we had done with our girlfriends, but rather just wanking each other off. Then one day as we started stroking each other my mate asked if he could suck my cock. I said of course, and he knelt between my legs, took my cock in his mouth and sucked me whilst gently feeling my balls. I didn't cum as it didn't last long enough and I enjoyed sucking him a little in return. His cock felt wonderful in my mouth and I was sorry to release it. We then continued by giving each other another good hand job.

Thinking about it afterwards in the privacy of my own bedroom, that first mutual suck was a turning point. I still favoured playing with a nice pair of tits and a hairy pussy, but sucking cock also occupied my masturbation thoughts. I had of course heard about actual blowjobs where a man shoots his cum into another person's mouth and they sometimes swallow it. It made me wonder what it would taste like and so I tried my own cum. Because the immediate emotion after cumming is one of guilt, I found I didn't really feel as though I wanted to lap up my cum from my hand, although I did try it. I even tried swinging my legs over my shoulders at the appropriate moment so that I could cum directly into my own mouth. However, neither proved very good and what I really needed to do was suck my mate all the way off.

I did however discover one satisfactory way of tasting my own cum and in fact I still do it to this day. This is all about timing. I masturbate until I can feel that I am getting close, and then I stop just before the moment of no return and control myself so as not to fully ejaculate. If I time it right I get nice single white globule of spunk which forms on the top of my cock. I then scoop this up with my finger to taste it. Then I carry on masturbating until I shoot the full load.

It wasn't long before I got to taste my mates cum. It was him who initiated this when we were stroking each other. He said he wanted to taste my cum and suggested that when I felt myself about to come, he would like me to shot into his mouth. I wanked myself and when I felt that I was approaching orgasm I told him and he bent over taking my cock in his mouth. I shot what felt like a huge load. He kept his lips sealed around the head of my cock until I had finished cumming. He then sat up and told me how nice I tasted. He had clearly swallowed all my cum. He then started wanking and when he announced that he was going to cum, I immediately took his cock in my month and accepted his load. I swallowed in time with his ejaculation spurts and so swallowed his spunk straight down, which meant that I really didn't taste it at all. However it was a tremendous trill knowing that I had swallowed his cum.

We did this a few more times until one day when things took an even more erotic turn. We had been to the pub and had a couple of beers. When we got back to my house we went into my bedroom to listen to music and talk. The talk was mostly sexual in nature. We were sitting quite close together and all of a sudden I just felt the urge to kiss him. I put my arms around his neck and moved in to place my lips on his. He didn't pull away. In fact he put his arms around me and pushed his tongue into my mouth. We shared a long and very passionate man-on-man kiss.

We were so sexually turned on by our kiss that I am sure we both felt the need to suck cock. My friend stood up in front of me, and taking his cue I undid his trousers and slid them down to his ankles. His cock was seriously tenting his underwear and I slid his boxers out and over his cock, down his legs. His erect cock was now directly in front of my face and I felt the strong need to make him cum by just sucking him off and not using my hands. I therefore put my hands around him and took hold of his arse cheeks. I then moved my mouth forward and engulfed his hard cock. I sucked hard on his cock whilst slowly bobbing my head back and forth. Just a few seconds later he was shooting his gorgeous spunk into my mouth. I tasted and swallowed every drop.

I stood up in front of him, we kissed again, and then he dropped to his knees and returned the favour. His technique was different as he took my knob into his mouth and wanked my shaft with his hand until I shot into his mouth.

Time moves on but we continued our kissing and sucking for a while but career moves to other towns resulted in us seeing less and less of each other to the point that we eventually stopped seeing each other altogether. I didn't have man-on-man sex again which brings us back to the start of this story where I am now only masturbating but recalling how good it felt to suck cock.

The next chapter in this story is where I got to suck another mans cock yet again.

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