I pull into the driveway, place the car in park and turn the key in the ignition. Yet, I don't get out of the car. I remain for a few minutes to collect my thoughts and to decompress in silence, something I thought the long drive home and some music would do. Finally I get out, close the car door, and then start making my way to the front door. I grab the handle and it's already unlocked. Of course it is, you know what time I get home everyday. I walk in and find you sitting at the kitchen table, lights off and the stove cold. You look at me with an apologetic look in your eyes for not having dinner ready or even started.

"I'm sorry." you begin but I cut you off.

"It's ok love," I respond, "To be honest I'm not very hungry anyway...I had a rough day at work and from the looks of it so did you." I place my work laptop on the table and walk over to you. You stand up and wrap your arms around me and we embrace each other. All the frustration, stress, and anxiety melts away instantaneously.

"I love you." I whisper into your ear. I kiss you on your forehead and an idea crosses my mind as I'm looking down at you gazing into your eyes. "Let's go on a ride." I suggest. You just nod your head in agreement and I tell you to go to the garage and wait for me, and that I'll be there in five minutes.

You wait patiently, running your hand along the black, smooth, newly painted body of the motorcycle, anticipating that moment when the wind will be blowing across your cheeks and taking any memory of the last 10 hours with it. You hear the garage door begin to open and I walk out with my leather jacket and backpack on, your jacket and helmet in my hands. I hold out the jacket and you put your arms in it, zip it up and turn around. Before putting your helmet on I give you another kiss,

"I love you too, by the way." you say while smiling at me.

I place the helmet gently on your head and as you buckle it I don my riding goggles. I get on the bike, knock the kickstand up, and squeeze the front brake as I motion for you to get on. You put the backpack on, climb on and grab my waist, giving it a squeeze to indicate you're ready. Five minutes later we're out of suburbia and on a much more open road...we're free. You hold me tightly. The feel of your chest against my back and your arms around me is therapeutic. I roll my right hand back on the throttle and we take off. The beginning of fall is perfect for riding, the leaves start to change color but temperature hasn't declined yet. The green turns to red, yellow, and orange but the trees are still dressed, nothing has fallen yet. You long to feel the wind in your face but you know I'd never allow you to join me without the helmet, so you settle for being envious of my face instead, while never missing an opportunity to point out my hypocrisy. Nevertheless you take in the view and your mind goes blank.

I make a turn down a road you've never been down before, but unbeknownst to you I have. I found this spot two weeks ago and was only waiting for the right time, or any free time we had at all, to show you. The road becomes heavily forested and although the sun isn't setting yet it won't be long. The light shines through the trees just enough to warm your face and you close your eyes for a moment hoping to heighten your other senses for just a minute. You're taking in the smell of the woodlands when you start to notice the deceleration. You open your eyes and I turn into an auxiliary parking lot for this nature preserve. It's empty. It is 7:13 on a Monday after all. As I park the motorcycle I squeeze the brakes once more so you can step off. You remove your helmet and I take off my goggles. You run your hands through my messy hair, trying to no avail to undo the mess the wind turned it into and we chuckle together at the futility of it.

I hold out my hand and you grab it as I begin to lead you up the trail. We don't say a word to one another because we're too caught up in admiring the beauty that nature has to offer. The colors, the sounds of the creek and the trees blowing in the wind, the smell of pine and evergreen, the small creatures scurrying about. We don't say a word to each other because the silences aren't awkward when you're with the right person. A few minutes later we come to a fork in the trail and I motion you to follow me on a third option, what seems to be a small footpath off the main walkway. It's a bit overgrown and barely noticeable but it's there. I brush the bushes and branches out of our way until eventually we stumble upon a clearing with one single picnic table.

"Odd place for them to put this, you think they'd maintain the path a little better so people could find it." you say aloud, breaking the silence.

"That's because they didn't put it here." I explain, "I did. Last week."

"You did?" you ask, "You moved this table from wherever it's supposed to be all the way here by yourself?"

"Okay, maybe I had a little help." I admit while smiling back at you.

You start to realize this was more planned out than you originally thought, but nonetheless the spontaneity isn't ruined.You remove the back pack and place it on the table. We take our jackets off and place them on the table's bench seats and I open the back pack revealing a small blanket and a couple of packed sandwiches along with a bottle of wine. I place the blanket on the soft grass for us to lay down on after our meal. You gaze at me wondering how you got so lucky and I catch your eyes and stare right back, wondering what in the world I did to deserve you. At that moment we both forget about the dinner, the wine, the squirrels scurrying in the trees above us. Everything, everything fades away. I walk over to you, grasp your face with both hands and kiss your lips. Your hands wrap around me and pull me closer into you.

