Get paid apps from Microsoft Store

Note: This won't work on apps that require external license checker, it will only work for apps which check through Microsoft account if you own them.


  1. Wiztree
  2. WSAppBak


Step 1 - Grabbing appxbundle

Get the ms store link for the app you want to download (I will be trying to get Best Player) and head over to Microsoft Store - Generation Project and paste in the link and click the button.

Now after clicking the button, you should be able to see different file links below, the ones we are looking for are the ones which end with .appxbundle or .msixbundle, a quick way to find them is to use Ctrl + F hotkey and searching for them, and the browser will highlight them. Download the latest version.

When the download is finished, try installing the file we downloaded. (You will see an error, but it will be fixed by following the guide)

Step 2 - Using WSAppBak

Now after trying to install the file, you will notice it will ask you to login with the Microsoft account you bought it, to bypass that, we are going to use WSAppBak which can be downloaded from the link in requirements section.
After downloading it and extracting the zip, go to the directory it was extracted to and run the WSAppBak.exe.

It should be asking you for the app path which we will find out below.

Step 2a - Finding app path

There might be few tutorials around that require you to take ownership permission for the C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\ directory which I won't be doing here because it can be risky if you don't know what you are doing. Instead we will be using WizTree which can be downloaded from the requirements section. After downloading and installing it, Make sure to select the C: drive and click the scan button

After clicking the button, navigate to the C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\ and try finding the folder for the app you want to download, for each app it will be different but in my case it was 2949193320E78.BestPlayer8.1_7.6.4.0_x64__pg6a145mvhp7p, after finding the folder you right click and select the "Copy Path" option, which you will be able to paste it in the cmd window we have reached in step 2 and press enter.

Now it will ask for output path, make sure it will be a folder because we will get 4 different files from this program.

After entering the output path, click enter and wait until a window appears

and click None. then wait for the cmd to show Press any key to exit which would mean that the program successfully generated the files we need, and you can close it now.

You should navigate to the folder you entered as the output and you should be having 4 different files before continuing to the next step. Identical to mine

Step 3

Before doing anything, make sure to uninstall the app that we tried installing in Step 1.
We will be running the files in the order shown in the below screenshot, .pfx, .cer, .appx.

While installing be sure to click on Local Machine on the first page and then leave all the fields as default and keep clicking next until the file has been installed and you get the imported message. Do this for the .pfx file and then .cer file. These are the certificates that windows checks for any Microsoft store application. After this you may proceed to install the .appx file and hopefully not run into any errors. The application should install normally and once you run it, you should be able to fully use the application.

Credits to the original guide on Sortedcord

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