Skyrim lacks in the creature department, it can get very repetitive killing wolves and trolls for hours on end. Hopefully this guide will add some more life to your game.

Mihail Mods:
Mihail has released alot of monster/creature mods through the years, this is a selection of monster mods of his. All credit goes to Mihail and if you don't agree with the edits done to the mod you can easily go and download the main file from the nexus. No offense to Mihail, I just personally edited these mods to my taste and felt like sharing them. Also, a word of warning, some Mihail mods add very difficult to beat enemies, especially for low level players.

Mihail Bats:!03JmnYbZ!yvcCrAtIgHkF-IIAWZRTbicVQuU8rhgSq-s1Wq9sCg0
Adds giant bats to fight, this edit removes the ancient bat that was just a silly sized boss version of it.

Mihail Cats:
This is simply a port of Mihails cats mod. This mod adds one or two cat to each vanilla town. They don't do much but patrol the city, but it's nice to see cats in Skyrim.

Mihail Land Dreugh:!UupEmCCY!b3K7r2KX0cNMXVaPWecDIl5si4eVRF3IDOzTBh-X2T0
All this edit does is remove the overpowered Broodmothers.
*Note if you have Moon and Star installed make sure Land Dreugh loads first and Moon and Star after it. I also HIGHLY recommend getting this patch I made that makes the citizens of Little Vivec essential, so the Land Dreughs don't slaughter the whole town:!t3RGiIiB!gUafkahsEtzklxYbJ1vkwE-rbWIX3ClhP6uLE0pOODA

Mihail Seals and Sea Lions:
This mod adds seals and sea lions to the shores of both Skyrim and Solstheim. Peaceful creatures that help add life to the dead seas and shores.

Mihail Falmer Abyssraiders:
Adds a calvary like enemy to the samey falmer dungeons. While it's just another falmer it's a new type of falmer and can be fun to fight.

Mihail Bantam Guars:
Gives Solstheim it's own version of chickens.

Mihail Pigeons:
Do I really need to say more? Makes the cities feel alive.

Mihail Squirrels:
Gives the woods of skyrim a more authentic feel as you see these little guys run away from giant monsters trying to kill it.

Mihail Pahmar Mercenaries:
Adds a new type of Khajiit bandit.

Mihail Dwarven Spinners:
Let 'er rip.

Mihail Mimics:
They even drop leveled list loot!

Mihail Serpents:
Cmon, I go by the name Snake, how did you expect me to NOT recommend this one?

Mihail Giant Mantis:
Adds more insect like creatures to the Rift and Falkreath.

Mihail Coral Atronachs:
Adds more danger to the sea and shoreline.

Mihail Ghouls:
Adds back the Ghoul enemy from Arena.

Mihail Giant Cephalopods:
Adds squids and octopuses to the sea of Skyrim and Solstheim.

Mihail Snow Whales:
Adds the mythic snow whales of lore to the tops of mountains.

Mihail Wormmouths:
Adds Wormmouths to the Reach.

Mihail Giant Wasps:
Hope you're ready for cazador flashbacks!

Mihail Deer Expansion:
Adds more variations of deer to the game. Perfect for hunters or those who want more passive creatures running around Skyrim.

Mihail Riekrs:
Adds a hybrid goblin and riekling creature to the various northern dwemer ruins, they even come with fur covered durzogs!
*This edit is my attempt at making them more "balanced" since they tend to be in large groups. I don't know if this is really any better but I tried.

Mihail Draugr Cavalry:
This mod adds horse riding Draugr to the game.
*Now this mod is heavily edited from the original, I cut down the HP and damage output so they don't one shot players or NPCs as well as reducing the number of them you meet by half so you're not killed in seconds by 8 of them ontop of you. Hopefully I made them more balanced.

Mihail Grummites:
Adds the Grummites from Oblivion to the world of Skyrim!

Mihail Dwarven Colossus:
Possibly one of his most famous mods, this mod adds the massive Dwarven Colossus from ESO to Skyrim. Note that this IS a boss fight so he WILL be hard. I HIGHLY recommend this patch that balances him a bit:

Mihail Dwarven Defender:
Nice little addition to making your dwemer ruins more dangerous.

Mihail Dugongs and Manatees:
Why not add a little more aquatic life?

Mihail Undead Werewolves:
Is this lore friendly? Who knows!

Mihail Harpies:
Adds different colored Harpies and Harpy nests to the Reach.

Mihail Wampas:
I know, a Star Wars creature? But it's really high quality. I think they fit well in the more northern reaches of Skyrim, but feel free to skip this one if it seems to silly to you.

Mihail Mating Crabs:
Just a small quality of life monster mod.

Mihail Emperor Penguins:
A much better penguin mod.

Mihail Nixads:
Harmless little pixie like bugs.

Now onto other mods that add creatures to Skyrim:

Bogmort - Mud Monsters of Morthal Swamp:
Adds a mud version of the ash spawns to Morthal. (This patch though adds a new mesh to them, a disfigured look. Missing parts of the body and exposed skeletons. Giving them more of a undead/zombie feel than the brown ash spawns that the original mod gives:

Farm Animals:!omI0CI6D!Mb9hy-OX9_jhzlCQsYwphGa53GwKvDkg8c5ix9MwoqA
This mod adds new animals to all the farms of Skyrim. Pigs, ducks, baby chickens, etc.

Ducks and Swans for Skyrim SE:
Adds ducks and swans to the ponds of Skyrim, they can be harvested for food and alchemy ingredients. But the main thing about this mod is how it adds to the atmosphere of the game.

Female Reikling:!IiIwESpa!bBMVpFOaS0dWVf-O8Lu_9Q4Q9tkJARnOpI5Fp_SonKo
Mesh replacer, it replaces the clothed reikling to a female variant.

