There is something about warm summer nights by the beach. The sound of the waves. The smell of the salty water. The humidity that makes the air just sticky enough so that it sits on the skin with a gentle hint of seduction. Unfortunately, Maria Kent was here on business. An interstate conference for sales staff where she worked.
The evenings formal event had begun to wind down by eleven. The informal shenanigans were just kicking off. People were getting drunk. Some had been drunk for hours already and the sleaze factor was being turned up. Middle aged and older men, supposedly the corporate leaders, were acting like frat boys. They all had wives and kids at home but were determined to make it with any female that strayed near them. Typical slobbish assholes she thought.
Maria left with a group of less inebriated people. Mostly business acquaintances.
They stood around the pool sipping cocktails. The tropical gardens around it trailed off to the nearby beach. Under the moonlight the sea twinkled as the gentle ripples reflected the moonlight overhead.
She walked around the pool to the bar and ordered another cosmopolitan. As it was being made by the barman she turned her gaze across the pool to a laughing couple. A man and a woman. She was a tall blonde with blue eyes and fabulous cheekbones. The Swiss miss. Undeniably beautiful and with a body women envied. Always a hit with the men. The man she was talking with was a lawyer who worked with Maria. He was one of those guys that the women in the office labelled a good catch. Together they made a good looking couple. At least everybody thought that. The watercooler conversation suggested that they were definitely sleeping together. That would be worth watching Maria wistfully reflected.
But her eyes fixed on him. Harry Eastman. Maria guessed he was about her age. Somewhere in his early thirties. Definitely tall dark and handsome. He was about six two. Under his shirt she could see his arms were well toned. His chest was full like a swimmers and his broad shoulders tapered to down to his waste. He was not going to be ripped in the ab department though, he enjoyed life too much for that kind of discipline. No, she thought, his was the body of a sportsman without the pretense of the gym rat type. Confident in himself no doubt, but not like the loud aspiring alpha male jerks he worked with. He was different. To Maria, he was an intriguing lone wolf.
She watched him, lost in her thoughts, as he moved away with the Swiss miss. They drifted back to the rest of the group who included Maria's former long term boyfriend Roberto. Swarthy, hairy, Italian. Not a bad fuck though. Perhaps a little too full of himself and definitely a mama's boy thought Maria.
Several of the group were laughing loudly and pointing at the pool. It was only a matter of time before somebody would go in. Sure enough, it was Michelle from marketing who went in first. She peeled her dress up over her head to reveal her tanned lithe body. Clad in a light blue bikini she poised briefly and dove into pool. Maria, being more voluptuous, was briefly jealous of the figure disappearing into the depths of the water. Another girl jumped in after her.
Maria watched as Harry took off his shirt and trousers. Wearing a pair of speedos he dove into the pool. The others quickly followed. One woman went in fully clothed, the other stripped down to a sheer bra and panties. Roberto and the other two men watched on from the side of the pool, drinking their Coronas and watching on with amusement.
Oh to hell with this Maria thought. The alcohol and the warmth of the night was getting to her. Slowly unbuttoning her blouse she watched Harry in the pool. She had a purple string bikini top on that barely held in her ample cleavage. Pushing up her breasts she quickly stepped out of her skirt. Self-conscious of the black panties she wore, she quickly jumped into the pool.
It felt good. The warm night and the cool water made her nipples hard and she felt electric tingles go through her body. Looking around, she noticed that Roberto and the other guys were still looking on drinking. They were ogling the other girls in the water.
The alcohol had made everyone loose and playful. All of them were leaping and frolicking with few inhibitions. Harry was standing in the middle of the pool as Maria moved behind him. She swam up and jumped on his back laughing. Tightly wrapping her legs around his waste from behind she pushed her tits into his back.
He reached back in surprise and his hands cupped her thighs. As he pulled her in, her hands moved down from his neck and to his chest. Her fingers played quickly in the fur and slid down to his flat stomach. He playfully bobbed under the water with her still fixed to his back.
They resurfaced.
"Oh you bugger," she laughed in his ear.
"Thought you'd enjoy being cooled off," he replied.
"Might take more than that," she said moving her hands down to the waist band of his speedo. Just as quickly she moved them back up to his chest. She felts his wide chest muscles fill her hands as surely as she felt turned on by his hands which had moved from her thighs to under her bottom. She wiggled and thrust forward into his back forgetting there were other people nearby.
God, I wish he was facing me she thought.
