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throughout the treacherous journey towards adulthood, we all make personal goals for ourselves to demonstrate that we can be self-sufficient when it comes to the development of our humans. They could be massive tasks, like taking the whole of Emile Zola's"Rougon-Macquart" cycle in order to comprehend the last part of the 19th century French social history. Or they can be more smaller in size for instance, as in my case, where I put a lot of my energy and effort trying to see the fully uncut version of Sam Rimi's 1981 splat-tacular The Evil Dead.

As a child I had (and loved) my hands on the 4 Front Video release of the film which was the subject of numerous cuts due to an over-reaction to the BBFC's widely-publicised moral panic over"Video Nasties. "Video trash". My memories of the damaged film is vivid and nostalgic as I recall feeling that whoever made the cuts did so in a way where viewers would be aware that something juicy had just been removed. Like, the audio would suddenly go out of the sync and the continuity would be shaky for a split second. I wanted more than anything else to find out what was between the cuts. I was a child's variant of "Sicko" joke. Perhaps I am still?

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I would love to think that director-writer Lee Cronin shared this experience, though even the case that he didn't however, it is evident from his new film Evil Dead Rise that he has studied Raimi's opus on that same molecular level. It would seem declasse to refer to this as"a "franchise extension" as an "reboot" or a belated "sequel", as the film is more a reconstruction or a study or a remix from the source. The same story presented from a new contemporary angle. And it absolutely slays...

If there's one thing the Evil Dead has taught us, it's that we must do everything in our power to avoid intoning a mystical demonic incantation in the presence of the flesh-bound/blood-inked Book of the Dead, as very bad things will ensue. Here, Alyssa Sutherland's single-mom tattooist Elle is about to move out of her old apartment building with her three children. A tremor uncovers an unclean vault in the basement, inside , encased in a paper and placed inside a bug-infested tomb is our old friend.

Cronin manages to keep the set-up in chaos perfectly, playing out the fragile family dynamic , while also adding the element of wild card in the estranged daughter of Elle Beth (Lily Sullivan) as well as leaving the audience to ponder which sibling will end up being the Ash of the piece. This easy but highly effective set-up helps to provide the second half gore explosion , which is accompanied by a hint of humour as well as an easy shot that comes immediately following one of the most emotional blow-outs that almost made me cry. eye.

There's an adoring homage element to the movie, Cronin isn't merely attempting to replicate the hysterical dynamism and acrobatic camera moves that Raimi created his signature. The execution of the victims is executed with the same attention to the finer details, and an eagerness to give each victim a new canvas for some horrific mutilation or some other. Tonally, Evil Dead Rise is more like the first Evil Dead, in that it doesn't opt for the slapstick wig-outs of the second and third films however the absurdity of its humor shines in how ferociously OTT the entire film is.

The only real criticism here is the unnecessary and tacked-on epilogue and prologue, which seem like they've been put in place as a way to lay the foundation for a sequel. I guess it's a case of Cronin being a victim of his own success. The rest of the time, this is the cleansing and euphoric sensation of allowing a bloody swell to crash over you. It doesn't make you want to revisit the original to see what could have been instead, it serves as a means to gauge the intricacy and accuracy of the work Cronin and his team have created. 's like experiencing the full glory of the uncut original for the first time, and I'm more pleased than this.

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The latest installment in the Evil Dead saga is definitely a family affair, but as long as the Necronomicon is destroyed for good and for all, there will be very little of an extended family left. Fandango has released a brand new Evil Dead Rise clip featuring Alyssa Sutherland's Ellie just a few minutes after she is afflicted by the curse of the book and transforms into Deadite who murders. The video below via Twitter.

The video shows Ellie's younger sister, Beth (Lily Sullivan) finding her sibling in the kitchen, cooking up a not-so-nutritious breakfast by smashing a variety of eggs in a pan, shells and everything else. And if this isn't enough to make Beth and her three children see that there's something wrong, the message is immediately clear when Ellie tells them about her dream of a perfect family gathering. It's more violent than your average trek through the woods and her speech is slurred, making it even more disturbing.

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