Karstaag - The Frost King Reborn:
This mod remodels Karstaag, restoring him to his former glory in the Morrowind: Bloodmoon DLC.

Clannfears SSE:
Adds to Skyrim Clannfears and their summoning spell.

Welwas SE:
Welwas are large four-eyed creatures. You'll find them in the Reach and Falkearth regions.

Ogrim SE:
Adds Ogrim (in 3 different versions) to Skyrim.

Scamps SE:
As you can guess this mod adds Scamps as enemies, summonable, and even vendors!

Daedroth SE:
Another 4thUnkown mod, adds amazing looking Daedroth to the game.

Kwama Creatures SE:
The Kwama are insectoid creatures native to the province of Morrowind. This modification returns them to Solstheim.

Shalk SE:
This mod adds Shalks to Skyrim and Solstheim.

Echatere SE:
Adds the Echatere from ESO to Skyrim.

Hungers SE:
So hungry.

Wraiths SE:
Time to get spooky.

Cozy Giants:
Adds fur clothing to the giants.

True Wolves Of Skyrim:
Works fine on SSE.

Creation Club Goblins:
This mod isn't that great, the quest is short but hey, it's an esl so it won't take up a load order slot, and it does come with a goblin follower.

TDG's Goblins Around Skyrim - Enhanced Edition:
Uses the CC Goblin Mod to add Goblins to Falkreath and the Rift, it's an esl and adds more Goblins, so what's the downside?

TDG's Bonewolves Around Skyrim - Enhanced Edition:
This mod adds the CC Bone Wolves to Skyrim. So you DO need the CC Bone Wolf Mod, but I know you can find it for free easily. Once you have that it will add Bone Wolves to places where skeletons can normally be found. Sometimes they even come in packs!

Sea Turtles:
Adds a peaceful race of turtles found between Solitude and Winterhold.

Adds the Snowrays of lore to the border between Skyrim and High Rock!

Mountain Lion:
This mod will add them to the mountainous areas of Falkreath!

Beast Skeletons Revised (Bitter Edition):
This mod adds Khajiit, Argonian and Orc skeletons to the world. All hand placed and even comes as an esl!

Adds Woolly Rhinos to the plains of Skyrim!

Cliff Racers on Solstheim:
This mod adds passive Cliff Racers to the land of Solstheim, just a small quality of life mod.

GRAHL - The Ice Troll:
This mod restores the deadly Grahl to the island of Solstheim. Grahls were an important enemy in the Morrowind: Bloodmoon DLC, but for some reason they weren't included in Dragonborn. Until now.

This mod adds Beyond Skyrim Boars to Skyrim.

Dwemer Spectres Special Edition:
Brings back the Dwemer in the form of ghosts, even comes with boss fights.

TDG's Madness Around Skyrim - Enhanced Edition:
This mod adds the Dark Seducers, Golden Saints and Elytra to the leveled lists of Atronachs.

Draugr Upgrades and Improvements:
Tired of fighting the same generic Draugr in your 20th Nordic ruin? This mod adds new draugr and revamps the old ones. Ontop of that it also adds unique looks for named/boss draugr.

Ash Hunters SE:
This mod takes the flying ash hoppers from SIC and makes them standalone and hand placed in the Solstheim world. So no worries of leveled lists edits. ESL flagged too.

Bears of the North:
Makes bears bigger, meaner and very fuzzy.

High Fantasy Deer and Elk:
4K resolution deer/elk textures with fur color options.

Blue Whales SE:
Since Beasts of Tamriel's whale is busted, here's a much better alternative. ESL flagged too.

New Farm Animals:
This mod adds BS farm animals to the farms across Skyrim. Works well with the other farm animal mod.

Imps SE:
Imps! Nasty little buggers...

Minotaurs SE:
This mod will add various Minotaurs to Skyrim.

Cernunnos SE:
Adds a new Elk/Deer like creature to Falkreath and the Rift.

Seagulls of Skyrim:
This mod adds seagulls along the coasts of Skyrim and Solstheim, with animated models and sounds.

Flying Crows SSE:
Adds flying crows to various locations around Tamriel to create a more nordic atmosphere in your Skyrim.

Morrowind Creatures SE:
Adds Nix-Hounds, Guars and Kagouti to Solstheim!

Adds the fierce Gehenoth from the popular game TES Travels: Dawnstar to Skyrim!

Female Giant:
This is a simple mesh replacer. All it does is replace one of the two giant meshes with a female version.

Goblins and Durzogs SE:
This mod adds goblins and druzogs, both done by the great 4thUnkown, to the Reach, Rift and Falkreath. They even come with little camps!

Seducers SE:
Adds high quality Dark Seducers to the world of Skyrim.

Daedric Beasts - Wendigos and Howlers SE:
Okay, so this is an edit of Witcher 3 monsters but they feel authentic.

Ogres SE:
Adds high quality Ogres to Skyrim.

Flesh Colossus SE:
Red light means stop, stop living. ESL too!

Vvardvarks (Creature Series pt.3) SE:
Adds Vvardvarks into Solstheim and the eastern borders of Skyrim.

Alit (Creature Series pt.4) SE:
Adds Alit into TES V: Skyrim. Everyone seems to forget about the poor old Alit from Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. This mod will change that.

Misc Patches:
Mihail Wolves for Bruma:
Mihail's wolf models now apply to the Wolves in Beyond Skyrim Bruma. Textures are 4k resolution.

4thUnknown Bug Fixes and World Integration:
This mod fixes and enhances some of 4thunkown and creation club monster mods to better integrates them into the world. A must have.

Female Giant - Cozy Giant Patch:
A patch I made that makes the female giants match the male ones if you use cozy giants.

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