She detached herself from him and swam away to the other two girls in the pool. Soon they all started to get of the water. She watched as Michelle climbed out of the pool. Her tight bikini showing straining nipples and a tiny but obviously manicured camel toe. Maria watched the small ass moving away and looked over to see Roberto, rubbing his crotch and watching with lust. You don't have a chance pal, though Maria.
"Let's meet up for poker. My room is number eight. See you all in ten minutes," somebody called out.
"Yeh, I'm going back to my room to change. See you shortly," Harry replied.
"Cool, I'll come watch," Maria joked as he walked past her.
"Well, it's ok by me," he stopped and said suggestively.
Though she was joking, his quip made her think. She was too timid to simply go of her own volition. But his retort gave her courage. She was still feeling titillated by the cosmopolitan and at having had her skin on his in the pool.
"C'mon then!" he called to her.
She caught up as she wrapped a towel around her waist and they walked off together to the stairs leading to his room on the first floor. What is going on she thought to herself.
They stopped at his door and he buzzed the entry card on the lock. He opened the door for her and they entered the dark room. It was lit sufficiently by the moonlight streaming through the large glass doors on the balcony that he could see his way around. He left the lights off.
"Just give me two seconds to change," he said reaching for his jeans.
"But I want to watch and it's all dark in here", Maria sighed. She plonked down on the sofa in mock outrage.
He turned his face in her direction. He could see her heavy breasts in the shadows clad only in a bikini top. His remained frozen as one million thoughts raced through his head. What the hell?
Slowly he stood and moved to sit on the sofa beside her in his speedo. He was getting excited and knew that he could not hide his growing bulge if this game kept going. He dropped his towel.
"So, are you gonna change or what?", she challenged him looking from his eyes down to his trunks.
"Yeh. I am. What are you gonna do, just sit there?", he answered flicking on a small lamp.
"Well, I want to see what you got first," she lowered her voice.
"Me too," he whispered.
"Then why don't we play some show and tell now we can see a little better", she said taking control. The time for playing games was over. She knew what she wanted. She wanted to see his growing cock.
Looking across at her sitting on the sofa he could plainly see she was feeling aroused. My god, he thought not for the first time, her nipples are like bullets when they are hard.
He was used to seeing her wearing a pink shirt in the office. The usual corporate rubbish they give out. She often wore a pink polo on Friday. When the air conditioning in the office was too cold her nipples stood out like headlights. With jeans that fitted her shapely size 14 bottom and her longhair pulled back, he always wondered what she would be like naked. Voluptuous. Shapely. Sexy. They were the most common words to enter his mind. Now, she was sitting in half a swimsuit in front of him and asking to see him strip. She had never looked more exciting to him than at that moment.
He stood in front of her and slowly, ever so slowly, pushed his speedo down. She watched the head of his cock slowly emerge. Teasingly he stopped, his heart racing, and watched her watching him.
Her breathing was growing a little shallower and she knew shew was getting wet. Fuck, I'd like that in my mouth she thought as she looked at his cock. It stood fully erect as he kicked his swimmers off his muscled legs.
He moved to the sofa and sat beside her. His tumescent dick hard up against his stomach.
She squirmed on the couch and looked at his face. In the gentle light his cheekbones and jaw were accentuated and she could see raw hunger in eyes.
He leaned back and his stiffness jumped. She studied it in fascination. It looked long and thick. It was circumcised which she approved of because she though it clean. The head swept back to form a mushroom shape. She thought she saw precum forming at its tip but couldn't be certain. My god I'd like to have that in me she thought. In my mouth and then between my legs deep inside.
Little did she know that he was struggling to maintain his own composure. His heart was beating as fast as hers. They both wanted each other. The taste of forbidden fruit.
His eyes moved from her bikini top up to hers. He moved his hand down to his hard cock and slowly ran is fingers from the base to the tip. Slowly he let a finger feather its way around the head before his hand coiled around its girth sliding down and then up. It was a hypnotic rhythm that momentarily had her spellbound. It also started to make her feel thoroughly moist. With great care he continued to stroke himself for her.
For some reason he simply felt comfortable in her presence even though they were professional colleagues and this was way outside any company policy. With total confidence he showed her how much she was affecting him. He took his hands away and flexed his internal pelvic muscles. His dick bounced up. She giggled and he repeated the move.
'The last time I did this in front of anyone I was about sixteen", he joked. Her nipples were telling him she liked what she was seeing. His head went back and he eased his hand back into slow motion. Hypnotic. Up and down. Primal. Up and down.
"Oh my god that looks perfect," she groaned as he squeezed the first droplets of precum from his cock.