My left hand remains on your left cheek while my right moves down you grab your hip. Our passionate kiss continues, advancing from tender lips to soft tongues. My left hand moves from your cheek slowly to the nape of your neck. Lightly you feel my hand move up from there and suddenly I grab a fistful of your hair at it's base and I pull back, exposing your small neck. Our lips break from one another and you let out a soft whimper but before you can open your eyes my lips are kissing that vulnerable neck. My right hand moves from your hip to your ass, grabbing it firmly, squeezing it as if it were the last time I'd ever feel it. Your hands move from the small of my back upwards towards my shoulders. It's apparent now just how considerably larger than you I am and that turns you on further. You feel helplessly overpowered but yet safe.

You snap back to reality when you feel your feet leave the ground. Both of my hands now on your ass I've picked you up. Your hands wrap around my neck and I sit you down on the table, we look into each other's eyes for a fleeting moment before resuming to kiss one another, pausing only for the seconds it takes me to remove your shirt over your head and toss it to the ground and out of sight. You unbutton my shirt with your eyes closed, quicker than I could've done it myself and it falls to the ground. Our anticipation is growing exponentially and it's showing. I unclasp your bra with a swift flick of the wrist and you shrug it off your shoulders revealing your tits, your nipples perky and stiff, longing for attention. As my lips navigate towards them your hands grab the back of my head and you throw yours upward. Opening your eyes to sight of the tops of the trees swaying in the wind and the sun shining over the top of them while you feel me sucking on your sensitive nipples. I take them into my mouth, one at a time, enjoying every second (as the ravenous beast that you turn me into) but I long to taste more. You look down at me as you run your fingers through my hair and suddenly I open my eyes and look back up at you. I begin to push you gently back and down towards the table, laying you down as you release my head to allow it.

My lips move from your nipples to the middle of your chest and I begin to kiss your sternum, moving further down with each kiss. I come upon your stomach and as I reach your belly button, kissing all around it, the fire in you burns hotter. As the suspense builds you notice just how warm your pussy has become in addition to the growing dampness within your panties. It's now to the point where you genuinely begin to worry that I'm able to feel the radiant heat myself and you blush in a combination of embarrassment and excitement. With one last kiss to your lower stomach and pelvis I begin to unbutton your jeans and slide them off your body, removing your shoes and socks with them. I survey your body as you look up at me, biting your lower lip knowing damn well that's my kryptonite. You slowly spread your legs displaying my favorite meal.

"Hungry yet?" you playfully ask.

"Famished." I reply.

Your hands extend above your head and grab the opposite edge of the table firmly in anticipation for what's to come as I make my descent and begin to devour you. You place your feet on the table as I wrap my arms around your thighs, grabbing you tightly before placing my mouth on your practically dripping pussy. Your grip on the table tightens as my tongue begins to move in wide circles around your clit, but not yet on it.

"You're such a fucking tease" you think to yourself.

I look up at you as if I read your mind, saying with my eyes "I know, and you fucking love it."

The circles tighten and you finally feel my tongue graze over your clit. You let out a soft moan.

"Nobody is here baby." I point out. "Just let go."

You let out another, louder moan. I start gently flicking your clit with the very tip of my tongue goading you into a louder reaction, my head resting on your thigh. You resist the urge to close them tightly and suddenly I take your clit into my mouth entirely. You gasp and I suck tenderly, rolling my tongue in tight circles around it driving you fucking crazy. Your hands release the table and grab my hair to pull me off of you and to your lips for a kiss but I'm not done torturing you yet, again reminding you just how helpless you really are.

I keep going with my tongue but with the addition of my index finger slowly sliding inside of you. At this point you lose it and let out the loudest moan you have yet, quickly followed up by a "Fuck!" I tease your g-spot as I release your clit from my mouth and begin to lap up all of your cum. The sensation of my tongue covering every inch of your pussy combined with the occasional brush of my finger against your g-spot sends you into a daze. You're barely consciously there at this point but I selfishly want you back there with me. I stand up, grab the back of your neck and lift you up, sitting you up back at the edge of the table and I kiss you again, this time with your juices running down my lips and dripping off my chin. You snap back to reality as your legs continue to softly quiver and shake beneath us.Your delicate fingers work my belt effortlessly and rip it out of every damn loop in my jeans in one unbelievably movie set perfect motion. My left hand still on your neck moves from the back to the front, giving your fragile throat a squeeze while my right cups your left breast. The sound of my zipper being undone excites me and my dick throbs. As my pants fall to my ankle you reach in my boxers grabbing the thick, stiff handful of cock you've been thinking about for the last ten minutes and without hesitation you pull it out through the hole in my underwear because that was quicker than pulling them down and out of your way. You just want it already, no more fucking waiting.

My hands still around your throat and grasping your tits I slide into you effortlessly. You feel my cock plunge deep inside of you and I give you one solitary kiss pulling away to look into your lust filled eyes again as I drive my pelvis into yours with slow but forcefully deliberate thrusts. I begin to steadily pick up the pace and you try to bite your lip again but can't refrain from whimpering instead. You resist the urge to lay down, loving the way I stare into your soul while I fuck you, your hands wrap around my neck to help keep you sitting upright. My hands move from your neck and tits down to your waist and I hold you tightly as you rock your hips back and forth into mine assuring you get every God-damned inch of what's yours. Your whimpers grow louder and echo through the forest adding to the multitude of sounds. Whimpers turn to moans, moans turn to requests.