"I was thinking the same thing looking at you", came his reply.
She pulled a cup of her bikini top down and rubbed a pointy red nipple. His eyes took in her large purple areola and the crowning peak showing how hot she was. Total abandon was coursing through her body. She felt more a more lustful need than she had in years. Her last lover, Roberto, was good but this slow seduction with Harry was driving her libido to new heights. She felt alive. Every nerve was a conduit to some new place she was desperate to reach. As she pinched her nipple and held her tits out to him she pushed a pillow between her knees and started squeezing in on it.
Moaning with pleasure her mind drifted off with delicious guilty pleasure. An hour ago I was having a drink by the pool and now I am fucking my minge with a pillow in front of this guy. How did this happen? Fuck it. Just go with it. She opened her eyes and looked at his hand moving up and down his shaft a little more rapidly.
He held down on the base making it stand out from his stomach. The veins stood out like on the body of athlete. And he was well muscled in her eyes. She figured his cock was about six and a half inches long. To her delight it looked increasingly thick and with its large big purple head glistening with precum. She thought it would be a delicious stretch for her after the thinner but slightly longer cock of her Italian lover. She imagined sitting on top and riding him.
"Uuhh", she grunted.
She pulled her panties down over her legs and kicked them of her feet. She locked eyes with him. Clamping down on the pillow between her thighs she pushed two fingers down onto her dripping clit. Inhaling sharply, she started bucking her hips and tugging her nipples.
As he watched he thought his cock felt harder than it had ever been. She was not small, not petite. She was shapely and very well proportioned. Her areolas were a good size and her hard peaks poked out as she flicked them expertly. Small droplets of sweat had broken on her forehead as her excitement built. He was enthralled and the precum leaking from his cock proved how turned on he was. Watching a woman masturbate has always excited him.
It was like being invited to watch a sacred ritual that was innocent and tender yet also dangerous and thrilling. He knew he would not last long as he watched her fingers tangled in the wetness of her pubic hair.
She had thought about fucking other guys she had worked with but this was something else. This was totally unexpected. But this was very real and she felt the sweet jolt she enjoyed so much by pulling her own nipple. Looking at his cock, now slick with precum, her thoughts trailed off.
"Oh my god this is so delicious. I'm so wet", she said wickedly.
"Mmm hmmm. I think I'll be coming soon. Seeing you like this is almost too much for me", he said as he watched her fingers dancing ever quicker on her erect clit.
She grunted and pushed her fingers further into her dripping pussy. With each thrust she curled her fingers up to caress her g-spot. It made her slide sideways down the sofa. Her head slipped closer to his and they locked eyes.
There was no hesitation. He moved in quickly and their lips met. This was no time for gentle kissing. Hungrily she opened her mouth and their tongues met. Joyously, lustily, they danced around each other's mouths. Grunting, gasping and slurping, they revelled in this new physical contact and spurred each other on.
Maria went first. The buildup had been too much. A whole day of pent up need spilled over as he kissed her deeply. Fingers rubbing her clit rapidly, and pulling her nipples, the orgasm tore through her like a typhoon. From deep within, it vibrated and shuddered luxuriously throughout her body as she cried out.
"Oh yeh, oh God", she panted as she continued sucked on his tongue.
"Oh, ah, ah", he breathed into her mouth, "...I'm gonna blow"
He leaned back and thrust his hips up into his hand. The precum running down his shaft made slapping sounds as wanked for her. She watched with anticipation as her fingers slowed their ministrations between her legs.
He came hard for her. The first rope flew out and hit him on the chin. And the second. He pumped another six large streams of semen out onto his chest and stomach as she watched with delight. She couldn't remember seeing anyone come so much.
He felt the sticky fluid run down the side of his face and off his chest onto the pillows. Cussing in mock fury at the mess he had made he turned to her.
With a ragged smile she told him, "oh oh, again again, here it comes...." Seeing him spray his seed over his body was like adding fuel to a fire. Her second orgasm in as many minutes sent her over the edge. She bucked hard onto her fingers and arched her back.
"Oh shit!" she cried. The waves of bliss rolled over her once more. She felt the thrilling charge running from through here from top to bottom. Slowly she came down from her plateau. She collapsed exhausted beside him on the sofa. Her eyes moved to his cock, still in his hand, the she briefly closed in delight.
They looked over at each other smiling. There was nothing to say. The silent lust that they had secretly harbored for each other since they started working together two years ago had been satisfied. Or had it?"آلن_یونگترانه_پریان

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