"Fuck...fuck me harder." you stutter.

I pick you up off the table and off of my dick in one fell swoop and bring you down to the ground. I smile at you and the moment your feet touch down, my hands still on your waist, I spin you around and push down on your back so rapidly you don't have time to place your hands on the table and only your forearms save that pretty face. Having bent you over enough surfaces to know that you know the drill I wasn't worried for a second. Your chin is inches from the surface of the hard wooden table and you look straight ahead as you brace yourself for what's coming.

I grab your arms and place your wrists on the small of your back, holding them there with my left hand while I take my right hand and spank your tight little ass. I bring my hand down on each cheek making sure to take turns between them to keep the complexion even as blood rushes to your ass from the abuse.

"Take what's yours, please." you beg me as I rub my hand around your ass soothing your bruising skin.

I slap my hard cock against your ass a few times before taking the head and rubbing it against your pussy.

"Please, please do it. Take it. Take me!" you beg some more.

Your whining arouses me almost as much as the sight of your red ass or the warmth of your pussy. Suddenly you feel me inside you again and you let out a gasp. Now that you've been broken in I start to slam into you relentlessly. I release your wrists because you're about to need them. You place your palms on the table, I grab your waist with both hands and start mercilessly pounding that tight pussy. It's so wet at this point the slapping sounds from my balls hitting against it are filling the air and fuck is it hot. Your tits bounce and your hair is in your face, with every thrust forward you feel as if the head of my cock is hitting your stomach and every time it feels better than the last.

You grip the table harder and pathetically attempt to push back and counter me but I'm too strong. I drill into you over and over again and there's not a fucking thing you can do about it right now. I release your hips and place one hand on the table to stabilize myself as the other grabs a handful of your hair and pulls you up a little.

"Do you like that you dirty little slut?" I ask.

Without missing a beat you exclaim "You fucking know I do baby."

I continue to pump your pussy full of thick cock and your eyes roll to the back of your head.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me." you repeat over and over. I'm about to cum and you can feel my dick tensing up. "Fill me up!" you beg and suddenly I stop.

"Not yet darling." I say teasingly.

I go to the blanket I laid down in the grass earlier, right next to the table, and motion you with my fingers to "come here". You walk up to me and I grab your waist and pull you in for another passionate kiss. You look up at me with deviant intent in your eyes and then you glance back down. Just as I start to look down to see what you're peeking at you push me back. As I'm falling I realize too late that my pants are still around my ankles. The second I'm on my back you hop on top of me, grabbing the base of my hard cock you guide it into your waiting pussy and you waste no time at all. You start bouncing up and down on it, your tits are mesmerizing and I'm just looking up in awe at how fucking sexy you are. I stare at your nipples enviously wishing they were back in my mouth, I hold your waist making sure you don't bounce too high and your hands grab my hands. You throw your head up in the air and before you can even say the words I know you're cumming all over me again as I feel you clench down on my cock. I still can't believe it can get tighter than it already is. You look back down at me breathing heavily and smiling, one look at my dumb gaze and you let out a giggle.

"My turn" I say as I wrap my arm around your waist and flip you over onto your back without slipping out, still balls deep inside of you. I grab the back of your neck and kiss you as my free hand holds the entirety of my weight over you with a clenched fist next to your head. I slide into you as my hand moves from your neck to your face. I hold your cheek and stare into your eyes as I pump into you continuously, slowly but deeper with each push. I put my thumb over your lips and you suck it into your mouth, imitating a blowjob. You feel my dick throb inside you and you know I'm close.

"Cum inside me baby!" you plead, "Please, please fucking fill me up."

The hand that was on your cheek now makes another fist on the other side of your head and I tower over you. You wrap your legs around me and your hands rub my arms from my wrists to my forearms and up to my shoulders.

"Fill me up!" you beg once again, goading me to give you what you crave.

I pick up the pace and you start to play with your nipples, squeezing your shoulders and tits together taunting me. You lock those legs so I can't go anywhere.

"Please baby I wanna feel y..."

There it is. What was throbbing is now pulsating. You feel my warm load explode inside you and every time you think it's over you feel another pump shoot into you. Your legs feel my ass twitch as you squeeze them together even tighter, ensuring you get every last fucking drop. Finally you break the grip you have on me with those thighs and release me. I rollover on my back exhaling heavily. You hold my hand and our fingers intertwine. We lay there together in ecstasy catching our breath looking up at the blue sky as it turns to orange.

"It's so beautiful." you say to me.

"Yes," I concur, "but not nearly as beautiful as you."

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